Summer hair care boot camp: home maintenance

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Fun fact: I was offered a hairdressing apprenticeship when I was 15.

Yes, despite managing to drench at least three elderly clients at the basin during a week’s work experience at a salon, I was asked whether I’d like to join the team.

Back in the day, plenty of my friends left school at Year 10. It was more the done thing than continuing on.

But I didn’t go in with a plan to finish school at Year 10. No, I went into that week of work experience with a purely selfish motive.

Remember last month when I introduced you to this summer hair care boot camp and shared my desperate desire to have long hair when I was a kid?

Well, I did manage to take charge of my hair and grow it.

By the time I was in Years 9 and 10 it was positively swish-worthy … albeit with a middle part and fringe.

Here’s a visual …

Nikki Parkinson Styling You | hair 15 years old

Anyhoo, being the owner of long, swish-worthy hair and not being in possession of any knowledge on how to style said hair, I thought that a week in a hair salon would enable me to hone my styling ways.

Specifically I wanted to learn how to braid my hair.

Oh how young and idealistic I was. Of course there was no time for such indulgent tuition.

No, there were clients’ backs to drown; clients’ hair to sweep up and cups of tea and coffee to be made.

I never complained – clearly – because they offered me a job.

BUT. No braiding tuition then and completely useless to this day.

{If my good mate Hair Romance had been around with her skills and her books, I’d probably have not set foot in that salon. She has many tutorials but I do love this particular one for a great summer alternative for wearing your hair up.}

What working in that salon did teach me (apart from every job really does start at the bottom) is that if you can learn how to look after your hair between salon visits, you’ll definitely have greater hair happiness.

This month’s summer hair care boot camp lesson is all about home care of your hair.

Hair Happiness Summer Hair Care Boot Camp | 7 tips for caring for your hair at home between salon visits | #hairhappiness

7 tips for caring for your hair at home

Always consider what is the biggest issue you have with your hair and tackle that first. Grant Withnell, Schwarzkopf National Technical Educator

1. Do keep to regular salon visits. I know this seems like the opposite of what I’m talking about – home care – but good home care does start with salon care. Work with your stylist to create a cut and colour that works for your hair and lifestyle. There is no use getting a complicated hairstyle in the salon if you don’t have the time in your life to devote to styling it each day. A good stylist will listen and understand your hair and your personal needs around styling it. This will make it easier at home.

2. If you get your hair coloured in a salon, refresh your colour in between with either a toner (blonde) or semi-permanent (other). Keep your salon colour costs down by only getting the underneath sections highlighted. The highlights will still pop through and give your hair a lift but the regrowth will not be as obvious. My 19YO daughter does this to her blonde/light brown hair.

3. Don’t wash your hair. Well, do wash it, but don’t wash it every day if you can manage it. I know with some hair types this is not as easy as with others. I wash my hair a maximum of twice a week. In winter I can stretch that out to almost once a week. Sure, it doesn’t feel as fresh as that first day but it looks ok. This is saving me time – both in washing and styling. It’s also reducing the fade on my colour and it’s reducing damage to my hair from blow drying and styling iron use.

4. Do wash your hair with the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Have you done your Hair Horoscope? If not, head over here and do it. STAT. This will confirm what type of hair you have plus recommend some Schwarzkopf hair products best suited to your hair. Products you can pick up from the supermarket next time you’re doing the groceries. My hair horoscope type is Mighty Aphrodite, with my *mane* problem being frizz and split ends.

The best shampoo and conditioner for my hair is the Schwarzkopf Ultimate Repair range. They contain liquid keratin, which repairs the hair from the inside plus also strengthen the hair to prevent breakages. From the very first wash, I noticed a difference in the manageability and softness of my hair.

Hair Happiness Summer Hair Care Boot Camp | 7 tips for caring for your hair at home between salon visits | #hairhappiness

5. Do seek out the best treatment products for your hair. As a leave in treatment – on both wet and dry hair – I’m using the Schwarzkopf 6 Miracles Oil. Oh boy this hair oil is The Business. You only need a couple of pumps to feel the difference in your hair. It heat protects while you’re styling, it nourishes and it controls fly-aways, leaving you with shiny, happy hair.

6. If swimming regularly – in a pool or the ocean – protect your hair first. The easiest way to do this is to wet your hair and apply conditioner before you jump into the water. This ensures that the hair cuticle is filled with the good stuff, making it more difficult for the chlorine or salt to do damage.

7. If putting your hair up, use a hair band or tie that doesn’t drag your hair. I’m a big fan of the plastic spiral ones that look like tiny, old phone cords (showing my age). I can put my hair up for yoga and, an hour later, take it out with no sign of a dent or a crease. Quite a few brands are doing these now so look out for them in the supermarket.

SY Hair Happiness team

Make this summer your happiest in the hair department.

I’ll be back next month with some styling tips for you – always a challenge when the heat is on.

Plus, joining me on this summer hair care boot camp are five fabulous Styling You readers:

Kerri from QLD
Caitlin from SA (Caitlin blogs at Twist of Cait)
Kelly from QLD
Emily from VIC (Emily blogs at Em Hawker Blog)
Kelli from QLD

They’ll be sharing their experiences with products designed specifically for their hair type. I can’t wait to hear how they go.

So tell me, what’s your biggest hair concern right now? Make that the focus of your own personal hair care boot camp.

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  1. Great tips Nikki I also worked in a hairdressers from 14and 9months till I left school though did not score an apprenticeship!!
    My hair has been behaving badly despite not doing anything different, I blame the anaesthetic it is frizzy and my last colour has not lasted as well as it usually does and there is a LOT more greys,it had better start behaving Xx

  2. all good tips thanks nikki! … love your younger you too!
    my hair is too easy! … have I done it today???
    run fingers through! … done!
    I could go on about stuff! … bottom line is I like schwarzkopf products!
    I use their toner especially if my streaks are a bit yellow! I put it in and leave it! tones beautifully! … most people would rinse it out but i’m a rebel without a cause! lol m:)X …
    btw you are looking very cruisie on that ship! how lovely for you and master sy at kids club! … great!

  3. Love your flashback pic!! I’m getting into the groove with my new shorter do and loving it but finding new styling products and leave in products very hit and miss. Shorter thicker hair has such different needs. I’m so keen to see your results xx

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