How to stay excited about your summer wardrobe when you're over it

How to stay excited about your summer wardrobe when you’re over it

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It’s February. We’re officially into the last month of summer but, for many of us, the warm months will continue into March, April and even May.

It’s about this time of summer that you think you need to buy ALL the new things because you have “nothing to wear”.

The reality is probably very different for most of us. It’s more a case that wardrobe boredom has set in or you’ve hit that summer rut where you reach for the same pieces, day in, day out. Meanwhile, the other 80% of your wardrobe sits idly waiting for you to remember what’s even in there.

Yes? Is that you?

In this post I’m sharing my tips on how to stay excited about your summer wardrobe when you’re over it being hot and still dreaming of being at the beach and living in a swimsuit all day.

Trust me, it’s something that I have to force myself to do every summer. The spring-summer season is just so long. The excitement I had at the start of September has disappeared in a sea of sweat. 

How to stay excited about your summer wardrobe when you're over it

To get my wardrobe mojo back without spending a cent, here’s what to do in five simple steps:

Step 1: sort through what is already in your wardrobe

After a beach holiday where I’ve lived in the same few pieces for two weeks, I’m always pleasantly surprised to come home and get reacquainted with what’s hanging in my wardrobe. If it’s a complete mess, I do a full sort and tidy. A full wardrobe edit is always a great idea. These are the steps I follow

Step 2: make a catalogue of all the pieces you’d like to wear again while it’s still warm

The start of spring-summer is a time when you may have bought pieces for specific events or occasions. Could any of those pieces come out to play again before the seasons change? This ramps up the value for money you get on those purchases but I also get a kick out of wearing a favourite piece again as nothing beats that feeling of fabulousness. Remember, even if an outfit was bought for an occasion, it doesn’t mean you have to wait for another occasion to wear it again. Could it become a work outfit with different accessories/shoes or the addition of a blazer? Could a dressier piece be dressed down for a smart casual situation with a change of shoes?

Step 3: plan out what you’re going to wear each week

This is the single biggest game changer I made to my routine a couple of years ago. I now take time out each Sunday to plan out the next week’s outfits. I take into account the forecast weather, any events, gatherings or meetings I might have on and write it down. I also give myself permission to change my mind mid-week but what this plan does is give me a structure and encourage me to use more of what’s in my wardrobe to get some kind of variety throughout the week. You can read more HERE and download my free weekly wardrobe planner.

Step 4: look to Instagram for inspiration 

I use my own Instagram account to remember what outfits I’ve put together across the season plus I look through my #everydaystyle feed to see inspiration from so many women of all shapes, sizes and ages. Do check out this post from Styled by Bec where she’s linked to and mentioned a lot of style Instagramers who deserve a follow for the the inspiration they bring to the Internet. The women in our Facebook group (you can join here if you’re not yet a member) also share their daily outfits. There is nothing more wardrobe empowering than seeing everyday women rock their everyday outfits. 

Step 5: accessorise with intent

The easiest way to bring fresh excitement to existing clothing pieces is to mix up how you accessorise those pieces. Switch out different shoes – sneakers for sandals; heels for wedges. Add a fun clutch. A statement earring will always grab fresh attention. I organised my accessories before the New Year because Mr SY gave me this amazing jewellery box for Christmas (hashtag spoiled rotten). It motivated me to take a fresh look at old favourites, which I’ve loved wearing again.

So tell me, have you lost your wardrobe mojo over summer? How are you getting it back?

Join our first online style program for 2018

If you’d like to get specific help with getting your wardrobe mojo back for the New Year, stay tuned.

Next week I’m launching a mini program within our Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe online style program series. If you’ve not done one of our programs before, I’d love to see you join our special and super supportive group.

You’ll have access to two capsule wardrobes – one casual and one corporate – plus 10 different outfit combinations from each capsule. That’s your Monday to Friday covered for two weeks.

It’s totally not necessary to buy one new thing. The capsules are prompts for you to create your own capsules from exisiting clothes in your wardrobe. Should the capsule help identify gaps, we’ve got four different purchasing options for you (including petite, plus-size and budget options), so any buying is done mindfully to work with the rest of your wardrobe.

You’ll be part of a fabulous Facebook Group for the duration of the program, where you’ll get daily help from me as well as inspiration from the other women taking part. In previous programs, this group has generated some beautiful “real life” friendships from this online connection.

It does not matter your age or size. We’ve had women in their 30s through to their 70s join us, across a whole range of sizes and shapes. You know my motto: EVERY woman is real.

If that sounds like just the focus you’d like to start the year without wardrobe stress and tonne of confidence, then I’d love to help.  The cost is $49.95. Next week on the blog you’ll find links to sign up. 

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  1. Fab post as always Nikki. And that jewellery box is amazing! How gorgeous. Also, thank you for sharing my post. Didn’t expect to see that here. Love the inspiration we can gather from others when planning our outfits.

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  2. What a great post, Nikki.
    I have an Ap called Collect and I store my daily outfits on there, I find it an easier reference than my Instagram (as I have lots of non fashion photos on there) and at the end of every month I check it out and then try not to replicate any outfit the next month. I have a lot of clothes so this is quite easy, but if I want to wear a style again I make sure I style it differently. I completly agree that Accessories & Shoes and simple plain coloured tees really can mix it up and knowing what you have is paramount to not getting bored.
    The other cool thing about Collect is I can compare this summer with last year really easily, sometimes a little gem gets forgotten in the excitement about new stuff

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  3. Hi Nikki .thanks to reading your blogs and joining your everyday style site I am not buying any clothes during February,March and April..I am going to shop my wardrobe..this will not be easy as I have a shopping addiction ))

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  4. looking stunning Nikki. I have a clothes addiction especially in summer I can’t stop buying clothes and some of them just sit in my wardrobe as I have favourite pieces I wear all the time. I keep seeing people with beautiful clothes on so I go and buy them. I have over the summer break cleaned up my wardrobe and donated clothes I have not worn for 12 months. I need help with not spending any more on clothes and making do with what I have.

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  5. Love that photo of you Nikki 🙂 I did a look-through my wardrobe just yesterday. I found a few tops that I’m not wearing because I don’t have the right skirt/leggings to go with them, so I’ve just put them in my “notes” on my phone to keep an eye out for when I’m out and about. I remember living on the GC and wearing “summer” all year ’round. Now living in Victoria, I find that “autumnal” gear works well all year ’round.

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  6. I wish I had this problem but living in Tassie I have the opposite problem – trying to keep my wardrobe fresh when it’s still cold in Spring! Great tips though, I think they could also be easily translated to a cold climate, just at the other end of the year 🙂

  7. Happy Friday Nikki! Love the photo of you. I’ve just culled my wardrobe, but will do another one as the weather cools down. I am trying to not buy any new summer clothing, but it’s tempting with so many lovely things around. I have bought a few pairs of tassel earrings to jazz things up a little. Nice and cool this morning with the rain overnight 🙂 x

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