What to wear with white jeans

Keeping it Real: the white jeans outfit

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I have never owned a pair of white jeans.

There are two reasons for this:

1. I’ve never considered my legs white jean worthy.

2. I’m really not good with white full stop. Soy sauce, tomato salsa … these are the unwelcome accessories that seem to find their way onto my outfit should I include white in any part of it.

So, I surprised even myself when I came home from the US with a pair of whiter than white jeans.

I blame my blogging friend, Beth, from Baby Mac. Beth arrived in New York a week or so ahead of me, delivering a taste of what was to come in the shopping department. When I finally arrived she did a little show and tell and in between oohing and ahhing over her Anthropologie dress and Givenchy earrings, I got a wee bit excited about her Liz Hurley moment … her NYDJ white jeans purchase.

Now, as regular readers know, NYDJ are the jeans that are very, very kind to the appearance of this here middle aged butt. They are the only jeans that come near my butt and for good reason … they make it and every body part in the vicinity of my butt look smaller … umm and they actually fit my butt.

Now, Beth had just discovered the NYDJ effect that is helped beautifully along by the fact that US sizing is such that you buy two sizes down than the number you would normally find on your Australian pair of jeans. She was one very happy white jeans wearer.

I immediately *needed* to add white to my sizeable NYDJ collection … and struck gold at Macy’s.

Here’s how I styled my jeans for their first outing last weekend:

What to wear with white jeans

Anthropologie necklace | Dinosaur Designs ring | YSL Glossy Stain in Orange

What to wear with white jeans

NYDJ jeans | Witchery tee | Country Road tank | Zoe Kratzmann sandals*

The style I chose was the Skinny style – they fit similar to my Janice “jegging” style that I have in black and navy.

Mine are size 12 but I could have gone for a size 10. That magic two-way stretch that sucks you in but is still as comfortable as a pair of trackies is good but you need to buy firm so it doesn’t go saggy and baggy within hours of putting on.

The fabric has just the right amount of thickness to keep lumps and bumps at bay but not so thick that they will be too hot for a QLD spring.

Only one thing, Mr SY thinks they should have come with Teflon coating … that or they’re never to be worn within a 5m radius of food.

Do you wear white jeans? What’s your favourite way to wear them? Or do you have a tomato and soy sauce issue like me and won’t go near them?

PS. Looking for an online NYDJ white jean stockist? Look here and here.

* These sandals were gifted to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. Selfie photos taken on location at Oceans Resort, Mooloolaba where I was a guest of Proctor & Gamble.

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  1. After seeing how easy you have pulled off your white pair of jeans I have taken my Brazilian pear shape backside out along Collins st in Melbourne over the weekend on the hunt for a pair of white jeans. I did not have much luck but I am confident I will find the perfect pair soon 🙂

  2. When I was a teenager I had coloured pants that had white in them. As an adult, many moons ago, I had white and light blue stripe denim jeans, wore them once I think. I’ve had black and white skirts and as usual, always spilt something.

    So no white pants/jeans/skirts for me. I only own 9 pieces of white clothing. 3 tshirts, 2 blouses, 1 shirt with an attached apricot waistcoat, 1 big knit crop top, 1 over blouse and a white based multi coloured jacket.

    That’s it. White gets WAY too dirty for my liking. Around the neck, under the arms, on the bum, no thanks, no white for me!

  3. love those jeans! also would never have considered white pants, but those look so great I’m now tempted, and If I’m going to go white on the bottom half it will defs be in the jeans category….going online now…hope us S.A. shoppers can get them!

  4. Love the outfit – pop of neon under the loose tshirt is a fantastic way to wear the neon trend. I have been trying to find a way to incorporate neon in my wardrobe thanks for the inspiration! Sussan have a great pair of lift and shape white jeans in store at the moment – mine are on layby, think I’ll have to get them off this weekend. Thanks again for the amazing ideas!!

  5. I am going to check the NYDJ white jeans as I am having trouble finding a pair that fit. Sometimes white jeans are a better alternative to white linen pants (especially for work as they don’t crease like linen). I am checking out the stockists and will let you know if I find a pair.

    PS I wish I looked that good with just a slick of lipstick 🙂

  6. Looking gorgeous Nikki, might just have to go and try on as well. Although I am hopeless with white and I can’t blame the kids anymore. Will post if I get them so you can probably see the red wine stain in the first day.

  7. I am now regretting the skinny stretchy whote Zara jeans that I DIDN”T buy a couple of weeks ago – especially as the black pair were so comfy. But I told myself that living in Hanoi with 2 toddlers means they wouldn’t be white for long. Fortunately I have an old pair that while not skinny, might work. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. I adore white clothes (though haven’t gone the jeans route yet) because – unlike coloured clothes – when you spill things on them you can just BLEACH THEM OFF!!!
    The only exception to this rule is when you’re dealing with white wool, as I discovered to my detriment this winter. Hello streaky orange & brown ex-white jumper….

  9. Oh my gosh Nikki, I have literally just come home from town where I tried on (my very very first) pair of white jeans! I hummed and hahed then left without them mainly because I couldnt think of what would work with them. Then ran into a friend looking great in a pair THEN visited you and youre looking mighty FAB in yours!! I’m now thinking I need a pair! And probably a few of those lovely witchery tees! Thank you again for showing us how to dress ‘real’. Love it!! xx

  10. I love this look on you Nikki. I had cream jeans back in the early 90’s that I trashed, but not sure I could go back there now. I’ve only just got into brightly coloured jeans- I think white is too far for me to go…for now!
    I do wear a bit of white, and while I don’t have too much problem with food and other stains, I am careful what I eat (no pasta or beetroot) while wearing anything light coloured. Oh, and no cooking in white either, and of course must be washed after each wear in case a mark is missed, which can be a real pain.

  11. I have been waiting for this post ,I have white jeans the US brand,rich and skinny ones but last time I wore them my son said I looked like I was on CSI Miami,so I haven’t worn them again,but I will do another wardrobe edit and see what combos I can come up with.I like how you have styled yours with the bright tank under I have plenty of those too,in all shades of the rainbow.I like the cut of the NYD jeans but since I have no butt ,they may not do much for me ,I have the other problem flat butt syndrome,can’t change your body type so just have to deal with it ,loving those sandals ,that is one thing I do need new sandals in a brown or nuetral colour I threw out a pair that where very had it and need to replace.I don’t have the problem with food or things getting on my clothes ,but my daughter does ,she has the same problem as you ,anything near her ends up on her clothes,especially white.Thank-You for this post Nikki,I have new inspiration to wear my white jeans again!!

    1. LOL – CSI Miami! I’d bring in a dose of neutrals with a splash of colour. And re jeans – it really is about finding a make and cut that suits your shape. Once you find it, then a whole wardrobe of possibilities opens up for you.

  12. I don’t do white jeans. Actually I don’t really do white at all. It just doesn’t suit my skin tone. I have to say Nikki, your outfit is beautiful! I love the pop of neon in the cami & that necklace – I DIE!!! I’ve been trying to think of ways I can bring neon into my wardrobe & the neon layered with the earthy brown is perfect for me.
    Thanks for the tip Nikki, your the best xx

    1. My pleasure Reannon – the top is actually a dark grey but would still work with a brown. The best thing is that cami was cheap (you could even find cheaper) so as easy trend piece to add even if want to ditch in 6 months. x

  13. Nikki you look awesome- love love love the necklace, teemed with the t-shirt! You have ALMOST prompted me to TRY a pair of colored jeans, but I am still a little bit reluctant- I think I’d have to for the NYDJs – is there anywhere in Brisbane you can try them?

  14. WOW wow your whole outfit looks great !!! I just gave 2 pairs of white jeans away on the weekend along with 6 garbage bags of clothes I have been hanging onto for the DAY when I get skinny again lol alas it is never to be and I have come to accept my new found curves lol so I finally did the wardrobe cleanout and gave them all to a lovely skinny friend of mine lol Maybe its time to start looking for some of those NYDJ !!!!

  15. Nikki, you look fab! Love this outfit. White jeans are so fresh and great for summer. I’m heading on a shopping trip to Melbourne at the end of this month and I think I will add white NYDJ to my want list!

  16. I love white & don’t seem to have problems around food (touch wood) however it’s not always easy to find flattering white jeans so well done Nikki! I have several white 3/4 but still on the hunt for white jeans. They were on my list in America but came back empty handed. The new Katies range has white so hoping I will find a winner there.
    PS: Did you change your blog layouts? It’s not showing any website navigation ie home page etc on this blog:-)

    1. Hi Dianne … sorry, the site’s not showing correctly for you – try refreshing the page or clicking over the top of the banner. If still a problem, please let me know what internet browser you’re using. Thanks x

      1. Hi Nikki, It’s working fine this afternoon… I was still able to read it all properly but thought I’d let you know in case there was a problem with your website:-)

  17. You look fantastic Nikki!!!! I don’t have a pair of skinny leg jeans in sight! Let alone WHITE ones 🙂 Go you! 🙂 I LOVE your info-graphics!!! Reminds me I need to chase that article on how you create them!! 🙂 Reminder? 🙂 Look everything you bring to the world! Thanks gorgeous one! oxox

  18. Good morning, I don’t have a pair of white jeans but totally thinking about it. I do have white Lorna Jane Flashdance Pants that I wear in cool summer evenings with a nice top and blinged sandals. Love the look as it’s fresh and light. Might now look more seriously at white jeans. Are these NYDJ a thick type or a light cotton type?

  19. I am so kicking myself that I sent my white jeans to the op shop at the end of last winter. They hadn’t fitted me for a couple of years, they were 17yo esprit’s. Now I have lost weight, they would fit me and the coloured jeans are all back in fashion kick, kick , kick!

  20. Thanks a million for the NYDJ links. Prices make me wanna cry but jeans sp worth it. I am heading to humid Tokyo and cropped white jeans are coming. Love that look you put together, its my travel fave.

  21. We’ve been travelling a lot lately and I’ve noticed white jeans/pants/shorts are everywhere… I am completely terrified of them though even though I’m itching to try them out.. One of my fav combinations is navy top and white pants and tan accessories.

  22. I have a white pair of NYDJ! they are boot cut and have crystals all down the outside leg seam. Unfortunately they are a bit baggy now as I lost a bit of weight, so will source some more. My issue is my doggies and muddy paws from the gravel drivewaywhen I arrive home! I tend to do a little no no no dance- they think I am weird and keep backing away.

  23. Good colour combo – love the neon orange and the blue/green/white/grey thing.

    No white jeans for me. I rarely wear white as it picks up a lot of dirt/oil from needing to wear Vaseline.

    Mum wears white pants a lot, and she looks good in them. Though when in LA she got a massive coffee stain on the bum after a trip in someone’s car and we had to make a pit stop at GAP to get a whole new outfit! Your husband is right – they need Teflon.

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