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There hasn’t been a whole lot of downtime of late.

I’m on track with my book writing, Miss SY is in the thick of things with assessments and exams for Year 12, I’ve been away for work, as has Mr SY, and Master SY has a social life that leaves all of us behind … or should I say playing taxi.

Still, there’s been so much to enjoy in between the busy-ness of it all.

Spring has sprung early in Queensland and we’ve been embracing THAT like nobody’s business.

Can you believe this was the beach last Sunday? I will miss this.

Alexandra Headland

All this warm weather has called on me to add to my Havaianas collection. Miss SY snapped up these ones* and I ordered these ones online. Can never have too many neutrals in footwear, I say.

Beach + "Cosmic" Havaianas

Booked myself in quick smart for the first pedicure of the season. The CND Vinylux is a beauty bandwagon you need to jump on. You’ll get about a week on your finger nails. On your toe nails, expect up to a month. No UV or LED setting, just two coats of colour, a top coat and dry in eight minutes. Plus you can touch up at home if you do get a chip. Can’t give up your Shellac? You can buy all of your fave Shellac colours in Vinylux for at-home touch-ups as well. Loving Electric Orange for a burst of colour on lily white feet (first spray tan of the season this Friday).

CND Vinylux pedicure in Electric Orange

I’ve been bike riding on the weekends. Now my toes offer the same hi-vis qualities as my wheels.

Vintage style bike

Declared the start of the spring sunday sessions in our courtyard a week early. Good times.

Courtyard drinks

Inside the house, you wouldn’t know we’re moving in a few months – I can’t stop with the schuzzing and foofing. Love this wall hanging*? It’s one in a range created by the beautiful Simone at Honey and Fizz. Check them out here.

Honey and Fizz Wall Hangings

There’s nothing quite like lighting a candle at night time (this one’s a limited edition patchoulli and saffron from Molton Brown*)

Molton Brown patchouli and saffron candle

… except perhaps lighting a candle at any time of the day (this one’s a new one – Pomegranate – from Urban Rituelle*).

Urban Rituelle Pomegranate candel

I’m still procuring cushions. Have given up hiding said procurement. Mr SY can spot a new design on the sofa the minute he walks through the door – actually before then as I’ve usually Instagram-ed my acquisition before his return. Below left, some chevron loveliness from Cush & Co*; on the right some pineapple love from Poduszka.

Cush and Co chevron cushion | Poduszka pineapple cushion

Speaking of pineapples, as I do quite regularly, there were many to covet when we recently went out for dinner at the best new restaurant on the Sunshine Coast. I don’t hand out these kind of statements too often but if you find yourself in Cotton Tree, then book yourself a spot at The Prickly Pinata.  The food was that good – authentic Mexican – that we’ve already booked to go back. Oh, and I suggest you do book to avoid disappointment … the place is IN DEMAND.

The Prickly Pinata


Fish tacos at The Prickly Pinata

At home, the only part of winter we’ve been holding on to is the part that involves some hearty, slow-cooked food. We’re big fans of a slow-cooked anything here but when the good people at KitchenAid sent us this superior slow cooker to trial*, well, I can say we’ve stepped up our repertoire a notch. Slow cooker beef cheeks have been a winner … and don’t you just love how you can check on how they’re cooking without pulling the whole lid off? Love the size of the pot too. Plenty of leftover possibilities. And if you haven’t jumped on board the shredded beef-in-tacos-train, then refresh yourself with my slow cooker recipe here.

Kitchenaid slow cooker

My wardrobe has had a pre-spring injection of prettiness.  A Country Road kimono, if you please …

Country Road kimono

… a coloured Nathalie Lete scarf from Blue Illusion* that has me dreaming of Paris …

Blue Illusion scarf

… and another sparkly sass and bide tee for the collection …

sass and bide tee

… because you can never have enough sparkling moments in your life, can you?

Tell me, Stylers, what are you loving right now? Has spring sprung at all where you live?

* These items were sent to SY for editorial consideration.

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  1. Love the cushion – where does your intense love of all things pineappley come from Nikki? There doesn’t have to be a reason of course.

    1. I’m a QLD girl, Matt .. the Big Pineapple is about 20 minutes from me and pineapple farms used to be plentiful around here … so I guess it’s nostalgia! Plus, cocktails can sometimes be served in a pineapple 🙂

  2. LOVE everything above, Nikki, especially the cushions! 😉 Having the most fabulous weather in Melbourne this week too… I’m hoping my winter drudge clothes will be put away permanently soon, and I can start wearing that CR kimono – I bought it last week! So very versatile… Now to get those legs defuzzed! Nicoll x

  3. I just bought a dress. A very colourful dress, the shop lady said Yes Yes Yes, but I am now thinking I want to crawl into my Melbourne black uniform. Maybe if the sun jumps out I will be more confident.

  4. The first pedi of the season has happened here too – and not before time as my feet were in dire need of attention.
    I love that Sass & Bide top, might have to pop in, I normally don’t as most of their stuff seems to be made for women the size of Vicoria Beckham!
    Have a lovely day….

  5. I can’t believe you’re leaving the beach?!
    AS for Spring we had a little glimpse last week & it was lovely but its now back to freezing & rain & grey & windy here in Perth. I don’t mind. Winter is so short here I fully embrace it as know Summer will knock, come in & ou stay her welcome as she does every year…..

    Have a great week Nikki xx

    1. I know, do they have a name for the opposite of a sea change? Will be ok as Brisbane is only an hour from beaches north and south. And I know I should embrace winter but I get seduced by spring as the days are beautiful and the nights still doona-worthy!

  6. Happy writing Nikki! Loving the sea, sunny days and bringing the tootsies out to play. Had a pedicure yesterday, how nice is it to just sit and have your feet massaged. Have a great day x

  7. I love all the things you are loving,yes you will miss that beach,so much:( I love your kimono,Tee and that scarf is divine so pretty and no you can’t have too many lovely cushions.Spring has sprung around here but it is still really cold at night and it doesn’t warm up till the middle of the day here so I am not getting excited yet!I am glad that the Vinylux polish is that good I have sourced some on the net.Love me a nice candle for the house they smell gorgeous.I am glad you are on track with your book go Nikki and the taxi driving years last quite a while.Enjoy that beach and riding your bike while you can Nikki 🙂

  8. I am loving this weather but am a little concerned when the max temp in winter is 28 – what is summer going to be like? Plus don’t worry too much Nikki – there are plenty of beautiful spots to go on a lovely sunny day in Brisbane and it is only an hour to get your beach fix!

  9. I love that Country Road kimono! Sometimes they can look a bit voluminous, but this one looks just right. I love a good kimono for a bit of Nina Proudman, arm-covering action.

    1. I know what you mean, Stephanie, and this one doesn’t at all. I actually bought the M (usually buy L but wasn’t one there) and it works for me. Tried the L on at the airport last week and was happy I bought the M.

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