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Keeping it Real: the printed pants outfit

Nikki ParkinsonEveryday Style, Fashion 55 Comments

Last week it was a case of taking each day as it came. And being super prepared in the outfit department.

A trip to Sydney plus a drive and stay in Brisbane meant that my usual work-at-home casual clothes routine got a bit of a shake up.

And since there was already a shake up happening, I decided to shake it even further by wearing printed pants out for the Brisbane David Jones spring summer 2013 fashion collection launch.

Booked us into a little hotel just across the mall from the venue to give Mr SY his quickest commute ever and for me to make a quick exit in time to watch Offspring.

As I got ready, Mr SY made some comment about me going out in my pyjamas. I never let such comments get in the way of me having a bit of fashion fun but I have to tell you he was a bit on the money this time.

Not with how I thought they looked but with how they FEEL when wearing them. Seriously, it feels like you’re wearing the equivalent of a summer tracky. So much so, when I did return to sit in bed with my laptop watching Offspring, I completely forgot I was still dressed. They are THAT comfortable.

A major contributor to the comfort factor is the fabric. These are Mela Purdie printed pants (from Zambezee Boutique) and they’re made from the exact same “technical” fabric that I talked about in this white shirt. The print itself is exclusive to Mela Purdie.

They do not stick to you, there’s no static, they feel incredibly soft and about 20 minutes after hand-washing them they are dry and ready to wear again – making them your perfect travel companion. I’m thinking ideal for a flight to somewhere tropical.

I love the fall of the pant too. Trust me, this is not something that always works for me. Too much gathering or fabric just doesn’t do me any favours. AT ALL. Just the right amount of fabric skims in the right places.

Now these pants are far from a budget purchase, so I realise they won’t work for everyone. This trend is, however, a strong one so look in your favourite stores for other versions.

The printed pants outfit 2

 Mela Purdie printed pants @ Zambezee* (I’m wearing size 16) |  Witchery leather sleeve top (I’m wearing L) | Country Road blazer | Mimco earrings | Zoe Kraztmann clutch | Wayne by Wayne Cooper heels | I Love Lola neckpiece* | Samantha Wills ring  |(LOCATION: Hilton Brisbane)

I love lola necklace  Mimco earrings | Location Hilton Brisbane

I’m in love with this I Love Lola neckpiece. It’s actually made from gold leather so sits beautifully on a plain black or white top or tee. I Love Lola was born out of a passion for statement necklaces with a point of difference … and you know how I feel about statement necklaces!

I’m also in love with professional makeup applications. The reason I looked halfway fresh on this night was courtesy of the TV makeup that was applied that morning in Sydney. I just freshened up with a pop of orange lippy.

Printed pants style tips

1. Do give this trend a try. I’m ok for you to walk away from it but not before first trying on a few pairs.

2. I prefer to see printed pants with a heel or wedge. But. I think they can work with a strappy flat sandal as it warms up. They would also work now with a brogue.

3. Clearly the pants are making a statement. Be careful what other statements your outfit might make. I like working a printed pant back with black or white. Maybe you’re more daring?

4. If your choice of printed pants is on the relaxed side, try and streamline the top of your outfit with a fitted tank or tee or a blazer to create shape.

5.  Worried this trend will disappear all too quickly? Then DO buy printed pants that are comfortable enough to wear as pjs ;).

Ok … where do you stand on printed pants? For, against or ready to give them a try?

Items marked with * were sent to me for editorial consideration

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  1. I have a pair of snake skin look ones from Country Road. My husband hates them, I love them. Everyone always comments on them whenever I wear them and I feel comfy as a bonus!
    I also have a cheapy floral pair from Supre which are comfy (and cool too)!

  2. Love this! I have been spotting printed pants around and have decided that I will be trying this trend… In fact – I think I might need a couple of pairs!

    Loving the statement necklace!

  3. I bought some printed pants from Country Road in autumn after one of your posts. I don’t wear a lot of colour so they are safe black and white print but they’ve been one if my best buys for a while. I wear them with flats for casual, heels and a tuxedo jacket for nights out and even managed to work them in winter by hiding leggings underneath and wearing them with my ankle boots and layering on top. Thanks for the great advice Nikki!

  4. I think its a fab look Nikki..totally chic..I can certainly see it as a BIG spring 2013 trend..I agree about black and white tops and pointy heels and I absolutely love that statement neckpiece:-)

  5. Were you on the runway too for DJs because you so should have been. You look lovely and the printed pants look is a trend I will be adding to my wardrobe for Spring 2013. Thanks for showing us all how it’s done!

  6. I love the look Nikki but as I’m a gal with a bit of tummy & some big hips thrown in for good measure I’m not sure it’s a look I can pull off but because I love so much I will TRY some on & see how it goes……..

  7. Love the printed pants. Don’t own any yet but will soon although I look better in slim fit pants ..with a long top! You look great in this photo! The makeup really works and also love the statement necklace.

  8. I agree the cut is crucial with these printed pants, but I think print placement is also vital.
    I have a pair of cobalt blue, white and black ones I bought from Seed last summer. They are loose fit and a bit drapey with a tapered leg- I only wear them with heels and black or white skimming tops ! But I think the key is that the pattern is only in the middle and the wide black ‘panels’ on the sides visually slim my legs.

  9. I was perusing in Tiger Lilly at some gorgeous printed pants… And spied THE most Nina-esque line up of boho flowy skirts and tops. Worth checking out for more Offspring inspired updates 🙂

  10. Nice, very nice indeed! I love the look of them and in theory they are the best idea. I do have a pair but I tend to wear them more casually – like around the house casually. But I think the blazer and heels could maybe a winner and make me feel more “dressed” when I wear them. Will give it a go.

  11. Smashing, Nikki. Just the right mix of classic and fashion forward. Perfection.

    I love Samantha Wills blings.
    Am more for the statement skirt than statement pants, but the theory is the same.

  12. I think your outfit looks great Nikki. I have been wondering whether I was brave enough to join the printed pants wearing club this spring for a little while. After seeing this post I think I am now convinced that I should give them a go. I think I would stick to a more basic print for my first pair like something just black and white rather than floral. You have inspired me to take the leap 🙂

    1. Yes, try black and white to start with and try on as many as you can to help with finding a shape that suits, Mindy. You don’t have to do any trend but I think it’s fun to experiment … even if you walk away afterwards knowing you gave it a go!

  13. They look great Nikki, though the pants I have seen and tried on have all been man-made fabrics, and I can imagine the sweat running down my legs once the weather warms up a bit! Is this fabric breathable?

    1. It’s SO breathable Angie, hence the price tag. It’s a man-made fabric but more breathable (I’ve found) than silk. I wore them yesterday for casual walking about Queensland Uni all day with my daughter. It was warm in Brisbane and felt comfortable all day.

  14. I have 2 pairs of printed pants that i bought last season and will be bringing them out again next season. Every time I wear them people ask me where i got them,they are both different cuts ,one with straight legs and a waist tie in a black and olive and white print and the other pair is black with pink and a tansmall bird print,with tighter ankles and I love them both.The first pair I team with a top and a jacket and the other a plain black 3/4 sleeve knit top with a bright pink and wooden necklace and both with wedges.I agree they are chic and comfy and look good and are a change from ponte pants,leggings and jeans I love mine.
    You look lovely in your new ones,they really suit you Nikki ,looking very Hot here and that leather necklace is gorgeous. Until I tried them on I was unsure and they are no hotter than a maxi dress ,so I agree with you on the printed pant.Love!

  15. I love the look and have tried some on but have the ” mutton dressed as lamb” voice in my head. Can you do a post with s few budget options so we can dip our toes in?

    1. Alison one of my pants were from Rockmans of all places and the other pair Trade Secret so have a look there 🙂

  16. I’m a convert too, really comfortable. The pj look did cross my mind when I first put them on,but as you say a wedge or heel and a necklace takes it too another level. A fitted shirt works as well as a t. I’m on the look for another pair because of the comfort factor.

  17. I would love these. I wear soft Intimo pants a fair bit but they are very plain single colours and not for going out. Soft patterned and colourful sounds fantastic.

  18. I love printed pants, but my ample thighs don’t! I’m fine with my curves, but every time I try on some colourful pants be they fitted or loose, the artwork of hues seem to accentuate exactly what I don’t want to be accentuated! My search continues!

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