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The Model and Me: NaraCamicie spring-summer 2012-13

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It’s two days before summer and things have got rather steamy around these parts.

No, I’m not talking about THAT book. I’m talking the realisation that the hot and humid season is here to stay.

The challenge is that this sticky time also coincides with the arrival of the party season. The Season of the Catch-Up.

You still want to dress up but you want to keep – and look – your cool.

Usually I reach for a frock, something breezy and kaftany.

But last weekend, I changed it up a bit with these white pants and a floral top. Yes, floral top.

I’ve flirted and fallen for floral pants this summer, so it seemed only fitting to get my floral on in the top/shirt department too.

The top?

It’s from NaraCamicie Australia*. NaraCamicie Australia has a bricks and mortar store in Paddington, Sydney, and also sells online. It’s an Italian-designed brand that has celebrated the Italian shirt for 28 years and there are 600 stores worldwide.

This is just one of the many stunning tops and shirts on sale in the store, with prices ranging from $105 to $275 and sizing from size 6-16. I’m wearing size 14.

Here it is on the model

NaraCamicie floral long tie up top

NaraCamicie floral long tie up top $159

And here it is on me

NaraCamicie floral top | NYDJ white jeans | Shoe Envy heels | Red Phoenix Emporium necklace

 NaraCamicie floral top | NYDJ white jeans | * Shoe Envy heels $79 | * Red Phoenix Emporium necklace $149

I’m taking advantage of that hip tie to blouse the top a little, to hide certain bits that I’m a fan of hiding. I’ve also layered it over a white stretch cami – one of my wardrobe building blocks.

Now, I know I’ve got my not-so-model-like arms out on show but that’s just what ends up happening around these parts in summer so I get over myself and just get them out. If it’s cooler where you live, this also lends itself to a cover up or jacket like the ones I featured here.

Shoe Envy Tropic of Mango heels

These heels just scream summer. If you’re someone who is passionate about animal-friendly products then have a read of the back story to this online store here. You’ll be a very happy shoe and animal lover. Flat shoes are coming but at the moment you’ll find killer heels a-go-go. Love that they arrived by courier with gel pads for the balls of your feet. The platform is seriously supportive, though, so would probably only need in an emergency.

Red Phoenix Emporium Make Mine Mint necklace

Lately I’ve been wearing this necklace at any opportune moment. So fresh, summery and oozing in style. You can loop it up too with a special clasp, which I did here. Love that this is a Queensland-based business and love that it’s the brainchild of two stunning sisters. Love that I’ve seen a sneak preview of their new collection, which is out Friday. There’s neon, Stylers, and you know how that excites me.

What kind of occasions are coming up for you this summer? Could this type of outfit work? Thoughts on florals?

* The shirt, shoes and necklace were gifted to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy.

  • Kathryn

    Hi Nikki, you look stunning – you’re such a beautiful woman and this outfit looks stunning on you. About the shoes….I think I love them. Are they very fluoro? It’s a bit tricky to tell on the screen. I am within a whisker of buying a pair, but am dithering. I’m a bit of a conservative. I think I could wear them with a plain black or white dress, but I’d have to be feeling very courageous. I was super happy to find your blog – love your style. Best wishes, kathryn

    • They’re not so much fluoro as bright, bright orange and would definitely pop a neutral outfit! Thanks for finding and loving this blog x

  • Just lovely! I like the look better on you than the model! And I love your necklace- just darling! : )

  • Kim

    Hi Nikki – as always, truly, you look radiant. Thank you for your daily shot of happiness & straight-up practicality that I enjoy with my daily shot of espresso every morning. Just wondering exactly which style of ‘skinny’ NYDJ you are wearing – the “Audrey”, the “7/8 Skinny Jean”, the “Skinny Leg” – I find their style names can be somewhat ambiguous. And are the jeans in this post the same as the link to your previous ‘white jeans’ post? Hitting you with questions BUT jean wearing is a serious business especially in white!!! x

    • Thanks Kim – and I love questions, so all good! These are the same as the post I linked to and they’re the skinny leg style. I love this style the best but really need to get mine taken up a fraction. The Audrey is shorter but has a wider ankle cut. I have some of those too but find this more flattering on me. x

  • Wendy

    OMG!!!! Happy dance. I love Naracamacie. I came across their stores five years ago in Italy and searched for them online when I arrived home with no luck. I stocked up last year again when I was there but didn’t bother looking again online. This will be dangerous.

  • Kelly

    I can do florals just … providing they are not too pretty. More like a tropical floral with bold colours. I found a great jacket in Portmans that I really like which meets this criteria. But onto those shoes! How cool are they? And such great prices too. I’ve had a good look around their site and between that and the Rockport link yesterday, my Christmas budget is seriously in threat. Outfit looks great too!

    • They are very cool shoes and Rockport rocks. Sorry about the budget threat. Mine is always under threat 😉

  • Reannon Hope

    I think you look far better than the model Nikki, truly you do. And while I’m not a heel wearer myself those shoes are KILLER!
    As for florals, I don’t love them on me but on other people they look just lovely.
    I’m wondering where spring/summer has gone here in Perth . We had brief glimpses but I’ve had to drag out my stretchiest pants & long tops these past days. My ever expanding stomach was not prepared for the cold snap!
    I am looking forward to months of floaty dresses. I think they’ll do for any occasion- except maybe the two day music festival I’m going to in early January , it’ll be maternity shorts all the way lol

    • Oh, I just saw that on the news – weather is a strange beast. Remember how it was so hot for you for so long last summer! Bring on the floaty dresses x

  • You know, on the model my eyes just flick over this top but on you – I love it and would love to have one in my wardrobe too! Thank you for showing us fashion for real people! PS tomorrow I’m doing my first ever fashion post on Redland City Living – would be honoured if you would stop by and say hi!!!!

    • Oh, Janet, thanks and yes, I’d love to check it out. Thanks for the heads up!!

  • tuffhr

    Now that (and YOU) look seriously stunning! And absolutely nothing wrong with those arms from where I’m sitting, either.

    • Clever camera angles but I really get over myself and my issues when it heats up!

  • Wow you look lovely. Very inspiring. Xx

  • BJ

    I actually think your arms look nice and toned. But I love your attitude. It’s Queensland. It’s summer. Arms will be out.

    • You’re too kind BJ – but yes, that’s my attitude. It’s hot, they’re out!

  • I’m always in a perpetual love of floral, being a vintage loving girl and it being my style. So in my opinion there is always a time for floral. Looking gorgeous Nikki. X

    • Well, Trudie, I love that. I need to honour my floral/vintage side more often!

  • Lisa mckenzie

    You look hot Nikki and I don’t mean as in the weather,lovely top,it is so pretty and I loved how you have tied it on the hip as I do,my no waist looks much better with belts on the hip as my hips are narrower than my waist,but most stylists tell you to put a belt around your waist to give the illusion of a waist,I know you don’t, that is why I love you as you understand it just looks like a sausage tied in the middle.You are rocking those white pants and shoes too,they are so sexy those shoes,love them on you.I like the top on you better than the model and i’m not being kind just honest !That necklace is beautiful too,You have inspired me to get out my crystal vintage ones ,well you and a discussion I had one night on IG with the lady from Redphoenix who makes these.
    I am reading THAT book at the moment and I am surprised it is a good read!

    • Lisa mckenzie

      Ps got one neices 18th birthday party on Friday night and a christmas do on Saturday night so busy weekend here!

      • Oh fun weekend – it’s my daughter’s 16th next week so we’re shopping for a special dress to wear. She’s having a dinner party at home for 14 girlfriends 🙂

        • Lisa Mckenzie

          Well that will be fun and a dinner party at home,I hope your not cooking,make some of those easy canapes:) I hope she finds a dress very soon x

  • rachelmp

    Love your entire outfit Nikki! Now looking forward to summer reaching Ballarat

    • Oh, it’s well and truly stinky here. Could do with a little cool in my life 😉

  • you look great Nikki, that top looks much better on you than the model xx

  • Caitlin @ Chasing Cait

    Amazing as always Nikki!!! LOVING the floral trend this summer…. now I just need summer to appear over here in NZ 🙁 xx

    • Hahaha … at least you could wear this with a jacket!! xx

      • Caitlin @ Chasing Cait

        true! Have never got so much wear out of all my blazers!!!!!

  • you look gorgeous and cool Nikki! I have heaps of events coming up!! The long tight legged trousers would be a bit hot for me though- 40 degrees here for the next 5 days!

    • have to say I just absolutely love my RPE necklaces – wear them every day!

    • It’s a fine line with me – I did wear these in 40 degree dessert heat in the US.

  • Looking gorgeous Nikki. You are one sexy mother 😉