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Nina or Billie? What’s your Offspring style?

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I interrupt our regular Thursday program to bring you a variation in our discussions about all things Offspring style.

This week, due to popular demand, I’m putting Billie Proudman’s style front and centre on this blog.

Don’t know why it’s taken me so long, actually.

So many of Billie’s style elements can be found in my wardrobe. More than Nina’s really.

I have a wardrobe with multiple style personalities. This is both a reflection of my inability to avoid jumping on almost every trend bandwagon going and my need to have clothes that will suit both coffee by the beach and a city meeting.

Nina’s wardrobe suits my coastal wardrobe personality throughout autumn and parts of winter. A bit like this outfit. It’s the city meeting side of my wardrobe that is more closely aligned with Billie.

Billie Proudman Offspring Season 4

Kat Stewart plays Billie Proudman | Offspring

Key Billie wardrobe components

1. Structure. Whether it’s a skirt, dress or pants outfit, Billie keeps things streamlined. She means business.

2. Boldness. Just like Billie’s special skill of telling it like it is, you won’t find her tip-toeing around with colour or accessories. Bright colours and patterns are worked back with a base of black.

3. Shoes. Whereas Nina is rarely seen out of boots, Billie reserves boots for a casual night at the pub. By day, she’s working the power platform heel.

4. Workwear. We usually see Billie in a dress or skirt with statement accessories and a statement jacket taking a traditionally corporate look up a notch.

5. Off duty. She’s not afraid of sequins and studs … and a hot pair of jeans. A little bit rock chic for this one half of Offspring’s “Power Couple”.

6. Key labels:  For statement pieces, we’ve seen Billie wearing labels such as Camilla, Dinosaur Designs, sass & bide, Cue and Karen Millen.

Billie Proudman Offspring Season 4

Like when I talk about Nina’s style here on the blog, I’m not suggesting you copy it to a tee. Far from it.

It’s about taking elements that appeal to you, your lifestyle and your body shape and maybe being inspired to incorporate those elements into your current wardrobe.

Remember, we don’t all want to look exactly like the next person. We need to unlock our own style.

Billie shopping inspiration

Billie Proudman style | Offspring Season 4

Billie Proudman style workwear | Offspring

1. Portmans blazer $99.95 | 2. Dinosaur Designs necklace $360 | 3. Wittner heels $159.95 | 4. Saba bag $269.10 (on sale) | 5. Witchery dress $129.95

Billie Proudman style off duty outfit | Offspring 1. Witchery blazer $299.95 | 2. sass & bide jeans $220 (on sale) | 3. Top End boots $289.95 @ Style Tread | 4. 1&20 Blackbirds clutch $29.97 (on sale) @ The Iconic | 5. Atmos&Here earrings $14.95 @ The Iconic | 6. Fate top $79.95 @ The Iconic


Nina talk

You didn’t think I could go a whole week without some Nina chat, did you?

It was the first time we saw her bump. Talk about melt when Patrick was talking to and kissing it.

Fashion wise, the green maxi at the start of the show? That’s last season’s One Season. Can’t wait to see what their new season collection brings come August/September.

The second outfit included those blue boots and white crochet cardi and a gorgeous coloured scarf (classic Neens). Not sure where that exact one is from but any of these Nancybird scarves or Blue Bungalow would make a fine substitute.

Nina Proudman Offspring Season 4  Ep 5 | Pregnancy bump

Ok, hit me with it … best bits of last night’s episode. And are you more Billie than Nina in the wardrobe department? Or a bit of both?


Offspring photos: Channel TEN

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  1. Hello, do you know what brands the dresses were that Nina & Billie wore to Patrick’s funeral. I loved both of them!!

  2. They are both very stylish. I’ve been getting lots of fashion inspiration lately by turning on the morning shows as I get ready in the morning – some great fodder there too! Seems sheer blouses, digital prints and peplums are bit news according to them anyway 😉

  3. Boho Luxe ALL THE WAY!!! Adore it. I’ve recently acquired a nancy bird bag (bday gift from amazingly generous hubby!!), a Johnny Was maxi and some Samantha Wills pendants. Of and some divine Django and Juliette boots 🙂
    I think the style is beautiful. It feels so feminine, and relaxed. Perfectly stylish yet comfy for chasing after 3 little munchkins 😉

  4. Best part was definitely Patric talking to baby bump! Was sad to see Clegg so broken but loved how he too helped Patric and he finally realized it was time to pull himself together. Billie’s style is so suited to her character, Kat Stewart is amazing! Funny to think she pulled off a track suit wearing character well in another tv series!!

  5. I love Nina’s style, but Billie’s style is what I tend to wear – both her work wear and off-duty. I loved that orange jacket from the interview – it was almost like a very short trench. Her swing tops are gorgeous, and probably the only part of her wardrobe I can’t get away with (as my bust is huge compared to hers!)

    I have to agree with the comment below that Nina’s driving me nuts with her neurotic ways and indecision lately (not sure I’d be comfortable with a doctor like that!), but reality aside, I really love the interaction with Patrick – he is hot! Also felt very sorry for Billie last night – she tries so hard and so often it just doesn’t seem to come off. Love the show, and love your work, Nikki. x

  6. Best bit for me was definitely “Everyone loves Patrick, I love Patrick, He’s hot”. Amen to that.

    I lean more towards Nina’s style but not as bohoish (not a word I know but hey it’s what I mean) but I also loved Billie’s zebra top with the red detailing. Mind you when it comes to my hair rock chic is what I go for even if I tame it down for everyday.

  7. Love, love, love Billie’s style. I’ve also noticed some of her more corporate pieces are from Cue. Love that witchery blazer!

  8. Billie is a hoot! ‘Her loins burn for you’ had me laugh out loud + when Clegg fell off the bar stool – I almost spat out my tea! Shirley the guinea pig was a bit random but that’s Offspring for you! My wardrobe would be more Billie as I love colour + structured or statement pieces. Although, depends on my mood – loose, flowy boho Neens works for me too. Yay for seeing Nina’s cute baby bump. Can’t wait for next week. Looks intense though!

    1. She is such a hoot. Says it like it is and how we all want to say it but in a funny way that she gets away with. Next week will be intense, not least of which because I’ll be at the footy and not in front of the TV!

  9. Whilst I don’t watch the show (I am sure I am the only one that doesn’t) from the pictures and shopping suggestions you have shared, I am more Billie’s style for sure! As you say, it is about taking elements that work for you. From those suggestions above, there are certainly a few elements that I will be taking!!

  10. While my SAHM style is more Nina than Billie, I like that zebra cardi very much, the red trim makes it fun. And I love both characters. It took all of my headcold-defeated strength to avoid your Nina Talk today Nikki!! xx

  11. I’ve always aligned more with Billie’s story, although I love Nina! I loved Billie’s whole outfit during the interview, I am a sucker for clean white with pops of colour.
    I hope Jimi gets his pop up taco shop going, I loved his speech!

  12. I loved Billy’s kimono print top she wore when she was doing the couple’s interview with Mick. Do you know where it is from, or any labels that are using this kind of print this season?

  13. Best bits from last nights show would have to be when Patrick was talking and kissing Nina’s belly and Clegg listening through the wall saying he wasn’t up for a threesome that night but he may be another time!
    I like both Nina and Billie”s styles I love Billies bold colour choices and I tend to go for colours like that and I love Nina’s bohemian looks as well probably because I grew up in the 70s and 80s and do have a love for boho luxe fabric and styles.I did love Nina’s scarf though,but I do have a problem when it comes to scarves as you know.I am also loving Nina’s delicate layered jewellery any ideas on those Nikki I really like that look.

  14. Related very much to Billie styling the bread in her kitchen and not letting Mick eat any of it. My husband doesn’t watch Offspring but I replayed that bit for him because I did something v.similar when photos of our renovation were taken for a newspaper feature and I wouldn’t let him have a glass of water as it would have risked putting water drops in my perfect sink!
    I loved Clegg’s overhearing only “threesome”, because I’d just been thinking that he can probably hear Nina and Patrick given the layout of their home.

  15. Clegg getting his tatt and then when he interrupted Nina and Patrick after hearing the word threesome! I’m over Nina’s idiotic behaviour and her mother’s mean attitude and prefer the comedic sidekicks of Clegg and the nurses.

  16. Love the story! Reading your right up is a new part of my offspring ritual! I liked finding out that Eloise was into Nina! I didn’t see that coming!

  17. Best bits from last night: Nina sitting on the guinea pig {so funny} and Patrick talking to the baby bump – such a tender moment.
    Outfit wise, in my heart I’m probably more of Billie when it comes to dressing – living on the coast might change this though 🙂

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