How to wear the monochrome trend - work

How to embrace the monochrome trend

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Call me crazy but please don’t shoot the messenger. New-season styles have landed in your favourite stores and boutiques.

Yes, I fully realise that it’s still very much winter but fashion waits for no woman.

Thankfully, one of the strongest trans-seasonal trends you’ll find right now is the monochrome trend. And I’ll tell you something for nothing, Stylers … being on trend was never more easy.

The whole black and white thing was shining out at me from every fashion store I walked past in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall last week and it made me smile for all of these reasons.

5 reasons to embrace monochrome

1. This is a classic look. It’s timeless, so even if the fashion gods are not dictating that it’s a style for the season, you can wear it anyway. Which means you probably already have pieces that fit the trend and, therefore, plenty of opportunities to “shop” this one from your wardrobe.

2. It ALWAYS looks smart. No matter what the occasion or time of day, whip out a black and white ensemble and you’re good to go.

3. You can work this look on a budget because the combination is inherently stylish. Still aim for pieces that are made well and in fabrics that will wear well over time (remembering this trend will always come around again).

4. The monochrome look lends itself very easily to a splash of colour with accessories. And I’m pleased to report that my fave from last year, chartreuse, is back with a vengeance. You’ll also find orange, green, red, fuchsia and shades of blue doing their showpony thing.

5. Importantly, this is a trend you can embrace now when it’s still cold. Layer with coats and tights and then peel off those layers in the coming months for a crisp spring look.

Monochrome for every occasion

How to wear the monochrome trend - casual

1. Country Road jegging $99.95 | 2. French Connection knit $99.95 | 3. Converse sneakers $89.99 @ Style Tread | 4. Blue Bungalow scarf $29


How to wear the monochrome trend - work

 1. Sussan dress $89.95 | 2. Saba jacket $239.20 (on sale) | 3. Red Phoenix Emporium necklace $169 | 4. Sterling & Hyde bag $159.95


How to wear the monochrome trend - evening

1. Witchery jeans $129.95 | 2. Sportscraft top $111.30 (on sale) | 3. Seed blazer $189.95 | 4. Molten Store clutch $89 | 5. Diavolina heels $139.95 @ Style Tread

Are you a fan of this trend? Do you find it crazy that the fashion seasons have changed?


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  1. Hi! Can you explain what you mean by monochrome? I thought monochrome meant shades of one colour (eg varying shades of grey or blue) but you seem to indicate it means black and white. Is this a fashion thing? Just wondering. Loving your blog, BTW!

    1. Monochrome does mean shades of one colour but it’s also a term for black and white photography so I suspect that’s where fashion has “borrowed” the meaning from. Thanks for loving the blog!

  2. I like this – I’m a fan of simple style. Love that scarf Nikki! (also loving your daughter’s coat…think I need something similar as we’re heading there soon…brrrr!) xx

  3. Monochrome is often a base for me – an enduring favourite. I used to keep it very monochrome with a red lip (still do sometimes), but these days I’ll more likely pair it with more colour. Yesterday I wore a black ponte skirt and white shell top to work, with a chartreuse/citrus cardigan (super bright), a citrus and grey scarf and topped with a further pop of fuschia lips. So much fun … so many compliments! I have fairly dramatic colouring myself – very dark hair, pale skin etc so find these contrasts in bright colour really suit me.

  4. I enjoy wearing a Karen Millen monochrome kinit dress with bright red MAC red matte lipstick. Melbourne can feel very sad in winter and being a colour person I always need to add a touch of colour to my look during the colder months.

  5. My wardrobe is ALL about this look – my base is black, white and some navy (which of course also goes with the black and the white 🙂 ). I then have a fave fashion colour each season – so far I’ve built up bright pink, cobalt blue and emerald green, plus the almost-obligatory nautical addition of red. Glad to see I’ll still be on trend through the new season. (BTW, I have a black and white panel fit & flare dress on the way from Target as my basic piece for this season, so I guess I’m ahead of the pack LOL).

      1. I love my Gok! I had the delight of being styled by him on his first Westfield tour to Australia and have continued to embrace the lessons learned. After your tip, I went off to Target and got myself a snazzy monochrome tote that is getting a serious workout (and it was free because I used my FlyBuys points to get it!). Any tips on where to get a white with black stripes blazer (noting there is a ponte at Target, but is black with white IFYKWIM)?

  6. I love this look Nikki ,did you get the Target catalogue Gok Wan has done a monochrome Style lookbook in the catalogue and I think it is a very stylish.I even have bought my first piece for this look some time ago a grey,white( and black trimmed top(it is sort of mottled) that I plan on wearing with my leather panelled Ponte pants ,wedge boots and a black blazer,such a chic and timeless look.
    He also featured some neon pieces to be worn with it and it just makes the outfits pop.
    You are so right about this being a classic classy any age look ,love it!
    Thanks for this post I am a bit over winter now lol it has been cold here and I hope you are feeling a bit better today.

  7. Happy to hear this. I have a pop up fashion store in Given Tce, Paddington- selling last season clothing at discounted prices. And turns out there’s quite a bit of monochrome from ‘last season’. Good to know I’m on trend!

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