Nina Proudman style | Offspring Season 4 Ep 4 | floral kimono

So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 18)

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Ok, so don’t get mad at me. Please.

I had promised you a Billie Proudman style post but last night Neens went and pulled out a trifecta in the Offspring wardrobe department that could not be ignored, could it?

I can assure you that I’ll have Billie’s styleย dissectedย and sorted for you here on the blog very soon.

Outfit 1

First up Nina Proudman rocked her classic jeans, knee-high tan boots and tank with an amazing floral kimono. I’m a huge fan of the kimono jacket and have many in my wardrobe. You need to keep your shopping wits about you and stock up during spring and summer. I blogged about them here.

Tracking down kimonos locally is pretty tough at the moment (unless your budget stretches to Camilla) … you’ll need to wait for the change of fashion season or head on over to overseas stores and go shopping. There are a few options at ASOS like this one pictured.

Nina Proudman style | Offspring Season 4 Ep 4 | floral kimono

Outfit 2

I’d been waiting for this outfit, as had the team at Binny, Australian designers behind this striped maxi skirt. They did not know for sure if the skirt was going to get a run on Nina but the costume designers had called it in as an option and confirmed to me in this post that it was on the show.

In a clever move, Binny managed to secure more of the fabric and as of last night was still taking orders on this skirt (it has previously been sold out). I love it, I do. The drop waist is flattering on most people but you need to keep your cami tucked in and top, cardi or jacket cropped up top to balance out the volume.

Nina Proudman style | Offspring Season 4 Ep 4 | Binny maxi skirt (winter 2013)

Outfit 3

So, Nina is 16 weeks pregnant. I suspect her regular jeans are busting at the seams and that’s why we’re seeing some dresses and skirts added to the mix … before she pulls on the maternity jeans.

This is a maxi dress from Australian designer Natasha‘s collection last summer. There’s a heavy ’70s influence, made even heavier by Nina’s addition of the tan tie belt and boots. It’s a style that wouldn’t be as easy for most people to incorporate into their wardrobes but I’m sure there are more than a few willing to give it a try.

Nina Proudman | Offspring Season 4 Ep 4 | Natasha blue maxi dress (summer 2013)

Which outfit did you like best?

Funniest moment from last night’s episode?

And who else melted just a little with that final scene when Patrick is telling his father about the baby?

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Comments 69

  1. How can I get that blue dress does anyone know? There’s not many things I “have” to have in life but that dress is one of them ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Nikki, from one off spring fan to another…… I was flicking a mag in coles yesterday and to my delight inside was the homes of the off spring gang and yes Nina’s home to. note: Not the real homes…… only from off spring, so I thought I would let you know the mag I think was the “Inside Out.”…. Happy Reading….
    Bec. ;}

  3. Finally caught up on last nights episode tonight once kids in bed. Now I have discovered your blog Nikki I love checking it out afterwards to read your posts and everyones comments. It prolongs the pleasure of each episode so thank you. I just happened to be browsing Marks and Spencers website tonight and found beautiful kimono tops on sale in their Indigo collection. They do free shipping to Aus so might be worth checking out for all the kimono top lovers out there. Here is link but not sure if it will work.

  4. I just adored that long blue dress Nina had on. BIllie also had a lovely navy, cut-out top so I think she may be either nicking things from Nina or even being a little influenced!
    Thanks for all you Nina posts. Love ’em!

  5. What a great episode! Does anyone know where Nina’s heart necklace is from (the one that she was wearing when she had on the beautiful blue dress?) thanks!

  6. All outfits were gorgeous as ever. Funniest moment was Billie realizing just how cool her and Mick have become ๐Ÿ™‚ She just rocks at the moment. Big awwww when Patric tells his Dad they’re excited about the baby. God he’s off the charts hot!!!! I have that skirt ordered and paid for ๐Ÿ™‚ hoping its a wardrobe winner.

  7. What a fab maternity wardrobe she has – wish I’d been able to think outside the square when I was pregnant (and kimono tops had been available). Love that stripey skirt. Resisting all temptation and not reading the funniest moments comments below! Puberty Blues just finished here so surely Offspring can’t be far away?! xx

  8. my favourite moment from last nights episode, was when Kate said to Joseph “You didn’t sign up for this” and Joseph replied “I didn’t sign up for anything, I’m here because I want to be with you”.
    That did it for me. As a single mum with a troubled past and a rocky journey since, all I want is someone to actually want to be with me, because I am an awesome woman, despite the baggage!

  9. Loved all the outfits from last night, too hard to choose a favourite. For me though, I’d probably choose the maxi skirt. Funniest moment was when Jimmy was trying to get a job with Billie. The bit at the end with Nina and Patrick was gorgeous, so glad that they showed this side of their relationship, left me feeling all warm and fuzzy. Only started watching Offspring last season so have some catching up to do, lucky me ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Great post Nikki. I ordered the binny skirt a few weeks ago now, am eagerly awaiting its arrival! Seemed only fitting as I also have the Violet and I skirt she wore last year, which I love, it never fails to impress. Am also on the hunt for a kimono jacket!

    1. Oh, and I should add that there are some stunning kimono jackets available on etsy for those with the inclination and time to scroll through the listings!

  11. Hi Nikki,

    I loved Billie’s make up in last nights epi, where she was having that hilarious interview with her poor brother. I know it’s hard on TV to work out the colours, but I loved that darker eye and almost nude lip and would love the lowdown on how to pull that look off for daytime and get away with it ๐Ÿ™‚ Got any inside info on what she was using/wearing please? Thanks Nikki, Jen

    1. No ๐Ÿ™ I’ve called all the stockists of Natasha in Victoria and looked at all the listen online stores. I found a medium sized one on ebay but it’s black not blue x

  12. Ok, I’m going to admit it…last night was the first episode I have managed to catch this series – but after one night I’m back to being hooked!
    Loved the kimono jacket and the tennis outfit. Funniest moments – too many to list but…Philips knee collapse and next weeks preview about peeling Patrick’s sweet potato made me giggle ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I loved the tennis outfits and adored the binny skirt. Funniest moment for me was Billie and Jimmy not know the date – had me crying with laughter. I reckon he will end up working for her – would be a great story line. Sad to see Cherie’s character drive off though, hope she comes back sooner rather than later.

  14. Natasha dress is stunning. I also thought the exchange between Billy and Jimmy was hilarious……the photos and the reference call in particular were wetting pants laughing worthy!

  15. I loved all Nina’s outfits last night but I really loved the kimono jacket and that maxi skirt is lovely and I loved her pretty scarf with the pompoms on the bottom.I did love the dress on her but you are right about not many people being able to pull of this look ,I know I couldn’t as I have no waist and belts do not suit my figure,I just look stupid!Though I love the look on others.
    It’s ok about no Billie outfit post Nina’s look was better last night.Ooh it is a toss up for me which scene was the best either Patrick telling his Dad about the baby or Billie telling Jimmy that she just loved him.I was a bit Sad for Nina when Darcy went away and won’t come back for the baby!

  16. Nina’s blue Natasha dress won for me, it’s last season and not available online but I’m sure Natasha will bring out more beautiful designs for next summer.
    Funniest seen was Phillip Noonan’s knee going from under him… I couldn’t stop laughing ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks Nikki!
    Trish xx

  17. Preview for next week ‘peeling Patrick’s sweet potato’ made me snort with laughter.
    Love the skirt + have one ordered ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully I can pull it off.
    I quite liked Nina’s tennis outfit too.
    Patrick just melts me. Full stop.

  18. I put my pre-order in on that Binny skirt a few weeks ago – like Mindy I’m a little nervous about the waistline (quite frustrating that the website doesn’t show that detail) but thought I would order it anyway. If it looks truly horrible I can return it, but especially after seeing it last night I know I’d regret it if I missed out!

    PS when you do Billie’s style can you pleeeeaaaase find some earrings like the fab yellow and black danglies she wore in the season 3 finale and I think the first couple of episodes this season? I LOVE THEM. Thank you!

    1. Molly, you know what I find … when you order from independents like Binny, that it’s worth emailing them with your question. I usually get a response – from the designer herself. Love that!

      And I will do my best re Billie’s earrings.

  19. laughed so much when Cherie and Martin were having their last snog and ended up rolling about on the ground. And Jimmy pre-empting Billie’s concerns about his hair at the interview.

    Loving the boots, jeans and kimono jacket- not sure about the big blue dress? Thanks for the dissection Nikki. PS love Billie’s orange cropped trench!

  20. Loved Jimmy’s interview with Billy- both actors were great in this scene.

    I had forgotten about Kate’s abusive ex-partner (and Patrick’s introduction to the show), so Patrick’s questioning of her new bloke was funny to me, without any of the darker undertones.

    As far as outfits are concerned I loved that blue maxi dress but I did notice some floor drape which would drive me crazy.

  21. My favourite Nina outfit last night had to be the one with that skirt. It looks all sorts of divine. I’m a bit nervous about ordering it though, it’s a lot of money if it doesn’t suit me. I also really liked getting to see Billie in a more casual style outfit last night. I could never wear boots with skinny heels like she had on but the rest I loved.

  22. Jimmy with the Hairdos.
    Kim with everything that came out of her gob.

    I think Billie is being a bit selfish not employing Jimmy… Just like when Darcy wouldn’t employ her!!

    Cilla xx
    Ps the binny skirt is ordered!!

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