David Jones S/S 2013 Collection Launch - Runway | Camilla

What’s hot for spring summer 2013-14

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Can I have a temperature check from you this morning? Are you feeling summer at all? Or are your feet safely tucked away in a pair of uggs?

It’s a bit brisk here, nothing to be too concerned about. What I am concerning myself about is that despite not being able to feel my fingers as I type, the fashion stores have moved swiftly on to spring, without nary a backward glance at winter.

A couple of nights ago I sat front row at the Brisbane screening of the spring summer 2013-14 David Jones fashion parade. Back in the day, there used to be a big live show in Brisbane too. Now at key city DJs stores around Australia, we all sit down and watch the Sydney shindig before a mini parade of our own. When I say we, I mean a handful of local fashion media and a good turn-out of dedicated DJs fashion shoppers. By dedicated, I mean they are DEDICATED.

Sitting to my left were two lovely personal shoppers* from DJs Brisbane. As the models came out wearing mostly white with a mix of black and not enough colour for my liking, they were furiously taking notes of not only the pieces they loved but who of their clients they thought would love those pieces. Impressive work.

The trends

You’ve probably already seen it on the news but for those who haven’t, the parade opened with a sea of white. White on white.

David Jones S/S 2013 Collection Launch - Runway

And then closed with a riot of colour that only the clever Camilla can pull off, season after season. Mantan included.**

David Jones S/S 2013 Collection Launch - Runway | Camilla

David Jones S/S 2013 Collection Launch - Runway - Camilla

In between we saw white with black (by far the most easy summer trend to embrace now) and smatterings of colour, from coloured digi prints and swimwear (Isola), to a stunning green, navy aqua combo from Bianca Spender, trademark prints and embellishments from Easton Pearson and watermelon from Alannah Hill.

David Jones S/S 2013 Collection Launch - Runway - Jets Jets

David Jones S/S 2013 Collection Launch - Runway - Easton Pearson Easton Pearson

David Jones S/S 2013 Collection Launch - Runway - Gary Bigeni

Gary Bigeni

David Jones S/S 2013 Collection Launch - Runway - Jac & Jack

Jac & Jack

David Jones S/S 2013 Collection Launch - Runway - Simona


David Jones S/S 2013 Collection Launch - Runway - Alannah Hill

Alannah Hill

Apart from Camilla and stand-alone statement pieces from the likes of Easton Pearson and Romance was Born or the asymmetrical skirts featured in the Josh Goot collection, the overall styling was minimalist. To successfully carry off a minimalist style your clothes must fit and flatter perfectly. A minimalist look relies on soft structure or clever patterning and superior grooming.

The ladylike trend is here to stay (for now) with lace featuring as well as cut-outs and sheers worked into designs.

David Jones S/S 2013 Collection Launch - Runway - Lover


David Jones S/S 2013 Collection Launch - Runway - Collette Dinnigan

Collette Dinnigan

Scary trend alert: the appearance of the midriff. Don’t worry, you won’t be seeing me working this look anytime soon. Unlike, the ’80s and ’90s midriff look (which, in case you’re wondering, I never did), this season’s midriff reveal is based around a whole lot of structure. Bands of fabric that need to sit firmly over abs of steel for it to work successfully. If that’s you. Go for it.

David Jones S/S 2013 Collection Launch - Runway - Lover

Josh Goot

David Jones S/S 2013 Collection Launch - Runway - Ginger & Smart

Ginger & Smart

Overall, it’s an elegant season. And even if your budget doesn’t extend to designer labels, you’ll find all of the above filtering through to your favourite stores. It’s just the way the fashion carousel goes round.

If you are up for a splurge … my money is on Camilla (for timeless resort wear), mother-and-daughter, Carla Zampatti and Bianca Spender (for classic occasion styling you’ll pull out of your cupboard in five years time and still feel great in), Bassike (for effortless casual) and Jets or Isola (for a classic one-piece).


Aveda created two looks for the show.

The first – “poolside chic” – featured soft bouncy girls that look effortless but I know they’re not. It’s a blowdry first with a roller brush followed by large curling wands used on mid-lengths to ends for movement.

The second was a “modern French roll”. I love the idea of this look for a party in summer where you still want the glam factor but need the hair off your sticky neck. My hairdresser did similar for me for Mr SY’s Christmas party last year except with a pony at the back. It involved a big brush blowdry, crimping at the roots, a whole lot of teasing and about half a can of mousse. As you know, I’m a lazy girl in the beauty department so I’m all for outsourcing such ‘dos.

Samantha Harris | Aveda | David Jones Spring Summer 2013-14


The concept behind the makeup look created by shu uemura was Italian glamour meets poolside glamour. You know, elegant and chic … all the things I’d like to feel in summer but the humidity usually deals me quite the opposite.

For this look, the eyes always look sleek and glam. And the inclusion of gold eyeshadow adds to the overall glow. Note to self, must get me some of the shu uemura Instant Glow Stage Performer, which ws used as a primer before the foundation for these looks. As you know, illuminating products are your best tired-face friend***. 

David Jones S/S 2013 Collection Launch - makeup - shu uemura

See anything you like, Stylers? 

* When you shop with a personal shopper you wait in a fancy schmancy lounge and the clothes are brought to you … a service I plan to add to my Lotto wishlist.

** A mantan is a male kaftan. Can you see the man in your life wearing one to the next summer barbie?

*** Me most days, hence obsessive need to acquire more illuminators in my life.

Runway photos: Image.net/David Jones

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  1. Cool and grey here again in Canberra this morning – we had a brief tease of Spring sunshine on the weekend but it appears to have gone again for now.

    Loving the cobalt suit from Ginger and Smart (sans midriff for me) maybe with one of my new roll-sleeve shirts from Dorothy Perkins (http://www.dorothyperkins.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?searchTerm=roll+sleeve&storeId=12552&productId=11353499&urlRequestType=Base&categoryId=&langId=-1&productIdentifier=product&catalogId=33053). I’m a bit obsessed with this shape and have purchased it in white, black, leopard print and bright blue! A more dressed up option than a T but just as comfy, and without the buttoning issues I find with ‘button up’ shirts.

    You’ve also inspired me to try out print PJ-style pants. I always thought that I’d look like I’d forgotten to get dressed, but styled with a jacket and heels a la Nikki I might be able to pull it off 😉

    1. Lovely shirt style Mel and I’m glad you’re going to try the pj-pants style! It’s all about the trying and it’s ok to walk away from it if you don’t “feel” the style … but at least you tried first, I say. Keeps things fresh and your mind open to new ways of dressing.

      1. I think you’d be proud of me Nikki – not only did I try on the ‘pj pants’ (starting with a great black & white tapered ankle pair at TS14), but I bought a pair in a leopard print! And from a store I usually don’t set foot in because I think things will be too ‘young’ or not fit me (Forever New, BTW). I plan to pair the new pants with a black tank – either alone if I’m feeling brave (or tone up the bingo wings!) or with my sheer black DP top over – and nude cage heels or tan wedges.

  2. Nikki, I know most people dream of having heaps of money or winning lotto and being a VIP shopper complete with champers and personal shopper benefits…….. but…….. I can honestly tell you that unless you are living a perfectly happy and emotionally satisfying life with the ones you love it counts for zilch! I have been there done that in my previous marriage but feel much happier having given up all the trappings and living a very basic life with a new wonderful husband.

    I have just as much fun looking (including your great site) without buying.

    I guess until you try the wealthy life style and fall from the “ivory tower” it does appear wonderful.

  3. While it was a little cool this morning I feel like I really have no ability to ever complain about our very non-wintery version of winter. With a four year old and almost three year old with me 24/7 I can guarantee that the white on white trend is one I will be staying very far away from. Black and white seems to be everywhere at the moment so I am sure some of that will make it into my new season shopping. I am liking some of the bright colours I have seen too and I think it’s highly likely that I will be often adding a pop of colour to my black and white outfits. I am loving some of the prints around at the moment too. Could even be encouraged to add a pair of printed pants to my wardrobe. Definitely no bare midriff or mantan in this house.

      1. Oh, that has to be shopping justification for me. I love your work Nikki!! I will be back first thing Monday for some breakfast reading.

  4. I’m wearing a tshirt today in Brisbane. Looking forward to summer 2013/14. I’m not a midrif fan but I love the digi prints.

  5. Winter? It arrived briefly but left quickly here in CQ. I’m starting to think about summer clothes (need to give the credit card a little rest first) that I can wear to work. I can’t do white, it always ends in tears with three little boys!

  6. Mantan on my man? No. Midriffs on me – no, not back then and definitely not now! Chilly this morning? Yes indeed it was, hence the jeans and long boots. Love so many of these looks Nikki, thankyou for sharing. I’ll be on the lookout for a new classic white dress and I’m glad to see lace still around, will get some more milage out of a favourite top I’m sure. How cute are those colourful polkadots? I really like the updo and makeup too – will keep in mind for an upcoming wedding. Happy weekend to you xx

  7. Temperature check freezing with frost! I am sitting here typing with my dressing gown over the top.I love the black and white looks and the coloured ones,not sure about white on white though.No midriff tops for me either,i didn’t do them back then either but now no way.I would love to invest in a Camilla Caftan sometime soon ,maybe this will be the year,love them.
    I also agree with you on the illuminator factor ,does wonders to mature skin.
    My man would not be see in a mantan ever.I love that Jac and Jack dress it is stunning and i would love a one piece that fitted well,i have a long body so tend to stick to tankini’s.Thank you for bringing us up to date with the new trends Nikki.

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