What to buy a teenage girl for Christmas 2012 | Dolly Magshop subscription

My daughter’s getting a Magshop gift subscription this Christmas

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Say hello to Miss Styling You.

My only daughter. My beautiful, headstrong, smart daughter.

Teenage fashion 2012

In a house otherwise invaded by boys, together we bring the fluctuating hormones to the family equation 😉

And we bring the bulk of the clothes, the lip glosses and obsession with Twilight. (Oops, actually that obsession is all mine. I bought her the books but she’s never read them. I did though. In one weekend.)

Anyhoo, Miss SY is almost 16 … just a couple of weeks away from this little milestone.

Can you remember when you were 16? I can. In my head it was only yesterday (I think that’s a sign of getting old) but in reality it was more than a lifetime ago.

So, so much has changed.

See that smart phone in her pocket in the photo above? Try doing that back in the day with a dial up attached to a wall.

Some things do stay the same, though.

Her Ray Bans were around. As were her Converse shoes, albeit it in a more standard-issue colour and considered a bit hoity toity compared with the trusty Dunlop Volleys I wore on my feet.

And Dolly Mag was my reading material of choice. My first foray into what would become a lifelong magazine addiction.

How else was a girl supposed to learn about certain things you wouldn’t be caught dead discussing with your parents? AWKIES.

Miss SY is a reluctant reader (see above re Twilight fail). In a family of book lovers I still don’t know how that has happened but it is what it is.

Give her a mag though and she’ll be reading, flipping and skimming like nobody’s business.

So in the spirit of the season, where she has birthday and Christmas almost rolled into one, I’m thinking a Magshop gift subscription to Dolly will be a nice addition to her ever-growing wishlist.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving for 12 months, saves more than a few $ off the cover price, can be bought quickly and easily online … and it helps me in my main job as a mother, which of course is to embarrass my children any way I possibly can.

So yes, I’ll be asking to read the Dolly Doctor sealed section (yes, sealed! There’s a significant change) after she’s done 😉

Tips for buying gifts for teenage girls

1. Remember what it was like when you were a teenager. Of course you wanted the latest “cool” stuff. Hello Boom Box. Sure the big ticket items can cost a lot of money but there are plenty of low-cost bits and pieces they will love.

2. Think about who they really are … not all teens are created the same. What are they into? What interests do they have outside of school? It’s not about what YOU like – it’s about them.

3. Think of cute stuff that they can wear. Accessories are good here … or vouchers for clothes at their favourite stores.

4. Maybe they want to give their room a mini makeover? Things like a string of coloured lights or a new canvas print can help them to easily add a bit of personality to their room.

5. If they’re into makeup and other girl stuff, think of their fave lip balms and perfume (clueless as to what teens are into? A flick through that Dolly mag will help!).

Teenage girl gift ideas

What to buy a teenage girl for Christmas 2012 | Dolly Magshop subscription

1. 12-month Magshop gift subscription to Dolly $44.95 (save $26.45) | 2. Typo pen $2.95 | 3. Typo journal $14.95 | 4. Colette necklace $14.95

A bonus for you

Ok, so should you gift your teenage daughter a Dolly subscription, listen up because there’s potentially a massive bonus in it for you. You’ll go into the draw to win an Airstream 762 “International Series” travel trailer (it is way TOO luxe to call it a caravan) and a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. The total value is more than $185,000. Wowzers. Check out the details for yourself here. And if you win? I suggest you keep it quiet from any teens in the house … and make your escape quickly!

Did you read Dolly as a teenager? Do you have teen girls to buy for this Christmas? What’s on their wishlist?

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  1. Keira would say ‘she is fashion’ ! thankfully she is only 6 so we’re just at the girl power and the disney magazine stage and she keeps them in a neat pile next to her bed and away from little brothers and sisters! we start them young here:)

  2. Dolly was the start of my mag obsession back in the day! So glad I kept my diaries from around sweet 16 as I’ve forgotten so much…but kind of scary too because in the blink of an eye my 2 little girls will be teens! No mag subs for them yet but they’re already showing an interest in mine as they know I love my mag time so much. Happy birthday Miss SY xx

  3. I loved Dolly growing up and I love Magshop – I have been buying family in QLD magazine subs from Magshop for years (I resent paying postage from VIC when I could be spending that money on them!)!!

  4. Hello Miss StylingYou,your very pretty and just like your Mum and I am glad you are headstrong,that helps as you get older my daughter is very headstrong but at the same time a beautiful giving soul,she bought me flowers yesterday on her way home from work,because I did not get any for my birthday and she knew I would buy some when I went to grocery shopping today,”sweet Child of Mine”.

    I have no teenage daughter she is in her 20s now but she used to love Dolly mag and I did too,back in the day,and when my daughter read Dolly I used to read the sealed section after her, very interesting indeed .When I was 16 I was lucky my Mum read Cleo mag then and she used to share and I got the naked posters to put on the wall,she was a very modern mum back in the day,even at 70 she has just read all the “Grey” books and enjoyed them and now they are mine to read,it is lovely the mother daughter bond ,if you take care of it ,it just grows stronger.I have 3 teenage neices though and they are into Dolly.Mag subscritions are a great present I might get my mother one,not Dolly though:).Nikki you crack me up to all the references to our young lives,it was so true all the things you mention and no chance of a sneaky phone call to a boy,no the phone was in the kitchen and everybody could hear lol.
    Miss stylingyou never colour that beautiful hair,and be kind to your Mum even when she does something “daggy” and you will reap the benifits of borrowing cool things from her and Nikki enjoy your daughter I am so glad I have a daughter we have a lovely friendship which I cherish and Miss stylingyou enjoy being 16 and have an awesome birthday.

  5. Thank you – I have 4 teenage nieces to buy for and are hard. Last year we thought about the magazine subscription but at that price it is above our limit of $30 each 🙁 Yes they all have different personalities, shapes, sizes etc so one gift doesn’t fit all. I think one of the best gifts for the season for teenagers would have to be nail polish in the fluro colours. Great because with the 6 week + break the girls can actually wear it unlike school time.
    So I still have 2 gifts to purchase for the teenage girls but what about the teenage boys? Please help me in this area too Nikki, pretty please 🙂

      1. Yes my kids love CASH $$$ too but I feel like I haven’t been imaginative by giving that. iTunes think will be on the agenda as most have iPhones or iPods Cotton On is a great idea for my nephew who’s 16 and 7″ tall. Thanks for these tips Nikki

        1. We only do cash when they’re saving up for something big … and putting their own $ towards it too. Like my daughter wants to buy a new computer by the end of the holidays (she’s got a part-time job at Country Road) so we’ll give $ for that.

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