Helicopter tour New York City

New York postcard: the helicopter tour

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A few weeks ago I was lying in bed sick and decided to do a bit of New York dreaming and planning to lift me out of the snotty-nosed, coughing slump.

I made a shopping wishlist. I made a restaurant wishlist. And I clicked “buy now” on three tickets for a helicopter tour over New York.

Yep, I may have been delirious on cold and flus but I was on a trip-planning mission.

It would be Mr Styling You and Mr 7’s first day in the city and I would have just emerged from the mad cocoon of the Hilton Hotel, post BlogHer.

We would all need perspective of this city they call the Big Apple.

And perspective is a massive understatement of what we got.

A perfect summers’ day combined with lingering jetlag and the fact that we’d never before been in a helicopter made for a totally surreal 25 minutes.

Landmark skyscrapers, the bridges, the rivers, Central Park and Yankee Stadium … it was all there, as if constructed by a gazillion Lego bricks and clicked in place to form the ultimate set.

A city ready and waiting for us to explore.

Helicopter tour New York City

Helicopter tour New York City

Helicopter tour New York City

Helicopter tour New York City

Helicopter tour New York City

Helicopter tour New York City

We booked our tour through Gray Line New York Sightseeing – it was worth every $.

Have you ever been on a helicopter before?

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  1. There’s nothing quite like a helicopter tour of New York City!Best Tour in NYC&by the Association of Hotel Concierges 3 years in a row, Helicopter New York City!

  2. I flew on a helicopter out to Heron Island last year. What a fabulous experience and I definitely agree that the experience is worth the cost. You had amazing weather for it. This really is a Must Do for a place like New York.

  3. Such a fantastic place – I love NYC – and by air you can really take in the crush of it and define the neighborhoods. Greetings from London 2012 Nikki – hope you, Mr S Y and Mr 7 are having as much fun as we are. sure sounds like it…

    1. Yes, that’s very much it, isn’t it … the crush is there but so are these incredible neighbourhoods. We are having fun Jan … Mr 7 was sick yesterday but he’s bounced back today so ready for more.

  4. Oh wow what awesome family memories you are making! Yes I’ve been up in a helicopter once, over Mt Cook and the southern alps which was mindblowing – an awesome birthday present from my hubby, bless him. Keep on having fun Nikki xx

  5. Wow Nikki looks fabulous. Must admit I’m a helicopter flight convert after a flight in the Kimberley region. Its a great way to see an area and get your bearings.

  6. Ooh no not me I get such bad motion sickness, I won’t even get in hubby’s plane! M kiddos love it though, they fight over going up with papa bear! Perhaps chopper rides would be better though, I will ask a mate for aside next time!

  7. Looks simply amazing! I bet Mr 7 ADORED the experience, and in the front seat and all. Enjoy, knowing you are doing what many of us only dream about. X

  8. What Fun Nikki,Love it ,a once in a lifetime adventure,amazing views from up there,no I have never been in a helicopter,but I think I would give it a go,I bet Flynn was awestruck!! Thank you for sharing your adventure with us,Btw your new Prada sunnies are lovely….

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