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Model and Me: Ollie & Max striped skirt

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It’s no secret that I’m a stripe-loving girl (although last week’s flirtation with all things spotty put polka dots very much on my radar) so it took just a couple of clicks of the mouse for me to add to cart my latest striped purchase.

I blame Mrs Woog for a lot of things and this latest purchase is totally her fault. She gave away an awesome prize from Australian label Ollie & Max and in that prize was a red and white striped skirt. A short tube skirt that I immediately visualised with about six things already hanging in my wardrobe.

Shopping justification complete, I waited impatiently for the object of my new wardrobe lust to arrive. And when she did, I was not disappointed. Not one bit.

In the last three days, I’ve worn her twice and I plan to wash her today and trot her out again later this week.

Want to take a look at her on the model?

ollie & max striped skirt

Ollie & Max red stripe jersey skirt $69.95

Yep, so this not how you’ll ever see me wearing this skirt. I’ll leave that to my more petit friends.

See, for me, this skirt is a contrast piece. It’s slimline and offers the perfect outfit partner to a floaty tee or long shirt. I always aim for this contrast and tend towards slimline on the bottom half, floaty on the top.

I bought up a size – opting for a size 16 – so I could confidently wear it as low as I wanted to and I’m glad I did as this is an above-the-knee fit on my 167cm height.

I love that it’s self-lined so I don’t have the same issues I have with some of my other tube skirts where the fabric is so thin it doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. And I can assure you, I’m of a vintage where a little imagination goes a long way.

Here’s my first look … something I’d wear for the school run and a day at home working on the computer.

The Model and Me: Ollie & Max red striped skirt

Ollie & Max red striped skirt worn with: Witchery tee (wardrobe basic); Country Road seamless tank (wardrobe basic); Witchery scarf; Zoe Kratzmann sandals; Uberkate necklace and earrings; Noosa Amsterdam cuff; Prada sunglasses

Here’s my second look … something I’d wear for a meeting or lunch out.

The Model and Me: Ollie & Max red striped skirt

Ollie & Max red striped skirt worn with: Calvin Klein chambray shirt (bought in the US); Country Road seamless tank; Anthropologie necklace (bought in the US); Gorman heels.

As it cools down, I’ll wear this with leggings, knit top and a long jacket – with ankle boots or ballet flats, which is why I probably immediately fell for its wardrobe potential.

Any garment that can cross from summer to autumn to winter is a wardrobe winner in my books.

What say you? Is this something you think you could wear? (Heads up … it also comes in black, green and royale blue. Umm … I feel some more clicking coming on!)

  • Michelle

    After washing do the stripes rub/blend together? Hope you know what I mean. I have a few items that the white part of the stripe get a little muddled. 😉 Looks great on you too x

  • Looks great Nikki. Is it as clingy as Metalicus or a bit more ‘user friendly’?

    • Not clingy at all like Metalicus – the double layer helps – and each layer is thicker than my Metalicus skirts like this.

  • Danielle

    Love it – can’t think about it any longer, must have one! Now, if only I can decide between the red stripe or the black stripe!

  • Janie Bartlett

    I love a striped skirt. I’ve also got one in Navy and white one too. They also look great worn mid-calf (as long as the skirt is tight and really hugs your legs). Really slimming coming out the bottom of a longer (bottom covering) top!

  • I think a self-imposed shopping ban can be temporarily broken for a staple piece, can’t it?

    • That’s what happened to me 😉 Oh and the shopbop shoes on sale I just had to have for a wedding this weekend!

  • I definitely prefer the way you are wearing it Nikki! This will sound bad, but the way the model has been styled she looks a bit like a pirate, and as such I would never have contemplated buying it until seeing it on you.

    • Thanks Jen – and congrats on your book – saw last night and will buy today!

  • I love this series Nikki – I would look at that skirt at think “but I don’t want to wear spanx in summer!” and walk right by… but I like the proportions you’re working here and how they lend to hippy camouflage. Hope you’re staying dry up on the Coast… down in Brisbane we’re all feeling like bits of drowned rats!

    x Catherine @ The Spring

    • The double layering means it’s a spanx free zone too – yes, drowned rat situation very much here but all good as not in a flood zone. Feeling for people of Gympie who will be flooded for 4th time this year!

  • Miss Jane

    Looks great Nikki. How tall are you? I’m a lofty 152cms (5′ in old money). Is it a smaller fitting or would I get away with my usual 8/10? Not impartial to going up a size to hide the lumps and bumps! 🙂

    • Go for your normal size … and I’m 167cm so it will hit near your knee I’d say … but you can wear higher for shorter.

  • linda

    I’ve been eyeing this off at my favourite online store, but wasn’t sure I could look good in it. after seeing this I went to buy it, but it’s sold out in my size! the power of your blog at work again! Got it in Green instead.

    • Oh dear! And the green is so hot right now … I’ve got another in my sights, that’s for sure.

  • Kelly

    I am so on trend – he hee. I have a very similar skirt (red and navy blue stripes) and wear it exactly how you do in the picture with the chambray shirt. I must have been paying attention along the way! Outfits looks great on you Nikki. I like the idea of the double layer too! I think from memory Mix have a similar style available (no double layer though) for a fab price.

  • Looks great, thanks for the tip of going up one size for the length too ! My kness are not my best feature !

    • Check with the size guide too as my hips are sizeable enough to stop it from slipping 😉

  • I have a similar skirt in black and white and it’s VERY versatile! A great piece.

    • I have black and white from Feathers but it’s longer. I do like this length.

  • Love it!

  • You know me and stripes. I’m all love, all the time! This skirt looks great on you. I’m sad it doesn’t size above a 16. I’d love, LOVED to have owned it. So keep your eyes peeled for me, please. Size 20’ish. 😉

    • Ok, will do Melissa. And yes, such a shame sizing isn’t larger. This label does up to size 24 in the shirt so would be great to do that as well on this range, yes!!

      • I got a little excited when the header said that. But oh well. I’ll continue to search. Haha.

  • Sam

    Nikki…. Love the skirt! What colour leggings will you wear it with?

    • I’ll wear black leggings with it and bring in black with a top or cardi.

  • Lisa mckenzie

    I love that skirt on you,I would never wear it like the model either,I am over the tucked in stage I think. the skirt looks lovely on and yes I love how it will go with so much in your wardrobe,Now and later,it is great when you find a peice that is so versatile isn’t it.Love it,great post I liked it when I saw it on Mrs wooge blog,but even more now on you.

  • I don’t think I have ever done horizontal stripes 🙂 you look fab in it – both looks just rock – it’s a great red too 🙂 le

    • It’s a myth about horizontal stripes making you look wider – it depends on the width of the stripe and the garment itself. Often it can create the opposite illusion.

  • Bronwyn

    I have been eyeing off that skirt too (in black). I’m not of model proportions and know I can pull it off now. The skirt looks very short on the website. The price of the skirt seems reasonable – is the quality good?

    • The skirt is short but I’m not has tall as the model and I’m wearing it low on my hips, Bronwyn. The quality is very good – double layered!

  • I’ve been eyeing that skirt off since I saw it over at mrs woogs. Now at I have seen it on you I feel like I can buy it, and confidently pull it off. Thanks Nikki 🙂

  • Kathryn

    What a great skirt, I love it! Looks as fab on you as it does on the model.

    • Thanks Kathryn – it’s such an easy wear.

      • Kathryn

        I’ve been thinking about this skirt all day! That’s pretty crazy for me I have to say – so I’ve just bought the b+w one. Can’t wait for it to arrive 🙂

        • LOL Kathryn … same thing happens to me when I think about something all day!