Summer hair care boot camp: styling tips

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Did your hair survive the Christmas break?

Did it go to the beach? Did you follow my tips for caring for your hair when swimming?

Of COURSE you did.

We all want hair happiness, don’t we?

This summer hair care boot camp series is all about helping you to fall in love with your hair by offering up some simple care and styling tips that make it easy to keep the romance alive in between visits to the salon.

{You can catch up here and here.}

This month I’m sharing my secrets to styling your hair at home.

I’m very much about keeping it simple and keeping it simple in the hair styling department is all about finding products that work for your hair and the style you’re hoping to achieve.

7 tips for styling your hair at home

1. Keep to regular salon style cuts. This ensures that your hair is always in optimum condition for styling and that ends are not split and dry.

2. Work with your hair stylist to create a look that will be easy to maintain when you get home. To achieve this you have to build a good relationship with your hairdresser. He or she needs to know what your life looks like and how much time you realistically have to spend on hair styling.

3. Arm yourself with the right products – for your hair and the style you’re aiming to create. If you want a smooth finish, you’ll need a different set of products compared with tussled beach waves. The Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime range of styling products offers luxury styling products at budget-friendly prices. It’s a range that was created in cooperation with Claudia Schiffer.

All products have been developed to include high performing micro-styler technology including special polymers targeted to each product for powerful performance.

4. Master one style. Then add on more to your repertoire. It’s all about confidence so if you start with mastering one style, you know you’ll always have a style you can quickly and easily create. For me, it’s the straight and sleek. I know for some, this is a style that comes naturally, but for me, it’s one that takes a little effort to get things smooth.

Summer hair care boot camp | how to style your hair | sleek and smooth

For a smooth blow dry, blow dry along the mesh of hair to smooth the surface of the hair and create shine. Best products to use to help achieve the look: Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Satin frizz Control Defrizz cream before blow drying and finish off with Schwarzkopf Frizz Control Straightening Spray before using straightening irons, to help close down the cuticle for extra shine. – Grant Withnell (National Technical Educator for Schwarzkopf)

Schwarzkopf styliste Ultime Satin Frizz Control Defrizz Cream and Straightening Spray

5. Save styling time by washing your hair the night before you need to style it. Shhh … the hair experts may not be on board with this one but this is an old trick of mine and very much appeals to the lazy-girl in me. I cut out the blow-dry from the styling equation and let my hair dry naturally. Less time hair wrangling all around. This is actually a more successful way for me to approach doing a wavy look like below.

Summer hair care boot camp | how to style your hair | waves

For getting a wavy style at home use Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Amino O Hold Foam Mousse to add more grip to your hair, scrunch and twist as you dry off your hair and then create the waves using a styling iron. Always twist the iron back and away from your face. Set the look with Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Amino O Hold Hair Spray. Both products give great control without sticky build-up and with less damage to your hair.

Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Amino O Hold Foam Mousse

6.  You don’t have to be at the beach to get beach waves. I’m just back from the beach where I did next to no styling. I just let the salty water and air do their thing. Back home and I’m keen to re-create the look. It couldn’t be more simple.

For a super simple textured look, check out blogger Zanita’s everyday ‘do here. For a more fancy finish, follow these steps:

For a textured blow dry – blow dry against the mesh of hair for a more textured finish . Best products to use to help achieve the look: Schwarzkopf Stylist Ultime Sea Salt Beach Look Texture Spray before you blow dry hair ,for more volume tip head upside, then finish off withSchwarzkopf Stylist Ultime Sea Salt Beach LookTexture Powder for an even more textured finish. – Grant Withnell (National Technical Educator for Schwarzkopf)

Schwarzkopf styliste Ultime Sea Salt Beach Look Texture Spray and Texture Powder

7. Extend your style. You’ve spent quality time getting your hair all styled up so keep it going for days with the help of dry shampoo. Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Biotin Volume Dry Shampoo instantly refreshes and gives a volume boost to hair.

Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Biotin Volume Dry Shampoo

So tell me, what is your go-to hairstyle for summer – or any time of the year? How do you create it?

Not sure of your hair type? Get your Hair Horoscope here.

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  1. Oh how exciting Julie – looking forward to hearing how the new you evolves. Salon is always superior for me too but over the years, I’ve got tips from my stylists as to how best to tame my hair. They know your hair – and should be able to offer advice specific to you. x

  2. Oh such great tips here and your hair always looks amazing. I am on the eternal search for the best dry shampoo too so I’ll def be checking this one out. I’d love to acheive a salon style do with paying $50 so I’ll be checking out the rest too. x

  3. your hair looks super nikki! … I like schwarzkopf products!
    my hair is soo easy it’s not funny and if it doesn’t behave I have the wear with all to beat it into submission! … not necessary usually!;))
    I have bleached foils, so I need to keep the brassy at bay!
    I have a new blue shampoo and conditioner … MATRIX total results SO SILVER … it is working a treat! … because my hair is still very dark at the back!
    enjoy your day hun! love m:)X

  4. Great tips Nikki my hair is fine and curly but not all over good curls and after my operation I lost quite a lot of hair and the new little hairs growing back are grey,I’m now 80% grey which suits me just fine,last time I visited my hairdresser she put in some fine ash foils so the greys blend better.
    I mostly always let my hair dry naturally and use argan oil after every wash and usually straighten it about twice a week,but can also do the curls if I want to fix up the top layer…depends on the weather,I also use a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner and my hair colour us an organic one.
    You do have beautiful hair Nikki it’s so thick and shiny and I like your hair straight and curly Xx

    1. I’m glad you’re managing your hair post op Lisa. I do get hair loss about once a year caused by my thyroid condition – it’s not fun with the tufty re-growth. I’m lucky I’ve got a lot to start with and can mostly hide it. x

  5. After going from brown to blonde my hair has been a trial. Breaking. Fuzzy. We use olaplex in salon and at home but it’s still suffering. Have keratin to keep it smooth as it’s mostly straight. Humidity plays havoc and too many products weigh it down. I use blonda by unite to keep the colour although this time my colour not as cool as I’d like. Constant woes I’m afraid. Mind you work colleagues always think it look ok.

    1. In 2014 the blonde colouring that was being used on my hair was too harsh and my hair went the same way. Moved salons and have not had a problem in 2015. My hair is definitely prone to dryness so I’m conscious of that. But tell me … hair health aside, which do you prefer? Brunette or blonde?

      1. When brunette which was very dark I could never have imagined blonde. Now I can’t go back because I’m about 50% grey on top but quite dark underneath. I don’t want a solid blonde as with my roots I’ve been going 9 weeks before next one. It’s just getting the cool tone that I like that’s difficult. A lot have commented they love it.

  6. ‘Mesh of the hair’… I don’t understand what this means (yes, I’m beauty-speak challenged LOL) Does it mean the direction of growth (ie blow dry down the shaft for smooth hair and against for tousling)?

    Love the wavy look Nikki – I usually let my hair dry to get a natural wave but I’d like to try styling it to look a little more professional for work, rather than straightening. Thanks for the handy tips!

    1. Sorry about that Mel, yes Grant is talking about the cuticle of the hair, which you smooth down with downwards actions from root to tip. If you have a lovely natural wave then you could try enhancing those waves with some curling wand action.

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