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So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 24)

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Last night’s episode really set us up for the pointy end of this series of Offspring, didn’t it?

The absolute devastation of Billie and Mick’s relationship, the accidental downloading and broadcasting of all Nina’s thoughts about her family via a “pocket call”, Geraldine Day panning out SO far from plan.

And Nina completely bereft, asking Patrick, “how am I going to do this without my sister?”

I know it’s not real but I just dread where this all headed. Don’t you?

I want Nina Proudman to go baby shopping, to buy a fancy pram, to stare in wonder at the teeny tiny size of a 0000 onesie. I want her to focus on herself, the baby and Patrick. If you’ve ever been pregnant, do you remember those last few weeks? For me, they were for embracing the calm before the storm of a newborn.

Anyhoo, the comedy highlight of the night was the Bad Pregnant, gangsta-style “food gorging” dream that Nina had at the start. Hilarious performance by all. Especially loved the part where she eats soft cheese.

[iframe src=”″ width=”512″ height=”288″]

And because I want to mix it up a bit as the season draws to a close, I thought I’d put together some inspiration for Nina’s Bad Pregnant look today. Yes, she had a beautiful outfit in the second half of the episode – the pink and white top with a pink floral scarf (loved seeing a scarf back around her neck!) and light tan jacket but I think the Bad Pregnant outfit, toned down a little, could be a great evening option. There’s more than a little Billie in the look too.

Nina Proudman Offspring Ep 11, Season 4 | Bad Pregnant outfit

Shopping suggestions

Ok, before I get into my inspiration for this look, there are a few things that need to come off the outfit, to inject a bit of class back into it, if you get my drift. I want to turn this outfit into a great one for a girls’ night out as an alternative to wearing a cocktail frock. Are you with me?

So, from the bottom … I’d swap out the boots for either booties or pointy toed pumps. Keep the black skinny jeans. Drop the gold belt (there’s already enough going on with the jacket). Keep the jacket and make it the statement piece of the outfit. I’d keep the long necklace but not the collar one. Earrings I’d like to also see in black. And we don’t need the hat …

Nina Proudman Offspring Style | Bad Pregnant

1. Country Road jegging $99.95 | 2. Witchery tank $29.94 | 3. Lovisa necklace $16.99 | 4. Witchery earrings $29.24 | 5. Mezi ring $129 | 6. Spurr heals $49.95 @ The Iconic | 7. Marco Bologna jacket $267 (approx on sale)

What do you think? Could you do this outfit? And let’s start that episode de-brief. GO!

PS. Some pointers for you … I thought Nina’s stripey top was more pink than this Country Road one but Channel Ten are saying it’s the one worn by Nina and they should know! 


Offspring photo: Channel TEN

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  1. Hi Nikki and everyone out there! Anyone knows where that light brown flowy blazer was from? or similar ones I can find? I loved it 🙂 Nina wore it in the middle of the episode I think……

  2. sorry, as much as I love reading your Nina clothes blog, this is not clothes related at all. I know it was ages ago and emotions about infidelity are full on, but I think if i was Billie I would be saying to Mick – yes i stuffed up…but you slept with my sister and i forgave you !!!

  3. Hi Nikki – because I can’t allow myself to read most of what’s been written before, I don’t know if someone’s already said this BUT the first thing that needs to go from the Bad Pregnant look is the smoke!!!! Love your sparkly jacket choice. And soooo looking forward to watching this episode for myself! xx

  4. Love that outfit! Could definitely do this for a girls night, thanks for the inspiration. Hilarious start to the show last night. Totally cringing during the pocket phone call, something I have a fleeting moment of panic about when I’m downloading to my husband on the way home from work some days. And I finally felt bad for Geraldine when she admitted to Phillip she loves him, only to be rejected. I also thought Country Road when I saw that stripe top too, but am skeptical of Ch10’s advice! Some of their top lengths are quite good for pregnant bellies though. Eeeeek the next few episodes – tissues will be ready!

    1. The CR top really looked more pink on my screen so I’m not 100% sure. Is nice in red in any case! I think Geraldine needed Philip to not roll over … I think they’ll come good but not before a wakening up!

  5. I am relating more and more to Billie, and am enjoying Nina and Patrick’s relationship which seems to be going from strength to strength. How lovely it was when he stood up for her with Billie and later with the rest of the Proudmans. How good are Kat Stewart and Eddie Perfect?
    Not that I’ve been unfaithful or any of that, but here was a time in my life where I did do LOTS of stupid things, both professionally and personally. I just see where the writers have taken her character, recognize the ongoing dumb decisions that you can make and keep hoping that she’s hit rock bottom and things will start swinging the other way for her.

    On a lighter note, I’m off to see a band tonight (I know!?), and I think you’ve inspired my outfit choices- not quite as sparkly with the jacket, but at least a bit of subtle lurex thread.

  6. The episode was great – had me on the edge of my seat! Hilarious opening was a good counterpoint to the ending. I am really hoping that the writers of Offspring don’t kick us in the tv-show-loving-guts and kill off a central character. I’m still hoping they’ve shown us the three faces to throw us off and maybe someone less central dies – or as someone else suggested, just leaves.
    And how good was Billie & Eloise having a chat and that drunken kiss! Loved that.
    Maybe to distract yourself from what’s coming, a Geraldine post would be good Nikki – she does wear some cool stuff and not everyone’s a Nina or Billie!
    Oh I love this show, I actually prefer the drama to the silly neurotic stuff, although some of that could be a good respite from the heavy storylines.
    Here’s to a healthy baby, with a not stupid name, and to not having to wait until March 2014 for the next season. If it’s a cliffhanger, I think we’ll all scream!!!

    1. Eloise was tops – the lippie stain after Billie’s kiss! And re Geraldine, I’m not really at one with her style – I’d actually like to make her over 😉 I’m more a Billie and Nina combo. I did one Billie post but it was not as loved as much as the Nina ones.

  7. Been feeling anxious all week about what’s to come. Even dreaming about it – husband thinks I’m nuts!! That pocket call was devastating! How do you recover from that one?!! I’d say Geraldine needs a slap though. And Patrick is making us melt more and more each week. I’m sad there’s so many Nina dramas during her pregnancy. I’m hoping no one close dies. Her face didn’t look devastated enough I think. Perhaps it was a stranger she tried to help?!!

  8. It could be Patrick – yes he is in the ad with Nina and the baby, but what if that is just one of Nina’s daydreams??? 🙁 🙁

  9. Oh what a mind-messing episode this was!! I couldn’t watch (but DID) the whole time the family was listening to the pocket call. AWFUL! I hated that. And just waiting waiting waiting for Nina to mention Billy cheating on Mick was KILLING me.

    No way would they kill off Patrick – not while he’s still the biggest drawcard for the show. I’m with Tegs about Zara and Jimmy taking the bullet and Billy and Mick taking the baby. Nashuagirl’s theory sounds pretty plausible too – TV is very good at misleading us, and it works especially well when we’re emotional and vulnerable which is unavoidable at the moment with this bloody show!!!

  10. I love the outfit for a night out ,your choices are very nice indeed and yes i would wear that!I love how Patrick is becoming Nina’s rock as you should,and i am with you on the nesting bit ,she should be going and buying teeny tiny baby clothes and all those things that come with having a baby,I have not seen any baby items so far ?? I do hope no one dies and yes maybe Billie and Nina just fall out ,I would be devastated if that were me about the “pocket” call.I must be getting old as i have not heard that term before,though my daggy husband actually said it happens all the time to him at work and yes he listens,I wouldn’t i don’t think.I feel so sorry for Billie and Mick at the moment.I like that Geraldine actually listened for once,her character is not very “Mum like “I do like the idea of a “Geraldine” day though ,might have to borrow that concept.

  11. What hoot the opening was…absolutely love the way this show gives us something completely out of left field….loved it!! As for the rest of the show, it left my heart racing & my mind thinking there is no way I can watch next week…although I will be absolutely glued to the screen…with a glass of red to calm my nerves!

  12. I really like the outfit Nikki. Nice work,
    Now as for the trickery that is TV drama… I can’t take credit for this but I did see this posted elsewhere and I think it is on the money.
    The trailers say Nina “looses” someone forever, not that person dies. Yes there is a death but this vision doesn’t necessarily point to a death one of those shown ie Patrick, Billie or Jimmy. The context is ‘looses’ and they leave this open to interpretation by the viewer as they show a funeral scene. So as is the games these writers play, I’d say Nina tries to assist someone in an accident or similar (judging by last night’s vision) and they die. I think she ‘looses’ Billie due to the fallout over the ‘pocket call’.
    My two cents 🙂

  13. I am pretty sure it is not Patrick, last week we saw a flash to a scene with Nina and Patrick and the new baby, the scene last night showed a pregnant Nina rushing into the emergency room. Loved the lacy white top she wore last night too!

  14. I’m going to sound like a Nana here but I really liked the sleeveless cardigan that Geraldine wore last night when they were listening to the phone call. Any ideas where that is from?

  15. I almost couldn’t watch last night! I was so anxious! I cannot believe Nina’s family listened to that call, so disrespectful! Poor Nina….
    And Mick…he looks bloody aweful doesn’t he? Great acting from both Eddie & Kat. I think my prediction from last week is going to come true- it’s Billie. Watching her spiral out of control is just horrible. Last night I was just willing her to talk to Nina…
    I’m glad there was still some funny moments last night but how will they come back from a death? How?!
    Loved Nina’s final outfit. That cardi/jacket was lovely 🙂

    1. I just don’t know Reannon. I just don’t know. And yes, the draped jacket is lovely – not sure wear from but that type of thing will be around in the next month or so for trans-seasonal offerings so keep your eyes out!

  16. hilarious start to a full-on episode- not sure I can watch next week!! 🙁
    LOVE those jeggings from Country Road- I live in mine!

  17. My prediction is killing off Zara and jimmy, and the baby goes to billie and mick – either helping them back together or finishing the break up job. I don’t see any plot benefit to killing Patrick, but could be wrong. Don’t think I could keep watching tho if that was the case…

    1. I totally agree
      I like that plan re Zara and Jimmy, I like those characters but am not as attached to them as Patrick.
      [gosh I sound sad….]

  18. I’m loving the back half of the series but missing the silliness that is offspring. My heart is aching for Billie & mick.

  19. Morning Nikki!
    I found last nights ep difficult to watch.
    Am finding myself really not liking Geraldine or Billie.
    Am getting a soft spot for Patrick and loving how his and nina’s relationship is developing.
    I would find it too difficult to watch if they killed off Patrick.

    Love your take on the outfit here- sexy!

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