Styling You Christmas 2012 gift guide week 3

My fave 2012 Christmas gifts: week 3

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Everywhere I turn there are cute and pretty things designed to seduce me into purchasing.

Forget the packet of chocolate-coated biscuits that never runs out, I want a credit card that always has a clear balance 😉

I find myself mentally matching any of my finds with particular friends and family and I just want it to be Christmas now.

Anyhoo enough of my wanderlusting, some more tips for you. Please feel free to add your own in the comments below.

Gift giving tip #7

If you like a little quality time in the kitchen, is there a recipe that you ALWAYS get asked to make? How about making that jam, aioli or slab of healthy chocolate, packaging it up like you’re the Australian Martha Stewart that you are and gifting it to the person who’s always asking?

Gift giving tip #8

If you don’t get to see the recipient of your gift often enough, how about giving a gift that gives them a reminder that you’re thinking of them every month for the next 12 months? A magazine subscription is perfect for this.

Gift giving tip #9

There’s nothing wrong with a giving a gift card or cash. I know many don’t agree but think about it for a minute … if you have a teenage boy to buy for, are you going to make his day more with an iTunes voucher or a pair of socks? The key is choosing gift cards or vouchers you know are a perfect match for that person and what they’re into.

I’m also ok with giving money when I know they’re saving up for something bigger. My son has bought a laptop this way, adding his own dollars to those which he received for Christmas.

Styling You Christmas 2012 gift guide week 3

15 more fave Christmas gifts

Here are 15 more of my favourite Christmas gifts available right now. Click on the caption below each image for a link for more info and to buy.


See anything you like? Have you bought a pressie or two this week? Let me know.

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  1. I finally started my Christmas shopping this week. Only stuff for my kids & mainly online because I just couldn’t find what I needed in store. I think I may just be an online shopping convert. Plus I finally got on board catch of the day & mumgo so things just got interesting lol

  2. Those tea cups and that throw are lovely and so tempting,I get a bit distracted too,I always see so many beautiful things that I like ,but yes I have bought some presents this week some of those Bourne Naked holders you showed us last week ,some dermalogica skin care for my sons girlfriend and some more for me and some candles and body care products for my daughter,and 2 I phone 5 covers for friends,just need to find some small things for my son and hubby now and my Dad.We give our neices and Nephews money as they can buy what they want and spend it in the holidays,much easier for me as well considering there are 11 of them! I think I will get my Mum a mag subscription,or perfume I haven’t decided yet.
    You tell your son to be careful on balconies Nikki,that poor girl on the gold Coast that fell 22 floors and died,at schoolies ,so very sad for her parnets and friends I hope you didn’t know her.

  3. Nikki, Thank you so much for showing that bike! I have been looking for one for my Sister but they are all soo expensive! This bike is in-expensive but better than the others. So glad I follow your blog.

    1. I just had a look at this because I was curious – now I’m impressed. My husband doesn’t travel often enough to warrant buying one yet but I’m impressed by the simplicity of the idea and how good it looks.

  4. Hi Nikki,
    Yes, I bought lots of prezzies this week ;O)

    They are wrapped and stacked on my white ladder shelf tree!

    Including some perfume, candles and super gorgeous sheets for me……

    It’s only 4 weeks to go but everyone seems to think I’m super organised???

    I’m sooooooo excited! My Birthday is Boxing Day!!!

    Tania xx

  5. No, no pressies this week, we are just recovering from 2 early nov Kid’s birthdays and parties. Now I start thinking about chrissy! What to give the kids who’ve just had birthdays???? Money is always an excellent choice!

  6. Beautiful finds as always Nikki – I’m finding these posts great inspiration for a few hard to buy for rele’s. It’s completely out of my budget right now but I love that bike!!

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