13 ways to change up your beauty routine for winter

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I feel a bit cheaty writing this post as it feels like I’ve just dipped my toes into the crispness of winter before whisking them (and my entire body) away for a couple of weeks of summer in Hawaii.

But I’ll persist because, despite spray tanning and pedicuring it up before I fly, I will very much land back in winter with a thud on my return.

So rather than add my winter beauty woes to the inevitable post-holiday blues, I thought I’d arm myself … and your good selves … with some tips and tricks to help you sail through the colder months without coming out the other side scaly and dry.

The main reason you need to consider ways to change up your beauty routine for winter is because the cold temperatures and (mostly) dry air are not your friends in skincare.

Prepare for the onslaught and leave no skin cell unloved.

13 ways to change up your beauty routine for winter

13 ways to change up your beauty routine for winter

1. Lips. GAH. My lips are like a barometer for the change of season. I can’t leave the house without a slick of something at the best of times. In winter, that need for something on my lips is 10-fold. I need a balm that will feel good on my lips but also keep them from cracking.

Recommendations: Lanolips Golden Dry Skin Salve; Go-To Skincare Lips

2. Exfoliate: It’s so tempting to ignore what’s covered up but there is so much to gain from giving your body and face regular/gentle scrubs during the winter months. The more you effectively remove dead skin cells, the more effective your moisturising efforts will be as the skin is better able to absorb what you apply.

Recommendations: Swisse SeaSalt body polish; Frank Body Coconut Coffee scrub

3. Avoid hot showers and long soaks: It is so damn tempting and delicious to warm yourself up by spending longer in the shower or running a bath. I’m never one to say don’t do this but do consider that the hotter and more frequent the showers or soaks, the greater the drying effect on your skin.

4. Avoid soap: Swap out soap for a moisturising body gel or wash that won’t strip the body’s natural oils.

Recommendations: Swisse Lemongrass body washPalmolive Oil Infusions Body Wash Citrus with Jojoba Oil

5. Humidifier for rooms: Either through heating or humidity-free air finding its way through a timber Queenslander home, winter air is not kind to our skin. The good news is it doesn’t take a lot to change that. A simple device and a few drops of essential oils will make any room skin friendly.

Recommendation: Twenty8 diffuser options

6. Gentle face cleansers: A squeaky clean skin feeling is not a good feeling to aim for at any time but especially so in winter when our skin is screaming out for hydration. If you are prone to sensitive skin, this is even more of an essential consideration. My hot tip: look for cleansers that are creams.

Recommendation: Paula’s Choice Calm Redness Relief Cleanser; Sukin Cream Cleanser 

7. Face oils/serums for hydrating: Take your face moisturising efforts up a notch or six and add in a face oil or serum to your skincare routine. Don’t shy away from serums or oils thinking they’ll clog your pores. They won’t.

Recommendation: Ultraceuticals Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum; Go-To Skincare Face Hero

8. Rich moisturisers for face, hands and body: Rich does not need to mean heavy. They should be rich in ingredients that work to keep your skin hydrated for hours. I’ve had great success with moisturisers that contain ingredients to deal with skin sensitivity and redness.

Recommendation: Ultraceuticals Ultra Red-Action Moisturiser; Palmolove Oil Infusions Body Moisturiser (new in Coles and selected pharmacies); Trilogy Rose Hand Cream

9. Avoid fragranced products: The alcohol in fragrances can dry out the skin. Instead opt for non-scented skincare products and switch out perfume for essentials oils.

Recommendation: Twenty8 Essential Oil blends

10. Opt for creamy luminising makeup: In the hotter months, it’s the mattifying foundation and makeup products we often seek out in an attempt to stop our makeup from slipping off our face. In winter, choosing a hydrating foundation will help keep your face looking fresh and glowy.

Recommendation: Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation; Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation

11. Embrace the statement lip colour: My lipstick wardrobe very much comes into its own in winter – particularly colours that provide a pop of colour against an otherwise neutral backdrop of my outfits.

Recommendations: Check out this post

12. Don’t stop with the sunscreen: Just because the sun is not as strong and you’re perhaps not spending as much time in it, it’s still important to keep sunscreen as part of your daily skincare routine. As well as your face, don’t forget the backs of your hands and décolletage.

Recommendations: Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 30 Hydrating

13. Treat hair with hair oils: Just like face oils or serums; hair oils and serums will not make your hair oily. What they will do in winter is help with fluffiness and static that comes from dry air (inside and out).

Recommendation: Schwarzkopf Daily Oil Elixir; Silk Oil of Morocco Argan Hair & Skin Treatment

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  1. As winter is coming and during this time the skin gets even more dry. It is very necessary to use a good moisturiser. During day time people like to spend some time outside in the sun, so you must use sunscreen also. So try to pick such a product which has both the properties of moisturiser and sunscreen. I personally use Dermaxsol. It is a Solvaderm product and suits to all skin types.

  2. I swear by the Lanolips 101 Ointment multipurpose balm for my lips all year round and especially in winter.

    Using all the ultraceuticals products recommended and I’d add their Ultra Hydrating Milk Cleanser to to No.6!

  3. I love to add Arbonne Intelligence Nourishing Facial Oil to my RE9 anti-ageing skincare. This is a sheer dry oil formula which provides just the right amount of superior hydration and moisture where it’s needed most, improving the look of skin texture to help create a more radiant-looking, even-toned complexion. My skin feels silky and hydrated!!

  4. I am a total sucker for an ultra HOT shower! I just keep turning down the cold tap gradually until I am left standing under a burning hot stream. I know I should stop!

  5. I just went and bought a new cream cleanser and ultra hydrating cream from Trilogy. Been using a different type of oil on my skin too and it’s been feeling fabulous. Even my husband has noticed how good my skin is looking. I really want to try the Go-to-skin care. It’s on my list to purchase when I run out of my current beauty stocks.

  6. Great tips Nikki, I have been adding one or two drops of oil to my day/night moisturiser. I like either AlphaH Age Defy Facial Oil or Antipodes Divine Facial Oil, it makes a big difference. Have a wonderful sunny holiday! x

  7. Great tips Nikki,I know I couldn’t live without face,body and hair oils!
    How exciting going to Hawaii in winter,have the most wonderful holiday Nikki Xx

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