Styling You’s Greatest 2012 Hits

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Before you crack open that bottle of champers (oops, maybe that’s just me) to celebrate the year that was, let’s head back down Styling You Blogging Memory Lane for a look-see at the posts YOU loved the most.

And when I say love, I mean LOVE. Seriously, these posts got so much loving that they should get their own room. Or their own blog.

Styling You's Greatest 2012 Hits

In short, 2012 on Styling You was brought to by the letters:

J for Jeans (specifically coloured ones)

I do love a trend that everyone can embrace, in any size and on any budget. Coloured jeans were, are and will be just that trend even as we head into 2013. They proved to be the easiest wardrobe seasonal update for winter and summer. And I was super impressed at how you shared your coloured jeans style here on the blog.

N for Nina

Oh Nina. Where would half of Australia’s fashion-following public have been without you this year? The How to Dress Like Nina Proudman posts went OFF on this blog and I know I cannot wait until the next series starts. Just how WILL Nina style up her Patrick-induced lady bump? In the meantime, you can track back over the Nina posts via this one I wrote after the last episode this year.

C for Condom Dress

The enigmatic Mrs Woog called me one afternoon in March with a styling question. It was a call that would spark a fashion trend that not even the store from which the trend-inducing garment originated could have predicted. She’d bought a tube maxi dress from Seed, christened it the Condom Dress, and wanted to know how to wear it. Between the two of us – and you – the Seed site crashed, the dress sold out several times and you then proceeded to blow me away with the way you not only bought the dress, but embraced it and styled it to suit your style. And then you shared your Condom Dress look here for us all to see and be inspired by.

S for Steam Pod

It takes a lot to excite me when it comes to taming my mane. As soon as the L’Oreal Professionnel Steam Pod was whisked through my hair back in June, I was more than excited. I was hooked. Well, my hair was. It was happy, frizz-free and feeling swish-worthy fabulous. Since that time, and the release of the home version, so many people have arrived on this blog looking for more info on this hair treatment/styler. And if you’ve already checked out my dodgy youtube clip, you might like this one from the professionals 😉



T for Top 5 spring-summer Trends

I was lucky enough to be exclusive blogger for Maybelline New York at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia in May. It gave me an often front-row view to the trends for the upcoming spring-summer season ahead, which I re-capped in this post.

These were Styling You’s Greatest 2012 Hits.

Have you been here all year? Or did you join in mid-way through?

Happy, Happy New Year to you. Bring on 2013.

I look forward to bringing you more real-girl fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts, starting bright and early tomorrow with a 14-part Styling You Style Holiday Camp series: How to Unlock Your Style in 14 Days.

It’s a series based on the Styling You manifesto, which you can download here … if you haven’t already.

No better time like January 1, I say.

Happy 2013 | Make it your year to shine |

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  1. Hi Nikki, I found you late in the year and am so so glad I did! I am returning to work in the new year after a long stint of maternity leave and your fashion and beauty tips have helped build my wardrobe and my confidence. Cant wait for your holiday camp series and all you have planned next year. Happy new year and thank you!

  2. Nikki I’m quite a newbie, a newbie to styling you, a newbie to Australia and a soon to be newbie website owner (so excited for 2013, I hope to launch my website Feb/Mar) and if I can, I would love to start a blog as well. 2013 is the year I’m going to make it all happen! Anyhow, I digress (I got caught up in the 2013 positivity) I found you by checking out the best Australian blogs and there you were. Too many favorite posts to list, I love everything hair (steam pod) beauty (I adore products, lotions and potions – Clarisonic Mia was under the tree for me) and fashion (You have helped me to get my head around the labels here, so thank you). Your Saturday blogging tips though have been priceless, along with your openness and sense of community. Well done 🙂 I don’t feel such a newbie,anymore x

    1. Oh brilliant Bev – can’t wait to hear about your site – and yes, you should blog, it will definitely help drive people to your website (Google loves regular content!). Yay for Mia being under the tree too!

      1. Thanks Nikki, I will email you with details as soon as the build is finished, just working on the design for the internal pages now – I’m so excited I could burst! Both Beckie & I had Mia under the tree, we both love the little cutie 🙂

  3. Enjoy the bubbles, I’ve been cracking a bottle (with friends) every day for afternoon tea/evening drinks since about the 10th of December! Maybe it’s a good thing I’m going back to work on Wednesday. I found your blog just a couple of months ago, and I’m glad of it. I love your style and suggestions. Looking forward to style holiday boot camp! Have a happy New Year! 🙂

  4. The Nina Proudman posts brought me here. I was so addicted, I was checking the day after broadcast to guts all your recommendations and buy some of them! Then I stayed for the ‘cover your arms in summer’, sent gal pals to ‘maintain your fringe’ and just generally talked the blog up to all and sundry! Thanks to your blogs I’m trying new things and my orange toenails are known as ‘Nikki nails’! So big thanks for 2012! Looking forward to 2013!

  5. I bought the fcuk version of the condom dress, I wear it at least once a week rain, hail, hormones and shine. It is one of the best things I have bought and I owe it to you Nikki. Thanks for an awesome inspiring year.

  6. This year I bought my first pair of skinny jeans thanks to you
    Nikki. I love the blog and will be visiting a lot in 2013. Have a great night!!

  7. Yes Nikki I have been here all year and loved it ,I love all your blog posts and can’t wait to see Nina next year and Billie am a bit of a fan of hers as well,well actually I could wear what she wears I am a Bit “mature” to do Nina but do love her quirkyness and love the show.I think my fave posts were the coloured jeans and the condom dress and I’m still yet to try the Loreal Steam pod which maybe is a good thing.HAPPY happy new year to you lovely lady, I hope 2013 is good to you x

  8. I found your blog this year thanks to the Nina Proudman outfits, and really glad that I did. Thanks for all of your handy tips and finds, and all the best for 2013.

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