Why you should totally change your hair style

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About six weeks ago I messaged my hairdresser with this photo.

Portia de Rossi hair

I gave her the heads up that I was ready for a change of ‘do and this was it.

When she didn’t send back a barrage of  “tears streaming down face” emojis, I took this as a sign that I was onto a good thing.

I felt the hint of excitement down the line. Hairdressers LOVE it when you flag a change with them.

And it turns out they do prefer to know about any possible flagging BEFORE you sit down in the chair for your appointment.

We’re friends on Facebook and in real life but I still hesitated in talking “shop” before I was in the salon. She assured me, it was much better that I had let her know.

This meant she was able to allocate extra time and also get her head around what it was I was looking for.

From shoulder-length bob to asymmetrical bob | why you should totally change your hair style

So why did I change hair styles?

My entire (hair) life – post the traumatic childhood period where I was not permitted to have anything but a boy hair cut (thanks Mum) – I’ve made changes to my hair style on average every two years.

It was coming up to the two year mark when this latest need for change happened.

There had been much hair talk around the interwebs. My friend Mrs Woog had gone the big chop, inspired by this post from Robyna on Champagne Cartel.

I had already decided that I was going to get it fully concaved at the back before our holiday in Hawwaii but then I stumbled across that photo of Portia de Rossi while on a random Google search for something completely unrelated to hair.

And BAM.

I could not stop thinking about it.

And that is generally what happens every time I feel a change coming on. There isn’t any umming and ahhing about it.

The decision is pretty much made once I’ve decided what I want to do. Or what I want my stylist to do.

And that’s why it’s crucial to foster a long-term good relationship with your hair stylist.

If you let them get to know your hair (and your lifestyle), they’re more likely to be in a position to facilitate a change that works for you.

What I had done

There was A LOT of hair on the floor the day it all came off.

But to look at my hair from one side (the long side) on, you wouldn’t think there had been much of a change.

That long side is still shorter than it was but it’s the opposite side and back that has been cut much shorter to create the asymmetrical bob that it is now.

Asymmetrical bob - side view | why you should totally change your hair style

Asymmetrical bob - back view | why you should totally change your hair style

And when I had it re-cut last week, I went even slightly shorter at the back and sides.

What I like about this hair style?

Number one, the winning result for me has been finding out that the level of home maintenance required is up to me. I can be as low or high as I want it to be.

I’ll admit I was nervous jumping on a plane to Hawaii, having just had a new ‘do and not having washed and styled it myself.

Oh, did I mention I didn’t take any hair stylers away with me, either? Turns out, all I needed was dodgy hotel wall hairdryer.

After a day of swimming, I dried off the long side using said dryer and my fingers, slicked the other side behind my ears and left the back to its own devices. VOILA. Pass me a Mai Tai.

Back home, I’ve trotted out the straightening irons for a sleek look and a curling wand for a messy/wavy look.

Disclaimer: when you’ve seen me on Instagram or Facebook with REALLY GOOD curls/waves, said curls has been achieved by the experts. I still have my L plates on when it comes to using a curling wand.

What I love about changing my hair style?

A change is AS good as a holiday but changing your hair is as good as having a holiday at home EVERY day.

The change has given me a lift. A freshen up. A little something something that, while superficial, makes me feel AMAZING.

So tell me, when was the last time you changed your hair style and/or colour? Thinking of a change? What style has caught your eye?

Editor’s note: My wonderful hair stylist is Nadine at Cheveux Design and Espresso in Auchenflower, Brisbane. This isn’t sponsored, I pay for my hair styling but I believe in sharing fabulous businesses when warranted. If you’re in the market for a new hair stylist, the team at Cheveux has you covered.

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  1. I love your assymetrical bob which I have considered but keep going back to my safe concave bob which i have had for several years. Feel like I need a change & tried growing it slightly longer so that I could tie it back or up but it drove me crazy &always felt messy so I went back to the concave bob! At least I am used to it & super easy to style & manage.

  2. Nikki, the new hair looks fab! The timing of the post couldn’t be better as last week I messaged my hairdresser (DM on Instagram, as you do) and said I need a change. After having my hair blue for around three months, I think any change from that will be subtle but I’m still going in ‘for the change’ tomorrow. I have no plan. No idea. The good thing about hair, it almost always grows back, so the new hair adventure awaits…

  3. Nikki , I love your new bob ,looks gorgeous on you !
    My hair was kept short while growing up as it was fine and flyaway and dear mum liked tidy well kept hair (Leo), I always wanted long hair and had to wait till my teens before I was allowef to grow it . Those were the days eh .
    I had my long hair it gradually cut to a short bob at back and longer sides to front ,when we lived in Asia it worked in that humid climate . I have a forehead that needs a fringe alas and in our wind I’d prefer no fringe .
    That style did not work back home in our colder windy climate so long it stays and up on windy days . Pretty boring though …,

  4. Have you got any suggestions on how to grow out a fringe ? I have been trying for a while, but when my fringe gets to that difficult stage it starts to annoy me and drive me crazy so I end up cutting it. Have you got any tips to help ?

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous! It REALLY suits you.
    I’ve currently got a long bob, and have been thinking about getting something quite similar to yours – if I do, I now have some good shots to show the hairdresser!
    My only concern? Now living in Brisbane, I must admit at the height of summer I have tended to just throw my hair up in a bun. If I chop it off, then I lose that option, and will have to use the dryer in the heat. As I’m pretty new to Brisbane, do you think I am making this a problem when it’s not, or are you just happy to live with it to have a cool hair cut?
    Again, you look fab!

  6. My wavy/curly thick hair has been shortish for over 12 years and while it’s been really short in the past, I’ve let it grow a little longer over the last couple of years.
    I used to get the colour changed quite regularly but the underlying grey means it looks like I have streaks or balyage, yet it’s just a straight tint so I just get the grey covered by my wonderful hairdresser once a month, now.
    Having said all that, the slight changes my hairdresser makes with each cut keep my hair evolving all the time.

  7. Love the hair cut Nikki. I had mine like this about 4years ago…probably a bit shorter and was so easy to do! Up for a change here too…just not sure what yet!

  8. Hey Nikki, love your do & love that you embrace a change. My style is similar but not quite as asymmetric. My question is what do you do with the long side when you’re working? My hair hangs in my eyes when I’m at the pc. So most of the day I have it pinned back which is defeating the purpose of that nice sweep

  9. I’m liking the new ‘do! I’m in a bit of a holding pattern with my hair at present – I want to grow it a bit longer (it’s armpit level at present) and gradually move to a lighter brunette (I’ve been a dark chocolate colour for about 5 years – people have asked me whether my hair’s black), but at the same time I’m contemplating getting either balayage from the mid-lengths down (might be a tad difficult since I’m growing out old hair colour) or a fringe cut into my hair again. I had a Lily Allen-esque fringe about 7 years ago, but the maintenance of it is putting me off. Decisions decisions!

  10. I love that do. And you love it too, and that’s why it looks cool Might have to copy it, when my fringe grows out.

  11. Oh you’re so brave! I think I’ve had the same style for almost all my adult life, mostly because I’m terrible with hair, I can barely do anything with the bog standard style I have. I’ve always had long hair and just can’t bear the thought of the chop, although that said, Mrs W is rocking a shorter style and I just LOVE your new do! You look fabulous!

  12. ARGH!!! I’m stuck – completely – with my hair, and have been for some time. With the exception of one time in my life, when my first child was very small, my hair has always been long. It’s currently down to my waist. No fringe. I’ve finally – after a lifetime of envy – come to appreciate that it’s an unusual colour (naturally streaky chestnutty brown – think a bright bay horse with red and gold highlights in the sun, and the incoming silver is just adding to the multitude of colours already there!), although I do think I was shortchanged the pre-Raphaelite red corkscrew curls that SHOULD have come with my fair freckly skin…!
    Anyhoo…switch to current issue. RA and the RA drugs have done awful things to my hair. A single plait is now thinner than one of the two fat plaits I used to have. It’s still very shiny, but it’s wispy and flyaway – no more smooth surface into a sleek ponytail or bun. And I DON’T know what to do with it. I thought of bobbing it again, but with all the constant regrowth, again, it’s not going to be smooth as it was when it was bobbed that time ages ago. Diane Keaton’s messy, layered long bob(?) whatever she has, appeals – because that might work with all the bittiness of it – but then there’s the issue of once there is an actual DO, that means hairdressers regularly, and that’s a money issue that I can’t manage at present. So, it’s a problem. And my hair is usually twisted into a low – small – bun and I’m trying not to look at it too much.
    YOUR new do looks awesome – I really like the assymetrical thing a lot.

    1. Oh Karen, I think my advice would be to leave it for now. It will be more maintenance/cutting while shorter but it might be something down the track. I do love the sound of the colour/s of your hair. x

      1. That’s basically where I’m at, Nikki. Can’t afford the maintenance of a short cut, and emotionally struggling with the idea of cutting it anyway. But, very aware that it’s looking FAR from its best, and with the drugs and the disease that’s just not going to improve.
        My younger son inherited the streaky hair – and texture and original thickness – but on an ash blonde base, rather than the red/brown. So, his streaks were MUCH more obvious. He started growing it long when he was five – crush on Hanson (the band)… – and his ponytail was STRIPED. Bizarre!!

    2. Karen I can sympathize with you as my hair is naturally fine flyway and blonde merging with silver ,its length is to my bra band level. Like you I think it’s our hair colour that’s our strength . My hair reacts to stress easily my hairdresser commented on that when i first saw her .
      My little grand daughter has inherited my hair type but hers is black and gets very notty so I’ve been encouraging her to gently comb and brush it daily . It’s already looking much shinier.
      I’d love your hair colour !

      1. Thanks Maria! It took me years to really appreciate the colour of my hair – many very red colourings, from henna through to the nasty chemicals, all of which obliterated all the natural streaks… I even came to terms with how straight it is, and so shiny bobby pins fell straight out! It grows fast too. It’s the massive hair loss that’s so hard to deal with, and the resultant constant messy ends, no matter what I do. Damned disease and drugs! Ultimately, I’ll probably have to bite the bullet and go shorter, but after a lifetime of it long, it’s not just the aesthetics of that that is the issue – it’s an identity issue too…
        But, wouldn’t you just love some body and natural curl, so that the bits that escape look as if they weren’t meant to, instead of just messy?!

  13. I love your new do Nikki. I went from shoulder length to super short about 18 months ago – and have never looked back. So low maintenance. I can even let it air dry and it looks good enough to leave the house! Unthinkable when it was longer due to the frizzies and waves and kinks in odd places. xx

  14. I love your new hair cut Nikki it looks amazing and I love how you wear it straight or curly,I’ve recently changed my colour to accomodate the greys,that’s enough for me at the moment.
    You’re so lucky it’s easy to do,it really suits you Nikki Xx

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