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Keeping it Real: the weekend in Melbourne outfits

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A week ago I took a little look at the weather app on my phone and was immediately lost for words.

Which as you know is highly unusual for me.

There staring back at me was the reality that I’d be flying back into winter-like temperatures for my trip to Melbourne to speak at the Problogger Training Event.


I was done and dusted with winter. The seasonal wardrobe shuffle had been completed a month before.

Spring had sprung and had been declared.

As Thursday drew nearer I realised that I needed to build a bridge over my big suitcase of denial and re-work my planned outfits for the trip.

Three days and three nights in Melbourne. Two days where I’d be presenting on stage. And at least one of those nights that would require a fresh outfit for the occasion.

I tweeted out to Melbourne followers asking if I’d need a coat. The resounding response was yes and I’m glad I threw in my camel-coloured ASOS wool cape just before the cab arrived to take me to the airport. It was well used any time we walked between our Docklands apartment and the conference venue at Ethiad Stadium.

My “I can’t believe it’s not spring weather” attitude refused to shift when it came to my footwear though. I chose fashion over frostbite on each occasion. Well, there were neon orange toes I didn’t want to hide in socks and boots. And some pretty fabulous new shoes.

As for the outfits … well, I reverted to my tried and tested uniform … pants and jackets with a statement accessory or two.

In this travel situation there is no room for a capsule wardrobe. Oh, who am I kidding? Have you ever known me to do a capsule travel wardrobe?

So, 20kg of luggage later (I swear that coat took up 3kg … it was nothing to do with the five pairs of shoes packed. AT ALL), this is how the weekend panned out … in outfits.

DAY 1: The I’m travelling to Melbourne but going to a meeting when I arrive outfit.

Key essentials: coloured jeans, jacket and a neutral wedge.

Keeping it real: the weekend in Melbourne travel outift. Coloured jeans and wedges

NYDJ jeans (you’ve seen them before) | Sussan jacket (ditto) | Sussan top (ditto again) | Uberkate Smashed earrings | Uberkate “I’m so blogging this” Lovelines necklace | Dinosaur Designs ring (orange) | Polka Luka ring (chartreuse)

Zoe Kratzmann wedges |

New Zoe Kratzmann wedges* (from spring-summer 2012-13 collection).

DAY 2: The I’m going to be noticed anyway because I’m standing on stage so may as well brighten things up and really be noticed outfit.

Key essentials: floral pants, pink patent kitten heels and a coloured jacket.

Keeping it Real: weekend in Melbourne outfit | floral pants | coloured jacket

Feathers Boutique floral pants (featured here) | Seed jacket (you’ve seen it on me here) | Country Road shirt (I wore it here) | Red Phoenix Emporium Make Mine Mint Necklace * | Peter Lang ring | Michael by Michael Kors kitten heels (Century 21 New York $60 purchase)

Keeping it Real: weekend in Melbourne outfit | floral pants | coloured jacket

This photo explains the strange look on my face in the one above … it was VERY windy on our balcony.

NIGHT 2: The conference stand-up networking event in a fancy Melbourne restaurant outfit.

Key essentials: black with a splash of metallic and flat shoes.

Keeping it Real: the weekend in Melbourne outfit | metallics

Country Road jacket (almost three years old and still going strong) | Country Road new metallic top (worn in reverse) | Metallic chain necklace (at least three years old) | Mimco bracelet (sneaky Sydney airport purchase this winter) |  Misano Shoes bling flats*

Misano Shoes bling flats

Let’s talk about the shoes, shall we? We were advised that the networking event at the Maha Bar and Grill would involve standing so comfortable shoes would be a good idea. Normally I ignore such directives and suffer in the name of fashion. Not this time. These Misano shoes worked a treat.

Misano Shoes bling flats

… so much so, Mrs Woog, who just happens to conveniently have the same size feet as me, took custody of them the very next day.

DAY 3: The conference OMG I’m interviewing Sarah Wilson on stage outfit.

Key essentials: statement shoes and current fave confidence colour, chartreuse.

Keeping it Real: the weekend in Melbourne outfit | neon | chartreuse | sass and bide | white jeans

Country Road black jacket (the very same featured above) | sass and bide tee (a wedding anniversary gift from Mr SY) | NYDJ white jeans (these very ones) | Zoe Kratzmann shoes (as first seen here) | Renee Blackwell Design earrings | Uberkate necklace | Polka Luka chartreuse ring | Peter Lang black ring

Keeping it Real: the weekend in Melbourne outfit | neon | chartreuse | sass and bide | white jeans | Sarah Wilson

Those Zoe Kratzmann shoes commanded due attention from the stage when interviewing media personality and blogger Sarah Wilson.

Keeping it Real: the weekend in Melbourne outfit | neon | chartreuse | sass and bide | white jeans

I’m back home in Queensland, staring down the barrel of a long, hot summer ahead and you know what? I’m kind of glad I got to give my winter wardrobe a little out-of-season excursion.

I will miss my jacket and jeans combination as the long, hot days roll in bringing with it the vats of sweat that usually accessorise my summer days.

Do you have a fave outfit from these above?

PS. Six of us shared a three-bedroom apartment at the Grand Mecure Apartments, in Docklands. Within seconds of telling a Melbourne person – ANY MELBOURNE PERSON – where the fabulous BabyMac had booked us all in to stay, they would retort, “no-one in Melbourne goes to Docklands”. Even our cab drivers struggled to know how to get us back from the city after the networking event on Friday night and dinner on Saturday night. But if you’re a family or group travelling to Melbourne, I’d check them out. We loved that we could just walk across the road to the conference at Ethiad Stadium. There were also dining options downstairs. A cab fare to Federation Square was about $10 (the city loop tram stop is just nearby too). And the apartment itself was spacious, modern and gave us this view for our final morning.

Hot Air balloons - sunrise over Melbourne Docklands

PPS. Thanks to Sarah from A Beach Cottage, Beth from BabyMac, Fran from TravelGenee and Tine from Beautyholics Anonymous for taking the photos above. I love that a blogger doesn’t even blink when you pass over your camera and ask them to please take a photo of your outfit.

* These items were gifted to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy.


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  1. Nikki, I must say thanks for letting me take the photo. It is one of my better ones. Must have been the expert instructions I got in the spot at the airport on how to take a “blogger style” photo. I do appreciate the link heaps too. Big thanks for being such a sharer! Fran

  2. I especially love Day 3’s outfit Nikki – only a special girl can wear chartreuse! How great to interview Sarah Wilson – I always read her Sweeter Life on a Fridays blog. I’m off to the Sunshine Coast in 4 weeks with my 2 best friends (1 of whom, poor sucker, lives in Melbourne, we other 2 are lucky to live in Qld) for our annual eating/drinking/shopping holiday. I’ll look out for you around the shops!

  3. I LOVE ALL OF YOUR OUTFITS!! Sorry for shouting, but really Nikki – you knocked it out the fashion park with every single one. Special mention for the evening networking event outfit – I had no idea they were flats until I read on. Genius! And it probably wouldn’t surprise you to know that no, I’m not a light packer either…!

  4. Loved all your outfits Nikki. You do it so effortlessly. I threw practically my entire wardrobe on the bed, took hours deciding on outfits, packed them, unpacked them, packed again and when I got there knew that I’d packed all the wrong things! Why did I bother wasting so much time? Admire your grace and style!

    1. Oh, Johanna thank-you … I’ve managed to create a bit of a “uniform” for this situations. It’s very different from my day to day here in QLD. I was thrown by the weather but still refused to go completely back to my winter wardrobe.

  5. I was in Melbourne at the same time Nikki (from the Gold Coast) and you were so brave to wear bright colours and dare I say WHITE jeans! Shock horror – I took denim jeans and ALL black pieces of clothing so I blended in totally at the cafes and Sth Melbourne Markets. The only thing that said “Gold Coast” was the fact that I didn’t have a little black knitted beanie cap pulled down on my head and I was the one shivering the whole time. Boy, was it cold!

  6. Those floral pants are the bomb! We had a family holiday to Melbourne a few years ago at Xmas time and stayed in a Docklands apartment. It is perfect for families. Lots of restaurants with 5.30 dinner menus, ice cream everywhere, loads of paving for Boyo’s scooter (we always pack it when we travel), close to trams and attractions like the Museum, Aquarium etc (but not so close so you can enjoy the novelty of a tram ride). So nice having an apartment too, with actual furniture, a kitchen and laundry.

  7. It was good to finally meet you! You totally rocked those outfits. I’m not usually a fan of floral pants, but I couldn’t take my eyes off yours. Perve much? 😛

    PS: Happy to have helped photographed the 2nd-day outfit 😉

  8. Love love love all your outfits – I adore the shoes and the floral pants. It is so windy at The Docklands – I work there and always feel like I’ll be blown away.
    I so wanted to be at thr PBEvent. Will organise better next year.

  9. So many great outfits Nikki but I have to say my favourite is… actually, I really can’t pick one! Off to check out Polka Luka… x

  10. Oh my…. you do travel ‘in style’ – loved every outfit. But, I know you want to know MY favourite, and it has to be the last one…. Love the splash of colour with the black and white. Lovely-chubbly….

  11. Love all your clever outfits, Nikki, but specially love that fresh arrival ensemble. I’ve been fantasising about a chartreuse top recently – not that I’ve seen one, just the idea of one. Now I realise I was being all Zeitgeist-y and chartreuse is really having a moment. Have to track down the top of my dreams! Hope the conference was a big success and you have a gazillion new followers now.

    1. You won’t have to look too far Jill … chartreuse is everywhere right now. Good luck. The conference was great because it was inspiring to be around 300 other bloggers all wanting to build a business off or because of their blog. It’s pioneering times for this industry and I love it!

  12. Well done Nikki, you obviously managed to look fab but still ‘springy’ and colourful in our not-very-springy Vic weather last week!! Your very inspiring (dangerous??) posts have me now waiting at my mailbox for a new pair of coloured jeans to arrive. Thanks! I think..?!…xx

  13. Been thinking of you as I plan my wardrobe for my upcoming trip to Canberra for the human brochure. So I’m blaming you for my recent purchases of orange wedges, black Capri pants and seed black dress 😉 my gorgeous daughter had brought me clothes for Christmas and decided to give them to me early, so I have pretty much a whole new wardrobe to take. All that mix and match together. Wondering what the weather is going to be like in Canberra then. Will be watching to see if I have to throw in some long sleeves, and a coat for the evenings.

    Love all these outfits, the floral pants… So going to get some. 🙂

  14. Nikki,

    You looked bloody gorgeous and I want to thank you again for sharing all your HOT blogging tips. I so appreciate that and all the time and thought that went into the panels you ruled. And I mean ruled as in you rule because moderator doesn’t cover what you did:)

  15. Ooh yes Nikki I do have a fave outfit from your Melbourne looks and I must say it has to be the last one,with the white jeans and that lovely Sass and Bide top and those gorgeous new chartreuse Zoe wedges and coming in a close second is the floral pants look and then the metallic look,but who am I kidding you look Hot in all the outfits as you always do even if you were freezing.I had to go to a party on Saturday night and had to dig into the winter clothes again red jeans striped top and black jacket it was just too cold and in a backyard to even wear open shoes,had to wear loafers and I still was cold,oh well the things we do for looking stylish.I love your new taupe wedges they are lovely too,I think I may have to invest in a pair of Zoe Kratzmann shoes they are chic but look comfy.
    Mrs Woog is naughty she Instagrammed those shoes and said they were a “gift ” from you and I commented and said they were lovely and how Kind you are, little did I know she stole them from you.You look lovely in all your outfits do you ever look horrible,please say you do.

  16. Hi Nikki, you look great as always! I am off to Sydney this week for 3 days of meetings and thanks to you have planned my outfits for all meetings and dinners in advance so my packing should be fairly streamlined. I love your jeans and jacket combos and have packed a few myself! Thanks for always being inspiring and real!

  17. My fave is the last look. I love the Country Road jacket, is it still in stores or could you suggest an alternative please? I can’t believe I missed this event…my brain is in home renovation mode and I seem to miss a lot of news lately! Glad you all had a good time, the weather was beautiful here yesterday, but true to form it’s cold and windy again today. I could make use of that jacket all year round here!
    x Marnie

  18. I knew you’d look amazing, and of course you didn’t disappoint! I love the outfit you wore to interview Sarah Wilson, and I’m still in love with your haircut. Just love all round really 😉

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