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So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 22)

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Did you survive that one?

Geez Louise, not sure how many more tickets on board the Offspring emotional roller coaster I can afford to invest my heart and soul in.

That was some ride.

I didn’t breathe for parts. I cacked myself in others. Shook fists. And shed tears of joy. All in one hour.

It was pure Offspring gold.

There’s a bit of negativity out there with people saying Offspring’s lost its way. I don’t feel that and definitely didn’t in this episode. Would love to know what you think?

Nina style

On the Nina Proudman fashion front, Neens trotted out classic Nina for the whole episode. Not sure I’ve seen her wear red before but I like it on her.

I don’t have a solid lead on the exact blouse she was wearing on top of the red tank but I do have news about the sheer lace one she was wearing two weeks ago so I worked that one back with this week’s outfit inspiration.
Nina Proudman Offspring Style

 1. Jeanswest maternity jeans $69.99 or two for $109 | 2. IDS tank $29.95 @ Birdsnest | 3. Johnny Was blouse (contact these boutiques for availablity: Sofia Londero, Balmain, Sydney; Entity, Chatswood Chase, Sydney;  St Barts, Southport and Fortitude Valley, QLD) | 4. Samantha Wills bracelet set $115 | 5. Lovisa necklace $16.99 | 6. Opening Ceremony boots $420 @ The Iconic | 7. Jeanswest belt $19.99

Spoiler alert

This is the part you skip over should you not want to find out what happened in last night’s episode. Maybe you were watching Queensland smash NSW or something …

Oh, where do I begin? I know … at the beginning when Nina was having a super raunchy sex dream involving her hot counsellor, Lawrence. That was a whole lot of inappropriate thoughts, wasn’t it?

It’s no wonder she felt all kinds of squeamish sitting on Lawrence’s couch (with clothes on) recounting a made-up sex dream and delivering it in staccato format, not unlike the technique my eight-year-old employs for his weekly show-on-tell.

Then we had the return of Clegg (thank goodness, did not want him written out) and talk of taking the “pure” out of Elouise’s thoroughbred lesbian status with a night out at Lickety Split. They couldn’t return to Tuff Muff after Nina’s effort last season.

Billie’s storyline this season has been so gut-wrenching. I wanted to drive over and make her a cup of tea and just talk it all through with her …  only she’s kind of gone and stuffed it now, hasn’t she?

Very much enjoyed Philip putting Geraldine in her place … and in true Philip style he loses a bit of the desired effect of his walk out by having to return because “I’ve forgotton my man bag”.

I’ve left the major bits till last … because I think I’ve only just started breathing regularly enough again to recount them.

That was some scene, wasn’t it?* When Nina couldn’t feel her baby moving? When Kim went into perfect midwife mode? And when you just wanted to wrap Patrick in cotton wool lest life dish him up another tragic blow?

I really didn’t want Nina to leave Patrick to go out clubbing at Lickety Split. Wanted them to go home together and cosy up on the sofa with Thai takeaway watching telly, regroup if you like, after the worst possible afternoon.

In the end I was glad she did go out because she came home to this …

Romantic moment | Offspring | Nina and Patrick | I want you to know that I choose you

Have you ever seen something so romantic? (Mind you as SY reader Alex pointed out on Facebook last night … I wonder who got to clean it up!)

Your turn, now. Head to the comments and tell me your fave bits from the show. Thoughts on Nina’s white open blouse?

* The scene where Nina worries that her baby may no longer be alive could be a trigger and a challenge for many women who have been through similar experiences and lost a child. A SY reader messaged me about this and said  Sands (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Support) would be a good point of contact for you if you need support. SANDS is an Australia-wide community group with a focus of parents who support other parents who have experienced the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, interrupted pregnancy or neonatal death.


Offspring photos: Channel TEN

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  1. Have you been able to locate the exact blouse Nina was wearing on top of the red tank that you mentioned earlier. Its like a sheer cream blouse.

  2. I know this episode aired a few weeks ago but I’m only just catching up … I would ReALLy love to know where Zara might have found her kimono/jacket and striped tank ensemble from the night out at lickety split?

  3. Hi Nikki,

    I’ve only just found your website – you are very thorough, love it! I’m glad I’m not the only one searching online for Nina’s style. In particular, I’m interested in the pyjamas she was wearing when she woke up (flustered!!) from her dream about Lawrence? I’m loving this season even more than the last, didn’t think it was possible!

  4. I am so distracted by the white blouse Nina is wearing tonight (24/7/13) that I am not paying enough attention to the show. I HAVE to know where it’s from.

      1. Oh my giddy aunt that’s it!!! You are brilliant. Bugger about the non-availability of white. Incidentally how much better did it look on Nina?

          1. Thanks Nikki 🙂 Only found your website tonight while madly searching for the top but will be visiting a lot more! Bookmarked in my faves already. Thanks again.

  5. Nikki, I absolutely love your website!! I found this silk blouse…i’m thinking of getting it. Not the same, but could be used similar ways, what do you think? Not as expensive as the one from Johnny Was, I think it works out to be roughly $190 AUD but it’s still silk.

  6. I’m with you Nikki – I think the show is still amazing and the characters are developing beautifully. I love that Phillip finally stood up for himself. I think Geraldine is a little obnoxious of late! Always fall over laughing at the banter between Kim and Zara. Poor Billie, she needs help!! The absolute winner of course was the beautifully honest moment between Patrick and Nina at the end …….”I choose you”. Breathtakingly simple and sweet.

    So, the CLOTHES……

    I do so adore that jacket from a few weeks ago!! So much so that I followed up on a lead to one of the boutiques….and secured myself their very last one!! Granted, it’s not the cream as it was sold out, but it’s a beautiful pale blush. AND I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!

    Can I also just inset here my MASSIVE THANK YOU for convincing me to invest in the most beautiful pairs of jeans!! I received my NYDJ’s and I also tried a pair of Tru Luxe. WOW.

    Thank you for giving me the courage to explore my style. Thank you for giving me the courage to embrace who I am right now.

  7. I loved this episode – laughed, panicked about Nina and her baby and had to have my daughter sit with me until the scene was over!! Went goo goo over the candle/balloon romantic scene and totally related to her pregnancy sex dreams!! my babies are now 14, 17 and 21 but i recall being pregnant quite vividly still and am very glad I journalled most of the time as a reference 🙂

  8. Hi Nikki, still a fan and am loving the drama. Looks like we may need a wine or two and a box of tissues next week. That look on Mick’s face at the end made my heart stop.
    Speaking about the jumping I didn’t find that all that kooky. Having experienced a scare myself last pregnancy, I would have gone bungy jumping if I thought it would have given me movement. All ended well but it was without a doubt the scariest day of my life. That was very thoughtful of you and the SY reader to provide the details for a counselling service.

    Loved having clegg back, when he bent down and started talking about the female gorilla to Nina’s belly, I almost wet myself! Classic clegg. 🙂

  9. I’ll always be an Offspring fan. It’s intriguing how this show can have us, weeping, laughing then frowning within a few minutes of each other! Loving how the supporting characters are being given more air time this season. Thanks for these Thursday posts. Look forward to them every week!

  10. Hi Nikki – here’s some detail re the blouse Nina wore last night – it was a Johnny Was as well:

    My thoughts on this season – I still love the show to bits and ride the roller coaster of emotions each week but it isn’t quite as good as earlier seasons. I can’t quite put my finger on why though and would certainly never switch off! Season 2 was my favourite when Matt Le Nevez first appeared on the scene!

    1. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s a match Kylie … just an inspiration purchase. Longer than last night’s. Wouldn’t be surprised if it is a Johnny Was but it’s not currently available if it is. And yes, agree the tension between Nina choosing Patrick over Chris was a very good season.

  11. And Patrick is being a doll.
    There is an article in the fairfax media about how it is refreshing to see a pregnant woman not obsessed with baby shopping. Instead focussing on her ahem blossoming sexuality.

  12. I watched it today. Was out late last night and am bit tired and emotional today. So I got right into it.
    Kim was brilliant, love how she slips into caring and professional so deftly.
    She cracked me up when she called Nina dick-nose. Will need to remember that.
    The bit that made me full on bawl was when Nina delivered the baby, and saw the couple kissing and smiling. She just gave Kim a little look then walked out.
    Good to see Philip has grown a pair.
    Billie- train wreck!
    Could imagine all the ladies on this forum all sitting together on your nice new couch and watching and eating chocolate and drinking wine, then debriefing.
    Cilla xx

  13. Neens totally rocks her baby bump. The show just keeps getting better! I love it! I think Billie has stuffed it now, unfortunately. Poor Mick. Geraldine’s line about Patrick being ‘satisfying and supple too’ was a cracker but then she was a little annoying. I enjoyed the preview for Wonderland during the ad breaks. Oh, Patrick is always the choice 😉

  14. I’m channelling my inner Nina Proudman…found some blue boots…not suede & more navy than anything but still…ironically from I Love Billy 🙂 When husband asks, they were on sale & I’m showing my support for Carlton by choosing navy blue 😉

  15. What? Offspring lost its way? Hell no! Loved it, loved the fashion, loved the drama, even my husband came out of his office demanding to know what Nina was up to in the opening scenes! And that scene where she says ‘I want you to know I chose you’…. I would have preferred that and saved my money for a house than spending it on a wedding anyway. Loved that whole scene! And if my husband did that for me I wouldn’t mind cleaning it up afterwards. x

  16. Those bloody advertising peeps are sure earning their cash aren’t they?!
    I’m so glad the baby is fine- that was some breath holding stuff right there.
    Billie….what a train wreck. Makes me sad, so sad & seeing Micks face in the ad, heartbreaking!
    And Geraldine! What a bitch! I’m glad Phillip walked away too!
    The nurses crack me up! Love those two 🙂
    I’m still loving the show too but I wish Darcey & Cherie hadn’t left. I also hope Billie gets her shit together soon.

  17. I agree with you I don’t think Offspring has lost it’s way ,I still love it and had all the emotions you did ,I was thinking no That baby has to be alive ,they can’t do that to Patrick and Nina ,I laughed as well especially at Phillip walking out walking into the wall and saying he left his man bag that made me giggle also when Geraldine said she has had sex dreams about Patrick ,go Mumma ,she is a bit raunchy that Geraldine isn’t she!
    My favourite part of the show had to be the end with the lanterns and Nina saying she chooses Patrick and He her, so romantic and so loving,and I liked that she admitted she had a dream about Lawrence.Poor Billie she has lost her way big time,I don’t know which sister’s insecurities are worse,I think Billie’s at this point in time and yes I loved the white shirt on Nina.

  18. I love your blog and I love reading your Offspring episode wrap ups and style inspiration. Nina’s wardrobe last night was fab as usual. She rocks the skinny jeans and boots so hard it makes my head hurt. Speaking of boots, I found a pair of dusty suede boots in Nine West last week. I nearly wet my pants when I found them (on sale even!), and squealed with glee when I slipped them on my feeties. “These are what Nina would wear” I thought. “Well on my way to stealing Nina’s style (insert maniacal laugh hear)”.
    I’m with Deanne on the jumping around thing. Nina is such a nutcase. In saying that, I’d probably push it around and jump about a bit too. That is all.

  19. I’m with you on the emotional roller coaster, Nikki. I had warned my husband that tissues and medicinal dark chocolate were going to be necessities from my viewing of the trailers.And I think that peak at next week’s episode means I’ll be worse next week.

    I had read Matthew Le Nevez’s tweet yesterday saying it was a very funny and romantic episode, so most of my fears were for Billie. I do actually identify with Billie more than Nina- and didn’t she rock the outfit she had on under her reflective vest in the car park. Surely though Billie has hit rock bottom, and we can deal with the fallout then have some nice things happen to her?

  20. so glad that everything was right with the baby, but I think she needed to lay down not jump around to check the baby’s movements!

  21. Great wrap up Nikki. I am one of those ” Offspring’s lost its way” peeps. For me, it felt like it had gone back to Season 1 and Nina’s kooky ways were grating on me. Like overacting or it was taking Asher a while to get back into Nina mode. Maybe as others were suggesting, it was intended due to pregnancy hormones. Either way, I was loving the rest of the cast but not ‘Nina’. Billie became the standout for me and I must say, I think Kat Stewart has been SO overlooked in the Asher fawning over the years.
    Having said all of that, last night episode was brilliant and won me over again. I loved every minute of it, especially all the minor touches eg Kim and Philip. Favourite moments, hard to pick, but that initial scene with Lawrence certainly got my attention and the closing scene was magical. Had me wishing someone had done such a romantic gesture for me in my lifetime. Unfortunately nothing even remotely close. Ah well, I shall just have to dream that it was me in that scene with Patrick 😉

    1. See, I get that that would turn people off but it’s the kooky ways that get me in. Makes me feel less kooky! Billie has been a standout this season. I hope the only way is now up for her character.

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