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Drum roll please …

Today’s the day I share with you my pick of the beauty product crop for the year.

The Styling You top beauty products 2014 is of course a subjective list.

It features in the most products that were released on to the market in 2014 but there are some products in this list that I’ve included as it was this year that I discovered and fell in love with them.

Most of the products below come from the posts I wrote each month up until November that featured my my five favourites for that month. Others have come from other themed posts and sponsored posts.

The big test for their inclusion here was based on whether I was still using them and in some cases had re-purchased once and twice after the original sample had finished.

And yes, in all cases I was initially sent the sample to trial and possibly share with you. Apart from sponsored posts, for a product to even to be featured on my blog, it has to have some kind of difference or special appeal that warrants a trial and then I have to be blown away during that trial.

With sponsored posts, yes I’m paid to write about those products featured, but I think it’s the ultimate test if long after that job has finished that I’m still using and buying that product because it was as effective and useful as I initially said it was.

I tried to narrow it down to less than 20 but it was like I’d be leaving out my best friends from a party invite. So 20 it is.

They appear below in no particular order but they are grouped in beauty product “type”.

I’ve also included online links to where you can buy the product or contact someone via online to find a stockist near you.

So, with the disclaimers out of the way, let’s roll on with my top 20 beauty products for 2014.

The VERY GOOD news is that one lucky SY reader and beauty lover is going to have a chance to win (almost) all of those products. I KNOW. I’m already excited for the winner. Read on for details on how to enter.

Styling You top 20 beauty products 2014


1. Ultraceuticals Hydrating Ultra Protective Moisturiser SPF30+ ($65): I love my face sunscreens to be light and lovely and hydrating and just beautiful on the skin. This one ticks those boxes and continues to be a part of my protective skincare routine.

2. Sodashi Samadara Ultimate Age-Defying Elixir ($274): This is certainly not everyone’s budget but it’s the most exquisite serum that’s ever graced my face. I swear my skin looked better after just one application. It’s chemical-free and Australian made. I was lucky enough to spend a night in luxury for its launch.

3. Go-To Skincare Exfoliating Swipeys ($45.95): Go-To Skincare is the brainchild of the uber-talented beauty writer/author/entrepreneur Ms Zoe Foster Blake. I’m impressed by the entire range but it’s this tub of circular wipes laced with lactic acid and hydrating essential oils that I’ve fallen for. So easy, great for travelling and so effective on your skin. I did a video interview with Zoe here.

4. HydroPeptide Eye Authority ($120): My eyes need all the help they can get. I was introduced to this entire product range through a series of facials. I found this to be an gentle and effective treatment for my eye area.

5. NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 30+ ($19.95): This product is my budget pick for 2014. I was blown away with the results from me using only this as my daytime moisturiser for a month. You can read and see the findings here.


6. MicroNail ($59.99): This device still amazes me how it can buff my nails to so shiny that it looks like they’ve been painted with a clear base coat. I’ve found it incredibly useful in keeping my nails looking good while giving them a break from too many gel applications.

7. Twenty8 Focus & Clarity essential oils synergy blend ($36.95): I’m a huge fan of every chemical-free blend that Twenty8 creates – this one, however, has a special place in my heart. It was the oil I applied before each book event this year. It includes grapefruit, rosemary, myrtle and spearmint essential oils and I found it great for focussing and being in the moment.

8. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Black Edition toothbrush ($299.95): The first time I used this toothbrush, I couldn’t help but run my tongue over my teeth and marvel at how clean they felt. I love that it comes with a charging USB travel case but actually holds three weeks worth of charge so you’d rarely need to use that. And a winning point for me? The bathroom charger is a glass so it looks good in the bathroom.

9. NIVEA Stress Protect Clinical Strength deodorant stick ($14.95): I’ve bought nothing but NIVEA Stress Protect spray-on deodorant since it was released last year. It works for me. This one arrived on the market this year and I was intrigued. For me, it’s not only stronger but it is ideal for travel. I found the effectiveness of the roll-on didn’t cut it for me but this most certainly does.


10. bhave Fresh Ends ($32.95): I’ve had two bhave keratin Smoothe treatments on my hair this year. Best. Thing. Ever. You can read why here. This product is one of the styling products recommended to use as part of the after-care process but can be used by anyone. I’ve always used an oil on my hair but this cream was different. It’s a moisturiser for your hair that you add on after it’s dry. It’s mostly for the ends of your hair as the name suggests but I’ve had some colour damage this year and it’s been useful to mask that as well.

11. Kerastase Discipline Maskeratine ($60): This is the mask in the Kerastase Discipline range but I actually use it as my conditioner. Don’t be scared too much by the price – the tub goes a long way. The reason I like it? That colour damage I mentioned? It’s the only product that helps keep it looking like it’s not damaged.


12. Jane Iredale Golden Shimmer Face and Body Lotion ($38.25): You know how I love a shimmer and an illuminator? Well this I LOVE a lot. It’s great all over the face and chest area but it’s also great as a highlighter on the cheekbones. I find that if I’ve had a spray tan it helps blend the difference between my face and the rest of my body and just creates a beautiful glow.

13. Lanolips 101 Fruities Apple ($13.95): I’ve been a huge fan of Lanolips from day 1 so I’m not surprised that my lips love this new offering. It’s just one of the fruities range of ultra medical grade lanolin ointments and is my fave out of the three (the others are peach and strawberry). The flavours come from real fruit extracts.

14. Napoleon Perdis The One Concealer – Light ($39): In my book I feature this concealer’s predecessor – it was my fave concealer until this one came out in 2014. The lighter shade is easier to blend for my skin tone. It’s hydrating and very much does the trick to hide a multitude of sins around the eyes.

15. Maybelline NY Master Smoky Shadow Pencil ($14.95): Oh MY. This eye liner/shadow has been a game-changer for me. It really makes getting a defined eye super quick and easy. I love the Scorching Brown shade for every day and the Black Smoke or Smoking Charcoal for evening. The chubby stick goes on very easily and then creating a smokey eye look is as simple as flipping the stick and using the small sponge to blend out the line.

16. Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder Foundation ($68): This has become my handbag foundation compact – ideal for applications throughout the day to the nose and chin. I’ve now got two colours – one to better work with a spray tan; one for my every day. It gives a flawless finish but without that typical skin feeling that can be around here during our summer months.

Blur creams

Ed’s note: Blur creams have been around for a while but mostly known as primers. Primers are like velcro on your skin for helping keep makeup in place. Blur creams take that a little further (but not much in terms of feeling and seeing the product on your face). And it seems this year was the year of the blur cream.

17. Face of Australia HD High Definition Primer ($13.95):  This one represents fantastic valuable money. It really does help keep your makeup in place all day long. I love how smooth it feels on.

18. Dermalogica skinperfect primer SPF 30+ ($67): This was a pivotal part of my go-to makeup routine last summer. It has all the qualities of a primer that you’d want, plus a tint to enhance the luminous state of your skin. Great on its own for a low-key day; awesome as a base under other foundations.

19 . The Body Shop Instablur ($21.95): This product lived up to its name too. It creates a super smooth canvas for you to then add your makeup. It helps keep the “shine” alive.

20. Garnier Perfect Blur 5 Sec Smoothing Base Perfector ($16.95): This formula is beautifully smooth. Your skin still breathes. Powerful light reflectors in this product help deal with shine and hide all manner of skin blemishes and uneven skin toon.


I’m so excited and grateful to the companies featured in this list. Thanks to them, I’ve got 19 out of the 20 products featured (sorry, no Philips Sonicare toothbrushes available for prizes) to give away to ONE Styling You reader. This hamper of beauty goodies is valued at $1023.74 and will have you glowing well into 2015.

To enter, simply answer the question below:

Name the one beauty product YOU’VE tried and tested this year that you’ve fallen in love with … and why?

Entries open on Thursday, December 18 at 4.45am (AEST) and close on Tuesday, December 30 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity (photos can be included and uploaded with the comment). The winner will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

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  1. I have tried several of the products that you have recommended over the last year or so – only 1 disappointed. So when I saw the Nivea Deodorant in this post, I decided to try it. I had tried other brands of this type of stick deodorant, supposedly clinical strength, but was unimpressed. And spray deodorants were useless. But this one delivers! I cannot believe the difference it has made. No more sweating, no more smelling. I love it and will buy it forever now I have found it. Thank you so much, and this reinforces my belief that you really do only recommend products that work for you. xxx

  2. Having decided that this was the year I would really begin to take care of my skin and started to make regular visits to a local beautician for skin peels I was pleased when Nicky (the beautician) suggested I use Ultraceuticals Hydrating Ultra Protective Moisturiser SPF30+ to protect my skin from the elements as I’ve found it to be light,non greasy unlike other sun screens and is easily applied under makeup!

  3. Discovering the beautiful effects of Bio-Oil has truly changed my life; I feel confident, happy and content with myself while a glistening glow radiates from within. Before using Bio-Oil for the first time embracing natural and individual beauty was challenging for me personally; I now look forward to portraying the genuinely joyful fulfilment that thankfully enriches each and every day. Thanks for letting me just be me – proudly, uniquely and whole heartedly.

  4. I love waking up bright and early every morning and head to the beach for a good one hour stroll, followed by yoga exercises before heading to work. I sweat a lot by nature. As an active person, I need a product catered to my personal needs. Thankfully, Nivea Stress Protect Clinical Strength deodorant stick has managed to keep my sweaty skin at bay, keeping it feeling refreshed consistently. It’s gentle to my skin and non-greasy, really great for those hot summer days when my sweaty glands get into hyper-active mode or become uncontrollable. At $12.39 a pop, this beauty product is value for money as it keeps me feeling confident all the time, so I can stay social and stay active without the embarrassment honestly!

  5. Oh dear, just realised my comment was supposed to be innovative and creative. Here’s a little ode to the glossy lips crayon..
    Oh glossy lips
    You’ve become a vital part
    of the bits and pieces I use so I don’t look washed out
    but smart!!!
    glossy lips crayon on you I can depend
    when 3pm comes and I’m going round the bend
    I whip you out and hey presto
    its true
    transformed and confident to see the day through!!!
    (sung to the tune of Umbrella ella ella eh eh – you know how it goes) yeah I know its bad but I had a red hot go :0

  6. I no longer have to excuse myself to go to the bathroom to put my underarms over the hand dryer. Using Nivea Stress Protect has opened my
    wardrobe up to more than just black clothes – I now wear every colour under the rainbow with no sweat marks!

  7. I am always excited when I find a product that works well at a bargain price and this year it was the Face of Australia “Glossy Lip” Crayon. It is smooth and soft on the lips, the colours are gorgeous AND it twist up so you don’t need to worry about sharpening! I have one in every colour and they have become my everyday essential. My favourite colour is Apple Crumble – a lovely orangey red perfect for summer!!

  8. Kate Somerville Nourish Daily Moisturiser. It smooths, hydrates, uplifts and makes my face feel divine. Have been looking for something like this for quite some time. I am so lucky I have found something that not only looks good but helps make me feel good too

  9. I almost want to squeal with excitement when telling you just how much I love Garnier 5 Sec Perfect Blur ♥ FINALLY I’ve found a product that ”fills in” larger pores and smoothes out fine lines and actually lasts the day. Worn under foundation, it feels light and velvety smooth on the skin and having a matte finish it helps with oil control. Another great thing about Garnier 5 sec Blur is the price – its about $16 and comes in a generous tube for a primer…….. love, love, love it ♥
    [email protected]

  10. Ultraceuticals Hydrating Ultra Protective Moisturiser SPF30+ I recently started using this product. I had never really used a proper sunscreen under my makeup before as I always ended up with greasy skin. This product is gorgeous, it smells nice, and glides on the skin. I usually give it about 10 minutes to soak in before applying foundation and my foundation goes on smoothly and lasts for much longer. I never go without it now.

  11. I tried and tested Avene Clenance K Cleansinig Gel and Lotion. I fell in love with this product because it did what it said it would do, it cleared my face of acne. This is the only product I now use daily, nothing I have used previously has ever worked on my acne, until now!

  12. This year I tried Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream, the go to
    hand cream (apparently) for Norwegian fisherman. I love this product because my hands are always soft and smooth, they are never dry and they look 10 years younger. It is also super cheap, and as you only need to apply a small amount it lasts for ages! An awesome product that delivers on its promises!

    Hmmm, I wonder what the go to mascara is for Norwegian

  13. Caviar anti-aging full body volume cream, my hair looks great with it, it stays in place perfectly without looking overdone!! Can be used before and/or after blow drying….I just have fallen totally in love with this product.

  14. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Black Edition toothbrush – I have never experienced clean teeth before I started using this bad boy. The dentist told me that I had to have fillings (first one in 33 years!) So I decided to throw away my old toothbrush and buy this one. I have never looked back. Even my husband tries to steal it from me. I would have to say hands down the best purchase ever. Running my tongue accross my smooth teeth and no more fillings for me. I have never smiled as much as I do now.

  15. The Eyelift Kit is a dream come true.
    Immediately look like a younger you.
    Fast results people will see.
    Dramatic improvements and loved by me.

  16. ‘Hairy’ classroom of Year 8 boys,
    Testosterone, attitude- all the joys.
    Twenty 8 Focus & Clarity- Synergy Blend,
    Is a ‘once- frazzled’ teacher’s best friend!
    Colleagues have also jumped on board,
    The effects of the scent are adored!
    Thanks again for the recommendation,
    It’s become my classroom salvation!

  17. Nivea stress protect keeps me cool as a nurse in the ED leaning over patients keeps me smelling clean and fresh to get the job done with no smelly armpits in their faces

  18. NIVEA Stress Protect Clinical Strength deodorant stick,
    It’s simply fantastic.
    Great for very sweaty workouts,
    So I can push hard and have no doubts.

  19. The L’oreal revitalift magic blur cream. It truly is magic. Every time I wear it someone comments on how great my skin looks.

  20. As I never new what a BB cream was before you inspired me to try one, it would have to the be the Napolean Perdis Auto Pilot BBB Cream SPF 30!! Thanks for your words of wisdom in 2014…..happy new year! x

  21. This year Nivea In-Shower Lotion has made this Mum’s exhausted skin sing…”Oh Nivea, you’re so nurturing, HOW I LOVE our daily fling”!

  22. I have to say that I love Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes. They are so easy to use at the end of the day and remove every skerrick of makeup. The wipes are kind to my skin and do not dry it out. I’m sold!

  23. Creme De La Mer so soft and so smooth
    When I place it on my palms
    It feels moist and cool
    i gently rub it on my face before I go out
    My skin looks so radiant it really stands out
    Thanks Creme Da La Mer for shining new skin
    All my friends and family love it and they want me to win

  24. It was a tough competition despite being on a limited budget (the joys of being a uni student) but Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs came out on top purely because of that little burst of happiness I feel every time I put it on. It’s the perfect light and fresh scent for the Australian summertime.
    [email protected]

  25. Sodashi Samadara Age-defying Elixir, so I look as good as I can when I go to my grandchildren’s school events instead of looking like old Nan

  26. Garnier Perfect Blur Smoothing Base Perfector because it my skin felt so silky and smooth and my complexion was amazing after using it.

  27. For years I’ve needed extra protection,
    I’ve finally discovered the right selection;
    Keeping me fresh all day long,
    Nivea Stress Protect says good-bye to pong!

  28. “Palmer’s” Natural Bronze Body Lotion – For the first time EVER, I actually look tanned and not like a Picasso Painting!

  29. Nivea’s Stress Protect is what I fell in love with, with me being in menopause and sweating a lot, I can’t find any better product for me.

  30. Dermalogica body scrub which I use on my FACE!

    With combination skin my face becomes smooth,shiny and perfectly polished. A little moisturiser and I don’t need make up for the rest of the day.

  31. Maybelline Master Smoky has appeared through the product ‘haze’ onto my ‘must have’ list. It is really easy to use and produces great results. I will definitely ‘stick’ with this one!

  32. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Black Edition toothbrush , the best investment ever now all the family enjoy to brush the tooth , my no more struggling with my kids they love it and me too all the different settings and i have healthy Gum since starting using it

  33. Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream – The howling Melbourne winds really take a toll on my skin all year round, leaving it tight and dehydrated. Applying this cream makes my skin feel plump and hydrated as soon as it touches my face!

  34. This year having suffered from super dry eye lids I discovered Aesop’s Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream. It goes on super smooth, smells divine and does the job!

  35. NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 30+. A great price value cream where I have seen noticeable changes in my skin from wearing it. Love it!

  36. Twenty8 Focus & Clarity essential oil is my social companion! Brings calm and focus to the surface turning my moments into more special ones.

  37. I was so pleased to discover the Nivea stress protect deodorant stick, it works wonders. Now the only worries I have at squash are getting hit by the ball from my opponent.

  38. Sukin moisture restore night cream. My skin feels so soft and rejuvenated after using it I feel like I’m flying high on cloud nine.

  39. Maybelline’s Unstoppable eyeliner in ONYX, it makes me unstoppable and gives me confidence my face isn’t going to smudge by the end of the day!

  40. Having the driest skin in OZ and at 55 have spent many dollars on pricey creams, then I discovered Nivea Q10 body lotion, OMG my skin feels deliciously luxuriously silky soft all day long…

  41. I’ve tried the Dermalogic Skinperfect Primer. Now I use it everyday with or without Foundation. It smooths my skin perfectly. Just love it.

  42. Phillips Sonicare keeps my teeth clean and bright,
    Adding natural shine to my pearly whites,
    Styling you evolves to select product perfection,
    recommending Phillips – now my natural selection!

  43. Napoleon Perdis The One Concealer having suffered from dark circle and tired eyes all my life this gave a real boost to my eye area made me look alive again other than a tired 40 odd year old felt 21 again

  44. This year i invested in a Philips Sonicare toothbrush I love it my teeth feel like glass afterwards no going back to manual brushing ever again.

  45. For me, its got to be Nivea Q10 plus….for next to nothing in price…the results I got, and the difference it made… was priceless!

  46. Nivea Stress Protect Clinical Strength Deodorant Stick, I work in a really active industry not a day goes by that I don’t work up a sweat, wrangling cattle or running after sheep. There is nothing worse than smelling like a used sock after an hour or half way through the day. This got me through from sun up to sun set. I keep it in my work vehicle and its a great product that now will always be part of my daily routine.

  47. I discovered Biore’s self heating one minute mask. The perfect mask for time poor people (like me!). I also love its gentle heating effect, especially in the cooler months when you son’t feel like applying a cold mask to your already cold face!

  48. I discovered Biore’s self heating one minute mask. The perfect mask for time poor people (like me!). I also love its gentle heating effect, especially in the cooler months when you son’t feel like applying a cold mask to your already cold face!

  49. Thursday Plantation 100% Rosehip Oil, $15.95 for 25ml is fantastic as a facial moisturiser and even better as a lash conditioner. I have seen the results. Merry Christmas everyone.

  50. I found (thanks to you) the Go-To Skin Care range. I had been unhappy with my previous skincare products for some time, so after reading about the exfoliating swipeys I thought I would give it a go. I bought the complete set and after only a few days my face feels and looks so much better, I feel like I have just had a facial. So thankyou very much.

  51. The QV Naked Deodorant Spray was my break through.

    It is so gentle on my skin without any scent interfering with my one luxury fragrance I spoil myself with.

  52. It has been a very good beauty products year
    One where I have found many to hold dear
    But after much careful consideration and thought
    The absolute bestest most happiest one I bought
    Is Napoleon Perdis Concealer – The One
    And on that note, this little rhyme is done!

    (Thanks goodness … not sure where that little burst of inspiration came from? Perhaps it is delirium setting in!!). Thanks Nikki – this is a fantastic prize!!

  53. My favourite beauty find is a pure mineral powder foundation by Silk. Oil of Morocco. This foundation provides beautiful coverage and feels very light on the skin, which is a must for my oily skin! I also love that it is made by a Brisbane based family company. World class products right on our doorstep!

  54. The Body Shop instablur, this cream was named and made for me, I often feel my mornings are a blur, if I can hide some of those telltale signs and achieve a glow, in an instant, I’m a fan.

  55. I found out through a friend, this product. QV Naked Deodorant Spray, it’s fantastic. No fragrance, no odour, no strong after smell, no white marks just….traceless and effective. Love it!

  56. This year I have fallen in love with Napoleon Perdis’ The One Concealer. It hides the dark bags under my eyes which arrived with motherhood. I put it on in the morning and it lasts all day.

  57. NIVEA Q10, really does soothe and smooth fine lines, people say I look 45 and I’m 55, so I know this is the product that tried and true
    for me

  58. ASAP soothing gel. Made with green tea and aloe Vera it is the perfect mouisteriser for oliy skin and gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin.

  59. Garnier Perfect Blur 5 Sec Smoothing base perfector has been the best thing that I have tired this year. I use it sometimes before I put my makeup on or sometimes on top to hold everything I’m place. I’m so happy with the way my skin feels after it has been applied. I generally have oily skin but for some reason this doesn’t make my skin oily and my makeup stay put all day. I love it so much!

  60. Sunscreen is a must on our bright Brisbane days, winter or summer, so I was overjoyed to come across Clinique’s Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturiser (SPF15). It’s easy to slip on, or to slip into my handbag, and has the added bonus of hiding all my freckles while keeping my complexion looking fresh. I’m going to stay with this product for a lifetime!

  61. Nivea Stress Protect. FINALLY i have a product that works so well I will never change brands again. It was all thanks to you I found it and I couldnt be more grateful. Thanks so much Styling You. I love your work!

  62. My big discovery this year was the Go To product Exceptionoil. It smells like Tahitian flowers, makes my skin look and feel amazing. I use it as a serum, to tame my curly mop flyaways and as a body oil. It is fantastic.
    Thank you Zoe Foster
    whose not from Gloucester
    Go To rocks my skin
    I threw the other stuff in the bin!
    Merry Xmas Nikki.

  63. Face of Australia HD High Definition Primer because it
    provides a great base for my make-up, absorbs well into the skin, is
    non-irritating and helps keep my make-up in place.

  64. Ear plugs. I know that’s a bit odd, but I’ve had bad sleep since my first child was born 8 years ago. I have tried all sorts of solutions and then one day bought a $1.00 pair of earplugs and for the first time in EIGHT YEARS slept right through the night. I ‘unaged’ a decade within a week!!! whoo hoo.

  65. I’ve used Hydro-Peptide and found it was great. A real miracle worker around my eyes. No, didn’t get them from a certain football club, I’m all clear, including my skin.

  66. Neutrogena Norwegian Formular Hand Cream got my hands through Winter this year. Usually I get painful cracks along my little fingers in Winter, but this year, my hands were fine. Love this product!

  67. The new boots range of skincare products. Highly lauded in the UK and now available at Amcal. My skin has responded greatly and flows without any dryness. definitely a keeper and at very reasonable pricing

  68. From a young age, mum and dad always told me that a beautiful smile “lights up anyone’s face”. I introduce “Colgate Optic White Toothpaste” and at under $10 is a quick fix, beauty guarantee (even if you’re teeth aren’t perfect with fangs like mine)! AND, a little red lippy will only accentuate……..

  69. Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector as it’s an all in one moisturiser, colour corrector, primer and foundation. It gives my skin a nice glow and is quick and easy to apply.

  70. Becasue I will be hosting a fantastic family dinner at my house for the first time this Thanksgiving. I’m excited due to my newly remodeled kitchen and
    bathrooms. Also I’m gonna finally reveal my new skinnier self. The past 6 months I have been working very hard and lost 40lbs!! Yahhhh!! I’m gonna blow my family away with the beautiful decor, fantastic food, and a great outfit, hair, makeup and nails, to match my new self confident..thinner self!! I decided to scoop a cute new styling product called the 3 in 1 wand to create a new sexy look for this dinner. I abso freekin lutely love this thing, it gives my hair the cutest messy curls, I adore it!

  71. Benefit they’re Real Mascara. I know it has been on the market a little while but l only just discovered it this year. I love it as it instantly makes my lashes seem long and full and helps my eyes draw all the attention, which is a plus.

  72. Definitely the HydroPeptide Eye Authority, it really has helped diminish fine lines and my eyes look brighter and more alert! My Holy Grail!!!

  73. I first want to say Merry Christmas to Nikki and everyone else. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, New Year and stays safe.
    I have used so many amazing products this year but there are 2 particular products that stand out.
    First is Subtle Energies Facial Blend – it’s a facial serum with a rich and oily consistency and smells like you’re walking through a damp rainforest, it’s very Earthy and you just want to inhale the entire bottle. It’s so grounding, with key ingredients like Ashwagandha, Mogra Absolute and Rose Absolute. It is not only beautiful and effective on my facial skin but also for my soul – can’t beat that.
    Second is Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara in black. Woweee. I have had meagre lashes since I can remember, they’re different lengths, sparse and unnoticeable…..that was until I was introduced to They’re Real…I’m completely addicted to the stuff now because when I apply the mascara I ‘feel’ pretty and feminine, as I actually look like I have lovely lashes. They’re Real adds twice the length and even fills out my lashes so my empty spots disappear. It’s like magic!
    Thanks Nikki for another awesome competition – can’t wait for more in 2015 xxx

  74. Jane Iredale Moonglow bronzer, a celebration of sunshine, beautiful and light, making your skin shimmer with health and happiness.

  75. I first want to say Merry Christmas to Nikki and everyone else. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, New Year and stays safe.
    I have used so many amazing products this year but there are 2 particular products that stand out.
    First is Subtle Energies Facial Blend – it’s a facial serum with a rich and oily consistency and smells like you’re walking through a damp rainforest, it’s very Earthy and you just want to inhale the entire bottle. It’s so grounding, with key ingredients like Ashwagandha, Mogra Absolute and Rose Absolute. It is not only beautiful and effective on my facial skin but also for my soul – can’t beat that.
    Second is Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara in black. Woweee. I have had meagre lashes since I can remember, they’re different lengths, sparse and unnoticeable…..that was until I was introduced to They’re Real…I’m completely addicted to the stuff now because when I apply the mascara I ‘feel’ pretty and feminine, as I actually look like I have lovely lashes. They’re Real adds twice the length and even fills out my lashes so my empty spots disappear. It’s like magic!
    Thanks Nikki for another awesome competition – can’t wait for more in 2015 xxx

  76. This year I discovered Face Of Australia High Definition Primer. It has provided clarity and pixelation for my skin as HD has for my television!

  77. Garnier 50ml Mineral Deodorant Roll on Invisicool –
    is the most amazing product I have ever used. It works for 24 hours and I love the fragrance. I catch myself taking in the fragrance. It’s all I need for a day at the office or out and about on the weekends.

  78. Oh dear, I’d love to be in the draw for this prize but I have no beauty product love affair for 2014 – with two young boys to care for and tending to my rather large garden, the only thing I’ve remembered to use without fail is coconut oil! What luxury all these products are!!!

  79. McArthur Natural Pawpaw Complete Skincare – I was a little skeptical of the claims about this product but started using some on my extremely dry skin. To my amazement, my skin started to improve and become soft and smooth after a few weeks. Only problem is that hubby keeps ‘borrowing’ it to use on his own dry skin.

  80. Happy Skin Care’s Cloud 9 Cleansing Balm is definitely my find of the year. It is a deeply effective cleanser that makes my skin feel nourished and soothed and makes me feel happy with its yummy citrusy scent courtesy of Australian lemon myrtle. It also has divine sandalwood, mandarin and vanilla. It’s like a hug for your skin. Plus, it’s organic, vegan AND created by a small Australian family business – just one couple, who give the most amazing personalised customer service…thanks Aaron and Phoebe!

  81. Maybelline Big Eyes Liner – a black end and a white end, perfect for any look; smokey or natural, it’s perfection on a stick! Magnifique!

  82. Nivea’s Q10 Anti Wrinkle Day Cream has sure worked for me. I feel years younger because I look younger. Will never give it up!

  83. Move over Mitcham
    enter Nivea Stress Protect Deodorant Stick.
    This one works for me too – must be to do with the word “stress.”

  84. I received a bottle of Rosken Moisturizer-Skin Boost few months ago.It’s the best product I have ever used.This was made by two pharmacists.My friends in our playgroup also love it.It moisturizes the skin very well.It’s very good for those who have really dry skin. I’m in love with it because of it’s smell.It’s very refreshing…This is not greasy at all. I give 5/5.I highly recommend to everyone.I’m so in love with it 🙂

  85. Last weekend I bought jane irdale’s dream tint tinted moisturiser. Wow! Not only does it smell devine but my skin looks amazing. I think this maybe be the start of a love affair 😉

  86. In the last 15 months or so I’ve completely shaken up my beauty routines, prompted by the news that many cosmetic brands allow testing of their products on animals in order to sell in the Chinese market. When I heard this I decided to go cruelty free and it has been a challenge but not in the way people probably think! There are so many good CF brands and products out there, there really hasn’t been any product that I’ve had to compromise and use one from a brand that tests on animals. The challenge has been actually choosing the products to have an ongoing place in my routine. So this is a long way of saying it’s a hard choice but one product springs to mind: Trilogy Rosehip Oil + Antioxidant. It is about $30 from Priceline but lasts for ages PLUS is often on special so I usually stock up when it’s half price. I put it on after serum and before moisturiser at night. It helps with keeping skin soft but best of all has visibly faded large freckles and sun damage marks.

  87. A friend of mine works at Mecca and always has amazing makeup. I went in to one of the shops and the assistant was so helpful and lovely and I ended up buying Terry Ombre Blackstar Cream eyeshadows in Bronze Moon and Mercure. When I can I will go back for Frozen Quartz – a lovely pearly pink. They are super easy to use and add instant glam for day or night. Just what I needed for a boost (although on the pricey side!)

  88. My hair is thin, frizzy and extremely curly so I was delighted to discover and experience Schwarzkopf’s ” Bonacure Hairtherapy”
    and resurrect my hair and styling sins. Resulting in “Smooth Perfect”, “Moisture Kick” and “Volume Boost” to rave about!

  89. I love the simple ol Rosehip Oil, it fades away skin blemishes. I had dermatitis on one of my fingers, I applied Rosehip Oil to it nightly and within days it cleared up. It nourishes and moisturises and its handy and inexpensive.

  90. Dior Lip Glow Colour Revival Balm – bit of a splurge but it is nice on my dry lips. It goes on clear but somehow (don’t ask me, I don’t get how), it changes colour on your lips supposedly according to your skin tone. It looks like a gloss. I can apply it on the go without a mirror. If a little gets on my teeth or out of lip line, it doesn’t show, yet it still looks like a coloured lip gloss.

    1. P.S. I have been a fan of Dermalogica skinperfect primer for a few
      years now. I totally need to have minimum time on grooming and I just use this as foundation, moisturizer, sun screen, you name it …

  91. Firstly Clinique chubby cheeks, I use this product on my cheeks, lips and upper eyelids. The colour give me an all over pick me up. I use a tinted moisturiser, chubby cheeks and mascara and I’m good to go. And secondly, Pantene’s dry shampoo volume booster. It revitalises my limp fine hair and gives it extra oomph. I used to wash my hair every second day, but now I can go 4 days before I wash my hair. It save me so much time styling and I can get extra volume for up do’s.

  92. Rationale Skin Care’s Essential Six- these products were recommended to me by my dermatologist, they are packed full of vitamins and have made a big difference to my skin.

  93. I’ve discovered The Balm Bahama Mama bronzer,not a new product but new to me.I wear it everyday,I like the natural glow it gives not orange,sometimes I use it to contour or just sweep across my cheeks for a natural warm look.I sent my husband on a mission to purchase some of the blushers in this range as a Xmas present,I can’t wait to try them out.

  94. Hi Clinic Chubby Stick – foolproof lipstick that doesnt bleed, no liner needed and can be put on without a mirror in emergencies. I think I got the tip from you!

  95. I discovered a French brand called Yves Rocher through a French friend. From their calming face mask to their de-bagging eye roller, their products are fantastic. My favourite is their mini nail polish, which is great for travelling. I hope they come to our shores soon!

  96. Pureology Strength Cure shampoo and conditioner; it’s an amazing routine which leaves my hair stronger and shinier. Adore the effect!

  97. This year I’ve been fortunate enough to try many products – probably too many to be honest – but the one that has made a massive difference to my skin is Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy. It’s not a new product but it’s new to me and my only regret is that I didn’t try it sooner. Zoe’s Go-To Swipeys are my definite #2 but because I’m approaching the big 4-0 and I’d neglected my skin somewhat after having a child for awhile, the Gamma Hydroxy is hardcore enough to really help me get deep down into my pores, slough away the dead skin, tighten up my skin and help to eliminate fine lines. Miracle in a jar, really!

  98. I’m so excited to see the Go-To Exfoliating Swipeys on your list! This is my absolute favourite product from 2014, hands down. (The Sodashi Nourishing Plant Essence Mask is a close second.) I’m currently 23 weeks into my third pregnancy for 2014, sadly losing our first pregnancy in February and then twins in May. The amount of hormones I’ve had surging and retreating through my body this year has been brutal and they really took their toll on my skin. I had to throw out all of my heavy duty and non-natural products as they caused sensitivity, and strip back to the basics, but my skin was horribly dull and constantly prone to breakouts. The Exfoliating Swipeys are a godsend in that they are gentle but effective and by using them twice a week (followed up with the Sodashi mask once a week) I’m kind of faking that pregnancy glow everyone talks about. Now if only my toddler would let me sleep in…I might actually have a chance at that pregnancy glow for real…

  99. My big beauty discovery win this year was Eco Tan Invisible Tan organic tanning lotion. Guaranteed low scent, non-sheet staining lotion that develops into a gorgeous golden glow over night. Love!!

  100. This year I tried Go-To Exfoliating swipeys and Properly Clean and loved them both. They feel so lovely and smell so lovely too. Great products!

  101. Ultraceuticals Hydrating Ultra Protective Moisturiser is my summer lifesaver!! It’s definitely worth the price.
    I’m on roaccutane for adult acne, my skin needs extra protection and a lot of TLC. This moisturiser doesn’t clog my pores and is smooth and light on my unsightly sores. It’s also made in Oz which is an added plus, this product my sensitive skin can hydrate with and trust.

  102. I’ve fallen madly in love with TWO products this year – both are by Too Faced.
    Firstly, their ‘Borderline’ Lip Pencil – it’s clear, making it the perfect ‘one-stop-shop’ lip liner to keep in your make-up bag! I actually have three in circulation – one in the make-up drawer at home, one in my handbag and one in my desk drawer! I never have to worry about taking the right lip liner to go with the right lipstick ever again!
    Secondly, Too Faced’s ‘Melted’ lipsticks. They are seriously the BEST long-lasting lipstick I’ve ever tried. I love the ‘Berry’ and ‘Fuschia’ shades – I use a lip brush to keep the edges sharp, and just one coat provides a very opaque finish. The best part is that the colour stands up to morning coffees (and the cheeky piece of Christmas cake that’s been floating around every morning tea in the office this week!) and still looks FABULOUS.
    Here’s a shot of the ‘Berry’ shade yesterday after morning tea – still looking great!
    And the best part is that there will be more shades introduced early next year!

  103. After a loooong day in the paddocks or in the stockyards, there is nothing better than after a nice shower (albeit a very quick one as there isn’t much water out here at the moment) to spray on Palmers Cocoa Butter Body Oil. Lovely and light, smells divine and leaves my skin soft and moisturised.

  104. NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 30+ so much product and benefits and the cost is incredible, really shows the effects of using this product, it is fantastic, if i used this and without knowing the cost I would say it was triple+ more than what it is. The scent is not over powering, which I love as I find some can give me headaches.

  105. I have tried the Olay FRESH EFFECTS BB cream and I love it. BB cream and tinted moisturiser, it is my one stop face product and it’s great! Evens my skin tone, it is light and SPF 15.
    And it is sold at the supermarket!!!

  106. I tried a tint for my cheeks and lips by Mullein & Sparrow and it’s so gorgeous and it’s organic!! Best two in one product.

  107. Easy question to answer! I adore the Garnier Perfect Blur 5 Second Smoothing Base. It makes my face feel silky smooth (so love that feel); my makeup lasts longer and my skin looks so much better. Awesome product that I’d recommend to anyone.

  108. I am loving the Garnier Perfect Blur 5 sec cream – who would have thought that such a small tube could make such a HUGE difference to my skin? The years have started to take their toll on my face and this really is a little burst of ‘blur’ 🙂

  109. What a wonderful variety of creams and potions, I am older and cannot afford to buy expensive creams for myself but I do LOVE Nivea Q10 anti wrinkle day cream, it is a fight with the cream and the wrinkles at the moment I think the cream is beating those wrinkles, cant wave the magic wand now, so this is my choice as it is within my price range and effective

  110. Coconut oil is such a good all body moisturiser. It is inexpensive ( I buy mine from the Indian Grocer) so it can be slathered on after showering or swimming. No more rough elbows and heels. The smell reminds me of the beach as a kid which is an added aromatherapy bonus.

  111. This week I have just discovered “Natio Tinted Moisturiser SPF 50+”. It makes my skin feel smooth, and soft and gives me that light summer glow and is great to wear on those “no makeup” beach occasions.

  112. Nivea Q10 anti-wrinkle. What a great face cream,L-O-V-E it!!. Is easy to apply,feels great in the skin and smells fantastic. And i know that with the SPF30+ My skin is protected from the Queensland sun. My skin feels great and I saw some positive changes since using it. Definitely a keeper.

  113. For me it is definitely Garnier BB cream -it has become the one product that I use every single day as it is so light & fast & easy to apply & covers a multitude of flaws easily & effortlessly. Another bonus is that it is is such great value so anyone can afford to use this every day. Also love that it is now available in various formulations to suit different skin types such as my dry sensitive skin.

  114. Arbonne’s CC Cream! The coverage is amazing and still looks completely natural. On its own it is wonderful but for a more “foundation” like coverage using a primer first is just wow! I have discovered and been using Urban Decay’s face primer which is amazing and feels wonderful when being applied. These are my 2 best discoveries this year and I honestly can’t live without either of them 🙂

  115. I’m not surprised to see the Dermalogica skin perfect primer on your list. I discovered it this year by accident. I had a voucher for a beauty salon that was due to expire and I frantically ran in to grab product knowing I didn’t have any time to sit and have a facial or treatment (it’s been one of those years). I took all of 45 secs to choose it, but I’m so glad my hand wandered that way on the shelf. I often wear it with only concealer, rather than as a strict primer before foundation. I call it magical, not for making my wrinkles disappear but the way it tricks the viewers eye away from them.

  116. Crazzzzzy like a coconut!
    Ever since my thyroid gave up the ghost about 6 years ago, despite the medications, my hair has never been the same again since. After a friend recommended recently, I’ve started doing a weekly treatment with organic coconut oil (bought from the supermarket – any brand will do it’s the organic, unrefined that matters) and my hair feels softer and looks more lush than it has in YEARS! And the smell is divine. A little of the excess rubbed into my dry arms works a treat too.
    Special mention to La Volume de Chanel mascara which I am completely devoted to. I buy the non-waterproof one and can’t imagine ever switching to another brand.

  117. Natio – Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20. I wear it every day. Inexpensive, simple, suits my skin, has built in sunscreen and I don’t notice I’m wearing it. Perfect

  118. I discovered blistex lip treatment in the blue tub. Its a great repair balm. I put it on at night and in the morning, no cracks or chapped lips! And under $7! Bargain..

  119. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the ever fabulous Ms Zoe Foster’s Go-to swipey exfoliating wipes – they’re pure sexy magic in a little container! And great for my lazy skin care routine which often needs a little helping hand along with a giggle upon reading the packaging!

  120. I have been trying to reduce the amount of chemicals im using in general around the house, and have recently been introduced to the ENJO range of cleaning fibres, so i thought id give their body range a go, and in particular have fallen in love with their daily face off cleanser wipes. There are 7 wipes, one for each day, and are great at removing makeup and eye make up too. They leave my skin really clean without drying out like many cleansers do, can highly recommend! No product required and just throw them in the wash at the end of the week, very easy!

  121. I actually read about Nivea In-Shower Lotion in your
    newsletter and decided to try it. It is amazing!!! And my, usually dry, skin is
    looking probably better than ever after religiously using it every time I

  122. NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream,
    Delivers comfort to my skin, works like a dream,
    Calms the skin, delivers total zest,
    Makes me look and feel my very best,
    With protection from the sun, a pleasure,
    I can enjoy the outdoors, moments I treasure,
    With compliments galore,
    Even hubby has started using this cream that I simply adore,
    I’ve achieved that radiant look,
    With NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream SP30, I am totally hooked.
    [email protected]

  123. INLOVE & never without ‘Thirstymud hydrating face mask by GLAMGLOW’- it has put an end to with my constant battle of dry, flakey skin which has cause lifeless premature ageing by the age of 25. I no longer get mistakenly introduced to anti- ageing products which are designed for mature skin and most importantly I am able to use a shimmer highlighter around my face without it looking like I have been shedding like a sheep. life changing, confidence boosting. I highly recommend everyone trying this product .

  124. Josie Maran argan oil. Its great to give myself a facial massage and its light and nourishing enough to put in my fine hair without weighing it down.

  125. I’ve fallen in love- OK a bit later than most people!- with Napolean Auto Pilot Primer. i didn’t want to try it for ages because I have naturally oily skin and thought it would add another layer of gunk to my skin that i would just perspire off. But boy was I wrong- by using it prior to my powder foundation my makeup stays put. And i don’t have to top up with yet more powder though the day. Win:win! Plus your skin feels silky smooth 🙂

  126. What an amazing product Face of Australia High Definition Primer is! The price is awesome and feels like silk upon application and even better my makeup doesn’t roll off when I put this on! My makeup stays put all day which can be a challenge living in a humid climate! A very impressive beauty buy!

  127. Sleep wrinkles on my eye lids make me look like a clown but I’ve managed to turn my frown upside down with ANEW perfect eye care cream from Avon, the wrinkles are gone and my eyes don’t feel puffy when in use.

  128. Garnier Perfect Blur 5 Sec Smoothing Base Perfector gives my skin a smooth, air-brushed, photo-shopped look with an expensive price tag. Such a small amount goes a long way, leaving a blank canvas to apply my foundation. I really don’t know how I managed without it.

  129. I have discovered Vit A as being a woman in my 40 years felt needed something stronger boy was I am impressed my crows feet just about gone.thanks to life .

  130. Warming Mineral Mask by the Body shop… Hands down the best facial Masque I have ever had, and I have had a few….have been telling everyone about it.

  131. I am totally rocking the Nivea Q10 day cream! I love it and it works as well and if not better than the super expensive brands! I am also loving the NARS highlighter, mixing a little into my BB cream religiously now. Thanks for all the great tips – I am an absolute novice when it comes to beauty but reading on here I feel like an expert and I am no longer scared of the beauty counter. Thanks Nikki!

  132. I think I’ve always been hesitant to get on board with BB Creams because my skin is pretty pale but this year I finally took the plunge! Budget is tight too at the mo so Garnier’s version is what I’ve gone for. Loving the energy it gives my face despite lack of sleep!

  133. NlVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Winkle Day Cream SPE 30+(19.95) is a excellent and budget skincare but definitely delivering results as good as expersive skincare products.NlVEA is a trust band and easy to find in most local supermarkets and pharmacies. I have used NlVEA for years and still love it.

  134. Dusty Girls (MooGoo) Natural Minerals Foundation. I love this product, I can dust it on lightly for every day or ‘layer it up’ for more formal occasions.It leaves my face looking healthy with a soft glow but without that caked on feeling. The fact that it is natural, Australian made, not tested on animals and packaged in recycled cardboard are all bonuses.

  135. Ere Perez nude real rosehip lipbar. It is natural, smooth, and adds just a hint of colour on the lips. Perfect for everything and would suit most people

  136. MicroNail has an amazing effect on a former nail biter. It enhances the nail so it doesn’t look like it has anything wrong with it. It hides all the imperfections and gives you the lift you need to stop biting.

  137. Nutrimetics Nutri Rich Oil…with apricot kernel oil. (my daughter moved house and left it laying around…it had only been used once) I don’t like things going to waste….so I tried it and WOW!…I was hesitant to try seeing I have sensitive skin. It works wonders…and I’m loving it 🙂

  138. milky foot. it is amazing! I HAD & always have had the worst feet in the history of man. Sometimes not so lovingly referred to as “elephant skin”. no matter how many pedicures, self soaking of feet, sleeping with moisturised feet & socks i have completed – nothing has worked. When I purchased milky foot I had hoped that it would improve my feet. IT DID MORE – this is a seriously amazing product – my feet are soft! WORD OF WARNING, its not for the faint hearted! Due to a slightly off fetish I have of enjoying peeling skin, I actually enjoyed the process & the final outcome……Seriously lives up to the hype – this product has changed my life!

  139. Aspect Dr is my absolute skincare favourite, recommended by my cosmetic surgeon after having a cancer removed from my face, it has changed my skin radically. I am 67 years young & always being told I look very much younger… Merry Christmas Nikki & family…

  140. Thin Lizzy Concealer Creme (tiny bit goes a long way). Has been great for covering blemishes… and now especially having a wisdom tooth out a week ago.. the bruising! My husband doesn’t need to call me Olive anymore…

  141. Avon eyeliner. Goes on easy, it’s not greasy.
    It’s easy to apply and long lasting on my eye.
    Automatic sharpening, great for defining,
    Throw the others away, my Avon is here to stay.

  142. My life long search is over as I’ve found the ultimate mascara – Benefit’s jet-black They’re Real! Mascara. I’ve had so many compliments about my lashes even being asked if they are extensions. Try it!

  143. Klorane Dry Shampoo has given me back my mornings, as well as giving my hair a spell from blow drying. A light touch with the straightener and I’m done !

  144. My only tried and true and tested beauty product i love is balanced diet ,exercise, water and stay out of sun no smoking and a good moisturizer like Nivea Q10 plus Anti wrinkle Day cream with SPF 30for me that makes me look 20years younger [email protected] because it is ntural and chemical free

  145. My Maya Neumann (Aussie made )hat loves to pair up daily with Neutrogena 50 + Dry Touch as recommended by my skin specialist who saved me from a melanoma. Today I will add Nivea Q10 to make it a trio to preserve, protect and portray who I am . Thank you SY for the product info – places us in a more informed frame when purchasing !

  146. Best beauty product tried and tested is sleep
    For optimum results must be long and deep
    Easy to use, readily available and free
    At least seven hours looks good on me!

    Garnier Perfect Blur is something else I’ve tried when the above option did not occur! It smoothes and clears face prior to makeup application. Wonderful giveaway, Nikki. [email protected]

  147. This year, I was excited to finally settle on my favorite moisturiser! This is after years and years of trial and error. For me, the buck stops with Aveeno Daily Moisturrizer.

  148. I love my SEACRET products…everything is amazing but I really love the Nail Care kit for that just manicured look and the Salt & Oil Scrub to make my hands feel super soft…they go perfectly hand in hand.

  149. Unlock Your Style mentions Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist amongst your top recommended beauty products. Now that summer is here, I thought I would try it in the evening instead of night cream. I find that my skin is refreshed and moisturised, without the heavy feeling of a layer of cream on an already hot and humid night.

  150. I’ve just been introduced to Seacret skincare products by my good friend and I love them! Hard to pick a fave but I do love the salt and oil scrub.I’ve only used it on my feet and hands so far but it leaves them beautifully soft, it’s hard not to use it every day…I think I’m a little bit addicted 🙂

  151. BB Creams are my fav item. They are my go to before anything else. Garnier, Dermatoliga, Mabeline, Nivea – I loooooove themall. Best invention ever.

  152. The Go To Foaming Cleanser is by far the best product I’ve used this year. I love the way it feels when it goes on, the beautiful smell and the way my skin feels when I wash it off. It’s taken me over 20 years to find the perfect cleanser … and the way I judge a product is whether I actually finish it and buy another bottle. I’m well into bottle number 2 and am about to order bottle 3. For me that’s a huge winner. Love that little clever clogs Zoe Foster.

  153. My mum gave me the last of her bhave shampoo and conditioner to try, I have long bleached blond curly hair that is really fine and knots are a killer in my hair,normally takes a while to brush after I wash it.
    I actually could not believe that when I washed my hair with the bhave the little bristles on the hand held shower head were gliding through my hair like it was silk.
    It actually freaked me out at first as I have never in my life had knot free hair when I wash it.
    I couldn’t believe it and I still rave about the products to everyone.
    I highly recommend every try bhave hair products.
    [email protected]

  154. Hands down for me was the Nivea in shower body moisturiser. Between the almond oil and easy dispense flip top, my dry skin looks a whole lot better. Such a good idea. Bonus is the yummy fragrance. If you want to be super lazy it also doubles up as a shaving barrier when running a razor over your pins.

  155. Bhaves Riot control serum leaves my hair smooth,calm and collected
    Illuminated,enriched and protected
    Under all conditions,it gives me the perfection that I crave!
    Controls it’s naughty tendencies and at last makes it bhave!

  156. My favorite beauty product of 2014 is motherhood! I like to think the inner happiness gives me a glow that transcends the dark circles, wrinkles and undone hair. Of course, some actual beauty products would be great, for when I look in the mirror and reality sets in

  157. I bought the Nivea Stress Protect stick deodorant on your advice and love it. Am recommending it to everyone I know who wants to eliminate the odours of a peri-menopausal body! Has definitely helped boost the confidence again!

  158. (in the tune of 12 Days of Christmas)
    ‘On the 18th day of Christmas*, one beauty elf said to me, “Karli you need Environ.”‘
    (cut music)
    …and you know what, that beauty elf was right.
    Environ has kicked my skincare up a notch with some antioxidants and vitamins. I love that I am keeping my skin looking ‘youthful’ (ugh, I hate beauty words like that but alas, it is true) and using products a little more intense.

    *I don’t get how the 12 days actually work..

    Killer giveaway, Nikki!

  159. I have tried pretty much every hair treatment/oil/mask under the sun but with fine and colour treated hair, I can’t recommend Joico K-Pak Revitalue Treatment enough. It makes the the biggest difference to my hair every time I use it and I feel like a model in a hair ad!!

  160. I bit the bullet and bought the Urban Decay Naked basics palette. OMG. Don’t use anything else… Why did I wait so long? The colours are gorgeous and rich and divine.

  161. I bought the Nars Illuminator in Orgasm after reading about it in your book (thanks for the explanation on how to use it!) and have used it on a daily basis ever since. Initially on top of my foundation, then mixed in with it, now I just put it all over my face following my daily moisturiser and NO foundation. It is that good. Aptly named, sure makes you glow.

  162. I tried the Nivia Q10 Plus anti wrinkle Day cream, SPF 30 and the Nivia Q10 night cream love them both. Evened out skin tone and stops makeup settling in the fine lines on my 50 plus skin very happy with your recommendation.

  163. Mmm… Love… and Beauty Products…
    Yes it can happen and yes it can be real!…
    but so hard to find that love…
    But lucky for me…I was out one day, and there it was… Number 15… Maybelline NY Smoky Shadow Pencil…
    yes Number 15 was a little “Clunky” from my usual taste…
    but to cut a long story short…
    Number 15 came home with me…
    we fell in love…
    we are still in love…
    and I wouldn’t trade Number 15 for the world…
    nor look at another…
    or bring another “similar one” home…

  164. The Garnier Perfect Blur 5 Sec Smoothing Base Perfector as it is such a smoothing and perfect skincare base, and the light reflecting technology really does reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and imperfections 🙂

  165. Don’t mind if I do…. thanks to you and all the other wonderful Style bloggers, this old girl – who lives under a huge rock in the middle of Bum Truck Nowhere – has had her eyes well and truly opened. Now, if I can choose just one …. I think I would like to introduce you all to GARNIER BB Cream. Oh oops, that’s right, most people already know about this stuff… am I really the only person who had never heard of BB cream? And what the hell does BB stand for anyway??? I use the “Light” colour and holy cow it provides EXCELLENT coverage… and let me tell you: I have some freckles that need covering… I also purchased the GARNIER BB Miracle Skin Perfector for around the eyes – UNBELIEVABLE. Thank you so much for pulling me out from under my rock…. now – even though I live on a cattle station in the middle of nowhere – I can still look fresh when I need a little pick me up, yet not look like I have a face full of make up. PERFECT. XX

  166. So many great products Nikki, I love your reviews.
    My faves? OMG where to start so many fab finds: Clinique ‘Almost Lipstick’ in Black Honey – looks so goth in the tube but so light and natural on; always a fan of BB cream, I discovered Clinique’s CC cream this year and fell in love..great coverage, but very natural finish and makes my enlarged pores almost invisible…I swear with this product my skin gets better looking as the day wears on; Face of Australia matte eye primer…just this and mascara (plus CC cream) for a stylish ‘no-make-up’ look; and finally an old fave Givenchy Phenomen’eyes mascara – weird brush takes a bit of getting used to but wow lashes are the result – see below for before and after!

  167. Sugar lip balms from Fresh, so addicted. They were a random pick up on holiday in hawaii. Wish I’d got more as they come in great colours.

  168. I fell in love with Pai’s Rosehip facial oil! It really works to hydrate and smooth skin. I used to always have a dry forehead no matter what I put on it, and the Pai got rid of it completely. And my skin is much brighter! Thanks for the giveaway.

  169. Choose ONE you say? That’s too hard! Could it be my beloved Wella SP Luxe Oil? Have you smelt that stuff? It’s amazing! My hair is soft, shiny and beautifully scented. Or will I choose my Foreo Luna mini. I bought it about 3 months ago to replace my Clarisonic. It’s amazing! I’ve got pretty good skin, but now it’s even better. Or maybe even my Zoeva Rose Gold brush set. Such beautiful quality, and they look so pretty. Or my Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder?
    But I think the best discovery I’ve made this year would have to be ‘Styling You’. Yes, this site. I’ve learnt so much from you. You have become my biggest enabler when it comes to shopping (oops, lol!). Your posts are realistic, entertaining, and good old fashioned common sense. Congratulations Nikki on your success.
    I’m heading to the shops now to try on some Blue Illusion bengajeans….

    [email protected]

  170. I have to say that I’ve fallen in love with my Clarisonic Aria “Facial Sonic Cleansing Device” (which should get extra marks for a fairly hilarious name). My skin has never been clearer! My friends keep laughing because I sound like a terrible infomercial when I tell them about it, but it’s true.

  171. great prize thankyou nikki!
    so many choices in my cupboard. I prefer natural but, I especially like Revlon new complexion one-step compact makeup and Revlon colour stay blemish concealer, they’ve worked well for me this year! … my skin still breathes!
    I also like trilogy face care hydrating mist … rose, geranium and lavender!
    just to spritz a girl up! lol m:)X

  172. Maybelline NY Master Smoky Shadow Pencil

    This miracle product has changed my day, improved my mornings and simplified my life! I can get the look I want in 5 mins flat thanks to this little darlin!

  173. Imagine feet that end each winter in a state that’s definitely best
    hidden by thick socks – and discovering a couple of products that
    combined give you feet worthy of a TV advert in just one treatment.

    I’ve been blown away with how brilliant Scholl’s Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File and Scholl’s Velvet Smooth Intense Serum are, combined, my feet look the best they have in decades! Can’t recommend them highly enough. Email [email protected]

  174. Without a doubt, HydroPeptide’s Anti-Wrinkle Polish & Plump Peel. Looks and feels like you have been for salon microdermabrasion session!

  175. One of my highlights has been the Cedel Blow Dry spray. You spritz it on to damp hair before you blow dry and it cuts down my blow drying time and doubles as a heat protectant. I really like the texture of my hair afterwards as well, feels very natural and smooth with no product ‘crunch’. Winning!

  176. I love my Clarisonic! So much so I gave two as gifts to my daughters. I always thought all my makeup was removed by my cleansing routine, boy was I wrong! My skin has visibly improved, is clearer, fine lines have reduced and it feels soft and smooth. My moisturisers and serums sink right into my skin now instead of sitting on top so they are doing a much better job. I’d never be without this it’s the best thing I bought all year and worth every cent!

  177. I have tried this year and love Dr LeWinn’s Reversaderm skincare range, excellent in bringing back clarity to skin and evening skintone.

  178. After spending my time at work sneaking-ly googling when I’m sure I should have been doing some kind of accounts. I ended up buying Sodashi’ s Brightening Marine Mineral Mask. I am happy to say that even if you think it is a little pricey for a beautiful black pot of goodness. You must either put in on your wish list, or pre-buy yourself your own birthday present, Easter present, or just you’ve been really good this month present.
    It smells beautiful, feels beautiful and best of all makes your skin beautiful. I convinced myself I needed it for my sister’s wedding day.. and did it make us all glow! (she had pre-wedding glow) but it made her feel as if her family had that glow too, and I’m positive the beautiful sent made her just a little calmer.
    I hope everyone has a safe and lovely Christmas, and that someone finds their own beautiful jar of Sodashi under their tree. Xx

  179. I have fallen in love with Go To Exceptionoil – because it smells beautiful and actually delivers – leaves dry skin lovely and smooth and its Australian owned and not tested on animals.

  180. After having a 1.5cm BCC (basal cell carcinoma) removed from the middle of my face, and a skin graft done on the area, I had to find another way to cleanse my face while it was healing. Garnier Micellar Water became my new best friend. Simple, thorough, gentle, fresh, and effective – in one step. My other new best friend is They’re Real Mascara by Benefit – because nothing says “ignore the giant scar on my face and look at my eyes” like perfect lashes.

  181. As you can see the Clinique cc cream has turned my head around! This cream makes my skin look healthy when I’m not, refreshed when I’ve only had a few hours sleep & dare I say younger. It is also so easy to use & a little goes a long way. I am in love.

  182. I don’t know where I’ve been (probably under a load of washing,) but I had never heard of BB cream until I read your review on them. After talking with some friends, it did seem like I was the only one who was not using BB cream. Using your review as a guide I bought the Clarins BB skin perfecting cream. Love it, light with enough coverage. I haven’t used my foundation again!!

  183. I’ve been using Revlon Photoready Eyeshadow and mascara- the eyshadow is beautiful and shimmery,perfect for evenings, and the mascara is fantastic, no clumps, long lashes. Even if I’m not wearing any other makeup, I cannot go without my mascara!!

  184. Best product I have used this year would have to be ‘Batiste’ dry shampoo.
    It has definitely made life easier using this product, no more washing hair everyday….Yah!!! Makes your hair feel clean and smell fresh again…love it

  185. I bought myself a clarisonic this year. Absolutely in love with it. It cleanses my skin so much better. Less breakouts, yippee

  186. I’m a 43 year old and have always had very clear skin, and always received compliments, but something changed this year with my skin. I started to get redness and break outs and tried a lot of products that just did not help and seeked professional advice and spent a fortune on different products until I started to use Garnier Perfect Blur 5 Sec smoothing base perfector in the mornings. It is smooth to put on and calms my skin from the redness and my break outs and so inexpensive. Also do not need to use much and last me for a while. The best product I discovered for 2014. Merry Christmas to you and your family and thank you Garnier I love this product.

  187. It would have to be 2 products one makeup and that is Gimme Brows by Benefit because it does what it says without looking false and a cleanser Garnier Micellar Cleansing water,great price and wonderful product!
    What a lovely prize Nikki crossing all my bits for this one Xx

  188. My fav product of the year that I can’t live without is MAC Eye Brow Crayon because it actually fills my fine brows, lasts all day and the colours look real & natural (not gingery) I swap between two colours depending on my hair colour. It’s a MUST HAVE!
    Btw- I’m just about to try the Clarisonic Mia 2, I’ve been hearing rave reviews but would love to hear your thoughts!

  189. Stand out product this year would have to be Moo Goo skin udder cream. I was diagnosed with aggressive early breast cancer 12 months ago and have had every treatment possible! Surgery, 8 months of grueling chemo, 6 weeks of daily radiation therapy, herceptin and hormone blocking drugs have left a heavy toll on my skin. Just before I started radiation a friend gave me a bottle of Moo Goo. I used it three times a day all over my chest and I really believe it stopped me from developing any radiation burns. The staff at Radiation Oncology were amazed! I now use it all the time all over my face and body and I love that it is gentle enough for the whole family including my two young children!

  190. I’m a new, first time mum who doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on myself. I needed a quick, inexpensive moisturiser that would also provide a light foundation coverage that would allow me to feel made up enough to leave the house after being an everyday makeup wearer. I found the perfect product in Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream. I love it and wear it everyday. It really is exactly what it says it is, a skin perfecting tinted moisturiser with sunscreen broad spectrum SPF15. It saves me so much time too, more time to spend with my little one!!!!

  191. Hi Nikki
    After your initial blog about bhave I researched a bit and went into a salon and had the “repair” treatment, it was a masque under heat, I got hooked on their shampoos & conditioners then and their riot control oil- ooohlala!
    Since then I’ve had the smoothie treatment – WOW! Reduces blow drying time of my curly hair from 30mins down to 10mins! I haven’t worn my hair down and straight so much – ever!! A blow dry in the morning is now an option every morning as it only takes 10mins to achieve sleek shiny perfection! Thank you soooo much!

  192. I’m going to print out this post, so many great suggestions from other readers! My much loved discovery via a facial is the Waterlily range. Packed full of mother nature goodness, it has my skin looking better than it has in many, many years due to pigmentation and aging. Developed by a Brisbane lady too.

  193. The whole Sukin range had blown me away this year. I found it at the Chemist Warehouse and discovered it was a ‘no nasties’ range and an Australian company. The sensitive cream face cleanser has been the stand out for me this year. It had reduced my breakouts (at 34!) by over 50%, and I no longer have the red blotchy skin I’ve always struggled with. It makes me happy to find a product that’s Australian, is against animal cruelty or testing, and had no nasty chemicals. Elephant stamp from me.

  194. For me it’s Benefit Fake Up. This concealer in a lipstick style applicator with a concealer centre surrounded by a circle of mosturising balm is super easy to apply, and gives great coverage blending in perfectly without the colour and texture issues of most concealers. It can also be used as a highlighter by spotting on and blending. It’s formula and packaging make it great for travel as well. I Love, love love it!

  195. It has to be Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara. I have used Lancôme mascara for years and couldn’t believe a mascara would go on with no clumps. But it does !! And it is a fantastic price !!

  196. I am now entering the “always look tired” phase of life (46 with a 3 yr old!). I’m not a fan of mineral makeup but bareMinerals 5 in 1 BB enhanced performance cream eyeshadow is the bomb. Brightens, evens out eyelid colour, base for eyeshadow or use with eyeliner alone. LOVE. IT!

  197. Can I say, in advance the Maybelline NY master smoky shadow pencil? I don’t do eyeshadow or eyeliner but hope this will ‘turn my life around’.Off to source one today! Coles has 50% off maybelline!
    I do like their Brow drama mascara … I believe I heard about that here first….

  198. Have love the garnier blur and the garnier micellar water this year but my fave discovery this year was an eyeshadow! I never wear eyeshadow (3 kids and life seem to get in the way lol). But the maybelline color tattoo in barely branded is amazing! Whack it on with my finger in seconds for just a hint of beige shimmer – stays all day, never flakes, never creases, doesn’t really need an eyelid primer and can be used as a highlighter if you want to as well! Plus it’s cheap as chips – half price in coles and woolies this week for around the $7 mark! Its become part of my 5 min blur/bb cream/mascara/eyeliner/lip gloss routine now 🙂 Winner!

  199. Mine would have to be the nivea Q10 day cream. I don’t know what is going on with my skin but since hitting the big 40 last year it has a mine of it’s own! This cream has been brilliant,my savior

  200. I tried the Clinique Sonic Cleansing Brush and fell in love with the smoothness and extra clean feel to my face. So easy to use and fully rechargeable (it lasts forever anyway) and portable.

  201. Only one? Boo! It would have to be the nivea Q10 day cream.. So now being a stay at home mum, the beauty budget is ahem virtually zero & my $130 face cream ran out..amazingly a few days after you did a post about the Q10 cream & I decided to give it a try. My dry winter skin became smooth & soft! for under $15, very happy

  202. On your recommendation this year, I tried the Garnier Perfect Blur – it is sensational! I just wish it came in a giant tub and I could dip my whole body in it…..

  203. What a great prize….I love love love trying different products. My best beauty discovery has been Designer Brands Beyond Amplifying mascara in blackest black. I have had problems all my life with mascara smudging on my upper eyelids as the day progresses. This is a tubing formula which can be removed with water only, yet it NEVER smudges, and looks good until I take it off. Best of all, it only costs about $15. Highly recommended!

  204. I have tried a few pore refiners, but happened on the Garnier Perfect Blur in the supermarket – I know!! It is great. There are a couple of your faves Nikki that are on my list to try. Very skeptical about under eye concealers because I have tried a gazillion over the years – but I have heard more than one recommendation for Napoleon Perdis The One. So that is next on my list. Thanks again for your helpful advice. X

  205. I have tried and loved (and will keep buying) bareMinerals Stroke of Light eye brightener. A tiny bit under the eyes takes away the look of hours of missed sleep my children have stolen from me. Gone are the looks of pity from other mothers at my weary face and blackened circles, as are the comments of “oh don’t you look tired” – which everyone loves hearing, not really.

  206. 2 Minute Miracle Gel is an incredible new exfoliating gel. My sun damaged skin always felt thick and rough – now I can’t stop touching my face – my skin feels so fine and clear. It is very gentle but your dead skin cells ball up and you wipe them away. Works on any type of skin. I love that you can see results instantly and I started selling this product as I think it is brilliant. Email: [email protected]

  207. I absolutely love The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil. It has the most heavenly scent and is so easy to apply leaving a glimmer of bronze to my skin

  208. I’m a mum with four kids, including a baby who turns one tomorrow (yippee!) so I’m embarrassed to say beauty has barely made it on my list on things to do. Garnier BB cream has saved me looking like a complete wash-out!

  209. Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%. I have never carried on like a pork chop so much about a beauty product in my life. You skin feels like you have had a facial – smooth and comfortable and young and glowy. And it $45 I think it’s a very reasonable price for outstanding results

  210. With a 3 year-old and a baby, and a habit of prioritising skincare and beauty last, I’d given up completely in the past couple of years. I’d never heard of BB cream until I read this blog, and thought it ticked a few boxes, so in 2014 I went out to discover one that could fit my limited budget. Natio BB Cream isn’t fancy, but it has done a great job at making me feel a bit better about myself and I have bought it more than once.

  211. My 2014 can’t-live-without find is Glam Glow Thirsty Mud… I wear it as my night cream and it has completed revived my tired sun-kissed Queensland skin. It is completely lush & although not that expensive, always feels like a daily spoil when I pop it on at night. Cheers, Katy.

  212. Have tried both the Garnier 5 second blur and the Garnier Micellar water and love both!!!!!! The blur seriously minimises the look of my pores and makes my bub cream glide on beautifully! And I love the quickness and ease of Micellar water to take it all off at the end of the day!!!! Good job Garnier……. Am so desperate to try exfoliating swipeys, actually the entire Go-To collection is on my next to try list!!!!!

  213. HIGHLIGHT of 2014 was finding Dermalogica Prima, so glad you have it here too. For slightly older, less looked after skin, this is an absolute gem – worth every cent and takes you from feeling a bit flat to… ready to go. It is my one staple in the bag and goes everywhere with me. Love it.

  214. I bought a ‘blur’ and a smokey eye mascara on your recommendation and I love them. I also liked Garnier micellar water for cleaning the war paint off my face at the end of the day. It’s gentle enough it doesn’t make my eyes water.

  215. I have discovered the most amazing natural organic made in Australia skincare range called ?Jjenisis. I have sensitive skin and rosacea and since using this range my skin has been great, I haven’t needed to use any prescription creams or drugs! I also love the way the products make my skin feel, there is even a BB cream. Some of the range includes, lemon juniper moisturise serum, rose water cleanser and many others….just yummy!

  216. Cleansing oils! Love how easily they get rid of all makeup especially eyemakeup without stripping my skin. Having long run out of the beautiful Pre-Cleanse by Dermalogica, I’ve resorted to using coconut oil

  217. Oooooh…goodies 🙂
    My turn around product was a free sample that came with a magazine – Instyle, I think. Lancome Visionnaire – advanced skin correction cream. Tiny wee blue bottle. My skin, along with my hair and nails, has been a bit dodgy due to an AI disease and the accompanying drugs, and I was really scratching for something to turn it around. I had this with the mag, and figured it was worth a shot – was AMAZING. All the rough patches have gone, it’s clearer, and my make up is going on smoothly now. WIN!
    Loving posts like this one – so hard to know just where to start with all the products on the market!

  218. on your recommendation I tried the Face of Australia primer. I love it as it stops,the makeup sliding off my face in our humid Brisbane weather.And it,is excellent value.

  219. After hitting the big “40” moisturisers just aren’t living up to my expectations anymore! Frustrating! But, my faith has been restored after discovering OCosmetics products….great skin…even at 40!! I’m in love xx

  220. Benefit “They’re Real” Mascara…I have short, fine, fair lashes & this mascara gives me beautiful, longer, fuller, natural looking lashes…and it doesn’t smudge! LOVE!

  221. Ooh wow! I’ll have a good look at a lot of these, especially the Nivea Q10 day cream. I only use SPF daytime moisturisers so this could be the thing. Would LOVE the prize. My fave 2014 product has been the Schwarzkopf 6 miracles oil essence I received in a goody bag at your SYD book launch. Great for smoothing & protecting and perfect for my fine hair coz it’s light. Smells like heaven and also great on my daughters’ long hair. They love it, too, just not too much if we have to do buns for ballet. Too smooth! Ha ha! Thanks for another great blog post, Nikki.

  222. My fav product that I have found this year is Cetaphil gentle face wash. For me the fact that it removes my makeup and is gentle on my sensitive face is a double bonus!!

  223. Origins drink it up face mask. This mask is amazing. You put it on The night and leave it on. When you awake up you have the most softest moisturised skin (and I have very dry skin)

  224. My Blistex Lip Vibrance similar to the Nivea lip shimmer but with a bit more hint of colour I love that it does double duty lips and cheeks Hint od Shimmer for a great pick me up when looking peaky Thanks Nikki for the tip

  225. Drumroll for my mostest, bestest and highest performing product of 2014…..
    The Vitamin C range from the Body Shop. A amazing results with my hormonal pregnant skin, it gave me a glow and evened out my skin tone

  226. For me the Nivea Q10 Anita wrinkle day cream and night cream have become my must have items. Rich, moisturising and protective. Helping my dry skin with a rich coverage helping smooth my wrinkly neck. V x

  227. My fave product that I discovered this year is Garnier BB Cream. It is the only product that has convinced me that I don’t have to wear full makeup every day. It evens out my complexion and also has a built in sunscreen.

  228. This year i discovered Dermagist Neck Cream. This stuff is amazing. I lost 35 kilos this year and my neck was worse than a turkey’s. This cream firms and tightens and has almost removed my jowls. I love it!!!

  229. I love Warbotanicals Avocado moisturising cream. My skin just drinks it up.I also love that it is made in Warburton Victoria, is cruelty free,with no nasty chemicals.

  230. As a mum of 3 under 5 money is pretty tight, so I have to say that my favourite product this year has been the Aldi day moisturiser. It is less than $8 and nice to wear, and makes me feel that I am at least doing something to look after my skin.

  231. I have a more mature complexion and the NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream with SPF30+ is keeping my skin soft and hydrated to prevent any more fine lines from forming. I love how it feels on the skin. It’s easy absorbed and you have peace of mind knowing that you are protected from UV rays with the SPF included in the cream. It’s certainly is light on the hip pocket for such a good performing product. Love it

  232. I love Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-wrinkle Day Cream 30+. My skin feels fresher and lines are not as noticeable. Knowing it contains the maximum sun protection give me added confidence outdoors. It’s great for the back of the hands. This product is often on special at various outlets: I buy up a supply every time I see the price reduced. I’ve used another high-profile product since I was 17 so this one must be good to make me change aged over 50. I first read about it on your website, so thank you lots!

  233. Nikki, you have the most amazing competitions! My favourite product for the year, and I have come late to the party as usual is Alpha H Liquid Gold. I use it at night before bed, and my skin always looks great the next day. I’ve got two back ups in the cupboard already, and can’t imagine ever not using it! 🙂

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