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The family and work planets aligned on the weekend and planted us back in Northern New South Wales’ beautiful Byron Bay – almost a year since we last visited.

Miss SY had a 21st to attend and is still trying to get her hours sorted for her licence so wanted to drive. Mr SY wanted to buy a new surfboard. And I had been invited to meet the women behind Byron Bay boutique Bell & Ford (more on this store below).

Everything was pointing to a cheeky getaway. Except the accommodation.

Hello middle weekend of the Queensland and NSW school holidays. Would you like a minimum two-night stay with that accommodation request?

Ah, no we wouldn’t thanks. Well, we would except for other commitments on Friday and Sunday preventing us from extending our stay longer.

So, I jumped on luxury travel accommodation website Alluxia and found that The Byron at Byron Bay Resort and Spa would indeed allow us to book just one night.

The Byron at Byron Resort and Spa


I’d always had a thing about staying in the heart of Byron Bay to be able to experience the real Byron.

There are massive advantages in parking the car and walking everywhere once you get to a holiday destination but Byron is busy. Especially on a weekend.

Turns out there is so much to be said for staying away from the hustle and bustle … but near enough that you can dip your toes in to the vibe of that hustle should you want to.

And that’s just what we found and did at The Byron at Byron.

We had 24 hours in total in Byron Bay and found a perfect mix of relaxation, food, shopping and surf.

By the time we’d checked in just before 3pm, Mr SY had bought that new surfboard and had hit the water with Miss SY and Master SY to give the board a first run … while I met Annette Campbell and Leslie Ford, the two women behind the aforementioned Bell & Ford boutique.

Bell & Ford boutique | Byron Bay, Australia

Bell & Ford boutique | Byron Bay, Australia

I’d had an inkling that this was a store that I would fall in love with at first sight (judging by its online presence) and I was right.  This light-filled space just oozes effortless casual style. Racks and displays are filled with cotton, linen and cashmere pieces in subtle but far-from-boring neutral hues.

Leslie also has the Asian emporium and food store next door – Red Ginger – making this southern end of Jonson Street a must visit.

There was so much to love and not so much time to try on before Annette and Leslie (along with Sherry from @madeinbyron) whisked me off to lunch at the iconic Byron Beach Cafe.

The Beach Cafe, Byron Bay

A place I’m very happy to be be whisked off to, can I just say?

How about that view?

Byron Bay  NSW Australia

Lunch done and dusted, I was picked up by the surfing part of the family and we headed the 4km or so south of Byron to The Byron At Byron Resort & Spa.

The feeling of relaxation was immediate – and I hadn’t even got to the spa. The resort’s main building and verandah overlooks the lap pool with plenty of seating and lounges encouraging you to stay a while.

The accommodation buildings are set in the lush, sub-tropical gardens. Our room was a short walk from the main building.

Timber walkways connect the rooms. Our ground floor standard suite looked out to rainforest and being fully screened meant you could open up the doors and hear the sounds of that without being concerned about a mosquito invasion.

Loved the huge bath. Loved the sliding screens that you could open or close to create rooms and privacy within the suite. Loved that if you were staying longer that there ws a kitchenette for self catering.

The Byron At Byron Resort and Spa

The Byron At Byron Resort and Spa

The Byron At Byron Resort and Spa

With about 45 minutes to kill before my spa appointment (OF COURSE I booked ahead … I am a spa rat, after all), Mr SY and I walked down to the beach in front of the resort.

It took about 20 minutes – the resort, while being beachside, is far from beachfront. I guess with a pool like this then there really is no need to hit the beach.

The Byron At Byron Resort and Spa

You can also book the resort’s shuttle bus service to take you into the main beach at Byron … or into lunch or out to dinner.

We did just that, with an evening at Miss Margarita – a Byron Bay fave we fell in love with last year.

You can’t book Miss Margarita but they run a very good ship and we were able to sit on the bench seat out front and enjoy a couple of gingerbread margaritas while waiting the 40 minutes for a table. The wait IS worth it – and fast service saw us downing tacos, enchiladas and fajitas like nobody’s business.

Miss Margarita Byron Bay

I know my massage therapist from the afternoon’s visit to the day spa had told me to hydrate but I’m not so sure she was thinking the same way I was.

Speaking of that massage therapist and that massage. It was one of the best I had. It was firm (I’m still tender!) and many, many knots were smoothed out before I floated out of there.

The Byron At Byron Resort and Spa

The Byron At Byron Resort and Spa

The Byron At Byron Resort and Spa

Any residual tension was worked out the next morning at the free yoga class on the deck overlooking the pool outside the spa. Every morning at 8am, this is offered to guests.

The Byron at Byron Resort and Spa | free yoga classes for guests

It was enough to make this yogi very, very happy to embrace a Sunday morning and follow it with breakfast in the resort’s restaurant. The buffet aficionados in our family did not hold back. I loved the addition of some healthy alternatives. Chia balances out bacon, yes?

Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Once again Byron had gotten under our skin. Something we were very happy about … until leaving time came around all too quickly.

So tell me, have you been to Byron Bay lately? Where did you stay? What did you love doing? Favourite shop? Favourite place to eat?

*We booked our accommodation through online hotel booking site, Alluxia. To shop online at Bell & Ford, visit here.

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  1. Byron Bay has and is still on my bucket list of places to stay. My partner and I need a relaxing vay-cay away and this would be perfect 🙂

  2. I love Byron, haven’t been in way too long. I used to go more frequently when I was living in brissie.

  3. I love Byron, haven’t been in way too long. I used to go more frequently when I was living in brissie.

  4. Byron sounds fantastic and everyone sings its praises but unfortunately I have never had that amazing experience there yet. I think circumstances / timing has never really worked out. Perhaps another go might be on the cards. The place you stayed Nikki looks fabulous and I would certainly be very keen to try the “best massage ever”!!

  5. We did a road trip when the girls were little (4, 5 & 6) up the coast from Sydney and had two nights in Byron Bay. We were limited with the three girls and needing the one room where we could stay and found ourselves in the thick of things. If I head back, I would love to case this place. Looks amazing.

  6. Wow Nikki you did squeeze a lot into your 24 hours at Byron Bay.
    I haven’t been for a while but Byron and its surrounding areas is one of my favourite places in Australia it’s just so beautiful,thank you for sharing your stay with us Xx

  7. it all looks gorgeous nikki!
    and that pool area is just superb!
    glad all of the planets aligned for you!
    have been to Byron, but not for many years! … it’s very beautiful!
    usually go to queensland which we love! … cheers! m:)X

  8. I loved following your Byron adventure on Instagram – it just looks glorious. We stayed in the most divine love cottage for our anniversary in February (love Air BnB) which was close enough to walk to the action but quiet enough to feel away from it all. Miss Margaritas was a favourite of ours too, as was St Elmos. So much to love, see and do in Byron. Must.Go. Back. Soon.

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