Keeping it real: the 8th birthday party outfit

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My little man turned eight yesterday.

Can you remember how exciting birthdays were at that age?

You didn’t necessarily need a whole tribe of friends to celebrate. Just your real mates.

You got so excited that the days leading up to the big day caused the internal volume on your vocal chords to be on high. ALL. THE. TIME.

You absolutely peaked at the thought of all the lollies and cake you would consume.

And you got overwhelmed by the gifts. They were exactly what you wanted (except in my case, of course, when there was no Barbie doll to unwrap … I will put that behind me … one day).

Well, Master SY certainly ticked off all of the above and more.

There was a laser tag party on Saturday for him and his mates and the cake request was for a Pokemon stadium cake. Thankfully the Google gods lead me to this site for inspiration. Between Mr SY (who can now add working with fondant icing to his life skills) and I, we pulled off a more *rustic* version.

Pokemon Stadium Cake | kids birthday cakes

Lolly bags were actually lolly cups – Pokemon cups sourced from here. And the lollies? Also sourced online at Big Lolly – by far the most easy and cost effective way to buy good quality lollies. Most were gluten free too, which is something not easy to find in a supermarket, particularly if you’re a fan of a gummy worm or two. We used the gummy jet plane lollies to make the yellow and red triangles on the cake.

Big Lolly lolly cups #kidsbirthdayparty

Now, you might think that in the 8th birthday party outfit department I might have shied away from wearing white anywhere near a boy’s birthday party. Particularly when there was chocolate ganache involved in the cake department.

Well, Stylers, I don’t mind a risk with my whites and I took just that on Saturday.

See, here in our part of the world, while others have been shivering through a cold snap, winter has been flirting with spring. Teasing us with mild overnight temperatures and glorious days (particularly yesterday).  I’m not fooled by such flirting as I’ve lived through enough Augusts around here to know that the bracing westerly winds are coming any day. According to the weather people, apparently that day is Tuesday.

So, taking advantage of the more spring-like conditions, I decided to take out a new Ollie & Max navy shirt* for its first excursion and wear it back with the jeans I bought in the US almost a year ago … because I was feeling a bit sad that life got in the way of me going to BlogHer this year (if life hadn’t got in the way I’d be on a plane right now to Chicago but let’s not talk about that, shall we?).

As for the shirt … Remember when I bought this white one back in March? My blogging mate, Mrs Woog, told me to get on board and I’m so glad I did.  While this shirt doesn’t win in the no-iron department, like this one, it does earn its place in my wardrobe because its shape and cut is all kinds of forgiving on a sizeable bust. I find it difficult to find regular shirt styles that fit my bust AND my hips. This one does thanks to the pintucks and way it falls from under the bust.

This navy shirt is exactly the same cut as the white one but in a linen fabric that feels all kinds of amazing to wear. Yes, it’s a hand wash and will require an iron but it’s not a linen that crushes badly the moment you sit down.

The navy shirt outfit

 Ollie & Max shirt (I’m wearing a 14) | NYDJ jeans | Seed scarf | Uberkate earrings | Mel platforms (on sale at Style Tread … other colours and sizes here)

Let’s talk about navy. It’s often a hue linked with a more *mature*, conservative lady’s wardrobe. And that’s ok because they rock the navy look.


Navy is also a very chic option for all ages.

I love navy and black together for a midnight blue kind of fusion. In summer I love navy worked back with nude shoes or a splash of orange or coral. Like most, I’m a sucker for a splash of red and white around this dark shade of blue (when it warms up will wear it with my Ollie & Max red and white striped skirt). Supreme timeless style right there. Just ask the French.

Want more navy inspiration? I’ve created a board on Pinterest just for you.

Oh, and those white jeans? Want to know how they pulled up? A little chocolate ganache on the back pocket but nothing my laundry management skills can’t handle.

Tell me what you think about navy? Friend or foe? 

* This item was sent to me for review purposes.AffiliateReview

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  1. Hi, I’m very late to this one. I love navy and am looking for a dark navy T (like the whitchery basics ones). Any ideas? Also had not thought of black and brown leopard print with navy before, it looks great.

  2. Hi Nikki,
    Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful blog. I’m a 34 year old mum of three boys and had lost myself to gym gear ,sneakers and baseball caps. After watching Off Spring, I thought wow that’s how I want to dress but had no idea where to shop or how to coordinate an outfit. Not to mention three boys arn’t that patient when it comes to girlie shopping. Then I found your blog and many great ideas and tips.
    Kind thoughts,

  3. I was loving your whole look so much that I failed to notice the shirt was navy! I have nothing in navy, so good incentive to go shop! Thanks 🙂

  4. Really love that shirt! Navy is such a winning colour on nearly every one. Pairing it with the Ollie & Max Red and White skirt will look hot.

  5. Sounds like the party was a great hit! Well done. My soon to be 9 yo has read your post and spent a good few hours trawling through Pokemon cakes on Google images. Fingers crossed he doesn’t choose anything *too* challenging or I’ll need to call in expert help 😉

    I love your outfit – and the shirt looks fab. Well done on not getting really messy in white jeans! I love navy. I’m happy that it’s back in fashion but am anxious about it going out again sometime soon. In anticipation of a navy wilderness I bought 4 pairs of navy heels last year and 2 pairs of navy sandals/wedges (mostly from Nine West). I also recently bought a boho styled navy and white tunic top (from CindyG) and am loving wearing it over skinny jeans. And also a fab Zaket and Plover long line poncho (in divinely rustic navy yarn). Stop me now!

  6. Love navy…it’s like getting the perks of wearing black but without being too dark…can’t go past it with a pop of white and an accent colour…like you I will always gravitate towards red (or tan)…can’t go wrong with the classics hey 🙂

  7. LOVE navy. Love it! Although… I don’t wear it as much now that I am not blonde… I will have to rectify that. I love navy and white too… so crisp and fresh.

    I love that you say that ‘animal print’ is a ‘neutral’…. I have just had a little fashion brain pop (love that)… Do you write about that anywhere else on your blog? I am going to go on a hunt…

    What a cool mummy you are… love the cake!

  8. I love navy. I only really discovered it recently, after having worn it for years as a primary school kid. I think it’s a great colour to wear instead of black.

  9. Hello Nikki! I only discovered your blog a few days ago and I’ve just spent the whole weekend reading every single post and suddenly becoming obsessed about clothes. I’ve never been into fashion and actually always hated shopping for clothes, but episode after episode of Offspring has been drumming something into me. And that is, that I’m Nina. Well, not in a Single White Female kind of way, more in that I precisely relate to the character of Nina – the voice in her head, the facial expressions, the awkwardness, it’s all me. So naturally, her clothes spoke to me as well. And that was when I found your blog, after doing a search for Nina’s style. What ever it is that you are doing here, please don’t stop. It has pretty much changed my whole way of thinking about clothes. Over the weekend I did a massive wardrobe edit and put myself through 7 hours of crowd negotiation at Melbourne’s premiere anxiety-inducing shopping centre – Chadstone. And loved every minute of it. I came home with a lot of smile on my face and a lot of Nina in my shopping bags. And I’m going back again today. Thanks so much for all the inspiration and tips Nikki! I love your writing style and your selfies are great! The online shopping links are really helpful and of course I love the Nina Proudman posts. Sorry for the long comment, but this is what you’ve done to me! All the best and keep up the fabulous work 🙂 Lisa x

    1. You don’t need to apologise at all. I’m thrilled that my blog has been a help to you and very impressed at your wardrobe cull and shopping mission. And I really appreciate you letting me know!

  10. Hi, love navy and love the shirt. I have looked at the website. I live in Brisbane, is it only available online? How does their size 14 compare to other brands? Sending stuff back because it doesn’t fit is such a drag! Cheers

      1. Answered my question too – I seem to be a similar size to you Nikki (ie 16E boobs) though I’m a bit shorter. I get so frustrated trying to find a nice button-though shirt that fits in the shoulder but gapes at least 2cm at the boobs. Might give this one a try, though their returns policy doesn’t seem too friendly.

  11. I love Navy as you know Nikki it is my black ,the colour is softer on my skin,though I did rock an all black outfit as my witch costume but felt very dreary in all black.I love this shirt on you paired with your white pants and your red shoes ,lovely.I am a tad, no a lot jealous about your weather though that wind is freezing it started on Saturday night here and I am layered up,and even contemplating wearing my ugg boots ALL day today.
    I am glad your son had a fab Birthday 8 is a great age and yes they get so excited don’t they.I loved your cake ,very good job Mr and Mrs SY.Get your woollies out Nikki for the cold to come.

  12. Love the navy and nude (colour, not condition. No streaking here) look.

    Sad to hear you’re not going to BlogHer! I have been waiting for the updates. Oh well, there’s always next year. Bloody life hey, it always jams things up.

      1. I do follow Hair Romance and have been loving all the pics. I wondered if she was on her way to BlogHer, thanks Nikki.

  13. Navy is my friend. I’ve always loved the way it sits effortlessly against lots of different colours, For me nude, white, cerise and red are my fav’s.
    I adore orange and navy but orange doesn’t look good on me at all 🙁
    Sounds like your boy had a fabulous birthday bash…your outfit was perfect – especially with our glorious sunny cast weather!

  14. love navy, glad it is more available at the moment, a couple of years ago I needed to replace some navy shoes and had a hell of a time trying to find some!

  15. navy is my foe! I flipped to black when I left the Sloan ranger look behind. Though I did stun myself buying a very very dark navy and white tunic from BOHO a couple of weeks ago in preparation for summer, paired with white pants and red shoes! So I can be swayed- just a little 🙂

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