I may have bought my first little something ...

New York postcard: down in the village

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You know when you plan a trip? Any trip? And you have some kind of vision in mind as to how bits of that trip will pan out?

In the lead up to coming to New York, part of my vision was to stay somewhere away from Tourist Town. Away from the hotels that look and feel like fast food chains with beds.

Sure I wanted us to soak up the sights but I also wanted us to get a taste of living like a local in this amazing city.

So, I hit the airbnb site and got searching.

With a little help from friends who’d visited before, I narrowed down our choice to a few apartments in the West Village. I wanted the cool restaurants, the tree-lined streets, the boutique shopping … and guess what?

We’ve got just that.

When I picked up the keys this afternoon to the little apartment we will call home for the next six nights (thanks Eden and Mr Edenland for coming with me to hold my hand and lug my suitcase up the two flights of stairs) I was the proverbial kid at Christmas.

There are restaurants downstairs, we’re off the main street but right near a subway. There’s a laundromat two doors up and two minutes away, a deli and supermarket.

I picked up Mr Styling You a beer and a bagel for his arrival tonight with our youngest and headed out on a wander with my camera. You know, to see what I could see.

Want to see what I saw? And what I bought? Scroll down … my New York 2012 shopping cherry was officially popped.

Our street: Cornelia Street, West Village

Our street: Cornelia Street, West Village

Intermix: will be checking out this store very soon

Intermix: will be checking out this store very soon

Neon bike? Yes please

Neon bike? Yes please

Perry Street: the very steps that lead to Carrie Bradshaw's Sex and the City apartment. They're now off limits but that doesn't stop the photos

Perry Street: the very steps that lead to Carrie Bradshaw’s Sex and the City apartment. They’re now off limits but that doesn’t stop the photos

Perry Street: the very steps that lead to Carrie Bradshaw's Sex and the City apartment

The steps to Carrie Bradshaw's Sex and the City Apartment

The steps to Carrie Bradshaw's Sex and the City Apartment

I had to do the selfie … I just had to.

This shop called me. It did.

I may have bought my first little something ...

I may have bought my first little something …

... a new wallet. It's beautiful and it's orange.

… a new wallet. It’s beautiful and it’s orange.

How cool is the West Village? Do you think I’ll be a hipster by the time the week is out?

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  1. Of course you will be. I stayed there a couple of years back in the West 11th but I can still smell those magnificent Magnolia cupcakes. A perfect place to feel a part of the city. Cheers Sue

  2. Wow Nikki it is very cool,Do you feel like Carrie Bradshaw!! I would, so I think you should too,I love where you are staying it’s like something out of Sex in the City,Amazing,yes you will be a hipster before the week is out,Take lots of Pics for Us to drool over ,and enjoy ,YOUR so worth it.I love you first purchase,love that it’s orange too ,love Michael Kors ,that’s my favourite fragrance ,have a smell It is Divine!

      1. Poor you, I hope your feet feel better soon,and yes It takes a lot out of you when you have to walk everywhere,when you do have some time,put your feet up higher than you head and see if that helps you ,shopping helps a bit though x

  3. Oh wow the stairs! I too would break the rules methinks! And I’m holding you personally responsible for my new found love of all things orange! I love that wallet!

  4. BEAUTIFUL selfie, and I am so very glad that your guys arrived safely, that you found your shopping feet, and that your apartment is all that a bunch more. Love you, lady. Hopefully catch up for a bite later in the week XXXXXX

  5. Wow, amazing pics Nikki! Awesome post. Neon bike a-must fashion accessory. I can just picture my (imaginary) bohemian lifestyle, cycling home from the bakery after a stress-free day at work, baguette in basket! I heart NYC!!

  6. I love this post and I love NYC! It truly is the best city in the world and I’m so happy you are enjoying it! And, thanks for mentioning airbnb, had never heard of it before but now having looked at it, what a fantastic site… am thinking of using it for my next trip!

  7. Very clever selfie – can barely see those chains 🙂 Of course that shop called you – look at what that woman hailing the cab is wearing!! Gorgeous wallet Nikki. Have a wonderful time playing Carrie and Mr Big! xx

  8. How fun! I do love getting off the tourist traps and into the streets. And ORANGE – oh orange! I have been doing some work on just that idea!

  9. Nikki… the divine Mrs Woog sent me privately the link to where she was staying (watsonspam @ optusnet [dot] com [dot] au – as I am taking Miss 10 over the NYC next month for her right of passage – post Mummy & Daddy divorce – lets finally have some fun and sunshine tour…. anyways…. the accomodation I booked through airbnb has now fallen through despite booking it months ago and I was wondering if you would mind flicking me the link to where you are staying. Mrs Woogs palace on the upper east side is booked out 🙁 I am worried about travelling and doing all of this as a solo parent so would appreciate any direct recommendations

  10. I just bought a Michael Kors watch on ebay. I’m in love with anything Michael Kors at the moment. Have fun x

  11. Every time you open that beautiful wallet a flood of wonderful memories will fall out of it. I can just see you 6 months from now, and stroking it, remembering your wonderful trip to USA. Enjoy Nikki. Have fun with mr styling you, and Flynn. X

  12. Oohh, I think the Huxtable’s brownstone from The Cosby Show is nearby too…and if you get a chance you should hop over to East Village for the best bagels and lox in the known universe at Russ and Daughters on East Houston Street (near Katz Deli from When Harry Met Sally)

      1. And now I’ve read your post about why you are gluten-free, I feel bad… But try Wholefoods (there are a few outlets around New York and the one in The Bowery is a big one where you can eat upstairs), they have a fantastic range of food and cater for lots of different dietary needs

  13. Oh I love this post Nikki! What a fantastic place to stay! Enjoy your time and shop up baby (gorgeous purse too)

  14. It’s beautiful Nikki!
    Whenever I go on a big trip somewhere I always like to buy something special from the city/country I’m visiting, so every time I look at it I’ll remember that trip.
    My last purchase was my Michael Kors watch from Paris.

    Thanks for taking us on your New York adventure!

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