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Keeping it Real: the floral jeans outfit

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Let me just say at the outset that I never, EVER thought I’d be encasing my legs in floral anything. Never, ever.

I thought I just wasn’t the floral jeans type.

But then again, never thought I’d be wearing coloured jeans either. But we all know that thought only sparked an obsession.

Now, there are floral and graphic printed pants everywhere you turn this season. Everything from harem pants to jeans.

I’ve covered off on the relaxed printed pant so today we’re showcasing the printed or floral jeans outfit.

My jeans brand of choice NYDJ (they are the only jeans that consistently work for my oddly shaped hips, bums and thighs, not too mention their impressive sucking-in qualities) recently sent me* a floral pair from its current Australian collection.

You can imagine the response from my conservative-fashion-loving husband. A response that only served to make me love them more.

Much as coloured jeans make me smile, these do too. A big, wide cheesy smile.

white shirt floral jeans

Style tips

  1. Mix your patterns if you dare. This is something I can’t do. I think it’s my inner anal fashionista that gets in the way. The more daring among us might work a stripe back with a floral.
  2. Let your pants do the talking. This is my preferred style stance. I aim not to make the pants compete for attention with anything else in the outfit. Think neutral tee or top and tan accessories.
  3. A busy pattern can work in your favour. Embracing a pattern can produce all kinds of lovely illusions when it comes to disguising what’s underneath.
  4. Have fun with them. I’ve seen women 60 years and over rocking a pair of floral or printed pants. Remember style does not come with a use-by date.

The outfit

This is what I wore for day two at the Digital Parent Conference last week. I wasn’t speaking that day, so took advantage of being able to be a bit more casual.

Mrs Woog had been telling me for almost three years to buy this Ollie & Max white shirt. I finally listened and thank the fashion gods I did. It’s everything she told me it would be.ย The shape is flattering, I’m wearing the size 14 and it accommodates my 16D bust. Plus, the length is just right for wearing with any of my skinny leg jeans. Wardrobe winner.

keeping it real floral jeans

NYDJ floral jeans (stockists here) | Ollie & Max shirtย | Gorman platform heels | Cat Hammill necklace | Samantha Wills ring | Beauty note: YSL Rouge Couture Glossy Stain in Orange; Orly home gel nails in Passion Fruit

What say you to floral jeans? Yay or never?

* These jeans were gifted to me for editorial consideration, in accordance with my disclosure policy.

Comments 58

  1. Thanks for sharing this look. I just got some floral jeans at a clearance sale & needed some ideas. You have some great content here!

  2. Great outfit Nikki. About to take the plunge into the world of floral pants so thanks for your inspiration. Lovely to meet you at DP Con. Take care, Alex x

  3. Loved the Ollie & Max white shirt on you so much that yesterday I went online and ordered one! Did I stop there? Noooooooo. Ordered the black as well, and am seriously considering the blue as well. So grateful that they cater for voluptuous girls like me. Thanks for the tip and for being such a postive influence on my wardrobe ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Floral jeans are SO tricky – these look fab though! I’m the same, I’m not game to mix my prints either!

  5. Looks Great, Nikki! For me, the comfy, neutral platforms are the key to keeping this look long and lean… mine got trashed by my own haphazard approach to packing in our move up to Brisbane and I’ve been feeling dumpy in my coloured/printed skinnies ever since. It’s incredible what the right building block principles can do for our confidence! x Catherine at The Spring

  6. I love this outfit! I noticed you wearing these floral pants at the conference and thought to myself how much I wished I had the confidence to go floral for my bottoms. I keep walking passed them in the stores thinking they’ll be a passing fad. I’m thinking it’s time I reconsider! Looking gorgeous as always Nikki, Fi xxx

  7. I meant to tell you how great those jeans looked on you at DPCon! And you have featured one of my most fave items of clothing – a crisp, white shirt – I can neither confirm nor deny that there may be a small parcel heading out my way soon ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great to see you again, Nikki xx

  8. Great post Nikki and I think I will shout myself that top. I can’t really tell from the pic but I think you’re wearing a dark bra. A friend of mine wore a white, conservative shirt with an animal print bra recently and it looked fantastic, but I would’ve thought it would look totally scummy.
    Is it a thing?
    Why didn’t I get the memo?
    Please confirm…

    1. I’m actually wearing a black stretchy girdle/cami underneath. I forgot to pack a white one and borrowed this from my friend, Mrs Woog. But yes, your friend is on the money … pretty bras peeking through are all the go. I do it with some neon bras I bought in the US last year.

  9. Working up to some coloured jeans, floral are a bit out there for me (thinking I’m too old at nearly 45 but maybe not) – the shirt is next on the purchase list. One of the girls from my Mum’s group is Cat Hammill’s cousin – she makes beautiful stuff.

    1. I’m older than that Leigh – and I’ve seen plenty of women older than me rocking this look. You won’t be disappointed with the shirt and pass on to your friend that I LOVE her cousin’s work. Love!

  10. these are so pretty!

    any thoughts on best brands for wide leg/bootcut options? ( I have large hips and thighs and skinny jeans look ridiculous! )

    1. Liv, I’ve got wide hips and I’ve made it a mission on this blog to dispel the myth you need to wear bootcut jeans – slim legs like this are the most flattering – it’s what you wear on top that makes it work for our shape. The length of this shirt is perfect for that.

  11. i like them, they are cute, but sooo expensive for a non designer brand. My J brands cost the same as this. Do yo know why they are so exy?

    1. They are a designer brand for those of us (not our daughters) who can’t get our bums and legs into regular designer jeans! They are this price in Australia due to import duties. In the US, half the price. For me, they’ve been worth it as regular jeans do not work on my shape.

  12. Love the outfit. Nikki, I am addicted to your blog. Love how you keep everything real and make it so easy. I have just had a baby so looking to buy items to get me through now until I can lose my baby weight. I just bought coloured jeans on the weekend….

  13. Love my floral pants, tend to wear them to Uni on hump day, makes everyone smile, have also just invested in two pairs of coloured jeans thanks to you, one are fuchsia and one emerald green, both from Sussan reduced to $35 from $80! Love love love.

  14. I have one floral dress. I’m not sure I could go any further. But I DO LOVE a crazy pant!

    Hang on, I just remembered I have cherry blossom leggings. Well there you go!

  15. I like how you referred to your “bums” (ie plural).

    You totally rock that look.
    I like a patterned jean but I would go for darker tones as I have big thighs and bums.

  16. I love them on you,and Iove how you have styled them with the tan shoes and the white shirt,the colour also suits you so well.I have looked for a pair but have not found the right ones yet,and that is another thing I don’t own a white shirt ,I know your supposed to have one in your basics but have never found one that suits me,they are either too long or too skinny or too wide or something,still searching for the perfect one,I do have a white organic bamboo and cotton tee that i love so that will have to suffice for now.
    You really look good in those pants and I say yay to them I have also seen older women rocking them too,and worn in the right way look chic,same as coloured and digital prints as well ,it’s all in the way you wear them,I also cannot do the clashing print I must be to anal as well ,though I really like the look.
    Great post Nikki I love the keeping it real and the Model and me posts.
    P.S your at home gel nails turned out very nice!

  17. Nikki those jeans are great! I’m not partial to the dark-background prints with bold colours; but the white with blue tones is fresh and pretty. x

  18. Fairly certain I’ve mentioned it before… I’ve been eying off floral skinnies since they first hit the fashion scene last year. Just haven’t found the pair yet that has to come home with me. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Looking good Nikki

  19. Just bought some, I have only worn them once because it has been too hot- looking forward to autumn and winter as I can see them getting lots of use!

  20. You look great! I haven’t tried floral (or any statement) jeans as yet, but I will definitely try some on in my quest to find my style. I agree with keeping the rest of the outfit neutral and letting the jeans speak for themselves.

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