The 12sof12 - graduate with a swim in the ocean at Mooloolaba

The #12sof12 graduate school

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Big, big day here, Stylers.

My eldest just graduated from Year 12. Can you remember that feeling? With the world and the unknown stretching out in front of you?

My favourite quote from today’s send off:

You don’t have to be great to start; but you have to START to be great.

It’s tradition around these parts to leave school and jump in the ocean at Mooloolaba in your uniform. I think that’s a great way to start.

The 12sof12 - graduate with a swim in the ocean at Mooloolaba

Can I tell you as a parent, I’ve been through the emotional wringer with this milestone?

Head on over to The Hoopla for a little of the back story on that. Take your tissues with you.

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  1. awesome story Nikki- needed those tissues. As I walked Mr 6 to his Grade 1 classroom yesterday, I saw the grade 12s gearing up for their last day and it took me back to my last day a looong time ago! Such an exciting time- into the big unknown. I hope my son turns out as well as yours- well done mum. x

  2. You know I’m thinking of you today and for the next couple of weeks.
    It’s a huge milestone as a mum – so congrats to you and Kester and his Dad as well as to Ben. It really is the end of something huge and the beginning of something bigger.

  3. I didn’t go to year 12 being that wee bit older than you, no one did only a handful,sorry that makes me feel old,only 4years but it’s a bit lol,but I do remember when my children left year 12,James 6 years ago and now he is a Landscaper with a business of his own on the side,starting small and Caitlyn left 4 years ago and she is in childcare she finished her cert3 in childrens services a while ago and now is half way through her diploma and then she wants to buy a childcare centre ,so yes indeed you do not need to be great to start just start to be great,great quote,I bet your a tad proud, sad and at a bit of a loss, us Mothers go through that with our children and do not get me started on your post at the “Hoopla” I left you a message and a great big hug.
    I love the tradition of swimming in your uniform we wrote all over ours and I still have it and it still fits much to my surprise,have a relax on the weekend you do deserve it ,it has been a huge week for you x

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