Kimono outfit

Keeping it Real: the kimono outfit

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It’s such a relief for it to get past the “it’s too hot to cover up my arms” stage of a stinky, sweaty summer.

Because while I’m all for waving the tuckshops around like I just don’t care when it is so hot that I REALLY just don’t care, I never feel quite dressed or done up without something extra on my arms.

Last time I touched on this first world issue was back in September last year. I know, back when it was still bearable to add an extra layer, albeit a summer-type layer.

One of the pieces I mentioned in this post was the kimono.

I love them for their light, floaty appeal and their ability to take a basic outfit and make it into something more. (I’m not the only fann – check out Mrs Woog’s post too)

So, when online store Threads and Style sent me their Pink Stitch wunderlust kimono*, I knew she’d make a very loyal wardrobe friend.

She would serve me well over a little black dress, she’d serve me well with shorts and a tank for the weekend and she’d serve me well with jeans and a tee for a rare date night to the movies.

Yes, Stylers, Mr SY and I actually left the house and went to see a movie … at the actual cinema … and no we did not need 3D glasses.

We saw I Give It A Year … very funny but probably don’t go if you just got married and may not see the funny side at all. DO go if you love Simon Baker even a quarter as much as Kerri Sackville.

Back to the kimono outfit.

Kimono outfit

Pink Stitch Kimono $79.95 @ Threads and Style |  NYDJ black “jeggings” jean | Uberkate beaded necklace | Witchery tee | Misano ballet flats*

Misano shoes

I love this kimono because from the front it’s just sheer black so you can work in any colour combination you so desire. Do a half or full-turn and you get to show off the pink flower print. Mr 7, who clearly needs lessons in female clothing commentary etiquette, did ask why I had a big flower on my back … clearly I still have work to do on that front.

It’s a one-size-fits all garment. I do like that. Also, it’s an easy-care piece that won’t crush so is the perfect travel companion and just needs a quick cool, hand wash.

Would you/do you wear kimonos? Seen any good movies lately?

* The kimono and ballet flats were gifted to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy

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  1. Hey Nikki – do you know you have created quite the commotion again and those kimonos are completely sold out everywhere! I know because I have been trying very hard to find one!

      1. No need to be sorry – you are right, you have to be quick! It made me laugh as I remembered the Seed condom dress situation. On that note, It would look quite nice with the condom dress.

  2. Completely, 100% gorgeous! That kimono’s not half bad either… 😉 Can’t wait for next pay day! As for the movie- I saw it yesterday and felt completely ripped off with the ending. Simon Baker was some degree of compensation though. 🙂 Saw Silver Linings Playbook today (anything to escape the Melbourne heat) and it was excellent. If you haven’t seen it yet book another date night soon!

  3. I love me a Kimono ,yes indeed,it is a little bit like a kafatn you need them in your wardrobe,I love yours it is so pretty,I have one but it is patterned all over but looks very nice over balck and bright colours.The last Movie I saw was Pitch Perfect and loved it,and will see I give it a year as well.Love date nights,and yes you must teach Master 7 about womens fashion.

  4. Love the kimono! I have two and enjoy wearing them. You look great in that one.
    As for I give it a year – Simon B is to die for but I wasn’t keen on the movie. I didn’t find a likeable character within.

  5. Nikki – love love love that kimono. I have seen that print in a dress and loved that too but the kimono is so very versatile. I can see that in my wardrobe very very shortly.

  6. Kimono’s are the bomb – perfect for my ‘bingo wings’ which I attempt to keep covered whenever possible {I do however throw caution to the wind and allow them out to play when the sun shines brightly}. Love your super ‘flicks’ outfit though Nikki – glad you had fun with your man 😉

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