What are your cult beauty products?

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What makes a beauty product a cult beauty product?

There are a couple of things that come into play.

Generally a beauty product becomes known as a cult beauty product because even though they were first released years ago, they are still selling by the truckload.

Beauty companies thankfully take this demand as a good reason not to ever stop making said cult beauty product.

These are the products that need minimal marketing. They are out there, they’re known, people love them, customers are loyal, they are purchased over and over again.

Despite any marketing hype around a new release, they still get noticed and bought.

For some cult products, it can be decades since they were first released but it’s still possible for a relatively new-release product to make it to cult status.

For me, the true test of cult status is whether I’m still using said product and re-stocking whenever it runs out or needs replacing.

A quick look at this list I did for The Hoopla back in 2013 and can say that most of the 20 products featured are still in my beauty cabinet.

Today, I’ve dug into my beauty cabinets (yes there is more than one – it’s my “job”) and I’m shaking up those products from 2013 and adding in some new and noteworthies that I know will be firm favourites for years to come.

Yes, I’ve not included some from the 2013 list but that doesn’t mean they’re still not cult products. They’re just not cult products I’m currently using.

This list is more personal.

You’ll also notice that I haven’t included much in the skincare department. To be honest, that’s because I’m always trialling and falling in love with something new. My skin is not getting any younger. I’m not chasing the holy grail of youth but I have most definitely changed my skincare to suit my age.

So let’s get stuck in, shall we?

My 17 current cult beauty products

17 beauty products I can't live without | cult beauty products

1. ghd hair stylers: I remember a time pre-ghd and it was not pretty. Good hair days were very few and far between. My original 2004 set lasted years. I’ve upgraded a couple of times since. Pictured is the eclipse and there’s a new ghd platinum styler launching soon … my hair is already throwing a pre-launch party.

2. Urban Decay Naked2 eyeshadow palette: This is a new purchase but comes with a cult reputation that is totally deserved. All the Naked palettes have the same status but it’s the Naked2 that was first on my buy list with 12 eye colours that work for day and then can be ramped up for evening.

3. Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder Foundation: This foundation made my top 2014 beauty product list and for very good reason. It’s great on its own but for me it’s all about the touch-up. I’ll add it over a BB Cream or foundation at the start of the day but carry in my handbag to touch up the t-section during the day.

4. Face of Australia HD High Definition face primer: You know my thoughts on priming, yes? It’s a key factor in stopping makeup from sliding off your face. This one continues to be on my shopping list as it is The Business and it’s cheap as chips. I don’t scrimp on primer. Ever.

5. Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Moisturising Lipstick Matte Finish in Red Hot/Bold Red (41): I’ve already talked up my new red lip obsession and it’s getting a mention here as I really can’t imagine my makeup kit without it. It hugs my lips without drying and just makes a neutral outfit pop.

6. Go-To Skincare Face Hero: This is another of my newbie-cult-can’t-live-without products. That Zoe Foster knows her stuff (and not just about the ability to take cute baby photos of her son). This very much the hero of her Go-To Skincare range. I use it every night under a night moisturiser but it also works on its own if you’re cutting back on beauty products for travel.

7. Chanel No. 5 eau de perfum purse spray: I’ve been a lover of Chanel No.5 since way back but this is my favourite way to get my fix. It’s compact and perfect for the handbag or travelling and is sold with two refills.

8. bareMinerals Marvellous Moxie Lip Gloss in sparkplug: I stumbled across this lip gloss in a bonus with a bareMinerals mascara and have not stopped buying. I may or may not have one in my handbag and one in my bathroom. I love the natural colour for every day lips. The hydrating formula that is free from parabens, sulphates and phthalates.

9. Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream: I’ve been spruiking and wearing this BB Cream since it was released almost four years ago. There are many other variations in the Garnier BB range but I always come back to the original. I use the medium in summer with a spray tan; the light the rest of year.

10. Maybelline Master Graphic Liner in bold black: this is not the first Maybelline liquid eyeliner that I’ve fallen for but it’s the latest in a line of eyeliners that are easy to apply, they stay in place and add a dramatic finish to an eye makeup.

11. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat: Oh all hail the grandmother of illuminators. I cannot imagine a makeup life without a good dose of illumination goodness. I don’t use this as a concealer, instead I use it on the top of my cheekbones under my eyes to keep me looking fresh when I’m not so fresh.

12. Nars illuminator in Orgasm (or Super Orgasm in this case): why stop at one illuminator, I say? This is one I’ll pop on my cheeks over the top of BB Cream and a lick of mascara and lip gloss and and I’ll be ready for a day in the home office. I feel fresh, look relatively fresh but it’s all about the lack of fuss.

13. Napoleon Perdis The One Concealer Fair: I cannot live without a concealer. Have not been able to do so for about 20 years which coincides with the birth of my eldest son. The bags moved in with those early sleepless nights and just haven’t taken the hint and shifted. This blends so well to cover any darkened colour around the eyes that you’ll fool anyone. There is also an original version for darker complexions.

14. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water: I use this every night and it still amazes me just how much grime comes off my face. Even on a non-makeup day. Think of the formula like a magnet for that grime and you know you’re doing your face some favours. It’s super soft on your skin too so you’ll never feel like the normal oils in your skin have been stripped dry.

15. Benefit They’re Real Mascara: I’m very much one to change and try different mascaras but this is one I return to time and again. It’s a combo of the formula and the brush that makes my short lashes immediately look more long and lush. It’s fairly smudge-proof as well.

16. Lanolips Golden ointment: I’ve been worshipping to the Lanolips gods since this Australian lip and skincare range began. I’ve tried and bought just about all in the range but this is the product I keep re-stocking. For me it’s like the original 101 ointment but with the added benefits of manuka honey and Vitamin E to the medical grade lanolin for which this range is known for. It’s my night-time and early morning exercise lip balm.

17. NIVEA Light Feel Everyday Sun Lotion SPF 30+:  My number one skincare rule is always wear a a sunscreen. This is one I can pop on every day. It’s feather-like in its lightness on the skin. Broad spectrum UVA & UVB Filters and Vitamin E. 4 hrs water resistant

Wowzers, Stylers, that was some download of the beauty products you need the most.

As with any list I do, I’m merely starting the conservation. I want to hear from you.

What are the beauty products you always re-stock … the beauty products you’d start a petition over should they ever be taken off the shelves?

Share your list in the comments below.

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  1. I’ve been using the Nars primer for about a year and it’s brilliant. I’m almost too scared to try another … If you haven’t tried Mecca’s d-luscious lip balm, make sure you do when you next visit Mecca. It’s a godsend, especially now that we’re moving into the cooler months. ByTerry also does a fabulous illuminator – on a par, if not better than YSL. And hooray for red lippie and Micellar cleansing water! Love your list 🙂

  2. I love the red lipstick but I have a serious issue – every red lipstick turns pink on my lips!! it’s super annoying… Nikki – do you have any ideas on this? Go-To Face Hero – definitely my new face hero – it’s fab!

  3. A few of my faves are also in your list. I use a mix of Garnier products and trilogy at home. Specially the rose hydrating mist and rosehip oil. Smell is important as well as the benefits to my skin.

  4. Awesome cult list Nikki. 6 of these are on mine: the bb cream, the mascara, the micellar water, the naked palette, the skin hero and of course the ghd! I’d also add… benefit stay don’t stray, klorane dry shampoo, model co eyelash curler and go-to Lips to my cult list.xx

  5. My HG list:
    Face of Australia HD Primer,
    Revlon Colorstay foundation,
    Australis ReadySetGo Finishing Powder—–this is the bomb, for setting foundation.
    Australis jumbo bronzer,
    Australis Stayput eyeliner pencil,
    Chi Chi eyeshadows,
    NYX Wonder Pencil in Light (for lining inner eye rim)——this one is my favorite, & I could not do without.
    For hair- Eleven Miracle Treat.
    W7 (the best-selling cosmetics in UK) nail polishes (in Harder & Tuffer, Longer & Stronger),

    I’m a budget girl, but these are TOP quality. I’m always looking for dupes.

  6. I think Chanel No.5 is on my list to buy. I love the go to face hero and cannot live without it. Due to buy a new one soon. I am using rouge coco at the moment and i love it. Just a little bit in love with Chanel products at the moment. Great line up and some newbies for me to add to my collection.
    V x

  7. Sorry I a bit late to the party but I wanted to let you know about my all time most fav product in the whole world. It is Kevyn Aucoin “The Volume Mascara”, whilst I am super crazy about Benefit They’re Real – it doesn’t agree with my eyes. I have found this one to be perfect and whilst it isn’t as amazing in the result stakes as They’re Real over time because my eye lashes don’t break, I get a pretty good result with it oh and I can see and don’t have red eyes. Winner!

  8. Big fan of Chanel 5 since I was about 21…can’t live without it. Also a recent convert to Nars eyeshadows, I love well applied eye make up so their palettes are just a joy…must check out this illuminator business and it may be time to start concealing as well…? Thanks for the tips x

  9. Lots to try here, especially the Elizabeth Arden red lipstick, I am so afraid of colour on my lips (put the red on my nails instead)…but I think I am ready…Jurlique Moisture Replenishing Day cream, Lancome Grandiose Mascara and OPI I stop for Red Nail polish and I’m done…x

  10. So many of these I would like to try, especially the naked palette and lanolips ointment. But I heartily agree with the mascara, micellar cleansing water, ghd and bb cream. I’m also still using the trilogy rosehip oil at night, but a more recent love is the dermalogica primer. I love this stuff! Adds a smoothness and a glow that I love. Have also recently returned to the Napoleon camera finish powder which is brilliant.

  11. There are a fair few things son here I haven’t heard of (though I’m not much into makeup regimes) so I am off on a search to find these. Thanks for doing the hard work for me.

  12. Since discovering Smashbox Primer with Dermaxyl in NY in 2007 I have not been without it. Tried others but always go back to Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, YSLTouche Eclat, Australis eye brow pencil (perfect shade) and Nars lippies. I am fickle on everything else but these are my cult products.

  13. Since discovering Smashbox Primer with Dermaxyl in NY in 2007 I have not been without it. Tried others but always go back to Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, YSLTouche Eclat, Australis eye brow pencil (perfect shade) and Nars lippies. I am fickle on everything else but these are my cult products.

  14. As i love beautiful brows, I can’t live without Stefans ‘brow sculpt’. Cliniques new brow pencil is also great.
    I can’t live without my fleur de mer SPF50 tinted foundation (I’ve been using it for over 10 years every day)

  15. Absolutley loving the Josie Maran range with Argan oils. Am a little obsessed with her Argan Illuminzer at the moment, gives a gorgeous natural glow…who wouldn’t love that!

  16. After years of using makeup wipes every night, I have switched to the Garnier micellar water and I love that it seems so much less harsh, but it works! The wipes are not saved for when I travelling.
    I switch everything else around but my long time favourites are Priori Barrier Repair Gentle facial Cleanser and Invigorating Scrub; Nars oil-free primer, Nars eye pencils (so soft, but they stay in place), Clinique Super City Block and Bobbi Brown BB and bronzer.

    1. I love your long-time favourites Johanne and yes those NARS eye pencil do glide on easily and stay put! Like you, I’m using my wipes less and less – I did take them travelling but missed my micellar water so will decant into a travel bottle for the upcoming trip I think.

  17. I agree with a lot of these products Nikki,let’s see I will start from the base up.Trilogy Rosehip oil +antioxidant,Dermalogica Repair,Dermalogica ultra calming cleanser for the shower,Garnier Micella cleansing water for night.Lancome Hydra Zen Nuit Nuerocalm night cream.
    Nivea sunscreen,NP primer,Maybelline mascara,pawpaw ointment for lips and most NP lipsticks and I also love Maybelline lippies and of course Nivea soft for my body and perfume,my favourites include Micheal Kors by Michael Kors,Flowerbomb,kendo flowers and Lolita Lempicka fragrances!
    I think you can I can’t live without fragrance.Sorry for the essay,have a lovely day Nikki Xx

  18. I agree with 1,2,6,7 (still divine), 9, 10 & 14! You have been instrumental in my addiction to Garnier miscellar water and their BB ( who knew?!) and I’m heading out to try the E Arden red lippie today!

  19. Great list Nikki! I bought Naked2 palette and bare minerals maxi lip gloss last year in the US. Unfortunately, my daughter has “stolen” both so may need to invest again! Also where do you buy Go To skincare? I thought it might be a worthwhile investment as we are travelling overseas??

  20. Great list Nikki. Isn’t Face Hero the best? Also can’t be without Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment – use it for everything … oh and still, after 30+ years, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser – It NEVER, EVER irritates my super-sensitive skin. Garnier BB, like you, is the one I always come back to. x

    1. I just rediscovered that Clinique moisturiser after buying a travel size tube in US last year.
      The Garnier BB cream and Micellar water are the best Thank you Nikki and Mrs Woog) . I have returned to Revlon for foundations, again after being given a sample of their photoshop or photo effects new product in US, available here I happily discovered and excellent and reasonably priced. YSL Touch Eclat will forever be in my bag and Chanel lipsticks. I am not a slave to any brand, I am trialling Nivea skincare as I can get it from supermarket and Nikki recommends it!!!

      1. Awesome stuff Cheekie … as I said re skincare, I’m always trialling something different. Plenty have remained in my kit but more get released that I fall in love with and my skin as also changed with age.

  21. What a list! Spoilt for choice. Thanks to you I am sold on Micellar water, Dermalogica skin perfect primer, and Maybelline smoky eyeliner. I was already on the Nars illuminator bandwagon and can highly recommend Mecca Cosmetica’s lip line & prime, lip-de-luscious and the REN skin care range. My go-to red lip colour in Chanel’s Rouge Coco Gabrielle.

  22. Great post Nikki! I am an older lady whose skin needs more help these days, so can’t live without The Essential Six from Rationale. The texture of my skin and eveness of tone have improved so much since I started using these products for day and night. They last for ages, and come in travel sizes as well! I agree with you that Touche L’Eclat is a constant, and love the Garnier BB cream which I started using on your recommendation and which is perfect for casual day wear.

    1. The Rationale range of products is amazing! I trialled some towards the end of last year. While I haven’t re-stocked because I’m always trialling something new, I have booked in each month for a facial at their Brisbane Clinic – amazing results – even with the 30 minute treatment.

  23. Great list! I would really love to try the NP concealer. Do I put it under my black panda eyes before or after foundation? Thanks! X

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