4 hair cuts to grow out your fringe

4 hair cuts to grow out your fringe

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Before heading to the US last year for BlogHer, I decided to trick those passport control people by adding a fringe to my ‘do.

Of course, I didn’t add the fringe, did I?

My girlfriend and hair stylist extraordinaire did. I blogged about it here.

I realised at the time that I was committing myself to some pretty serious hair maintenance. I wasn’t blindly letting that fringe take up residence on my forehead without understanding that it would need my love and care on a daily basis.

See, hosting a fringe is not unlike having a pet. It’s not just for Christmas – or that moment you step out of the salon. You really need to take good care of it to keep it looking good.

This completely goes against my lazy-girl beauty ways so I knew that The Fringe and I would only be happy together for a short time. Not a long time.

As the weather started to heat up late last spring and my fringe took on a seriously unattractive habit of sticking to my forehead, I knew it was time to bid farewell.

We’d had some good times together (hello, New York!) but if I were to still be on speaking terms with my hair by summer’s end, she would simply have to go.

I let her down gently though.

In four salon trims over four months, she is no longer taking up such obvious real estate on my face. Yes, it is indeed possible to grow out your fringe in a short amount of time.

4 hair cuts to grow out your fringe

Now, this feat may seem unremarkable to you. Hair grows and all that.

But because I wanted my hair to look semi presentable during the growing out process – and I’ve never successfully rocked a turban – it took skill, not just a bucket load of patience.

Maria, my stylist, worked hard with her magic scissors to really blend in the way the fringe met the rest of my hair when brushed to one side. Care and attention here is crucial. Yes, you can brush it to the side all you like but in thick hair like mine it can very easily look chunky.

By the time I arrived at the salon last week, inspired by this post on Hair Romance, and ready to go the chop, I knew it would signal the end of my fringe grow-out period.

Yes, there’s still a side fringe kind of look but it sweeps from a low side part to one side and seamlessly forms part of the overall style.

For now, I’m happy. This style suits my lifestyle perfectly going into winter.

Will I rock out a fringe again some time in the future? Most probably. It’s part of my hair heritage.

And, for me, a hair change really is as good as a holiday.

Are you thinking of changing up your hair style for autumn or winter? 

PS. I had a few comments below about how this cut looks without the waves added. Here’s me today. I washed my hair Sunday at the hotel we were staying at (bliss because it’s been three weeks without a shower at home!), dried it off and then yesterday morning, I ran the ghds through the top layers, flipping them out a little bit. Pretty low maintenance, really. And I like that I have both style options.

New hair straight

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  2. I’m naturally a ‘no fringe’ girl but every now and then I get the urge. I love it for about a week or two and then it starts to irritate me. I’m one of those people who hate hair on my face (especially in summer), so why, why, why do I do it?!?!? Great post on hairstyles that help in the in-between stage – it’s the worst. Except perhaps having hair on your forehead in summer! xox

  3. Nikki I think you look shagadellic and ought to update your picture on the home page to showcase your fab new ‘do effective immediately! x

  4. I’m in the first phase of growing out a blunt fringe Nikki so this post was most timely 🙂 Thanks for the tips (and I might just take your pics to the hairdresser for my next trim!).

  5. Nikki I have been thinking about going for a style similar to what you have now for ages but my hair is so thick and always such a challenge. What products did they use in it? Looks amazing!

    1. Alex, my hair is super thick. My hairdresser cut the hair in such a way as to work with that, not against it. In the photo above, she has just pieced out and flipped or messy curled bits of the top layer of my hair … after blowdrying and straightening. It had some spray on but dropped later that night. For my avatar and the wedding, it was more hard core with lots of mousse pre-styling and lots of spray. I’m going to put up on IG a photo of it straight so you can see that it looks ok without the wavy bits, which makes me happy as gives me different styling options.

  6. I have just cut my long hair short and I hate it. Whoever said short hair is less work is lying in my opinion. I can’t wait for it to grow back as I haven’t got the time for it in the morning while trying to get three kids to school and it too doesn’t perform well in wind and rain!

  7. Nikki, I got a gorgeous thick blunt fringe last October…..just before our dream trip to the USA, I had wanted one for years but it was your stunning fringe that finally made me do it after 20 years with the same long all the one length hair!!

    I’m not ready to part with it yet as I think it takes atleast 10 yrs off my age but totally agree that it’s high maintenance 🙂

  8. I had a fringe for years Nikki and as much as I did like it,I do think it softens a “mature” face and makes you look a tad younger,mine went too,slowly so slowly from side parted fringe and then now it blends into my layers ,but they are hot and sticky and I used to trim my own when I couldn’t get an appointment when I wanted just a fringe trim,though my hair is oh so fine and baby soft so it only took 2 snips and it was done.
    I have been thinking about a new do,but my hair grows slowly and I am a tad scared and If I get it cut off at this age I think I will be too old to grow it back,but I have been thinking I should work with my curl instead of against it,I have an appoinment next week so we will see what I decide, just the usual colour upgrade to hide the sparkles.I love how you have had 3 different hairstyles in a year and you have rocked them all, I loved the fringe and I love your current style,You have beautiful hair Nikki.

  9. I am currently growing out my 5 year affair with a pixie cut. As much as I love it’s time for a change. It’s going to be painful and I’ll probably cut it off again half way through but for the moment it’s growing nicely. A natural wave in it looks like I’ve actually spent time doing my hair so it works for me (lazy hair girl all the way here!) Your hair looks fab!

  10. I’m trying to grow out a short do. I think this will take a little longer but I am patient. I usually change my colour with the seasons. I was planning red for winter but now I’m not so sure because it’s always so hard to get rid of.

  11. I really like your progression from your fringe to your current do. All the styles suit you so well! Having a good hairdresser makes all the difference doesn’t it? I haven’t thought about my autumn hairstyle yet, I have just being trying to get through this humidity frizz free!

  12. I did the fringe chop around the same time as you! Totally relate to wanting to try something new…. and then just a quickly wanting to grow it out haha! It’s almost blending seamlessly into the rest of my hair now, and on those days it doesn’t? Bobby pins become my best friend! xx

  13. I can definitely relate with having to maintain a fringe! My fringe seems to grow faster than the rest of my hair (and that’s even without trims!). I currently have a pixie cut, so can’t really ‘change’ my ‘do…but I think i’ll be wearing different headbands over the next couple of seasons

    The side swept fringe looks great on you!

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