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Hi Beauties, it’s time again to delve into my bathroom cabinet and see what I’ve been trialling on my skin, hair and face.

Each month, dozens of new beauty products land on my desk (and I frequent all manner of beauty counters and supermarket aisles) for possible trial, review and feature here. It’s a hardship situation, that’s for sure.

For a product to make it on to this monthly beauty favourites post, it has to be pretty damn special.

What I feature may not work for you but I hope I can point you in a new direction if you’re looking to change things up in the makeup, skincare and hair care department.

I know each and every one of you have your own personal guidelines and budget restraints so, while I can’t be all things to all people with each product mentioned, I can offer a diverse mix in my top five each month.

In December, those 50 products – plus any others I’ve included in beauty advice posts here on Styling You – will be up for a spot in my Top 20 beauty products for 2016. Here’s a look at what made the cut in 2015.

This month, I’m featuring these five products in my 2016 beauty favourites list.

Beauty Favourites June 2016

1. Go-To Skincare (Pinky-Nudey) Lips! $17: Golly gosh that Zoe Foster Blake always knows what we need in our beauty kit. Her latest product answers the nudey-pinky lip call for all of us looking for a nourishing lip balm product that also looks good for the every day. My lips are a pretty dark pink so this gives a slight, kind-of-perfect-but-not-to-obvious tint. The formula of Lips! is a little lighter than the Lanolips Perfect Nude I featured last month. It will come down to a personal preference as to which one takes up permanent real estate in your handbag. Me? I’ve got both on hand ready to pucker up in a snap. (not tested on animals, no artificial fragrances, petroleum, PEGs, mineral oil, sulphates)

2. Paula’s Choice Flawless Finish Pressed Powder $28: Often the advantages of a powder are outweighed by a dry, cakey finish that makes us look far from our would-be luminous selves. This powder differs – I pop it on over a BB cream, tinted moisturiser or foundation but you can wear it on its own for a light, buildable coverage. The formula is super smart and actually works to blur fine lines and wrinkles instead of sitting in them and announcing them to all the world. (not tested on animals, fragrance-free, non-irritating)

3. Batiste Heavenly Volume dry shampoo $12.95: How we ever survived a busy week without dry shampoos, I do not know. What I know is that they just keep getting better. This is the latest offering from Batiste and it is indeed heaven-sent for all of us who indulge in a salon blow-dry from time to time. Not only will your salon investment have longer-term returns, it will give you unprecedented voluminous benefits. Want big hair? Tip your head upside down and spray into the roots.

4. Twenty8 Nurture Me Synergy Blend $41.95: Essential oils are very much a part of my life and vaporising this limited edition blend from my fave Twenty8 range is like wrapping yourself in a winter blanket in front of a fire place while sipping on a mulled wine. It’s a warm, spicy floral combination of cedar wood, patchouli, ylang ylang, ginger and cinnamon bark. Simply addictive and nurturing. (100% pure organic, not tested on animals)

5. Swisse Echinacea Clear Skin moisturiser $21.99: I have the opposite of oily skin but I’ve featured this product here as I like the thinking behind it. It’s a helpful and potential solution for those who do want their moisturiser to control oiliness and minimise breakouts. Echinacea, Cornflower and Tea Tree are the key ingredients here and they work in the lightweight formula to also refine pores. (not tested on animals, does not contain any parabens, SLS, SLES, synthetic fragrances and colours, petrolatum, silicones, mineral oils, phthalates, TEA, DEA, urea or peroxide)

So, it’s over to you … have you tried anything new that we need to hear about? Spill in the comments.

* Unless otherwise mentioned in the post, these products were gifted to me for editorial consideration. Full disclosure policy here.

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  2. Nikki – I love everything you choose. Had to order this morning the Paula’s Choice powder and Zoe’s pinky nudie lips on your recommendations!

  3. Great picks. I really want to try the new Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo. Love the sound of the oil, must smell divine!

  4. I swear by Batiste’s XXL dry shampoo – I call it the Magic Mike of dry shampoos – so will def check out their latest formulation. Thanks for the heads up! x

      1. Not really no – just trying to manage my new Afro! Didn’t help that I had a decent trim before I left too. I’m sure you’ll have yours sorted though given your used to similar conditions 🙂 Have a great trip! x

  5. I am a convert to GoToSkinCare – effective and easy products, and so simple! It is cleanse, oil/serum, moisturise, lips and done! I have had to add another brand product for a specific issue (brown patches and red nose) but the GT products are very complementary. I have been wanting to try Paula’s choice, so now that I have your review, I am going to. I am also off to find the Nurture Me blend. I am under exam stress ATM so I deserve it!

  6. thankyou nikki!
    yes we do agree with lisa … who is an absolute sweetie!
    it takes a lot of effort to research! I tend to do it to the nth degree myself!
    I am a coconut oil fiend!
    I’ve been meaning to try the swisse range of natural products!
    and I love the essential oils range … especially love your words setting the scene! … mmm!
    enjoy your day hun! love m:)X

  7. Great post Nikki ,I have heard great things about Paula’s Choice products!
    I have been using Weleda skin food on my dry skin a few times a week and on my hands it’s lovely,thank you for all your research you do for us it’s very much appreciated Xx

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