Summer hair care boot camp: the results

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My hair has been severely tested this summer.

Humidity is not my friend. It’s not the friend of my hair, nor of my ankles and my general disposition, come to think of it.

Much as I’d love to walk around in an air-conditioned bubble, it’s just not possible.

So, I choose to keep my cool, keep those ankles elevated and purposefully set out to have a good hair day.

When I’m happy with my hair, all is good in my world.

If you’ve been following along with my summer hair care boot camp, you would know that this series has all been about hair happiness.

I’ve hopefully helped you to fall in love with your hair by offering up some simple care and styling tips that make it easy to keep the romance alive in between visits to the salon.

You can catch up here:

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In the first of the summer hair care boot camp posts, I invited Styling You readers to join me in a quest for summer hair happiness.

They discovered their Hair Horoscope, what Schwarzkopf products would work best for their hair and, three months later, five Styling You readers are sharing their thoughts with us all (read on below).


Schwarzkopf Styling You Summer Hair Care Boot Camp | Nikki Parkinson

I can’t tell you how happy I am with my hair right now. My hair and I? We’re in a good place.

For the past 12 months I’ve been working with my hairdresser to bring my previously over-processed hair back to life. Some bits were so damaged that we’ve needed to grow them out. I’m almost there. The next cut will probably have it sorted.

This is why I’ve kept my hair short. It’s enabled me to keep chipping away at getting rid of the damaged hair.

In the process of this, I’ve fallen in love with my shorter style.

It’s manageable because the thick, wavy part at the back has been cut up in a concave style, lessening the wrangling I need to do with it.

It’s possible for me to change up my look. I can opt for straight and sleek one day; messy waves the next.

At its current chin-length, I can pull it back if I need to. And by need, I mean if I’m too lazy to dry it after washing on a hot, humid day, I can scrape it back into a hair tie, a style move that got me far more accolades than was deserved last month on our beach holiday. Just add drop earrings and VOILA.

If I had to pick my favourite hair product of the summer. The hero product that’s helped me keep it all together when the weather gods have not been kind? It would be this one.

Schwarzkopf Extra Care 6 Miracles Oil Essence contains argan, monoi, pequi and marula oils and works six ways to bring happiness to your hair.

Schwarzkopf Extra Care 6 Miracles Oil Essence

1. It offers production when styling with heat – a must if you blowdry and use styling irons on your hair.

2. It’s designed to deeply nourish and protect your hair.

3. It can help reduce split ends.

4. It softens and conditions but doesn’t weight down your hair.

5. It works a treat on frizzy hair and fly-aways.

6. It adds a silky texture and shine to your hair.

All for about $10. Winning.

Reader summer hair care boot camp results                                        

Emily | Styling You and Schwarzkopf summer hair care boot campEm: Emily’s hair horoscope is Sassy Siren. Her hair has never been coloured and by the end of the day she’s oily on top and dry on the ends.

Products trialled: Schwarzkopf Extra Care Moisture Gloss shampoo, conditioner and crystal oil and Schwarzkopf Extra Care BB 11-in1 Hair Beautifier.

“The crystal oil and BB hair beautifier are AMAZING. I have been frizz-free. We’ve had some horribly humid days in Melbourne this summer, and I’m a natural curly-top who straightens her hair. I’ve been able to leave my hair out this summer instead of tying it up in its usual ponytail. I love the smell. It sounds petty, but when I put either of these products in my hair, I feel like I’ve just stepped out of the salon. My neighbours have probably seen me attempting some hair flicks in super-slow-mo as I leave the house in the morning.”


Kelly | Styling You and Schwarzkopf summer hair care boot campKelly: Kelly is a Sizzle Sister. Her main hair concerns are dullness, lack of shine and humidity causing frizz.

Products trialled: Schwarzkopf Extra Care Ultimate Colour shampoo, conditioner and Schwarzkopf Express Repair leave-in conditioner and Schwarzkopf Extra Care 6 Miracles Oil Essence.

“I feel that the leave-in conditioner has definitely slowed down my colour fade. Even though I’m way overdue for a hair appointment, my hair actually still looks pretty good and the colour has lasted well. My favourite product was the oil essence. It smoothed away my frizz and made my hair look sleek and shiny without looking greasy. A little goes a long way. After only ever having bought salon shampoos and treatments for the past few years, this trial has made me look at the more budget-friendly options, which is always a good thing!”


Caitlin | Styling You and Schwarzkopf summer hair care boot campCaitlin: Blooming Lovely is Caitlin’s horoscope. She colours it every four weeks so it needs tender care and it’s a struggle to get volume into her hair.

Products trialled:  Schwarzkopf Push Up Volume shampoo and conditioner; Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour Express Repair leave in conditioner; Schwarzkopf Extra Care Daily Oil Elixir

“My hair is much more manageable. The leave in conditioner has definitely helped keep my hair silky and smooth. I noticed after the first wash with the shampoo and conditioner that I had more volume and my hair was more responsive to my styling routine. My favourite product is the leave-in conditioner. My hair is on the dry side due to all the colouring and styling it has to endure so the leave in conditioner gives it an extra boost. The Oil Elixir is a very close second!”


Kerri | Styling You and Schwarzkopf summer hair care boot campKerri: Kerri’s hair horoscope is Mighty Aphrodite. Her main concern is how it reacts to the humidity in her home state of Queensland. She’s also concerned about it being dull and lacking shine.

Products trialled:  Schwarzkopf Extra Care Ultimate Repair shampoo and conditioner; Normal Balance Express Repair leave-in conditioner; Schwarzkopf Extra Care 6 Miracles Oil Essence

“My hair does not cope with the humidity, not matter what I use. The shampoo and conditioner didn’t work for me. However, I have to say that I’ve been loving the oil essence and have been using it regularly. It doesn’t make my hair oily (which other products have done) and keeps those fly-aways at bay. I’ve also been using it as a heat protector before straightening. I’ve been using the leave-in conditioner on my daughters’ very fine/lots of it hair after she washes it and it’s been great in helping keep her knotty hair at bay.”


Kelli - Styling You Schwarzkopf trial teamKelli: Kelli is a Blooming Loving like Caitlin. She describes her hair as “flat and lacking”.

Products trialled: Schwarzkopf Push Up Volume shampoo and conditioner; Schwarzkopf Extra Care Daily Oil Elixir; Schwarzkopf Extra Care BB 11-in1 Hair Beautifier

“My hair was dry early in the season but a good cut sorted that out. The oil elixir was my favourite product. It was light weight and didn’t leave my hair greasy. I have been using the oil elixir quite a bit. I love the way it can smooth fly-aways add extra shine. I wasn’t overly happy with the shampoo and conditioner. “


Thanks for playing along with my summer hair care boot camp with Schwarzkopf. Let me know if you have tried any of the products I’ve mentioned in the series and whether they’ve made a difference to your hair.

How would you rate your hair happiness right now – on a scale of 1-10 – 10 being super hair, show-offy and flick-worthy?

Want even more hair happiness? Sign up to the 2016 Hair Happiness Challenge and be first in the know with tips and style tricks.

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  1. your hair always looks great nikki!
    I know that my hair goes flat in qld!
    and because it’s short I like it a bit foofed
    so I do use their leave in cream conditioner to give it body!
    and if that doesn’t work then I attack it with anything in my daughter’s cupboard! lol m:)X I can always make it look ok!

  2. Your hair always looks beautiful Nikki and I love the shorter style it’s so chic!
    My hair doesn’t like humidity either or rain or sweating around the hairline,I’ve long been a fan of oils in my hair,I haven’t tried the Schwarzkopt oil yet and I’m not a fan of their shampoos and conditioners as they seem to weigh down my fine hair.
    I’d say on a good day my hair happiness would be an 9 especially if I’ve been to the hairdressers and she blow dries it,I’d love her to do it every time I wash my hair!
    All your readers doing the challenge have lovely hair and I’m glad they have found hair happiness Xx

  3. I purchased the oil on your recommendation and I LOVE it. In fact I might just be a little bit addicted to it – love the way it makes my hair feel and the smell is lovely.

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