What beauty products to pack for a tropical holiday

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Oh hello. I’m leaving on a jet plane.


Yesterday was – and today will be – a GSD day … my term for getting sh*@t done.

The to-do list is a bit ridiculous but I do my best work under pressure plus we’ve got a farewell dinner tonight – not for me but for my parents who’ve been in Australia with us for the past five weeks.

(They fly home Saturday via Japan. It’s less than three months until we’ll see them again on our trip to the UK and Europe.)

Before that big trip, I’m sneaking away for a week devoted to ME.

There will be work involved – I’m heading to Koh Samui Thailand with my Female For Life sponsor Melanie Becker – but there will be definitely a whole lot of ME time.

This is not something I’m used to. Yes, I travel for work but not usually this length of time without my family.

I’m excited and putting a big lid on that mother guilt that likes to creep in in such circumstances.

And by such circumstances, I’m talking daily massages, unlimited yoga classes and plenty of healthy, nourishing food.

I’m at one with the fact that this Thailand escape will not include cocktails and shopping. I’m ready for the healthy-ness of it. The re-charging and rejuvenation.

I’ve already talked about what I’m packing clothes wise (you can catch up here) so today, I thought I’d share with you my attempt to cut down on the amount of beauty products I’m taking.

These ideas on what beauty products to pack for a tropical holiday or destination will seem vastly excessive to some and not nearly enough to others.

You’ll have to trust me that this is a whole lot less than I’m known for packing ;).

I’ve broken up my beauty product packing list into three parts.

1. Skincare

What beauty products to pack for a tropical holiday | Skincare

Ok, so this is my pared back skincare kit. Stop laughing.

My plan is to cleanse (1 Uskincare Nourish Milk Cleanser $35 – I bought mine after experiencing it at SpaQ at Easterand each morning moisturise with Garnier Miracle Skin Cream (2), follow with a primer to hold things in place (3 Face of Australia HD High Definition Primer $13.95) and then protect and glow with Rationale Beautiful Skin Luminzing Serum (4), an amazing SPF50 product that has a liquid crystal structure to adapt to your skin tone and minimise imperfections.

At night time, I’m cutting back to just a cleanse and an application of Go-To Skincare Face Hero (5 $44.95).

Sunscreen is an essential and this Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport (6 $45) is the business. As long as I apply correctly, I do not burn. All this strength in a formula that’s beautifully light and non-greasy is a winner.

2. Makeup

What beauty products to pack for a tropical holiday | Makeup

Ok, I know, I know. I probably should be skipping this section of the beauty bag completely … but you know me, vain and all that. So, in lieu of not leaving the makeup alone, I’ve reduced my needs to MY minimum. Makeup will probably only get popped on for any evening dinners but just having it there is like a beauty security blanket.

The primer above is a necessity to prevent tropical makeup slide. For a bit of glow, an illuminating product is always my friend. One of my new buys and already a fave is (4 $39) Nars Illuminator in Super Orgasm – it’s  more of a peachy/pink/gold than the original Orgasm shade.

Next I’ll use (5 $68) Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder Foundation – mainly in the t-section and forehead to create uniformity in skin tone.

For eye makeup, this Becca Eye Colour Quad in Galactica (2 $65) ticks all the boxes for a creating everything from a simple one-colour neutral eye to a contoured smokey evening look.

A lick of mascara (1 Maybelline Volum’ Express Pumped Up Colossal Waterproof Mascara $13.96 – I’m taking waterproof on account of the heat, humidity and possible rain, followed by gloss on the lips (3 Bare Minerals Marvellous Moxie in Sparkplug $24 – this is my fave coloured gloss of all time) and I’ll be good to go.

3. Haircare

What beauty products to pack for a tropical holiday | Haircare

On the hair front, this is a minimal stash for me thanks to the bhave smoothe treatment I have regularly in my hair. I’m leaving the styling irons at home and will mostly let my hair dry naturally. The products (1, 2 and 3 – use the salon locator to find a stockist near you) are part of a travel pack of bhave products.

The mousse? Last weekend after my massage at The Byron at Byron, I calculated that I had about 45 minutes to shower, change and be ready for the shuttle bus to take us back into town for dinner. I’m fast but not that fast when washing, drying and styling my hair under pressure. This mousse (4 Schwarzkopf Ultimate Keratin Mousse $4.99) was part of the communal supplies at the spa for use in getting ready. As soon as I saw it, I knew where I was going with it. I packed my half-wet hair with mousse and did some ’80s hair scrunching moves under the blow dryer. Less than five minutes and I was good to go … well, to go and get dressed. This is something I’ll repeat in Thailand … I just won’t be putting on any jeans or boots!

Scrunched hair using mousse

Don’t panic, of course I’m packing a toothbrush and toothpaste. Plus, I’ll include an all-purpose balm for grazes and mosquito bites. I’ll also be taking face wipes, lip balm and moisturiser on board the plane for trip over.

So tell me, what have I forgotten? What can I leave at home? What are you go-to travel beauty products?

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  1. Great article – of course a Knotty is a great travel option, but did you also know wrapping wet hair to dry in a Knotty after washing, helps reduce frizziness – especially in humid conditions!

  2. I am soooo jealous! Thailand is my most favourite place ever. I agree with others, a facial mist. I took Antipodes Ananda with me on my last trip, but also bought Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist duty free. Refreshing, cooling and specials beautiful to boot. Have a wonderful week! x

  3. I think you have done an excellent job of whittling down Nikki! (Although I am a chronic over-packer…) What’s your pick for an all-purpose balm?

  4. LOL! I was talking to my beautician about this yesterday, as it was ridiculous what I packed last weekend for 2 nights away. I have become much better with the clothes and shoes packing, but the beauty products are out of control and I need a plan for my European holiday in August/ September.
    So in that context(!), I’d add body lotion for after you get a bit of sun.

  5. Boring, and not technically beauty products, but: paracetamol, ibuprofen, Bandaids. I’ve just returned from a week in China where I managed to collect a cold. Thanks. The trip home with clogged sinuses was made bearable by Panadol, but I really wished I’d packed some Codral. Hubby hunted high and low in the local pharmacies but language differences stood between me and relief from my symptoms. Squeeze a few drugs in amongst those face creams is my advice.

  6. I think you’ve done well Nikki and yes leave that Mother guilt at home,you deserve a healthy week away!
    I am going to have to give that Mousse a try I think and have you thought about a skin hydrating spray for on the plane and when you want a spritz of fresh? I bought the most divine Model Co replenishing rose mist facial spray yesterday after being over the dry patches on my skin,it’s smells amazing,like a bunch of roses, you can spritz your face,to hydrate it and it’s all natural…bonus on my skin and it’s only $14.99 on special at Priceline so if you have time while GSD or send someone else get some,have an amazing relaxing time away Nikki Xx

  7. seeing is believing hun! … well done!;0
    you need a mist face spray! do I dare say!
    I love that outfit and photo of you at Byron! … super!
    have a great relaxing trip nikki! you deserve it!
    the boys will have a ball! good for them and you! love m:)X

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