Sancerre spring-summer 2012-13

The Model and Me: SanCerre spring 2012

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Keeping some semblance of style going on is difficult at the best of times but when you’re smack, bang in the middle of summer, it’s probably the time of year that presents the biggest challenges.

For starters, you’d probably prefer not to be wearing much at all (not an option should you wish to leave your aircon-ed apartment and not get arrested!) and, for seconders, sweat is not a particularly attractive accessory.

What I’ve noticed on the streets of New York – particularly in West Village where we are staying – is that there is a bit of a summer-in-the-city style uniform. And it works.

Girls are either wearing little denim shorts and a top with flat strappy sandals or they’ve popped on a cute cotton frock and worked it back with those same strappy flats or some platforms.

Given that my legs are well past the denim cut-off short stage (this is a leg thing, not an age thing), I’ve embraced the little cotton frock idea.

SanCerre* sent me to New York with a tunic and slip dress from its spring-summer 2102-13 collection and it proved just the ticket for our first full day of sightseeing and shopping in the Big Apple.

I love that even though I kept my cool all day, I was still able to layer my outfit with the two pieces – this is a bit of a key to looking more put together. The more often you can layer your outfit, the more it goes up a notch.

Layering is easy in winter; not so easy in summer.

Wearing a modal or rayon lycra (as is the case with this one) slip dress under another dress is a great way to help keep the sweat gods at bay too.

Here is the model wearing Sancerre:

Sancerre spring-summer 2012-13

Sancerre Basic Band Slip $75 | Sancerre Bella Tunic $115

And here is me:

Sancerre spring-summer 2012-13

Sancerre spring-summer 2012-13

Sancerre Basic Band Slip $75 | Sancerre Bella Tunic $115
| Sancerre Necklace $77 | Shoes: Funkies | Photo shot on location in West Village, New York

Sancerre necklace

Sancerre Necklace $77

How do you keep your cool and your style as the weather heats up?

*These garments were sent to me for editorial consideration, in accordance with my disclosure policy.

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  1. Lovely!! As a family we are traveling over Christmas so starting to think about what extras I need clothes wise!! Love the slip and tunics but am tall (5’8) so am wondering how long the slips are..? Love reading your posts – enjoy your adventures!

    1. me too…I think I’m a similar size to Nikki, except she has a waist and I don’t (at least not one that indents much) so it helps to visualise BUT anything knee length on Nikki is WAY past my knee. Oh and I’m about 10 yrs older….BUT it really, really helps me visualise how I CAN wear something I wouldn’t have considered.

  2. Looking fabulous as usual – I am seriously loving your New York posts. I want this whole outfit, however Im unsure of the sizing. Do you mind commenting on whether the sizing runs true or what size you are wearing. Thanks so much and enjoy…

  3. Lovely. Lovely. Love the blue tunic and the bits of colour! You are possibly getting tired of me telling you how great you look – in the next photo shoot – could you look AWFUL – just so I have something new to say? Thanks. Appreciate it. Really.

  4. Great look on you, Nikki- I’m about to order the slip dress, having seen it on you. Just what I need for layering under summer tunics; i want it to hit just above the knee ( I’m 5’3”), but it’s hard to tell how tall you are, just the right length on you!

  5. Love this look on you!
    For me, I love that the slip is actually more tank top than string slip as I find this prevents my fadoumblas (Kath & Kim’s word for that extra little bit above the boobs) sneaking out.

  6. Loving that tunic on you Nikki,and layered looks so put together ,love it must try that when it gets warmer especially on the bigger armholed dresses,your shoes look comfy but stylish,love the orange and your new ones from bloomingdale’s cute as!!can’t wait for spring I went to the shops yesterday for a”browse” and came home with 2 new tops one in bright stripes and one in a pretty pastel stripe,2 very different trends this year ,don’t know which I prefer yet.Keep shopping and showing us what you buy and I’m sorry you had to move apartments ,I hope it’s as nice.

  7. Love that tunic dress on you and yes it does add a bit more style layered,must remember to do that in summer ,I have a couple of under slips that go with my kaftan dresses but will have to use them for shorter dresses as well especially the big armhole ones.I am past the shorts days too,and much prefer a little dress,they look more put together for a woman in their 40s and can look very chic.Those shoes are cute and look comfy,and I like your new ones as well from bloomingdale’s very cute.I went to the shops yesterday for A browse and came home with 2 new tops for spring,one in stripes in bright colours and one in pastels ,so very different the pastels and the brights,not sure which I prefer yet.Looking chic Nikki as usual,love your style…..

  8. I just ordered some of their arm candy yesterday, now I’ve found about five items of clothes that will be great for spring and summer! Looks like another order then.

  9. You look great Nikki. I am about over winter now and ready to look at putting a summer wardrobe together. You have been a big help! Love your blogs.

  10. Looking good Nikki! I don’t do shorts either due to my ugly varicose vein, but anything paired with moisture wicking Tees and leggings ( I have some from TS) is all good with me. I have a couple of Sancerre things and they are fab so am not visiting them today. That falling from the bust is the business!

  11. You and your hair look fab Nikki! I’m keen to try a kaftan and a maxi this coming summer – will need to research your blog first for tips for shorties! xx

  12. Nikki, you look gorgeous. I love the colour you chose too – very sophisticated but cool and summery. I have big tummy and boobs so find dresses often are possible, but very hard to get right. I am very tempted, Did the slip feel cool all day? I , steer away from layers in summer as I tend to feel a bit overheated, that top layer makes the whole thing look floaty and cool….hope you having a great time.

  13. I like a little floaty dress in summer myself! I have lost some wait, so I am thinking I might try some shorter shorts this year, but in my forties I am wondering if I will look a bit like mutton dressed up as lamb?

  14. Very timely post Nikki with 26 degrees forecast here today – you know summer isn’t far away and so too the dilemma of looking stylish in the subtropics… the maxi dress is sounding good.

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