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There is nothing like a trip to the big smoke to lift me out of my work-from-home outfit rut.

Yes, there, I’ve admitted it.

My day-to-day look has been wanting of late. Sure it’s suited my daily computer-bound routine and I do love my Havis but really it was time to step up.

Especially if you’re going to sit on stage at the opening panel of a conference. And people will Tweet unflattering photos taken from side on …

So, a couple of weeks ago I when this realisation hit, I went into Outfit Planning Mode. Or OPM.

Mr SY knows to take cover when I’m in full OPM.

No garment in my wardrobe is left unturned. And no shopping cart is left unclicked.

Whenever I’m speaking, I have a mental list of what I want my public speaking outfit to include. I guess over the last few years I have created a bit of a uniform. And these things kind of anchor me to the job at hand.

I always wear heels. They make me feel grown up and professional even when I might not feel so inside.

I always wear long pants. I don’t want any Brittany incidents – especially when getting on and off the stage.

I always wear a jacket. Ditto re the professional thing mentioned above, also I like my arms to be covered when I’m otherwise “exposed”.

I always wear at least one statement ring on my right hand. I talk with my hands so I figure having something of interest on them might keep people interested. Maybe.

The outfit that came out of the OPM session? It was a combination of what was already in my wardrobe – and two new purchases. Three if you count the Dinosaur Designs ring Mr SY bought me last week without even knowing my outfit colour scheme (yes, he’s a keeper!).

These graphic pants have become faves since this post. The jacket was a must-buy when Christine Kardashian reduced them recently – I’m still keen to nab the pink one.

public speaking outfit

Christine Kardashian jacket  $185 (on sale) | Red Phoenix Emporium necklace $149 | Sussan top | Motto pants (similar here $90) | Country Road heels | Samantha Wills ring | Dinosaur Design ring (pink)

public speaking outfit

Beauty note: an all-day event calls for all-day foundation. Illamasqua Skin Base is my friend and you can’t beat a YSL Rouge Couture Glossy Stain lip in Fuchsia.

… and in action (see the speaking hand thing?!)

public speaking outfit 3

I’m back at the Digital Parents Conference today … not speaking so will be noticeably more casual. Stay tuned.

Do you go into Outfit Planning Mode often? Do you find inspiration in your wardrobe or at the shops?

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  1. Such a great outfit combo. Glad you’re wearing those fab pants – I love them! Unfortunately, I don’t go into OPM. I’m typically one of the insane ones who leaves things to the very.last.minute. A few years ago I was preparing to go to my niece’s wedding in Tamworth. On the DAY we were leaving, I gave myself one hour to buy a pretty frock to wear to the wedding. I bought it at the last shop I looked at in the city and paid a mad amount of money for a gorgeous dress. I bought shoes in Tamworth 2 hours before the wedding. I don’t leave things *quite* that late anymore, but still……

    Hope you’re enjoying Sydney.

      1. I was very, very stressed! Tears in the car on the drive south as I didn’t have shoes. I spent more $$ on the dress than I wanted to as I couldn’t find anything (very quickly) at a price I was after. Sigh.

  2. Hope the conference is going well! Love your outfit, especially the jacket which is such a gorgeous colour on you 🙂

  3. I lovelovelove the jacket Nikki, though I’m not sure if I can pull that sort of a blue off myself. I’ve been going more fuchsia and bright pink apricots myself lately, surprising even myself! I’m going for an event tonight (as participant) and wore my new Jeanswest pink-slash-fuchsia skinny jeans with a lace top out woot! My first time in colored jeans 😉

  4. As always you look great and inspire me to try a little harder to get out of my comfort cothes and dress more as an adut! S

  5. PHEW. I am so relieved to know that you too fall into the work at home outfit rut. I have my standard faves that I reach for again and again, because they’re comfy, don’t need ironing, and if I *do* have to go out, a couple of accessories and they look spiffy. But I was feeling a bit lazy … nice to know I’m in good company 😉

    PS great colours, love your outfit.

  6. You look fabulous, I’ve always liked the way you combine the right colors! Love the jacket and pants! Just the other day I was wondering if you come to Sydney sometimes and here you are ! Will love to meet you in person one day:-)

  7. Yes I am very much like you,I go into OPM very often ,often on a weekly basis as it helps me not do that thing in the morning when you go through your entire wardrobe and can’t find anything to wear,and I find if I look nice,I feel much better and if there is a special occasion I will plan even further ahead,even down to having 2 looks in case of weather change,OCD I know but i am a planner and I do try and shop from my wardrobe and then add what I may need to the outfit from the shops,I look for inspiration on your blog,pinterest and shopping sites.
    I love your outfit and that jacket the colour really suits you and do get the pink one it would go with that beautiful Red Pheoenix necklace and your pants.Mr SY sure is a keeper did you hint about the ring or he just bought it?I find little hints go a long way my husband bought me some LOccitane Roses 4 Reines perfume from the airport because I hinted that I wanted it.Lovely speaking outfit Nikki,I do like those pants on you and the jacket just amps it up.
    PS. I got that Nivea night cream you blogged about last week they have 25% off all Nivea at Priceline Atm ,so I was under $10 so if anyone else wants to try it,it is a good time to buy.

  8. I always go in to OPM – sometimes weeks in advance for a special event, and I love it! Picturing what you want to wear and how you want to look is half the pleasure. You looked fabulous yesterday 🙂

  9. Foxy Sheila!!
    Seriously, I have to give some thought to my public speaking persona (I am a doctor/ medical researcher) and I don’t want to be all frumpy…

  10. I love your jacket – it’s a gorgeous colour on you. I work two days a week and really enjoy dressing up. It’s nice to get out of my mummy uniform! Pinterest is my go-to for outfit planning. Enjoy the conference today.

  11. I love that jacket and actually bought myself a silk one in Blush from last night, without seeing this first. Snap, style twin! x

    Great tips about coverage. You look fashion forward and stylish – the two are often mutually exclusive – and elegant too. And very Nikki. Always good to actually look like yourself 😉

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