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I haven’t always had a love affair with my hair.


As a small child, I was not given any creative input when it came to how my hair would look.

I was so DESPERATE for long hair I remember getting in trouble on school assembly in Year 2 for wearing my skivvy on my head, the neck of it encasing my scull like an overgrown headband and the arms and body cascading down my back.

I couldn’t understand why I was in trouble.

Didn’t my teacher understand? All I wanted was LONG HAIR. Hair that swished back and forth as you jumped through a hopscotch game.

Alas, my dear late mother thought she was doing me a favour keeping my hair in an unattractive 1970s version of a pixie crop … the same crop as my younger brothers sported throughout those formative years.

1970s children's hair cuts

Each time the three of us were lined up at the salon (maybe there was a bulk deal?), I’d plead for my crop to be left well alone.

“Not until you’re old enough to look after it yourself,” were the words I heard on repeat until the summer of 1979.

That year my dad, step-mum, my brothers and I left our country Queensland home on a hot, humid day bound for five months living in Europe.

As I hopped on that plane, I vowed and declared that no-one would so much as come near my hair with a pair of scissors.

And I’ve been in charge of my Hair Happiness ever since.

Note, I say, in charge. This is not to say that I’ve been happy with my hair ever since.

Lest we forget The Perm of 1984. Or The Brunette Flirt of 2011. Or The Over-toned Blue Rinse of Christmas Eve 2014.

No, let’s not forget … but let’s not dwell either.

We’ve all got bad hair day stories – fresh or from the vault – to share.

This post – and others I’ll be featuring here across summer – are aimed at fostering good hair days every day.

I want you to make friends with what you’ve got.

I want you to care about your hair.

And I want you to feel that hair happiness feeling.

Are you with me?

summer hair care boot camp #hairhappiness

Hair happiness

Grant Withnell is a very clever man. He’s the National Technical Educator for Schwarzkopf and I’ve been lucky enough to have garnered many a hair-care tip from him over the years.

We’re very much on the same page when it comes to the “secret” to hair happiness.

Great hair always starts with a great haircare regime.  Spend some time finding what works best for your hair type.  We have a great tool on Style Studio that you can easily do this, Hair Horoscopes it’s not a dodgy pick up line – finding out your hair horoscope is the first step to hair happiness.

The Hair Horoscope asks just a few simple questions but it helps you get clear on just what your main hair concerns are and what kind of products you need to address those concerns.

No surprise, I’m a Mighty Aphrodite. I’ve got no time for split ends or frizz and my hair needs products that strengthen and repair damage.

What Hair Horoscope are you? Take the quiz now.


I’m looking for five Styling You readers who’d like to join me on this summer hair care boot camp.

summer hair care boot camp #hairhappiness

Each of the five selected winners will receive a Schwarzkopf hair care product pack specific to their hair’s needs.

Each of the winners would need to be able to supply a before and after photo that may be used in a blog post here on Styling You. We’d also ask you some questions about how your hair has gone throughout the boot camp. These answers may be featured in a blog post here on Styling You.

To enter, tell us in the comments why your hair deserves some happiness this summer AND answer the following:

1. What is your Hair Horoscope?

2. What is your major hair concern? 

a) Dull, lacking shine

b) Flat, lacking volumne

c) Long hair prone to split ends

d) Sustaining colour


e) No issues

Entries open Thursday, November 5 at 4.30am (AEST) and close Thursday, November 12 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity (photos can be included and uploaded with the comment). The winner will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

Want more hair happiness? Sign up to the 2016 Hair Happiness Challenge and be first in the know with tips and style tricks.

Comments 43

  1. I’m a sizzle sister and my main concern is keeping colour, dry and friz. Having 3 young kids under 6 i normally just throw my hair in a pony tail and forget up how unhappy I am with my hair as I just have no idea how to get it back to its healthy self. I really hope to be considered.

  2. I’m a sizzle sister. my hairdresser recently dyed my hair brown after being jet black for about 20 years and now it looks dull and lacks shine. I need to give it some much needed TLC

  3. I’m a Feisty Fatale with a frizz problem! I’ve been growing out my hair – decided to embrace the silver and stop trying to hold back the tide (line :)). Fine frizzy hair with fragments of foiled ends is not fantastic, need HELP!

  4. I’m a sizzle sister but I do love my monochrome – frizz is my main concern and keeping it frizz free without using my ghd everyday

  5. I’m a Sizzle Sister…!!! Keeping my colour alive and vibrant is my main concern, as well as keeping the frizz at bay during the humid season <3

  6. My hair is dull, frizzy and needs to bounce back to life with a radiant shine and luminous glow. Needs volume and split ends repaired.

  7. Sassy Siren and A. My hair is so dull and straw like that when I’m in the garden with the kids, I scare the birds away! Please help me to welcome the birds back to the garden!

  8. I’m sizzle sister. To be honest having a toddler and being 25 weeks pregnant I’m such an unenergetic mess. I’ve let my hair go to the max and it’s gonna need any help it can get a hair care prize pack would be amazing

  9. a. Dull, lacking shine
    Horoscope: Sassy siren
    To be honest, I am guilty of neglecting my hair constantly. I rarely go to the hairdresser and wear my hair in a pony-tail every day! I have lovely hair, but it could be so much more lovelier if I paid attention to it!

  10. issue C. Sassy Siren

    i have been growing my hair out from pixie to shoulder length for just over a year and now i want to celebrate having some length back 🙂

  11. I am a sizzle sister! Who would have known! I am growing my hair…. and it is taking AGES! I am always looking for and trying products to help me keep the shine and take away the split ends feeling. i have not found anything I am happy with yet. And I haven’t tried any of the Schwartzkopf products yet. With the party and conference season upon me (for work) I would love to look my best. Please help!

  12. Mine is sizzle sister! My main problem is the dullness, lack of shine & humidity causing frizz. I even went dark to try to get the shine. Am always buying the hairdressers shampoos & styling treatments, it looks fab when it’s just been done but I can never seem to recreate that salon look that you get!

  13. My hair horoscope is Mighty Aphrodite. My major problem is humidity in summer (and I live in Qld so double trouble) but there isn’t an option for that so I guess second on the list is a) dull and lacking shine – always difficult when you are blonde. I am just so tired of spending lots of $$ on products that really don’t work – so an option to try some new products would be fab!

    1. Post
  14. Im a sizzle sister!!!! Coloured hair that needs a bit of sparkle and dry hair that needs some nourishment!!
    Definetely keen for some more shine and would love to try these awesome products and share it with you xxx

  15. My hair is Blooming Lovely! Although that’s not how I describe it first thing in the morning. I’m trying to grow it into a long messy bob, but it just alternates from being boofy to flat as a pancake. So (b) for me. As to why it needs some love, I have three little people to take care of (not to mention I just found my first grey) and hair treatments are not high on my list of priorities. I actually left the house the other day without looking in the mirror and didn’t notice I had some puffed rice stuck in it (thanks 9 month old!).

  16. My hair deserves happiness and my long-suffering hairdresser (bless your patience, Marie) would wholeheartedly agree. It is washed, dried and straightened every day. It is usually thrown into a tight ponytail by the end of the day. It’s never been coloured, has had three treatments in its lifetime, and is basically screaming for attention!
    1. I’m a Sassy Siren. (Hold the sass, hold the siren.)
    2. f) by the end of the day, I’m oily on top and dry on the ends. But if I have to choose from the others, e).

    Thanks for hosting the comp!

  17. My hair lives in a bun and is full of split ends from hair ties, it deserves to come out and shine during the summer 🙂 Apparently I am a Mighty Aprodite whose major concern is split ends 🙁

  18. According Schwarzkopf Hair Horoscope my hair is Sizzle Sister. I have no idea about my hair conditions because I do not have time or money to look after my hair. Schwarzkopf is a famous haircare brand with superior quality and revolutionary technology to provide stylish hairstyles for everyone. It would be nice to try these haircare products to help my hair beautiful and vibrant.

  19. I’m a feisty fatale with no issues except the ones in my head because I want to spend minimal time doing my hair in my very busy life so that it looks like it perfectly maintained. I’m sure most of the time it looks like I’ve just gotten out of bed & done nothing. And some days I do just that…

  20. 1.

    Lacking volume

    I would love to look gorgeous this summer. I
    recently got married and I’m so happy and would love to look glowing and

  21. I’m a mighty Aphrodite! Rrrrrrrrrr!! And my hair is dull and lacking shine! I’ve had a colour change due to not being able to have colour touch my scalp and I miss my lovely shiny hair! Help, I need to shine!! ☀️

  22. Do I just need to choose one? My ‘Blooming Lovely’ hair is in need of tender care, but I’m overwhelmed by voluminising products, and fear that whenever I use them on my fine locks, I’ll end up with a greasy puddle on my scalp.
    b) Flat, lacking volume
    c) Long hair prone to split ends

  23. I have fine curly hair that grows horizontal, not vertical. A giant cow lick in my fringe doesn’t help either. I seriously could do with some hair happiness

  24. Hair Horoscope says: Blooming Lovely. My hair is coloured and ends get dry if not conditioned properly. I generally have thin hair and lacking volume (b).

  25. My hair is Dull and lacking shine
    Would love managable gorgeous hair
    To give me confidence to walk with my HEAD up high
    Easy to manage lustrous hair .would be A dream come true !

  26. c) Long hair prone to split ends! I may have long hair but I often can’t let my hair down as I’m in a tangle! I need a fix, it’s my MANE weakness!

  27. I would love more body and slinkier hair, instead of the thin fine hair I have that tends to be full of static electricity when I brush it! It doesn’t look lush hanging down so its always in a pony or plait.

  28. Ahhhh I can relate I had a brutal fringe for ages and was not allowed to get my ears pierced until 16 because my mum said I would not be old enough to take care of it. And I have constant bad hair days as my hair is long thick and frizzy. I have very very limited time to do anything with it in the mornings. So ugh it never looks the way I want it to.

  29. I’m a Mighty Aphrodite too. My hair is thick and likes to curl in the heat. When I recently got my hair coloured, my hair dresser noticed it was quite dry. I’ve been using a new shampoo so I’m probably going to have to change it to something else. This was a timely post for me to read. I haven’t had good hair all week!

  30. I am a “sizzle sister”…seriously?! Probably managing colour (by that I mean my plentiful grey bits) is my challenge. Actually, after my whole adult life of hair in a more-or-less bob, ranging from more-or-less shoulder to chin length I am contemplating going quite short. It seems I need some sort of rev up, maybe it is the fast approaching 50th? A rethink to my approach to hair would be fun!

  31. My hair horoscope is ‘Blooming Lovely’ aka needs help to inject a bit of volume and colour repair…. me to a capital T! It’s a constant struggle to get my hair up and at em’ as it loves to lay low and slicked. I colour it every 4 weeks too so some tender love and care it always a good idea, especially in Summer with all the sunshine and chlorine action it has to deal. My hair is my favourite accessory so I like it to look as healthy and ‘Blooming Lovely’ as it possibly can!

  32. Nikki you are certainly making up for your hair now,it always looks amazing and so healthy! I hate my curls and ATM have nearly 2 months of regrowth so I’m not happy at all with my hair but I just rang my hairdresser and she is so lovely and kind instead of me trying to drive when I haven’t been given a clearance yet,she is going to come to my house and do my hair for me.its the little things isn’t it that make us feel better,great post Nikki I also had short hair when I was young and hated it,so I sympathise Xx

  33. I’m a Sizzle Sister with the challenge of try to sustain colour in my hair.
    In addition, I’m having too many bad hair days to even contemplate at the moment, as my always curly hair gets more coarse due to the grey that’s taking over my head. Couple that with the perspiration from daily exercise which makes it frizzy on the ends and icky on the scalp, means I need to wash almost everyday.

    My hairdresser, who I love and have followed from salon to salon for over 17 years, gave me blue hair earlier this year. It was due to a change in the formulation of the colour, so that the ash he put in to counteract all my red ended up as a kind of peacock blue.

    I probably could have lived with it if it was all over my head and looked deliberate, but it was only my roots and I had a meeting with the MD coming up where it really wasn’t going to be appreciated.

  34. Another timely post!! I booked myself in for keratin treatment yesterday as cannot control fizz not matter what I use! It starts off ok but when the humidity and/or rain come along bye by smooth hair hello poodle!! Love the pics and have way too many Lest we Forget hairstyles to list here!!

  35. I love those stories of yesteryear nikki!
    healing hopefully for you too hun! … soo cute with your dolly!
    all good tips and your photo shots are gorgeous! …
    your hair always looks beautiful!
    it’s with a trained eye that I observe these things!;))
    my hair has always been short! except for a window of wedding madness!
    I love my easy hair and it suits me and my two second regime! <3 it!
    "I don't want to brag," but I do it myself! coined the phrase from caroline of champagne cartel! lol m:)X

  36. Hi Nikki…well it turns out my Hair Horoscope as titled me “Sizzle Sister”…kinda like that !!!! I guess if you asked me my major Hair concern would be dryness. I do a lot of exercise most mornings and as the weather is heating up and the humidity kicks in, I do have to wash it just about every day WHICH is a total pain!! Even after washing and blow drying etc…I still struggle with the humidity that leaves my hair like a frizzball. I am actually growing it a little so at least this way I can easily clip it up with a fab clip for work which can still look good. SO….I would LOVE to be a winner in this competition !! Thankyou for the opportunity xx

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