Things I’m loving

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There hasn’t been a whole lot of downtime of late. I’m on track with my book writing, Miss SY is in the thick of things with assessments and exams for Year 12, I’ve been away …


Can you love your bank?

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Sponsored by Bank of Queensland I’ve been in business for almost five years. Did I know squat about what I was getting myself into five years ago? No. I. Did. Not. Thankfully I had people …

Create your ideal Mothers Day

Create your ideal Mother’s Day

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Sponsored by Dettol Mission for Health I’m a big believer in taking responsibility for how I wish my day, week or year to pan out. Sometimes it’s total pie-in-the-sky stuff; other times it’s actually do-able …

The 12sof12 - graduate with a swim in the ocean at Mooloolaba

The #12sof12 graduate school

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Big, big day here, Stylers. My eldest just graduated from Year 12. Can you remember that feeling? With the world and the unknown stretching out in front of you? My favourite quote from today’s send …