Create your ideal Mothers Day

Create your ideal Mother’s Day

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I’m a big believer in taking responsibility for how I wish my day, week or year to pan out.

Sometimes it’s total pie-in-the-sky stuff; other times it’s actually do-able stuff that can be implemented and rolled out for the benefit of all concerned.

Some people may put this down to my control-freak tendencies.

I poo-poo that … and them.

It’s really all about putting in place measures that ensure you are not disappointed.

Case in point, Mother’s Day.

Create your ideal Mothers Day

Now, you’ve been playing along with the challenge I’m hosting on the Dettol Mission for Health site, haven’t you?

Each of the challenges has been designed to give you a little boost as a woman and a mum. To honour that role you play everyday and to prioritise yourself in the day-to-day family mix.

There are three more challenges to go, ending on Mother’s Day. Find all the details here.

Me? I can’t enter but I’m thinking that a weekend at Gwinganna would be up there as my dream Mother’s Day gift. It’s not currently on the cards this year but mark my words, I’ll be back.

Mother’s Day for me can go one of two ways … blissfully peaceful and beautiful or completely off the non-relaxation Richter scale.

To avoid the latter, I suggest you follow my lead, take control and put these steps in place to ensure that “blissfully peaceful” wins out in the end.

1. Set your ideal wake-up time. Kids get excited about giving you gifts but if your sleep bank is in need of a healthy deposit, then give them a time that they can come and lavish you with tea, toast and those thoughtfully chosen gifts from the school Mother’s Day stall.

2. Get your husband/partner on board. This is key to my plan going to … well … plan. Mr SY will know in advance where I would like to eat, what I’d like cooked and when I’d like my coffee, tea or wine served. Princess much? On days like this? Yes, hand me my tiara.

3. Create some alone time. This is a tricky one. Hasn’t always worked – especially when Mr SY worked weekends and the kids were tiny – but now it’s a different story. And if it requires headphones, music, a good book and a locked door, then so be it. A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.

4. It’s not all about you. Many mums will also have mums and grandmas who need special attention on Sunday. Lavish them … they know more than any other just what this parenting gig is all about. Similarly, got a girlfriend who doesn’t have a partner she can outsource the kids to for part of the day? Offer to help out … or outsource your partner/hubby to look after her kids and yours and both head off for a massage.

5. Set your mind to having a good day. This took me a long time to get my head around. All the best plans could be in place but if I’m not in an easy-going, nothing-is-going-to-spoil-my-day mood then for sure the day will grate on me like hearing the Pokemon theme song on repeat (and this is my second generation of children obsessed by Pokemon … #justsaying).

Today’s Mother’s Day Challenge is about finding time to chill. What’s your favourite way to relax? Head on over here, watch the video and leave your answer for a chance at the daily prize or the big one – a weekend for two at Gwinganna.


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  1. I tried to go to your links for the dettol site and its been removed.
    I am a single, independent mum with a teenage son and believe me when I say that creating the perfect Mother’s day is a mission. Reminder after reminder is needed, visual highlighter posts on the calendar for said day, gift is arranged and paid by me but the best part is the time spent together. Its not about the gift or the planning, its the special moments we have together, while he lives under the same roof, that I treasure.

  2. Yes I do have a Mother and Mother in law(who also has a Birthday this week ) so I will plan to see my Mother in law and hubby’s family on Saturday and then go and see my Mum on Sunday morning after a sleep in and with a bit of forward planning,choose what to wear and wash my hair the day before I will be organised to have some me time,and they all play soccer,shh I love it.
    My favourite way to relax is read a good book,have a coffee in the sun and have a look at my new cookbook and she is a big one, I bought the Nigella Lawson “How to Eat” and looks like a good read as well as having recipes,really could be called food porn.I am easily pleased a bunch of flowers(no chrysanthemums please Kids,some potted Hyancinths like I got my mum please 🙂 ),some me time and NO cooking dinner that would be a an ideal Mothers day for me.
    I wish you a very happy Mothers Day Nikki,and I hope the mothers day stall had good stuff this year:) and you get your princess time!

  3. I have bought my mothers day present for the kids to wrap with hubby (this way I KNOW I’ll love it – “oh the Glasshouse limited edition Kyoto candle…however ever did you know how thoughtful”) – plus there will be the gifts they have made at school and preschool.
    I have said I will get up for breakfast at 10!! (lots of sleepless nights of late) and we will all sit at the table together without ABC2 on TV
    Then we will ALL spend the day gardening…because I love gardening and I am the only one who does…and Mothers Day makes it my choice!!

    Some might call me a control freak I call it having a plan to succeed

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