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The Model and Me: Christine Kardashian

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Mr SY says that he first noticed me in the office {that’s where we met, cliched yes} … because I looked sophisticated.

You know, dressed the part and all that. I tell you, Stylers, it was all smoke and mirrors … or pencil skirts and red lippy. Whatever it was, it worked.

So much so, he must be sadly disappointed that my office-wear days are now but a distant memory. Working from home means more casual and comfort than corporate and class. Exactly how many days are there until I can declare it Season of the Tracky?

But in the spirit of February being “back to work” for so many of you out there, and continuing on from these style tips and shopping suggestions, I thought I’d do a little mock up of a couple of corporate style outfits that really do suit an Australian summer.

These are also the type of outfits where you can take the tops in each and use them as part of a weekend going-out wardrobe as well. That’s sensible buying in my books. As part of my wardrobe, these pieces would suit trips to Sydney or Melbourne for meetings or networking or with jeans or pants for a night out.

The two tops* I’m showcasing are from the new Christine Kardashian label. And no, before you ask, there is absolutely no connection to THOSE Kardashians.

This Kardashian is an Australian public relations specialist-turned-fashion-entrepreneur. Her ready-to-wear collection specifically targets the 12 to 18 size range. It’s designed and made in Australia for women who Christine says “fall into the gap between standard and plus size”.

For most of my adult life, I have faced the dilemma of not being able to easily find smart, quality pieces that complement my mid-size frame. I was either too big for standard size or too small for plus size. This motivated me to start my own line of women’s clothing – after two years of research and going through the entire design process from end to end, I have achieved my dream with my first capsule collection. Christine Kardashian

I love that her website features images of women in the same size range that Christine is targeting wearing her designs. I’m also impressed at the quality of the garments sent to me to trial and style. They are beautiful and flattering and made from extremely wearable fabrics.

Here is Christine’s model wearing one of the tops:

Christine Kardashian

These pants and jackets are very much on my radar for future investment purchasing.

And here is me:

Christine Kardashian chartreuse silk top | Feathers striped skirt | Yeojin Bae silk shrug | Salita Matthews Necklace | Moments watch | Robert Robert heels

Christine Kardashian chartreuse silk top $175 | Feathers striped skirt {from last spring} | Yeojin Bae silk shrug {about five years old bought on sale at Frockshop} | Salita Matthews necklace {from two winters ago} | Moment watch {recently gifted} | Robert Robert heels {about four years old and still going strong}

And here is the other top featured on the model:

Christine Kardashian | peplum

And on me {cannot believe I’m wearing a peplum top}:

Christine Kardashian peplum top | Sussan skirt | Ruby Olive bangles | Lydia Jewels necklace | Country Road pumps

Christine Kardashian peplum top $125 | Sussan ponte skirt {from last winter} | Ruby Olive bangles {gifted last Spring} | Lydia Jewels necklace {bought about three years ago} | Country Road pumps {from about three winters ago too}

Part of the appeal of both these “show pony” tops is that they are an easy injection and uplift for existing wardrobe pieces. They give just the right summer “pop” to black and create a fresh outfit that doesn’t need to be built from scratch.

I’m wearing the size 2 in both tops and am normally a size 14 in tops – sometimes 16 if the top is fitted. Before ordering online – and this applies to all sites – check the sizing guide and measure yourself first. This is especially so with Christine Kardashian. The sizing is generous and perfect for those of us with larger bosies and a few curves.

Oh, and yes, Mr SY is very keen for me to “invest” in more of this label. On the condition that I up the ante on my current office dress code πŸ˜‰ Mmm.

What do you think of this label? Something you could incorporate into your wardrobe?

* These tops were gifted to me for editorial consideration, in accordance with my disclosure policy.

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  1. I have just revisited this post again today and I just keep smiling from ear to ear – Nikki, you look SO GOOD and your kind words and the fantastic feedback from your readers just makes it all worthwhile! Thank you all so much πŸ™‚

  2. the peplum top looks cheap – better to get another brand that looks better quality. You’re feet are very sqaushed in the RR pumps…doesnt it hurt?

  3. Hi Nikki,
    I’m so glad to have found your blog, its terrific to read all your posts especially on fashion and beauty! I’ve been wanting to connect with a great Australian blog and SY is just perfect! I’m definitely going to be one loyal reader!!
    The peplum top looks so pretty on you, I’m keen to actually try one on now!

    PS- The article on networking was a real eye opener and huge motivation for an amateur blogger like me, Thanks Nikki.

  4. I really like the silk top, it looks as though it falls really nicely. I love the yellow, black and white outfit on you. Very much. And well done to Christine Kardashian! The crop jackets look beautiful. I’m liking the pink one πŸ™‚

      1. I bought one of the tuxedo crop jackets. It’s fabulous – beautiful cut and fabric. I’ve been looking for a cropped black jacket for a while and this one is perfect. Now to think about buying the pink one……

  5. Oh wow! What great tops. They look fabulous on you Nikki. I struggled with the peplum trend for so long, then I found one in Seed that is slightly longer and it works really well. I can totally see all this label in my wardrobe! I am off to check it out now! Luckily there is a bit of room on the credit card!

  6. The peplum top is awesome! I love it! You look gorgeous.

    Speaking of smoke and mirrors Mr Smags and I met in a theatre when I was acting in a play and he was doing lights. He didn’t see me in regular clothes for like 3 months… I was wearing a period costume with a hat. :-/

  7. Hello N,

    You know this is my fave feature because you always look better than the model – although that lady is giving you a run for your money – she looks fun in the top pic – just like the clothes.

    I think I’ve designed my life working from home so I don’t have to worry about what to wear πŸ™‚

  8. I have also avoided peplum, however I tried on a black knit peplum dress in CR on the weekend which has made me change my mind – really flattering. It’s in store now.

  9. I have always hated the peplum top or dress look but seeing it on you I might have changed my mind,it looks great,and the chartreuse top, love it and it suits you and your addiction to the colour and it’s silk so another plus ,You do do corporate dressing very well so I can see why Mr Sy likes it.
    I don’t fit into this size bracket but I am so glad they are making things for this size group that are stylish and chic,I will tell my sister about this label as she has 2 jobs one in an office as a bookeeper and she is a counsellor in mental health as well and is always on the look out for good work clothes and she is about a size 16 and tall so a lot of labels don’t suit her.I love your model and me posts and a big yes to those jackets, I am glad they are going to be still in for autumn as I bought a few last year and they instantly take an outfit to wow.

  10. Love a good peplum top. I’ve found that Cue does them particularly well. I can see you in one of those coloured blazers Nikki! x

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