How to keep makeup from sliding off your face

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This week we had a brief respite from the hot, sticky mess that is summer in Queensland.

I even trotted out a pair of jeans for the day and skipped the primer in my morning get-out-the-door makeup routine.

I KNOW. January. No PRIMER.

Don’t worry, it was situation normal yesterday, with a high probability of makeup slide within half an hour of application.

So I primed. As I have done all summer.

And in this video today (yes, come on over to the SY bathroom … it’s clean and I promise no toilet shots), I show you how to keep makeup from sliding off your face with a few products and quick easy steps.

You may have already guessed but, yes, the number one product is this attempt to keep my summer face in place is primer.

Have a little look at what else I use here.

Products featured on the blog (in order of appearance):

Face of Australia High Definition Primer* ($13.95)

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer SPF 20^ ($31.95)

Smashbox Photo Finish 24 Hour Eye Shadow Primer ($26)

Napoleon Perdis The One Concealer – Light* ($39)

Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder Foundation* ($68)

Lulu and Lipstick brush (part of a set $89.95)

Maybelline NY Pumped Up! Colossal Volum’ Express waterproof mascara^ ($19.95)

Maybelline NY Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil^ ($9.95)

How to keep makeup from sliding from your face

* all listed in the SY top 20 beauty products for 2014

^ new product releases and available from next week (February 2015) – stockists will include Priceline, supermarkets, pharmacies, variety and independent stores

Comments 45

  1. New to primers: you put this on after moisturising, or instead of? I’m in my 60s and trying to minimise pores and wrinkles. Thank you! Oh – and I’m new to the blog, too, Nikki. Really enjoying everything about it.

  2. Great video Nikki. I love a good primer and FOA is one of my faves. My little tip for uber shiny/oily skin is to dust a little silica based powder on after the primer but before your foundation as this will “mop up” extra oiliness throughout the day and because the silica is under the foundation, you won’t have to worry about flash back if you are having your photo taken.

  3. The latest primer I’ve been using is from Too Faced – Shadow Insurance in champagne – it has a base colour much like I would normally apply so it’s one less step/product when I’m getting ready. Another product I LOVE is Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in dim light. It’s a setting powder that comes in different shades of lighting. I dithered around purchasing this for ages, as my skin can be dry and I didn’t want a powder settling into little cracks, and I couldn’t decide which colour to get. However – it’s like an eraser! Instantly it takes away the look of lines and small blemishes. It also takes off that ‘too shiny’ look that can happen when it’s hot. I can’t recommend it highly enough – I would definitely repurchase! It’s available from Mecca Maxima and Cosmetica, $59 – not cheap but worth every cent! x

  4. I can’t believe there was a time when I didn’t use a primer. Crazy!
    I’m really loving a powder foundation during the week and was looking to buy a new one soon, so love that you’ve recommended one in this vid.
    Do you think it would be good for an oil factory like me? x

  5. Great tips Nikki. You make it all look so simple. I use a primer every day, I like the Rimmel Stay Matte but the Body Shop Instablur is my current favourite.

  6. Thanks for this Nikki – great work as usual!! I have been using the Napoleon Perdis primer but not sure it is doing what it should. The ones you mention here sound really good – have you used the NP one? How would it compare to these, in your opinion? And how would you compare the Bobbi Brown product you mention to a simple BB cream (got onto that thanks to another one of your blogs!) with a light powder over the top?

  7. hi Nikki, the brush you are using here got me thinking, could you do a post about make up brushes? I have an assortment and don’t think any of them are necessarily working for me! there seem to be so many options now, particularly for foundation, shading, highlighting.

  8. Awesome tips . I impulse purchased a eye primer recently and have had no idea how to use it! I think I’m also going to look into that Bobby Brown powder – it looks the bomb and perfect for Brisbane’s humugity!

  9. I used to skip Primer until I read your blog and have religiously put it on before my make up. I’ve always used Napolean but I got some Benefit primer when I got my makeup done for the Kidspot Gala night. I’m interested in that eye primer because sometimes I find my eye shadow disappears!

  10. I am currently using the Nars Oil-Free Primer + Nars cream compact foundation on my combination skin + a light dusting of a Bobbi Brown powder. It’s actually lightweight AND it lasts all day into the evening.
    I still need to use my lovely Japanese blotting paper in the afternoon on my forehead and nose, if I have an important presentation or I’m going out, but I think I just have to accept that reality for my type of skin.

  11. Great tips Nikki I never go without a primer unless I am doing housework and not really wearing makeup my favourite is NP Set primer and I also swear by Face of Australis makeup setting spray.
    Thank you for the recommendation of the Maybelline lip crayon.
    Have a lovely weekend with the Woogs Nikki Xx

  12. thankyou nikki! love those videos! … very helpful!
    I love innoxa silk primer it’s 40% off on sale at priceline
    it feels gorgeous and my make up stays on beautifully all day!
    love the look of those lip pencils! enjoy your day love m:)X

  13. Thanks for this, Nikki. I’m a real ‘face slider’ so I’ll check out that Bobbi Brown powder foundation. I’m loving primer at the moment, especially a colour correction one I use. Nice to see how the lip crayons don’t slide off either.
    Something I tried for (steamy) New Years Eve was powder under the foundation and that worked a treat. Got that from Wayne Goss.

  14. Porefessional is a magnificent but $$$ primer and the Garnier one is a goodless pricey, not up to the Benefits standards … so I am always happy to be informed of another reasonably priced one.
    Yes, primer all the way nowadays what with hot flushes etc. Love your video and thank you too to a reader who referenced Lisa Eldridge too, she gives a great tute on make up application for women going through menopause (summer all year round!)

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