2012 fave Christmas gift suggestions

My fave 2012 Christmas gifts: week 2

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I had occasion to venture out to the shops last weekend and during the week. There’s an urgency out there already, Stylers.

While this has me excited for the retail industry, I am concerned that panic may be settling in a little too early.

We don’t want you to suffer from Christmas shopping burn-out. In November.

Which brings me to this week’s gift giving tips (you can check out last week’s here).

Gift giving tip #4

Christmas gift shopping can be a marathon or a sprint. Either way, I suggest you stop along the way for sustenance. And at this time of the year, my sustenance of choice is a G&T or a champagne. I’m not fussy.

Gift giving tip #5

Never ever discount the “self” gift. Much like the “selfie” camera photo is perfect for ensuring the perfect photo of yourself, you’re never going to be on the receiving end of a dud “selfie” gift, are you?

Gift giving tip #6

Thinking about what to give your child’s teacher or teachers this year? Take it from the daughter of teachers. Alcohol (in most cases … our should that be just in cases) will go down a treat.

2012 fave Christmas gift suggestions

15 more fave Christmas gifts

Here are 15 more of my favourite Christmas gifts available right now. Click on the caption below each image for a link for more info and to buy.


See anything you like? Have you bought a pressie or two this week? Let me know.


My fave 2012 Christmas gifts week 1

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  1. Love tip #4!! My tip would be that if you’re doing actual shopping (not online) then wear comfy shoes and go alone so that you can just get it done without distractions.
    Some of my friends and I like to have a pre-Christmas get together, and to make gift-giving a bit easier we do a secret santa to a set limit. It’s cheaper, it’s fair, and it’s fun!

  2. I have bought a pressie or two this week,I am a good girl but at the same time I am very guilty of the selfie present ,I may have purchased a few things for myself as well,but I blame that on getting money for my birthday from Mum and Dad ,so I had to buy something didn’t I ?I bought a present for my sister and my friend a orange and grey stripe maxi from katies for me,I am blaming that one on you :)from your post on stripey dresses but they gave me a $10 voucher again for my birthday so I had to have it and I have an orange necklace that goes with it ,and it came down to $29 so it was a bargain and I will wear it a lot and some cushions from KMart they are practically free $5 the plain and $7 for the printed ones ,nice in the famiily room and some more dermalogica products cleanser and some mosturiser,but I need that to keep my skin nice.
    I will be having a look at some christmas presents online today as it is a filthy day outside raining and so humid .I love those keepers I will get some for the girls and me and my sis,and that tee and shorts would be nice for my husband ,though I don’t know if he would wear them,maybe more for my son.
    I have noticed the shops are very busy already I am not a fan of crowded shopping centres.
    i wanted to let you know catch of the day have gluten free products for you I don’t know much about them But worth a look NIkki,and Lush have lovely stocking fillers,another store I get emails from.I am sending you a “HUG” today too as I think you need it x

    1. Lisa, I’m a BIG believer in making sure you buy something special if you’re given birthday money – you need to be able to tell the giver what you’ve chosen with their dollars. It’s only polite! And totally agree on those cushions. Practically free 😉 Thanks for the hug.

  3. Dear Santa,
    Could you please bring me an iPad so that I may buy one of the Country Road iPad covers for myself (as per #5 of Nikki’s tips).
    I promise to use it for blogging purposes, not just online shopping.
    Cheers, Sonia

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