10 undergarment solutions for staying cool in summer

10 undergarment solutions for staying cool in summer

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When I brought up the topic of holding on to your style when the heat is on, many said that they were still waiting for the spring-summer switch to be flicked.

A quick look at the weather app tells me that that switch is firmly on in most parts of Australia.

What that blog post and topic brought up was a conversation about the best underwear to wear to minimise the sweat factor.

Below I’m sharing 10 undergarment solutions for staying cool in summer because I’m not to shy away from delving into the smalls’ drawer.

I did so earlier this year with a 15-piece essential underwear capsule wardrobe.

What I want to talk about in this post is building on that capsule with essentials that may be essential to you in the heat.

Specifically I’m talking layering slips and camis as well as wearing underwear that is breathable – for exercise or the every day.

Like clothing, it essentially comes down to the fabrics which breathe – both natural and man-made fabrics.

Cotton and bamboo/modal are king but don’t discount technical fabrics which have moisture wicking qualities.

Moisture wicking is simply a term applied to fabrics that draw sweat away from your body to keep you cool.

10 undergarment solutions for staying cool in summer

10 undergarment solutions for staying cool in summer

Slips and camis

Lightweight summer frocks and tops can be too sheer for some of us to wear on their own but with the wrong type of slip or cami, all the cooling properties of the top or frock can disappear behind the sweaty mess you’ve become.

If it’s a more fitted cami or slip you’re after, then bamboo/modal or a technical fabric are your friends. If it’s a semi-fitted style that’s better suited to what you’re wearing on top, embrace cotton.


1. Adrift: choose from cotton camis or slips in white, black and nude. These work brilliantly on flowy tops and frocks.

2. Sequins and Sand: this online store stocks two brands – Spirituelle and Celine – of cotton and microfibre slips in sizes XS-3XL.

3. Bella Bodies: If you are shorter and looking for a slip to suit a short dress, then opt instead for a longline tank.

4. UNIQLO AIRism: I can’t speak highly enough of this range. I’ve got activewear pieces made from this technical fabric as well as camis and tanks. They really work to keep you cool.


When exercising – or on the hottest of hot and humid days – regular underwear doesn’t cut it for me. I need some serious breathability. Moisture wicking is key. You want that sweat away from your body.


5. Bella Bodies: this bamboo underwear is so super soft and fits comfortably around the leg – a great everyday option in black, sand or plum in sizes up to 24.

6. Modibodi: this underwear company specialises in underwear that helps with light leak control. The underwear I’ve linked to don’t have that addition in the gusset but they are made from sustainable, breathable, moisture-wicking bamboo and a lining that draws the sweat away.

7. Moving Comfort: I have about six pairs of this style of pant. I use them primarily under activewear but also opt for these when travelling on flights. The moisture-wicking fabric works a treat and the mesh zones offer instant air conditioning.

8. 02wear: Fill your underwear drawer with this bamboo and lace underwear – functional with a little fancy.

Anti-chafing underwear

I did joke about walking like John Wayne to create a thigh gap and avoid any sweat-induced chafing but chafing is no laughing matter if you’re on the receiving end of it. 

Some women swear by Neat 3B cream. Others embrace bike pant-style underwear. 


9. Sonsee: love that these are the brainchild of an Australian woman who saw a gap in the market and went for it. This range of anti-chafing shorts is made in Italy, is super lightweight and breathable. These shorts are smoothing but they’re not shapewear, which means HELLO … you can wear them every day.

10. Bandalettes: I’ve been told these are great but I wonder if it would feel strange having them sit around your thigh and NOT attached to your underwear.

So now it’s over to you … what underwear solutions do you employ when the heat is on?

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  1. Great advice about bamboo knickers and cotton slips, Nikki – thanks for the tips on where to purchase these sanity-savers!

  2. Thank you for Sonsee recommendation. I bought them back when you first posted this and they are so comfy. Well worth the investment.

  3. Thigh Society – my company – the *original* anti-chafing, breathable, seamless moisture wicking slip shorts since 2009! http://www.thighsociety.com $15 shipping to Australia. Thigh Society are NOT shapewear and super comfy to wear all day and night (you can even sleep in ’em).

  4. Hi my name is Kirsty. I hope you don’t mind me posting but I have just launched bambams. bambams are seam free, bamboo anti chafing underwear and are designed to keep you cool, fresh and comfy.

    I have been wanting to make this product for years and finally been brace enough to do it, and the feedback has been amazing.

    My website is http://www.bambamsint.com if you want to enjoy your dresses and skirts this summer without the DC (dreaded chafe!!)

    Happy to answer any questions and many thanks Kirsty

  5. Thanks for the recommendations, I will be checking out a few of these! However, I will offer a word of caution with the Bandalettes, they’re lined with silicone to help them stick to your thighs and not fall down. I did not know that I am skin allergic to silicone until I got these home 🙁 so I would keep that in mind if you are looking at this option.

  6. The heat just really gets to me, especially at night. It seems taking antidepressants can cause menopause like sweating. New jim jams are a must this year!

  7. Neat 3B cream changed my life. I use to avoid skirts and dresses in summer or if I did wear a dress I had to wear bike style underwear which seemed to make you hotter. Wet swimmers also caused chafing. I was told about this cream and haven’t looked back.

  8. Another great bamboo range is Boody, a lot of health food stores stock these. The quality is outstanding and just great for summer.

  9. I like bamboo slips Nikki and cotton full brief grandma undies,I’m lucky I don’t get chafe!
    You’re very right about the heat being on this is our 3rd day in a row of hot temps yesterday was 37degrees and today 36degrees thank goodness for air con and pools I say and comfy kaftan dresses Xx

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