Leona Edmiston Meredith dress | sequins | copper

The Model and Me: Leona Edmiston summer 2012-13

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As someone who gets to lounge around in pretty much whatever I like most days of the week when I’m glued to my computer, an invitation to glam it up always ignites a little style fire in this here belly.

If you’ve been following along here for more than a year or two, you’ll be accustomed to my excitement over the arrival of the invitation to Mr SY’s office Christmas party.

For starters, partners are invited. For seconders, it’s always big. And by big, I mean HUGE.

In numbers. In fancy-ness. In surprises.

Case in point, last year there was a circus theme. This year, the special guest entertainer? Yep, one Jessica Mauboy, who rocked BTW. Rocked it like nobody’s business. Even came back on stage when she was dressed to go home because the other band was belting out a bit of Beyonce and she wanted in on the fun.

Anyhoo, knowing that said Christmas bash is a wee bit bigger than the average work party we were used to when we first met, I do like to do a bit of advance planning in the glam department.

And this year I owe inspiration for the planning to one dress.

One Leona Edmiston Ruby dress.ย The Meredith dress*.

Now, sadly, there are not too many of these frocks left. At last look, only Size 2 is available online (but I’d check in store too).

I say sad because, if you’re like me and you like a bit of a shimmer factor at this time of year – shimmer rolled in with a bit of comfort, then this is THE dress of the party season.

Want to check it out on the model first?

Leona Edmiston Ruby Meredith dress

Leona Edmiston Ruby “Meredith” dress $299

And here it is on me …

Model and Me: Leona Edmiston Ruby Meredith dress

Now, as you can see, I’m a tad shorter than the model above, which is a good thing in regards to the dress length. It still sits above the knee but not at panty-flashing territory … which would definitely not be a good thing for a woman of a certain age out with her husband and being introduced to his managers. No, it would not.

Here’s a little close up at the shimmer work in this dress. I do love me a sequin or 600.

A little note on the accessories … they’re all from the vault. Shoes by Robert Robert, clutch by Mogil (a gift from two girlfriends that I could not have even predicted at the time how damn handy it could be and has been – yes, there are fold-up flats in that there bag), bracelets by Tiffany & Co (pearls, my 40th birthday pressie from Mr SY) and Witchery (black and brass).ย The earrings are by Sophie Kyron. Hd them a long time too and they proved just perfect.

Leona Edmiston Meredith dress | sequins | copper

As a guide, I’m 167cm tall and I’m wearing the size 4. I probably could have gone the size 3 but it still works. The sequins sit on a lining that has a decent weight which is good for skimming the bits that I like skimmed over and avoiding the need for any Nana pants action.

I totally fell in love with the ’60s-style shift silhouette of this dress.

A theme I was very happy to run with an extend to the hair and makeup department … as you do when one of your favourite TV show is Mad Men. If you’re a fan, remember Don and Betts’ trip to Rome? Here’s a little memory prompt for you …

Don and Betty Draper in Rome

Thankfully, my beautiful girlfriend and hair stylist, Maria at Suite Three, is happy to run with my creative whims and turn them into reality. In this case a very high pony.

Hair: '60s style high pony tail

Now, when I walked in the door at home following said hair construction, Mr SY didn’t seem that impressed. I can always tell when he’s not completely sold on a look but is (rightly so) afraid to voice his true opinion for fear of retribution because his voice takes on a squeaky quality. Not unlike that of a tone-deaf choir reject.

Me: What do you think?

Mr SY: It’s (squeaky voice) … different.

In his defence, I had not shown him the dress or shared my “vision”.

Let’s just say that by the time we were heading out the door and down the highway to BrisVegas, his voice had come down about 100 octaves.

Sequin and red nails

In fact he was very taken with the whole ensemble. And the red (Essie Russian Roulette) nails … and a little smokey eye makeup action.

Mr SY and me

There was only one thing left to do … PAAAARRRRTTTYY.


And that we did. Thank God I have 12 months to recover.

Do you relish an opportunity to glam it up? ย Are you still recovering from a weekend Christmas bash?

* This frock was gifted to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy.

  • Gorgeous. Loving this dress and adore the whole look you created. Perfection. How could Mr SY not be won over by a bit of dark eye and red nail action? How I ask you…? I have something similar in mind for NYE but it looks like my plans may be cancelled. It might be a bit much at home. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • How could he?! And bummer re NYE … it’s one of those nights, though, isn’t it? The expectations for it to be SO good but in reality difficult to pull off! We will probably be at home too.

  • Kathryn

    I love this dress so much that I’ve been looking for it online. No size 4s left. Sigh. You look fab. Glad it was a fun night. Cheers.

    • Yes, Kathryn, I’m sorry … did mention that in the post above but it would also be worth your while contacting your nearest store to see if they have in stock.

      • Kathryn

        Thanks Nikki, I will be popping into the store at Carindale later ths week. Worth a try!

  • You look amazing, AMAZING! That dress is wonderful and I LOVE the hair. Silly Mr SY not knowing marvelous hair when he see’s it!

  • sasha

    hi Nikki you look stunning! i was thinking of getting this dress for nye/parties but was wondering if it would date? I know prints are all in at the moment and i was trying to be budget conscious and just get 1 new party dress. what do you think? I am a size 12 but have E cup hooters..am hoping dress is forgiving across the bust..what do you think of shift dresses for this type of figure..i am also 168 cm. thanks!

    • Hi Sasha, I honestly think this is a style of dress I’ll be able to trot out for parties for years to come – even do with a jacket and opaque tights in winter. Ok so sizing with E cups … I’m a D cup and I’m in the 4 – it doesn’t pull across the bust but it’s not a v-neck so may or may not work for you. You’d need to give it a go, I think.

  • Julie

    Wow – you looked amazing Nikki! I also would not go any shorter on my almost forty-is-the-new-thirty bod, as one of your good friends says! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Something sparkly in warm tones has been on my wishlist for a year or 2. We glammed it up a bit last Sat night, I wore my ‘loud’ retro-ish dress to a new bar then onto an Indian cafe. I haven’t seen the Mad Men Rome episodes – what a fab shot and divine inspiration, as you have shown! xx

    • Hee hee, yes, Julie and since him more on the 50 is the new 40 side of 40 then most definitely!!! Love the sound of our Saturday night!!

  • Major dress envy. For now I’m constrained outfits with easy access to the milk jugs. Options limited, but so is my silly season social calendar this year.

  • I love the pic of you and your hubby – you look so happy, young and in love! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks! Not so sure about the young bit (that’s the Instagram filter!) but definitely the rest x

  • Paula

    Oh I love the dress, I did see it at our Leona store here and swooned! Once again you totally win the partner Christmas party glamour stakes as it was costumes for us yet again!!

    • It’s swoonable and will be a good party standby for many years to come! And I apologise once again for the pain you have to go through each Christmas party season. xx

  • Mrs Woog

    BRAVO! Love it. Love the hair and I love the fact that Mr SY was unsure. xx

  • Much prefer the dress on you Nikki! You look smokin’ hot!

  • Lisa mckenzie

    You look Hot Nikki and I am sure Mr Sy loved the red nails and the dress and the hair when it was all together,what is it with men and red nails,I think I know but will not say it on your blog ๐Ÿ™‚ i love me a dressup party too ,but your husbands Christmas party takes the cake,My husbands boss is pretty good at throwing a party too,this year it is is at darling harbour in a swanky restaurant and I have 3 outfit choices ,I sort of bought a new kaftan and it is very pretty a short one but I will probably wear the blue dress it’s on Saturday Night so I will be glamming it up then.My husband has been working at the same company for over 30 years so it’s a bit of a Ooh she is still looking hot affair I have know some of his work mates since I was 16.
    Love the Leona Dress on You I knew you had to have that dress and I am so glad you didn’t go with the black, that copper colour is lovely.Stunning Nikki,do you ever look horrible x

    • Yep, he was ok once it was all ensembled! Enjoy your do on Saturday night!!

      • Lisa mckenzie

        Yes I am sure I will and need all next week to recover lol!!!

  • Stacey

    Nikki, you looked beautiful! I love this dress and I’m so glad I bought it. I too wore it to my Christmas party on Friday night. I styled it with mainly nude accessories (closed-toe pumps, nude clutch & YSL glossy stain in coral aquatique). I also wore this beautiful ring I picked up from a local homewares store for the bargin price of $29.

    S x

    • Oh wow! I love it Stacey and yes, nude is perfect with it. Love that I have that as an option too. Love that you did red nails too!!

  • Kelly

    Nikki you look fabulous! You do glam so very well!! The only Christmas party glam opportunity this year was a costume party … So I went as a vampire and wore a beautiful black dress with red shoes. It was loads of fun! And yes I am still recovering. Especially my feet!

    • I am not good with costume parties but sounds like you nailed it … and yes, the recovery period gets longer!

  • Looking gorgeous!
    I don’t think I’ll have recovered from Christmas bashes until some time in mid 2013 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • That photo of you too together: gorgeous!