How to get Nina Proudman’s wavy hair using a flat iron

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I have a confession to make. Until very recently, I could not wield styling irons to do anything else but straighten my hair.

Home hair styling pros I hear you gasping. I KNOW.

See, I’m quite a pro at the straightening bit. For me, it’s quick and easy to achieve a semi-polished look. Anything further I’ve otherwise left to the professionals. I don’t call myself the lazy-girl beauty queen for nothing.

Then I received a request from a reader, a Nina Proudman fan. Trust me, there are plenty of Nina fans out there.

She wanted to know how to get Nina Proudman’s wavy hair using a flat iron.

This is a valid question so, rather than give up in defeat, I issued myself the challenge to find out just how I could create something similar for my own hair.

First, I turned to YouTube. Oh my, it’s possible to lose a day in there working through video tutorials. And I didn’t really find one that helped with the style I was after.

Next, I turned to my own hairdresser, following my own advice I often dish out here. I say that if in doubt as to how to recreate your salon style at home, do book in a time for a lesson with your hairdresser.

In two minutes she had me sorted with a super easy technique that even I’ve been able to fashion at home into something resembling loose waves.

Prep work

Before we get into that technique, we need to talk about the prep work.

This is something my hairdresser has also taught me when it comes to hair styling. If you want the look to hold, you have to prep the hair with certain products at the start, not just rely on products to keep it in place at the end.

Here’s what I do:

1. Towel-dry shampoo and conditioned wet hair.

2. Add a hair oil for nourishment.

3. Pack it full of hair mousse.

4. Spray on a thermal protector spray.

5. Blowdry using fingers until fully dry.

6. Reapply thermal protector before starting with the styling iron.

How to create waves

Follow these six steps below. The key is to section out your hair in three levels and then grab big sections of hair within those levels.

You don’t need to be too precise (which I can tell you is good for styling L-plate holders like myself) as this look is not about creating a tight curl. It’s about creating “just got out of bed with Dr Patrick” messy waves.

A bit like painting your own fingernails, it’s a whole lot easier to position your styling iron to do the left hand side of your face than the right but, like giving yourself a manicure, the more you try the more you’ll get the hang of twisting and pulling the irons back in the right direction without feeling like a gumby.

To keep the waves in place and the volume doing its thing, finish with a massage of hair “dust” into the roots and a spray of hairspray around the curls. You want this style to have movement so please spray with care, not crunch.

How to get Nina Proudman's wavy hair using a flat iron step by step

What I used

We talk a lot about styling irons here on Styling You. The posts about the L’Oreal Professionnel Steam Pod and the ghd eclipse are some of the most read and searched for posts on this blog.

I’m a sucker for trialling new stylers because I’m old enough to remember a time without them and I don’t want to return to those deep, dark days of bouffy, frizzy hair.

So when Price Attack asked me to trial the Elkie Creative Styler, I jumped at it, particularly because the price point is at least $100 less than either the steam pod or the eclipse. Investing in a styling iron is just that, an investment. You want to know that you are getting value for money and having an styler option in a lower price bracket that still delivers the goods is particularly appealing, isn’t it?

Win an Elkie Creative Styler

So, does the Elkie deliver the goods?

I say yes, with the lower price point being a huge plus.

The combination of its ionic technology, ceramic tourmaline plates and advanced microprocessor for even and fast heat distribution ensure that my hair receives the same results as it does using my ghds.

I’ve said before that my hair is not particularly strong or difficult to style so please take that into account when making your own assessment of how these would work with your type of hair.

Also on the plus side for me: the price, the benchtop stand, its ability to set the temperature to suit your hair type, a swivel cord to make strange arm positions possible and a dual voltage for taking with you overseas.

The only downside (and it’s a small one): they do take a few seconds longer than my ghds to heat up.

Like what I’ve always recommended when I’ve posted about other styling irons, I do suggest you book an appointment at a Price Attack salon (they are exclusively available at Price Attack) for a blow dry and iron and request that the Elkie is used on your hair in the styling process.

Use this opportunity to ask if you can use the iron yourself while in the chair (it’s important that it feels right for you to use) and also take note about how the Elkie holds your hair when first styled and in the day or two following. This is the best way for you to decide whether this – or any – salon styling iron is for you.



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Comments 65

  1. The middle clip should be placed first by locating at the middle of the
    nape. Place the clip on your hair just below the part. Moving the clip
    downward, catch your hair in the clip and snap it shut.
    tape hair extensions

  2. Long did I lament for my tresses’ true desire
    Admiring Kate Middleton’s hair from afar
    And what an impossible task it seemed
    So damaged was my hair, so far redeemed
    Along came the Elkie could it possibly be
    The beacon of hope, will it rescue me
    From a life of bad hair, the daily distress
    Oh Rejoice!
    Ionic technology to gently caress
    The unruly wildness to waves galore
    I’d feel like a princess, like the Kate I adore
    Goldilocks would envy the choice
    Ne’er too hot or too cold
    Just right at a touch, rarely raising a voice.
    Will you travel with me, convenient Elkie
    As I spread the word of my tresses’ ecstasy.
    Nikki, Price Attack, what a gift you bestowed
    Thus to you I dedicate, this humble ode.

  3. I’d love to recreate Charlize Theron’s hair from the 2012 Oscars. She had a beautiful wavy undone bun with a sparkly head band. It looks so pretty and effortless. Who doesn’t want a bit of glamour in their life!

  4. I would love to re create Megan Gale’s hair. From her bouncy waves full of body to her sleek up dos, her hair is always glossy, stylish and sophisticated. She always looks amazing and her perfectly styled hair complements her style. She manages to achieve supremely healthy looking hair that is always well styled. This is important because hair is all about texture and movement, it should look good but it should also feel great!

  5. Love Carla Bruni’s hair, always perfect & changes the style often but keeps it nice & long. I have long hair & would love it to be nice & tame like hers but I keep getting frizzy bits on top!!!!

  6. even though she is a bit older than me I love Jamie Lee Curtis her hair is always cut to perfection and she embraces going grey. love it

  7. I just saw Pink in concert last night and I have a girl crush on this amazingly talented woman. I love how she rocks a pixie cut but looks feminine at the same time. I wish I had the gumption to do a short cut like that and be able to style my hair like hers. Although it is short, Im sure its much more complicated than it seems.

  8. For me it has to be the duchess of cambridge. Long, shiny, brunette hair. She certainly knows how to rock a blow wave. My hairdresser is helping me learn to recreate it at home. Oh how I wish I had my hairdresser at home each morning!

  9. I would love to be able to know how to do some of the hairstyles as worn in the Great Gatsby movie. With all the tools that we have available today, they should be simple but they still look exquisite.

  10. Hair envy – Definitely Donald Trump! JOKES! Well.. have to be George Clooney – would love to run my fingers thru his hair! Oh… not that sort of celebrity hair crush… oh well…. FARRAH FAWCETT – AMAZING HAIR! Thanks, Fiona. (Perth).

  11. I adore ABC breakfast weather presenter Vanessa O’Hanlon hair. I love the style, soft curls one day, gorgeous half-up do the next.

  12. Ginnifer Goodwin gives me major hair envy with EVERY SINGLE PICTURE taken of her short crop. She really shakes things up and looks beautiful but different all the time!

  13. Nicole Richie. How she manages to achieve bohemian, chic, sassy, classy, sexy and sultry in one look is beyond me! I’ve recently chopped my long locks and have gone for a “lob”. Looked great leaving the salon but am struggling to achieve that look again. This is the kind of look I’m trying to achieve and I’m sure Elkie can give me that extra helping hand:

  14. Entirely


    Yearning Creativeness

    Styling You
    Is MINE!! <3 <3

  15. Entirely


    Yearning Creativeness

    Is Styling You ME!! 🙂 🙂

  16. There was an ad that Scarlett Johansson did around the time I got married (almost 10 years ago – argh!) that I absolutely adored and tried to simulate for my wedding day hair. I’m not sure how successful it was, certainly i don’t think anyone mistook me for Scarlett, but it definitely would have been easier to create with one of these nifty Elkie Creative Stylers! The style, coincidentally, was casually tousled chic, very similar to Nina’s do, which I also adore… Imagine being able to have this style every day! Bliss.

  17. Kiernan Shipka (from Mad Men). I know it’s a bit pathetic for a 30 year old woman to be jealous of a 13 year old’s hair, but seriously, her hair always looks so perfect. I’d love to be able to get that balance between looking chic and polished but also fun and not trying to hard!

  18. Natasha Kaplinsky because this style has choppy layers help give her fine hair texture and volume, as well as framing her cheekbones. The loose fringe has a modern, unstructured feel…

  19. I would love love love to learn how to get the beautiful big beachy waves that Jennifer Hawkins is famous for. I have a similar hair type (albeit a little shorter) and would love to get my curling action JUST RIGHT!

  20. Delta Goodrem’s new hair style looks really good I would love to be able to create her hair style, I think it will suit me and I have the right lenght hair.

  21. Nicole Ritchie – always flawless, both in colour and style. Man, can that girl rock a fringe! I have never been able to successfully grow mine out so she is my hair idol!

  22. Hilary Duff’s hair because it looks so healthy, shiny and beautiful whether it’s straight or wavy.

  23. for me it would be Kristen Stewart! i just love her. she manages to rock every kind of hairstyle and look chic. i would love to get her loose, tousled waves

  24. I would like to know how Snooki does her hair so I can sabotage my daughters attempts to recreate it. Is it just me or is having bouffant or bun the same size as your head not a good look?

  25. Rachel Bilsons hairstyle. I dont care which one, no matter how she has it, it looks gorgeous! I would love to know how to copy some of her styles!

  26. I would love Mirander Kerrs hair. It always looks perfect, shiny and has the soft curled look which is very flattering. Having the tools to achieve this look would be fantastic!

  27. I would love to copy Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland’s hair it is adorable. (But the wrong shade for me to pull off I need to make a noir version) I need a new iron, as mine doesn’t have auto shut off and I am terrible for getting to playgroup and wondering for hours if I turned it off and getting home to find it still ticking away in the bathroom at 200degrees

  28. Keith Richards wife! I read an article just recently at the hairdressors and what a gorgeous looking family he has. His wife had these soft beachy summer windswept curls. I got the same look and loved it. My hairdresser was sweet enough to show me how to get the look with a styling iron. I was too shy to say I don’t have one.

  29. I’ve always loved Jennifer Aniston’s hair , all her different styles and colours are all amazing. Would love to have hair like hers.

  30. I absolutely adore Alexi Chung’s hair cut, the way its styled and the colour. She totally rocks it. I’m the other end of the spectrum, with curly, long dark hair. So there, dream on…

  31. I have been watching The Voice and absolutely LOVE Delta Goodrem’s new short crop haircut. I loved her long locks and when she cut her hair I was originally sad, but It has grown on me and I love how creative she is with her new shoulder length short hair. She looks modern and fresh and funky! I wish I could do the same as I have been sporting the long hair look forever but am too scared to cut my hair! winning this prize would give me the confidence to try something new with my hair like Delta Goodrem!

  32. Curly and frizzy my hair is a mess,
    When styling for date night i’m less than impressed,
    I straighten or blow dry end up in a rut,
    Before leaving to go, I put it all up,
    From 1 to the next time it’s always the same,
    Whether curling or straightening it makes me insane,
    The hair I like most is the Kardashian girls,
    Not really straightened, not really curled,
    But waving and dodging all round the face,
    I’d wear it with class and i’d wear it with grace,
    Ooze a strength and a confidence for all to see,
    But to get this I need help from the styling Elkie

  33. Kate Hudson. I love the soft curl, messy look. It accentuates your beauty, gorgeously stylish, feminine and chic.

  34. Elle MacPherson. I have been watching UK next top model and her long, flicked, wavy blonde hair is looking amazing. A mix of beachy bohemian! I have the length and colour, but not the style. Oh to have a hairdresser to do it for me everyday 🙂 Next best thing is the right tools- fingers crossed for an Elkie Creative Styler.
    Thanks Nikki and Price Attack 🙂

  35. Zooey Deschanel – I love the awkward quirkiness of her hair, it matches her personality, we have similar hair so I could see myself creating the same style

  36. I’m currently going though that awful growing out phase….all because
    of one woman. Kate Middleton. Here’s whats on my side: brown hair –
    tick; genetically blessed in the shine department – tick (thanks Mum!);
    Length – I’m working on it. What’s not on my side: natural wave. Rather
    its just about dead straight (Thanks Mum again). How I would LOVE to
    have my locks bounce around on my shoulders like the Duchess of
    Cambridge! (A prince for a husband wouldn’t be too bad either!)

  37. Mila Kunis. I wish I could have long hair, but alas it is too fine and there is not much of it. So all my attempts at growing my hair get cut off with one swift snip. Hairdressers always go shorter option for me which is so much more harder to style. I’ve gone the pony tail today because I too can only straighten using a straightener – and I’ve worn it that way since I washed it after my hairdressers fabulous styling – which I cannot seem replicate. Those waves are just too hard. BUT I’m definitely going to give it a go now! Thanks Nikki. Page Bookmarked!

  38. P!nk’s, she always has it funky, bright and colourful, never showing any regrowth or horrid bleach tones like you see so often. I would love to be able to pull off a short sexy style like hers.

  39. I would LOVE to have Sofia Vergara’s haistyle. It’s long, shiny and has lots of body. I am have frizz prone hair and am currently growing out a pixie cut – give me strength!!!

  40. I have Boofy McBoof Head hair – the frizz factor is fabulous. I would love to be able to recreate Carrie Bradshaw’s locks from SATC. She could go from straight hair to big hair (mind the pun) with ease. I’d love to have fabulously big hair that was styled, not wild.

  41. Elle Macpherson’s. Straight, smooth and glossy but still with volume. When i try to ghd my hair it always ends up looking limp with no body 🙁

  42. Thanks for the great tips!!… I would like to know how to get J Lo’s lusty long light locks!!… I would love to experience more styles with my long hair using the Elkie Creative Styler!! Cheers Vx

  43. Drew Barrymore has that gorgeous Balayage colour with the messy, just got out of bed, wavy ends hair style which I love. I have the Balayage colour, now I just need the hair style and my day is done! Give it to me, please, Elkie Creative Styler!!

  44. Jennifer Hawkins has the best hair! I would love to learn how to make my hair wavy or super straight without it looking too messy.

  45. Rachelle Lefevre actress currently in Under the Dome, also in the first twilight movie. Firstly, she has one of the most stunning heads of hair on tv right now. Secondly because it is quite close to what my hair already looks like, so I feel like if I knew what she was doing my hair could be so much better.

  46. Emma Stone’s hair looks good any way it’s styled. Poker straight to messy waves, she always looks fantastic. All her hair colors have suited her and she looks very natural. I have fine hair, so any help getting a great wavy look would be great and give me a WOW factor.

  47. I would love to have hair like Deborah Huttons Thankyou very much ,it is thick and has beautiful waves,and she always looks effortly chic and stylish and her hair is amazing!
    Thankyou for the tutorial Nikki I am going to practise.

  48. Carrie Bickmore from the 7pm project,her hair is so full and healthy.No matter how she wears it looks amazing!

  49. Great post Nikki. Once I leant how to curl my hair with my iron, it changed my hair’s life for good! I used to have rather long hair, but my fabulous hairdresser just cut it to graze my shoulders in a very blunt cut. It’s versatile but doesn’t take hours to style in the morning. One very helpful tip my hairdresser has drummed into me is that curls form while they cool. I curl, let them sit while I do my makeup and then brush out with a paddle brush. Produces a fabulous wave that doesn’t look too ‘done’.

    My celebrity hair crush is socialite and it girl Olivia Palermo. Short, long or in between, her hair always looks healthy and polished!

  50. I have been trying to recreate this look since i had my hair done a week ago – no luck so I will try this later. I always love Ninas hair (especially since she can pull of a messy pony tail) but I also think Melissa Doyle (sunrise) always pulls off fabulous looking hair – probably helps to have your own stylist every day.

  51. My celebrity hair crush is most definitely Blake Lively. Because what seems effortless beach waves, likely takes about 3 hours in a hair salon! I’d love to know how to create those messy, long waves and cute braids with minimal fuss! x

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