That Bird Label maxi dress | Birdsnest | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

10 tips to help transition your wardrobe from summer to autumn

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It’s pretty difficult to think about dressing for autumn when it’s still hot outside. As a Queenslander, I find it really tricky to keep the excitement levels in my wardrobe when summer goes on and on and on, without so much as a cool change on the horizon.

Trust me, I check the weather app every week, living in hope of a sub-30 degree day.

Warm weather aside, what I do know is that the best trans-seasonal fashion pieces can be sourced and bought right now. And trans-seasonal is where the most of your wardrobe should be at. These are the pieces that will serve you most of the year. 

They may not work in the very height of summer or the depth of winter (unless layered) but they will work for more months of any given year. This means way more bang for your clothing buck.

If you’re looking for tips on how to transition your wardrobe from summer to autumn, then knowing this is key to making mindful shopping choices. If you shop consciously, then the choices you make now will freshen up your existing wardrobe but also serve you for many seasons to come.

That Bird Label maxi dress | Birdsnest | 10 tips to help transition your wardrobe from summer to autumn | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

That Bird Label maxi dress (I’m in size 14)

Below are my top tips, plus a look at some new trans-seasonal favourites from the birdsnest stable of labels. 

10 tips to help transition your wardrobe from summer to autumn

1. Edit your existing wardrobe. I’m a cracked record on this one, I know. The thing is, unless you know what’s in your wardrobe … like really KNOW … then it’s impossible to make good shopping choices. You might luck into buying something that is different but still works for your existing wardrobe but, in most cases, it will be the opposite. Take everything out of your wardrobe and only put back those things that still fit, are in good condition and, importantly, make you feel nothing short of FABULOUS.

2. Make a note of any gaps that show up when you do put everything back in your wardrobe. Particularly think of any autumn-winter clothing gaps that might seem obvious. Maybe you need a new pair of work pants to go with existing tops. Maybe you’ve got your workday wardrobe sorted but your weekend casual is lacking. Write those gap pieces down. I make lists on my phone in the Notes app so that it’s always with me to check whenever shopping for clothes.

Boho Bird throw jacket | Boho Bird cami | Bird Keepers jeans | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Boho Bird throw jacket | Boho Bird cami | Bird Keepers jeans (I’m in size 14 for all but note the jeans are super stretchy so you might need to size down)

3. Put basics at the top of your wardrobe shopping list. Of all the gaps you’ve identified, these should be the ones you fill first as they will open up so much more in your wardrobe. Autumn basics could include a new pair of jeans; a new work pant; a new structured work dress or a new solid colour tee or top.

4. Think about any events or occasions on the horizon. Do you have any birthday parties, cocktail or formal events or holidays coming up? Do you need new pieces to fit any of these wardrobe scenarios? Add those pieces to your list.

Moonlight bird dress | Birdsnest | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Moonlight bird dress (I’m in size 14 but 16 would be better for me around the bust)

5. Look for pieces that can be worn now and layered later. This is the smart way to get the most out of autumn-winter purchases. The bonus is, the non-layered outfit you wear now will look very different from the layered winter look.

6. Buy colours in autumnal tones. Part of transitioning into a new fashion season is adopting a trend colour or two. This keeps your basic/foundation pieces looking fresh and has instant impact in an outfit. Look for accent colours of duck egg blue, mustard, forest green or red.

Boho Bird top | Bird Keepers pant | Birdsnest | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Boho Bird top | Bird Keepers pant (I’m in size 14 for both – I could wear a 12 in the top. LOVE the pant, stretch and great shape)

7. Buy a piece in a print that makes you smile. Floral prints are incredibly strong this season, most with a dark coloured black background.The dark background balances out the feminine floral. This type of floral print works for both an office or occasion piece. 

Belle bird dress | Birdsnest | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Belle bird dress (I’m in size 14) **PLEASE NOTE … this frock is being re-stocked late April/May … make sure you put in an Out of Stock request for your size if you’d like to get notification on that)

8. Add a piece in an on-trend shape, something you haven’t tried before. New or revisited silhouettes help to keep your outfit “”catalogue looking and feeling fresh. The wide-leg pant is one to try if you’re keen to explore a different shape this autumn. They work very well as a work or occasion style of pant. Heels or a pointed toe brogue is needed to balance proportions and add length to the line of the pant.

Bird by Design top and pant | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Bird by Design top and pant (I’m in size 14 in both and could probably to a 12 in the top)

9. If buying a number of pieces, create your own capsule wardrobe for these trans-seasonal months. Whether you’re starting from scratch or adding to an existing capsule, this is how to approach a wardrobe that works for your everyday style needs. This could be separate corporate and casual capsules, or a mix of both, depending on your lifestyle. Here are my tips on how to create a capsule wardrobe.

10. Shop mindfully with intent. If you follow all of the above tips, you’ll achieve just that. The result will be a wardrobe that delivers each and every day of the autumn-winter season.

How birdsnest makes online shopping easier – at any time of the year

When compiling a seasonal capsule, make use of your birdsnest style profile for help with suggestions suited to your shape, size and lifestyle. This is such a fantastic tool and you’ll receive notifications when pieces land in store that suit your profile.

birdsnest offers up a number of capsule ideas for inspiration. 

For $9.95 you can use the birdsnest Changeroom experience to try (up to $1000 worth of clothes) before you buy.

The reviews on each birdsnest product will help you to further work out whether a garment is right for you.

birdsnest has a 365-day awesome returns policy, even on sale items.


Birdsnest has one $250 gift card to give away to one Styling You reader to put towards her trans-seasonal wardrobe. To enter, leave an answer to the following question in the comments’s section below:

Tell us what gap in your wardrobe do you need to fill this autumn?

Entries open on Friday, February 23, 2018 at 5am (AEST) and close on Friday, March 9, 2017 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winners of the “answer the question” competition will be judged on originality and creativity. The winners will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

Hand picked by birds tunic top | Birdsnest | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Hand picked by birds tunic top (I’m in size 14 – I would be better suited to a 16 as it’s firm around my hips)

This photoshoot was shot on location at a private home in New Farm, BrisbanePhotography: The Photo Pitch; Hair and Makeup: Dale Dorning/Arc Creative


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  1. I just need to bring my wardrobe together with basics. I am getting there slowly and have already brought a beautiful whitchery floral dress which I love on. I work fulltime, struggling with my weight (size 14-16) turning 40 and have 2 daughters. Looking good and feeling good is very important.

  2. After losing 45 kgs I need a complete wardrobe overhaul! The biggest gap for me is a great pair of jeans that I can take from weekend to work to going out (although that’s a rarity!) that I feel great and comfortable in.

  3. I’m looking for a new dress – that I can wear in cooler months with a jacket or cardigan. Not sure if I’m after a print or just plain?
    I think I could wear knee high boots with it when it’s cold in Brisbane for that one month – otherwise wear with sandals or heels, to dress it down or up!

  4. Oh my goodness where do I start, there are numerous gaps in my wardrobe, I have lots of prints and colour but I think I need more solid staple colours especially black, I’ve always been attracted to prints more especially the paisley print but when I look for a solid colour top/pants/jacket to go with the print it never seems to be there.

  5. I need something that is light but will keep me warm and also not in black so that i can still be cheery and make others feel warm

    1. Post
  6. The gap I have is for a white tank top that isn’t see through. This top would allow me to layer more throughout all seasons.

  7. After all my hard work over Summer, all my long pants are now too big for me. As I rarely wear dresses or skirts, not having any long pants for the cooler months is a big issue! Shorts with long socks is not a good look on me 🙂

  8. I buy pieces here and there that i love but the gap in my wardrobe is the pieces that tie it all together or finish an outfit off. The pieces that can turn an article of clothing into a outfit. A classic blazer that can turn a top and pants into an autumn sensation for work or going out, or even some classic accessories that can lift the whole ensemble.

  9. The gap in my wardrobe is pretty much my entire wardrobe After my third bub, I’ve finally shifted the extra weight, so nothing fits (& if it does, it’s not at all ontrend!). Would love to start my wardrobe from scratch, following all of your wonderful advice

  10. My gap would be a smart jacket that could work with work clothes, but also with more casual weekend outfits.

  11. Navy has been my new black for some months now as it’s so versatile to wear with alot of colours and also tan accessories. So I would really love a smart navy jacket that can be worn with jeans or over a boho frock into the autumn.

  12. Got plenty of jeans and 3/4 pants,
    Just need to fill the gap and take a stance.
    Not too heavy and not too light,
    And oops those pants are just a bit too tight.
    Time to find some ones that are fine and classy
    Just need to find some that will fit my…long legs.
    Now I know what you thought,
    but don’t be distraught.
    I really don’t like my pants too short.

  13. I thought I had a gap and then I logged back into BirdsNest and realised it was more of a chasm. Innocently looking for an Autmnal jacket, oh there’s one I like, oh they have it in my favourite colour (khaki), oh but look at it with that black jumpsuit, I can get leg extensions and I too will look fabulous in that. Maybe those gorgeous black heels will be cheaper than leg extensions… I say, a chasm.

  14. I’m in my 40’s and I STILL feel totally lost in regards to comfy clothes I can put on for the day that are also smart enough for school drop off’s/school help/work (as I work from home). I find the daggy home wear easy and I find the good going out clothes easy but day to day wear is so hard! I feel like I always look like a total dag as I can’t get past the good old mum yoga pant look. If you could do a blog post on this sort of wear it would be great! Thank you 🙂 Monique

  15. I think the gap in my wardrobe is smart casual. I am a part time worker and part time stay at home mum. I have my work uniform and my daggy going to play in the park clothes but don’t really have anything for things like casual catch up with friends or date nights.

  16. I have work “clothes” and I have yard clothes I just need me clothes, to look stylish and put together, to get me back after having kids.

  17. My clothes are very monochromatic – When in doubt I gravitate to black. I’d love to add colour and an interesting jacket or two.

  18. Basically I need basics!!!!! I seem to be attracted to interesting pieces but I need those classic pieces to mix and match them with.

  19. I love the dress with prints.
    My wardrobe is dull full of greys,navy and black as I am getting into late 40s.
    I feel it needs to brighten up but I am proud of the age I am and don’t want a teenage feel

  20. With Crohn’s disease my weight can fluctuate so much with medication changes and everyday bloating. Pants that fit would be the top of my list for my seasonal wardrobe staples. I’m really digging the wide legged pants! X

  21. How can my seemingly stuffed wardrobe have a gap you ask? Well it’s a very small wardrobe filled with clothes I don’t wear. The biggest gap in my wardrobe for Autumn would have to be pants, a change from jeans is very much needed… perhaps some of those wide leg beauties??

  22. I’d love to add a new tunic in a statement colour and design. Plus a new pair of fitted jeans. I love my merino pieces, been brilliant for trans seasonal pieces.

  23. I would love a gorgeous light jacket that I could throw over a plain tshirt or a simple black dress, I always seem to buy the basics but forget to spoil myself with something pretty!

  24. After spending a few days with the clothes in my wardrobe it has come to my attention that pant’s, a great statement piece jacket and that Gorgeous That Bird Label Maxi dress and Belle Bird Dress are my trans seasonal gaps…I have to fix this, please help me fix this hehehe 😉

  25. I desperately need a flattering mid wash denim skirt to fill the gap in my wardrobe. It would be so versatile and definitely something I could wear through all seasons. I’m now on the hunt…wish me luck!

  26. My main wardrobe gap is a light coloured jacket that is comfortable and smart. Basics like quality plain tees that don’t shrink, stretch or look old too quickly would also fill a gap. Thanks.

  27. I need to injection some colour and variety into my life. I’m stuck in a timewarp of wearing the same shade of navy, no matter what the occasion. Lack of colour is a big gap in my wardrobe.

  28. Massive gaps in my wardrobe over here I’m desperately needing good quality basics. Six months ago I decided I’m not just a mum, wife, and a young heart attack survivor. I decided to do something for myself & I’ve lost over 25kg. Yay!!! But I’m still wearing my old clothes- cinched in with a belt hahaha!!

  29. I have been waiting to reach my perfect size before investing in my wardrobe and I have realised I am my perfect size and I need to enjoy being me! I would love a pair of wide legged pants and some new on-trend blouses to kick off a new and confident me this autumn. Love your blog Nikki!

  30. I’m looking to update my wardrobe with some new seasons colors and perhaps include a floral print. You advice on editing a wardrobe very timely for me as do often I just buy the same colours and styles! Thankyou

  31. What gap would that be?? Oh that gap! I am turning the big ssss0 next month and would love something smart casual to wear to my birthday do. Also am off OS to celebrate the coming of my maturity. Not too much to ask?

  32. I need a casual jacket that works for everything from school drop off to casual function. I don’t need to dress up option so the casual style will get the most wear

  33. I’ve just started in a new project role at work, which will require me to attend a number of external meetings and events in coming months. I currently wear a uniform to work, so I have a huge gap in my wardrobe for Autumn/Winter smart professional type clothing! I’d love the Birdsnest help please xx

  34. I’ve just started in a new porject role at work, which will require me to attend a number of external meetings and events in coming months. I currently wear a uniform to work, so I have a huge gap in my wardrobe for Autumn/Winter smart professional type clothing! I’d love the Birdsnest help please xx

  35. My wardrobe doesn’t have a gap anywhere, it’s like a hoarder’s paradise. I have clothes everywhere but never know what to wear. I’d love to have a big clean out & donate to my local woman’s refuge or Salvos but I get scared I might one day need something I give away. I always feel fat & frumpy or like ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ I NEED HELP & some inspiration. Please?

  36. As a Asian woman, I would love to have some beautiful and elegant dresses to look best for my body shape in autumn season. Plus, I am not tall enough to wear big brands dresses too. It is a gap in my wardrobe. This is why I love Styling You Website to have professional fashion advices.

  37. I’m looking for casual weekend options that are NOT jeans / shirt numbers, causal & comfy dress options I can layer as we head into the Canberra winter … Maybe a chunky knit jacket to keep warm in over winter work outfits.

  38. I need a couple of statement tops in new season colours and am considering trying mustard and/or green to smarten up my work wardrobe ✅ Thank you for your tips!

  39. My biggest gap is smart-casual. I’m now working from home so Im finding its too dressy to wear my work clothes to sit in my office and feel under dressed in my weekend clothes. Need to find some inbetween pieces to make me feel appropriately dressed for work at home.

  40. This bird is flying the coop and travelling (all over Australia in our caravan). My capsule wardrobe has been a godsend. Less to pack yet plenty of options for outfits. I don’t know if there is anything missing from my wardrobe but an update on either basic pants or a patterned top would not go amiss.

  41. I have list 12 kilos since last Autumn and I basically need to bring in a little bit of everything to get my wardrobe back on track.
    Im definitely excited by a handful of ontrend pieces to shake it up!

  42. The gap in my wardrobe is caused by my growing belly (and unfortunately widening ass to go with it). While I’m grateful for every day this baby is growing happily and healthily, it is becoming increasingly hard to dress my body which has changed immensely over the last two years. This is my fourth pregnancy in two years after 3 losses. I’m doing my best to stay positive and loving towards my bod and I’d love to feel good as the season changes.

  43. As a Biology Teacher, the thing that is missing most in my wardrobe is a beautiful natural print like “That Bird Label maxi dress”.

  44. I need to retire a much loved dress that has been my trusty go to. One of those classic frocks that you can dress up or down, it has served me well and taken me through in between seasons. Time to let go but what to replace it with?

  45. I love the floral dress but usually think I can’t carry off the style or bold pattern. This has encouraged me to have a re-think about my wardrobe and what I may need now! Try something new is my Autumn motto – floral dress!

  46. My wardrobe sparkles from the way I carry myself which has more of a “finishing touch” impact on how I look than any fashion item or piece of clothing. That said, I am vertically and horizontally challenged (i.e short and wide – lol) and could do with a pair of flair kick pants that aren’t vertically inept for my height and look ridiculous when shortened!

  47. I have not owned a pair of jeans since having two kids. I couldn’t fit into them so I threw them out as I knew it would be too hard to squeeze my gut and ass into them again.

  48. After being at University for the last 4.5 years and now beginning my new career this month. There is a big ‘gap’ from student attire (which may of included tracks pants and ugg boots at times ) to suitable smart casual work attire. Please help this fashion tragic ex student on a budget still. Thanks for the opportunity

  49. Gorgeous pieces and great tips!
    The gap I need to fill this autumn is the breastfeeding-twins-boob-access-with-a-decent-mum-tum gap. I’m finding it’s not an easy gap to fill!

  50. This competition has motivated me to finish my wardrobe edit! The gap in my wardrobe is black pants. I like the Bird keepers pants you were wearing! Also have a few Autumn top gaps and love the examples you have shown us in your post. This is my first real wardrobe edit. Hoping to feel more organised and confident now I know what I have to wear. Thanks for your tips Nikki and your positive confident style x

  51. Returning to work I have realised that my tried and true work wear is making me look frumpy. Thanks for the ideas for this new season. A wide leg pant and some autumnal colours – I keep seeing mustard yellow everywhere and am keen to dress outside my comfort zone. Whilst I don’t want to look 25, i don’t want to look like im dressing in the 80’s anymore!

  52. Shoes! First impressions count and apparently people notice your hair and shoes first. Going through my wardrobe I’ve noticed I have few shoes that are good quality and/or on-trend. So I need shoes that can be versatile and worn with multiple outfits and create that on-trend stylish first impression.

  53. Jeans…whilst not a very creative answer, it’s a simple basic that presents the biggest challenge. The quest for the perfect fit!

  54. I’ve been looking for the perfect Australian ‘winter’ jacket for a few years now – a colour that I fall in love with is a must!

  55. Definitely work wear for when it’s getting cooler in the mornings and evenings, but still warm during the day. A blazer and a dress that I can wear with/without tights will do the trick.

  56. My gap is… well, a new, pretty, fit and flare dress in flattering colours, because right now I’m at that awful point where I open my wardrobe and wail “I hate all my clothes!”

  57. I’m desperate for a wardrobe revamp! Busy rushing around chasing kids and starting back at work. Help me please! I need a new savvy style!

  58. I think I am like a lot of the other people’s comments – desperate need for work pants! A pair that fits the waist and hips that is long enough for me. That would be perfect.

  59. My gap is a gaping hole! I am returning to work next month after Maternity Leave for my second bub. I have spent the last 5 years pregnant or breastfeeding, and my work wardrobe is sadly very outdated! I’d love some fresh basics and a couple of statement tops to feel confident and professional again.

  60. Great tips!! I’ve just realized I have fifty million tops (slight exaggeration) but lack pants. As in, I have two that fit. And I wondered why I struggled to find outfits – it’s because my wardrobe was filled with clothes that didn’t fit and therefore did NOT make me feel fab. Thank you for great, actionable steps!!! X

  61. My “wardrobe gap” is smart casual clothing that double as work clothing for my new job during the day or for a night out with the hubby and drinks with the ladies. I have not updated my look since having my first child 6 years ago. My body and attitude has changed and I need new clothing to reflect these changes!

  62. After 10 years at home nurturing 3 small humans, I am heading back to work with a total career change into teaching. My work wardrobe is a gaping big hole! So I’ll be looking to update my “mum” wardrobe with a stylish new “teacher” wardrobe!

  63. The gap in my wardrobe is an outfit for date nights in Melbourne. We rarely get a babysitter for our 3yo but we made a new years resolution to get out more. I don’t want the ‘but I have nothing to wear’ excuse to get in the way when it’s often cold out.

  64. The major gap in my autumn wardrobe at the moment is a light weight casual jacket. Something that can be worn with a dress or over a cute top and jeans.

  65. Hi Nikki, Happy Friday! I love the floral frock, it’s beautiful. I bought one a few weeks ago, despite my ban because I know I will love wearing it. I will keep an eye out for duck egg blue, I love any shade of blue. The only gap I have is for new lingerie. Have a great weekend x

  66. My gap is easy pieces that can work all day. Something that is easy to slip on of a morning, look great at drop off, take me through work meetings for my home based business and then allow me to feel on trend at lunch.

  67. One of my many gaps in my wardrobe is something that makes my heart sing. Most of my clothes are practical ‘Mum’ clothes so I would love to get something like a dark floral or even a leopard print top – I’m a big sucker for leopard print!

  68. I need a couple of those kimono wrap tops….I had some a few years ago and they were so flattering and versatile.
    The perfect transeasonal pieces!

  69. My gap is more like a cavern! I have been pregnant or breastfeeding for the last 5 years and so have many nursing/maternity clothes. I’d love to have some clothes that are for *me* and to help me feel confident in this new body and shape I have.

  70. My gap is some COLOUR…I’m afraid I’ve become Queen of Neutrals and have no pretty prints or splashes of anything bright…I’m fading into the background, I fear…
    Would love to grab a couple of coloured tops or even go all out and buy a print dress like the one you’re wearing in this post…

  71. My gap is some COLOUR…I’m afraid I’ve become Queen of Neutrals and have no pretty prints or splashes of anything bright…I’m fading into the background, I fear…
    Would love to grab a couple of coloured tops or even go all out and buy a print dress like the one you’re wearing in this post…xo

  72. I need some new key pieces. I always seem to buy the basics.
    Some one of a kind things or nice print detailed things is where I have empty space!

  73. I’ve just become a Mum for the first time. Our little girl is 10 weeks old and I’m too thin now to wear my maternity wear but I can’t quite fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes yet. So I have no choice but to continue to wear my oversized maternity wear in the meantime. I’d love to buy a couple of pieces to fill this gap in my wardrobe to freshen up my look for autumn while I’m at home nursing our little girl and until I can fit into my old clothes!

  74. Just this week I decided to edit my wardrobe taking very thing out. I came across velour stretchy pants and bold loud coloured bulky shoulder pad t-shirts. This week I’m dressed like I’ve stepped back from the 80’s !!! Mr Male hasn’t said a word but gave a look, you know the one “fine just don’t leave the house looking like that”. Might be time to invest in “The wide leg skirt pants & kimono top” Nikki your rocking. Not just for a trans-seasonal change but for a year update.

  75. My wardrobe needs some updated pieces that are practical for chasing a toddler, practical for breastfeeding a newborn AND not mum-frumpy. A big ask, but surely there is something out there for me.

  76. My wardrobe is missing many pieces that pack a punch. An ankle boot would be a great start to filling the many gaps. I’m still learning how to buy versatile pieces and trying different styling to get better value from them.

  77. I need lightweight pants. I have so many jeans and a variety of short and long sleeved tops. Sometimes it’s just too warm to wear jeans. Also, I’m short and it’s so hard to find pants that won’t destroy the style once shortened.

  78. I’m returning back to work in an office after 3 kids (and several kilos) so I need some great office-ready autumn/winter pieces!

  79. There are so many gaps in my wardrobe, I don’t know where to start! But I really need a new dress to wear to my nephew’s wedding. I have been eyeing off the Moonlight Bird dress, and I think I will go and have another look after seeing it on you, Nikki.

  80. This mum to three boys Mr3 Mr5 Mr8 is returning to full time work next week and is trying to
    use your advice and the work capsule to update my wardrobe but at this stage i need good basics to start building the foundation.

  81. Gaps everywhere as I am concentrating on quality capsule pieces that I love and actually suit me! I really need a pair of tan flats – I have very large and wide feet so lusting after some Frankie flat sandals …I still wear my trusty Birkenstocks for comfort during winter and summer as I get pretty hot.

  82. My gap is casual tops that aren’t t-shirts. I love the boho look but don’t have enough of it. I need more. A nice light jacket would be perfect too instead of cardigans all the time.

  83. Doing a mental check my wardrobe gap is a statement print. I seem to lean towards block colours or black. A print would give my whole wardrobe a lift!

  84. I have been transitioning into a healthier me and have dropped 3 sizes.Hence my wardrobe has Grand Canyon type gaps in it this year! I love birdsnest and the list of I what I would be over the moon to have is too long to comment on! Just to say anything and everything to transition into Melbourne winter.

  85. I definitely need a wrap dress that will flatter my generous bust and cleverly disguise my belly… am hoping that’s not out of the realms of reality! Am losing weight atm (not only in my mind this time!) so need something that’s flexible and that I feel great in.

  86. I’m missing some stylish casual pieces – I have some nice workwear & some pieces for active outings with the family but nothing that I can wear if I go out with my girlfriends or on a date with my gorgeous man. 2 years on from having my baby, I still feel a little at a loss as to what my style is! ❤️

  87. I’m missing some dress boots with a moderate heel this year. Probably grey 🙂 Luckily there are a few new ones out this year do I should be able to fill the gap easily.

  88. The gap I have is long sleeved dresses, maybe in a beautiful floral, love that navy one you’re wearing I have plenty of separates but I’ve discovered dresses are so easy to wear.

  89. Light cardigan options when the QLD heat is still around, but it’s chilly in the office/evenings. In the words of Miss Rhode Island from Miss Congeniality “…not too hot and not too cold, all you need is a light jacket”

  90. I need more 3/4 sleeve tops and dresses. Ones that can keep me warm from the colder wind but also be cool when it gets a little hotter.

  91. I need a new denim skirt. My favourite denim skirt from last year is now too big. I must have lost weight without realising it. Not something I’d normally be sad about, but it does mean that some much-loved items no longer fit the way they should.

  92. The gap I have is colour! Everything I currently have is neutral and starting to get rather boring. I really need to take a fashion risk and add colour and print to my wardrobe.

  93. The gap in my wardrobe is basics! I have boho tops and statement jackets but I find that they only go with certain bottoms and when I wear the pieces again the look isn’t freshened up. If I had basic plain coloured pieces to wear under jackets and kimonos, it would make my wardrobe more versatile.

  94. Jeans, can you believe this denim loving gal has created a jeans gap in her wardrobe. I have been casing Birdsnest online trying to find my ideal pair (or two). We will be driving through Cooma in March and I would love to have a voucher in hand as those lovely birds help me out as they do so brilliantly! Then I would no longer be blue but blue jeaned instead

  95. What’s missing in my transitional autumn wardrobe is a few ‘wow’ tops , thanks for the pics and the inspiration to jump out of my comfort ‘safe’ zone !

  96. I really really need 2 items, a denim jacket ( as mine is from the 1990s and a bit masculine) and a floral dress with the rust/blue combination that is so on trend at the moment!

  97. I live in Noosa where, even in the middle of winter, we can get “beach days”. My aim will be to continue to wear some of my summer purchases with the addition of a great jacket. I also need some long sleeve tees for those days when it actually IS cooler, which, again, I will wear with a great jacket! Maybe throw in a pair of great jeans and I’ll be good to go!

  98. I have enjoyed wearing the wide leg culotte this summer ☀️and even though it would transition nicely into autumn the line of those wide leg full length pants gives them that little extra wow factor as an occasion piece – and this is one of my gaps!

  99. I’m heading back to work from Maternity leave in May and there is a big non-breastfeeding, no more pregnant belly hole in my wardrobe that’s in desperate need of filing! And that bird dress that you’re wearing in this article is everything.

  100. My wardrobe gap is a great casual jacket to wear for autumn in a cooler climate, it needs to be warm enough but also fitted for a smart casual wardrobe.

  101. Just last weekend I purchased a pair of black wide leg pants from Wyse in Noosa. They are so comfortable! Now to learn to style them in different ways!

  102. Definitely in need of some transitional tops that I can also later into the cooler months. Hopefully in some lovely colours that lift into those dreary winter months.

  103. Hi Nikki,
    Well fitting pants are my gap! The transition from shorts to jeans always leaves me frustrated. I’ve found myself wearing lots more dresses recently because of this…not such a bad thing, I know!

  104. I am loving the deep floral patterns I’m seeing released now. The soft,
    Romantic and feminine feel of a pretty floral print which can still be trans seasonal as well in a dark hue with appropriate accessories. I’ll be looking out for a dress in this pattern that I can wear to work or on the weekends. The Autumn colours sound just define and I hope to pick something up in mustard and duck egg blue, even if just a scarf or basic tee.

  105. After a wardrobe edit, my gaps are printed tops for layering and maybe one Autumn dress just right for me……looking now! Great post, thank you Nikki

  106. I never seem to have the right thing to wear… my gap is some pieces that can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion.

  107. Living in Hobart – it is all about the layering! The leaves are beginning to change colour and thoughts are turning to the jackets and boots with every outfit! I love the idea of a print that makes you smile especially a floral with a dark background – very autumnal

  108. The gap in my autumn wardrobe is definitely some colour for my work outfits such as a colourful dress or pants that are not black. Someone asked if I was channeling Steve Jobs at work the other day!

  109. My gap is anything that fits my new post baby bod (2 in 15months) that has left me flat chested and with wobbly tummy and hips! I’m struggling to find things to suit my new figure!

  110. I would love a floral dress to wear to work. Love love floral and don’t have a floral dress with sleeves(of any length) in my wardrobe.

  111. Great outfits, Nikki! What caught my eye are the gorgeous colours of the tops you’re wearing and that’s where my wardrobe gap lies. Well, more of a gaping hole to be honest. I’m good with the basics of bottoms and jackets but lack flattering colourful tops that make my basics work harder. T-shirts only go so far…

  112. I need to try some floral pieces, step out of my comfort zone.
    Some new basic pants and jeans. Some plain basic tops.
    Great article, very helpful in planning what we need rather than impluse buying.

  113. The right trans seasonal jacket is what I need. There seems to be a gap as I only have heavy winter coats or lightweight throws/cardigans. I love the idea of something that can be layered like the Boho Bird jacket above!

  114. The gap I have is a pair of sophisticated and well tailored pant to take me through Autumn conferences and meetings ‍♀️‍

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