Nina Proudman and Dr Patrick kissing

Nina Proudman, pregnancy style

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I’ve tried to hold off writing this post but I can no longer do so.

Consider this the start of my pre-season Mexican wave. I want Offspring back on my TV screen and I want it back now.

Nina Proudman and Dr Patrick kissing

I think this is what got them into their “situation”. Photo: Channel Ten

I’m sorry if you’ve come here looking for a start date for Season 4. I don’t have one. Channel Ten are being super tight-lipped in that department.

{UPDATE: It’s going to be in May some time … check out the new-season preview here}

What I do know is that filming is well underway and I have to content myself with that level of excitement at this point in time.

What I also know is the brand and type of maternity style jeans Nina Proudman will be wearing. Oh, and a little hint as to a maxi skirt she may or may not wear too.

Here they are:

Mavi maternity jeans

 Mavi maternity jeans from $139.99 

Binny maxi skirt

Binny maxi skirt $240

I apologise that I cannot offer anything else concrete in Nina’s pregnancy style department but in lieu of anything concrete, I’ve put together a pregnancy look for her.

It’s going to be an easy transition, don’t you think?

I mean think about Nina’s classic look:


Bo-ho top layered over tank top.

Cross-body bag.



Nina Proudman Pregnancy Style

1. D.Co Copenhagen boots $480 @ Style Tread | 2. Elms + King crossbody bag $89.95 | 3. Mavi maternity jeans $149.95 | 4. Sussan scarf $49.95 | 5. Pink Stich kaftan $43.45 (on sale) @ The Iconic


Thank GOD that any day now it’s going to cool down enough to trot out our Nina looks without sweating from places no-one should sweat.

And please, please Channel Ten … start those “coming soon” ads that usually start a month before the show actually starts. We need our Nina fix.

We need it now.

Ok, let’s discuss … how do you think Nina is going to handle pregnancy? Do you think Dr Patrick will become an even more swoon-worthy accessory?

PS. Have started at Nina Proudman board on Pinterest. Come on over and follow.

Comments 31

  1. Hi Nikki,

    Do you know what the boots are that Nina is wearing in the 2013 promo ads?- I just love them and can’t seem to find who they’re by, anywhere…

  2. Hi Nikki. Another obsessed Offspring fan here. Just wondering of you have found any boots with a smaller price tag that are similar. I have tried to buy most of the ones in your past posts but they are always sold out in a 42 🙁 thanks for your tips

  3. Can you believe I only got hooked on Offspring in the last 3 episodes last year? Something happened big time and I can now say that I have watched ever episode ever made and that final show about ten times over. Gah…that ultrasound scene…those beautiful smoldering eyes…sigh.

  4. Love that skirt! Thanks Nikki. And yes, hurry up Offspring. I’ve watched TV no more than 5 times since the last series finished. Craving.

  5. If it helps in any way I believe they have just wrapped up filming. I may know this because they use my house to film in and just last week they told us they are done for the season…

  6. I miss Nina too,I want her back ASAP ,I hope Chanel 10 see what oufits you have put together for her,very Nice Nikki.I think pregnancy will suit Nina but there does have to be a bit of drama Nina style me thinks.She will look amazing whatever she wears and yes jeans and her floaty tops and scarves will suit her pregnant belly very well.I would also like to see Billie get preganant soon too,I love her wardrobe as well and it is more suited to what I would wear ,though I do like a kaftan top and jeans. Yes please Re the weather I am getting sick of this heat and would like to wear my new pants and well something just a little different.

  7. Adorable, Nikki! I’m a big fan too, although I’m not sure the season’s likely to unfold as smoothly as your beautiful styling would suggest… Nina’s world will never be expressed in as organised a way as yours! Can’t wait for the new episodes to air so we can all pour over them en mass, online. Hope you’re having a wonderful week!
    Catherine at The Spring

  8. She’s going to be a maternity wear guru! I loved my Mavi maternity jeans – so comfy. I can’t wait for this season. I hope they can be loved up and happy, but I’m sure not all will go smoothly.

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