12 kaftans to shop for in summer 2012

Let’s go shopping for: kaftans

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You all know my blogging buddy, Mrs Woog, don’t you? If not, I give you permission to click on over and check out her blog. Stat.

A little warning though: Do not read and drink at the same time and keep those pelvic floor muscles tight {alternatively ensure a Tena is in place}. She is one very funny lady.

Anyhoo, yesterday Mrs Woog turned fashion blogger and espoused the virtue of the kaftan as your summer party go-to wardrobe friend.

Now, not that I needed any convincing as to this particular virtue. No siree.

Love me a kaftan. Yes, I do. We have discussed the merits of wearing said kaftans many a time. Usually while each wearing one and usually with an ice cold glass of Sauvvy B in hand.

As discussed in her post, Mrs Woog loves wearing hers with white pants. This a look that I also favour with my shorter styled kaftans. And these are the only styles of pants or shorts I’d work them back with.

But I also like to style some of my kaftans up as frocks. Because it gets pretty warm up here.

Kaftan style tips

1. Longer or in between kaftan styles? Layer underneath one of those handy dandy slip dresses I talked about here. My favourites at the moment are these onesthese ones and these ones for the quality and breathability of the fabric.

2. Whether you’re opting for a long or a short style kaftan, the key to creating shape and not coming across as if you’re wearing a tent is to use the slip dress or a cami {if going shorter with pants} to create your shape under a sheer fabric.

3. It’s also important to balance out your proportions. Kaftans are by their beautiful nature voluminous. Streamline that volume with slimline pants, shorts or that slip dress.

4. Kaftans should always been seen in the vicinity of fancy drinks, poolside optimal but completely optional.

5. Wedges and blinged up flats are a match made in kaftan styling heaven. Want to really amp up the glam factor in a kaftan worn as a dress? Extend those legs with nude heels.

12 kaftans to shop for in summer 2012

Shopping suggestions

Click on the caption below each image for a link for more info and to buy.

For some reason the gallery is not working (sorry) so, in order of appearance, left to right from top:

Bella Lido Dott Tie kaftan $99.95
Bella Lido Uptown girl kaftan $89.95
Camilla Perhentian short lace-up kaftan @ Zambezee Boutique $249
Camilla Dove short lace-up kaftan $499
Insight kaftan @ The Iconic $89.95
Living Doll kaftan @ Grays Outlet $19.95 (was $79.95)
Sacha Drake Ingela kaftan $379
Zulu tribal print silk kaftan @ Sequins & Sand $279
Phyllis Boho Paisley silk kaftan @ Sequins & Sand $239
Target kaftan $24.88
Virtu Fez beaded tunic $89.95
Witchery beach gather kaftan $149.95

Do you love a kaftan? See any here that deserve to come out to play with you this summer?

PS. Want more kaftan justification in your life and a chance to win a Sacha Drake kaftan? Head on over to The Hoopla.

Comments 31

  1. I always pack Kaftans, to hide my body while wearing a swim suit and to try to look glamorous for a cocktail or dinner. I Love Kaftans

  2. I’m crazy for a kaftan and could virtually live in them all summer long. But I think you left off Suboo, who do amazing kaftans – and each season gets better and better.

  3. I’m crazy for a kaftan and could virtually live in them all summer long. But I think you left off Suboo, who do amazing kaftans – and each season gets better and better.

  4. Love all your fashion tips Nikki and look forward to them but pleeeeaase no Tena’s – ladies you need to get your pelvic floor checked if you have an accident laughing at Mrs Woog’s blog or overexcited by all Nikki’s great fashion styles! 🙂

      1. LOL no it’s not but statistically 1 in 3 of your readers will experience it. BTW there is a gorgeous Wayne Cooper Kaftan I have my eye on….am sure I can justify purchase of said Kaftan …so many Christmas do’s…and I do have a Myer gift card to ease the pain!

  5. Hi Nikki. I love the idea of a kaftan as a coverup and like the look of your Witchery number. After our bamboo conversation, I walked into a local shop and bought an electric blue sleeveless dress with handkerchief style hem and clever seams for nice fit through the back – exactly what I was after to dress up or down on summer hols. Will wear with tan sandals and wedges. And cropped cardis. Still looking for a kaftan though for shoulder cover – looking forward to hunting out the right one xx

  6. Hey Nikki, I cant seem to get the slideshow to work so I am not able to get any information on the different designs you have shown. Any ideas on how I can get info on them?


    1. Start with brands and styles that you already know. Check the return policies of the stores you’re buying from so you know you can buy with ease. Also get out the tape measure and use the size chart for that store to better choose your size. Smaller stores are usually very good at responding to a phone call or email if you have a question before you buy too.

  7. I wholeheartedly agree with Mrs Woog,I love me a kaftan ,preferably as a dress but a shorter one works very well with pants,white or black,I love all the ones you have pictured,especillay the 3rd 4th 7th and 9th one,they are not showing as a slideshow for me ,but not to worry they may later I had no internet at all earlier so just grateful I do now,must be storms or something happening somewhere near.I own a few kaftan dresses and I feel pretty and like I am at a resort swanning around in them,I prefer silk,but there is some lovely polyester and viscose ones around as well,One day I am going to save up and get me a Camilla kaftan,choosing the style and colour I think would be quite hard,though I do like her maxi versions as well,even my daughter showed me a dress on someone she liked as she has a wedding to go to in Perth in January and it will be very hot ,and yep it was a kaftan dress albeit a shorter one than I would wear but it would look good with sexy heels as well as flats ,I think that’s why I love them so very versatile,and my wardrobe loves that!

  8. i love caftans and esp love my camillas’s, but i feel overdressed at our local beach in perth in one. Most people here wear a long t shirt type dress or just shorts… Anyone else feel the same? other options?

  9. I have a Camilla kaftan and some other lovely floaty sheer tops. I love to wear them with knee length tailored shorts or skinny jeans, some big earrings and blingy sandals. It just says “hippy-luxe” glam to me- my favourite look!

  10. Love the kaftan as a frock! Generally the colors just scream summer (and get me a cocktail!). In saying that, i have been known to wear them in our cooler months with a pair of leggings. There are some beautiful options in your suggestions Nikki, thank you.

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