2012 Christmas gifts: part 1

My fave 2012 Christmas gifts: week 1

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Christmas is just a little more than 6 weeks away. I know. I’m sorry if you’ve been avoiding this statistic.

I decided to be upfront with it because, let’s face it, if you get paid monthly like what happens in the Styling You household, then it’s two pay days away.

Time to get a thinking about who you’re buying for and what.

So, every Friday from today until Christmas 2012, I’ll be showing up here with my favourite ideas for 2012 Christmas gifts. Things I’ve stumbled across – or that have stumbled across me – and sometimes have even come home with me 😉

There’ll be ideas for those on a budget, a few luxe things for those of us who like to dream, you’ll find a sprinkle of quirky and heartfelt and a whole bunch of other stuff in between.

I’ll also be sharing my tips for gift giving at Christmas – and any time of year – for that matter.

I’m not the world’s best but I do give gift giving a good go. I also have some girlfriends who are gift-giving experts. One has a whole cupboard devoted to decorative ribbon. True.

Gift giving tip #1

Make a list of all the people you intend to buy for. This helps you to best work your budget and prioritise where it’s spent. Boring I know, but essential if you want some $ left over for a bottle of bubbly or six to get through the day itself.

Gift giving tip #2

Create a system of giving within your family or friendship circles if you don’t have one already. In our family we only buy for our nephews (there are no nieces as yet so I’m not discriminating!). Other families buy for the kids but then do a random draw to determine the one adult they’ll be buying a gift for. And that gift is of a capped value too. I like that one.

Gift giving tip #3

Once you know who you’re buying for, really think about who they are and what they’re into. It’s no use going out there and just buying what YOU’D like, is there? I knew someone who did this ALL THE TIME. So much so, it became a running joke.

2012 Christmas gifts: part 1

15 fave Christmas gifts

Here are 15 of my favourite Christmas gifts available right now. Click on the caption below each image for a link for more info and to buy.


Got any tricky people to buy for this year? Ever tempted to treat yourself while shopping for others?

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  1. Oh damn. I tried to get the Seed bag but it was still coming, coming, coming. Emailed and never got an answer as to when it would be online. And now……all gone 🙁 If anyone spots something similar, would love to know. I have to shop online so cant hunt in the shops and this was such a perfect teen present 🙂

  2. Great collection – I think those flamingos would make me smile too! Who says home decorating has to be serious all the time!!

    And I love the scarf too – do you have a post about how to wear scarves? I’ve never worn one (I know!) but I would like to.

  3. Christmas is a MASSIVE deal in my family. We have ‘Wish Lists’ (Mum & Partner, Brother, Myself + Husband) and everyone gets their own lists so there’s no doubling up on gifts. We try and keep to $50 and under… maybe you’ll get 3 things off your list, maybe you’ll get nothing off your list, but it certainly helps when you’re schlepping around Westfields in December!! I guess also because we live 8 hours from each other and generally only see each other at Christmas it’s difficult to know preferences/haves/dones/interests.

  4. I’ve bought a few things for Christmas for my daughters already, as I’ve seen them/when they’ve been on special. Can be tricky with children as they change interests pretty quick. “Mum! That’s so over!”. I”ve also bought my Christmas present to myself! Thank you Myer sale! One thing I’ve found really helpful is I keep a page in my notebook for ideas throughout the year for gifts for each person as I think of it. Planning works better for me than relying on inspiration a week or two before. Thanks for a great post!

  5. For our nieces and nephew this year we are buying a voucher for our local movie theatre, perfect for the school holidays and they really don’t need any more stuff!

  6. I love all your gifts you have picked out,I notice though,not any for men lol,well not today anyway,especially love the towels,I need some of those and the Mor gift pack is gorgeous as are the candles.I have made a list,that is all,I have 6 nephews and 4 nieces but we only give them money to buy what they want ,I have my mother and father,and Dad’s birthday is on christmas day as well,he is my hardest to buy for ,as he say’s” I don’t need anything love buy something for yourself” I would love to do that but never will ,my mother and father in law we usually all put in a buy a big gift ,Wayne my husband has a twin brother and two sisters so they get something good ,and we don’t buy for the adults.I like to buy surprises for my children,to put under the tree even though James is 24 and Caitlyn is 22,and their boyfriend,girlfriends.I find girls much easier to buy for and my sister I like to spoil her as her sons do not,I have my eye on a silk robe for her and I might get her a pretty candle as well,but maybe she would prefer the towels as she lives on the central coast…decisions… decisions but she likes what I like so that is easy and a few friends I buy for easy too.I must stop doing research and actually buy some gifts! I love that Leona dress the colour is stunning,you must buy that for yourself it is a beautiful colour as I am sure you would have somewhere lovely to wear it.

    1. Oh Lisa you are a wonderful gift giver – and there is just one gift in today’s list for guys – the coloured belt. Apparently Mr SY wants one 😉 I’m very tempted by the dress – would be perfect for his office Christmas party x

      1. I try Nikki,Go forth and buy that dress,you DO have somewhere to wear it,I am giving you permission to get it 🙂 and buy the belt for Mr SY x

  7. Great collection – I think those flamingos would make me smile too! Who says home decorating has to be serious all the time!!

    And I love the scarf too – do you have a post about how to wear scarves? I’ve never worn one (I know!) but I would like to.

  8. Not a present as such, but Smiggle now have advent calendars out ! As parents, much more appealing to me than feeding my child chocolate everyday and when my daughter received hers yesterday she was thrilled – Smiggle is her fav store !
    They also have lots of lovely gift ideas for young and old.

    1. We do Lego advent calendars for our boys (they take it in turns to open it) -cost a fortune but way better than cheap chocolate. Will definitely get my daughter a Smiggle one though – Ta! I am happy to report my Christmas shopping is all done (earliest ever!). Love the sequin bag too.

        1. So true and I have kept all the lego and Duplo my children had ,for one day when I get granchildren(not in a hurry though) it never dates so a good investment.

  9. I really enjoy finding that just right gift for people, I love seeing their face light up when they open it up. However I am very guilty of buying myself plenty of pressies too! I never have any trouble finding anything I like!!

  10. That sparkly bag from Seed is already sitting in my stash. A very excited 8 year old will be toting that on her summer sleepovers!

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