5 tips for giving good fringe

5 tips for giving good fringe

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In the interests of getting with the lingo I’m about to embrace in the U S of A, I should be calling this post, So you want to try bangs?

… but it just, you know, makes me giggle uncontrollably.

As does the thought of getting a blowout when I arrive in New York. Which has nothing to do with exploding tyres on a highway but has everything to do with someone else washing and styling my hair. Something I’m very much looking forward to as I’ll be jetlagged like nobodies business.

The good people at the blowout bar I’ve booked will have to contend with my newly created fringe.

Yes, if you follow along on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you would have seen me make my Fringe Friday announcement.

I’m not sure what came over me but there I was sitting in the chair at my salon, admiring the newly created fringe my stylist and girlfriend Maria was sporting, who meanwhile was at that moment creating a fringe on another client, when I thought … I want what they’re having.

I really am a marketers’ dream.

So you want to try a fringe?

Now, I am no stranger to the fringe. In fact,over the course of my 40-plus years on this planet, my hair has sported a fringe more often than it has not.

There are fringes and there are fringes.

And boy, oh boy, have I had my share of shockers (see below – can you pick the era from which they came?).

  • The fringe that looked like my brothers’ fringe.
  • The fringe frozen in the ’80s courtesy of hairspray abuse (if right now you’re imagining doing the rubbing-your-fringe-in-a-circular-motion-after-spraying thing, you were there with me, weren’t you?).
  • The permed fringe. Some people in the ’80s had just their fringe permed. True story.
  • The home-cut fringe. Best not attempted without knowledge you are within reach of a professional.
  • The too-much-fringe-is-never-enough fringe. This is a fringe that doesn’t start out this way but ends this way when each successive hair cut broadens and deepens the fringe to the point where you feel like your hair style is all fringe and mullet. Not good.

Fringes I have had

So, as I sat there on Friday, watching my stylist’s eyes light up (have you noticed how excited they get when you give them free reign on change?), I too got excited about the change.

As she started chopping, I remembered why I’ve had so many fringes in the past … it takes years off. Truly. Cheaper than Botox 😉

But I also remembered why I always end up growing out my fringes. They require maintenance and respect.

Which is why before leaving the salon, looking like this:

5 tips for giving good fringe

… I asked my stylist (Maria Faulder at Suite Three) for her tips on giving good fringe between salon visits:

  1. Blow dry your fringe before the rest of your hair. Use a thermal protector (L’Oreal Professionnel Iron Finish).
  2. Keep it “slim” or flat using a straightening iron. Section out, rather than try to straighten in one section.
  3. Carry a comb with you in your handbag for “touch ups” throughout the day.
  4. Make time every two to three weeks for a fringe trim. Book an appointment so your stylist can allow up to 30 minutes to do this precisely.
  5. Want to stretch out the time between full shampoos? Fringes love a high pony … just shampoo the fringe and leave the rest.

Lastly, this was her best advice:

Beware of imitations. There are fringes and there are fringes. This season’s fringe is long, deep and sexy.

50 Shades of Fringe, anyone?

Do you have a fringe? Have you ever had a fringe? Which do you prefer on you, non-fringe or fringe?

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  1. Hi Nikki, I’ve been meaning to message you to tell you that a few days after you wrote this post I had a blunt fringe cut. 🙂 I had been looking for a change and thought your fringe looked great so I took the plunge. I haven’t had a fringe like this for almost 20 years.

    I love it! Everyone tells me I look a decade younger. :D. Can’t argue with that.

    Tania xx

  2. You actually inspired me to get a fringe cut back in at my salon appointment on Saturday. I went back the next day though as I wasn’t a fan of it being so long ( I originally did but not after I had a chance to play around with it.). 🙂

    Oh and I had a permed fringe. It was about 1995 and I was 8. My best friend also had it done. Home jobs by our mothers, hehe.

  3. You look FABULOUS!!! Take a huge bite out of that Big Apple for me, please! x

    I deeply heart fringes. Especially long, deep and sexy fringes. They should definitely be called bangs! 😉

    However, due to my unfortunate combination of two cowlicks, one on each temple, with a bit of a widows peak as well, fringes are not my friend.

    They look terrible on me and many hairdressers have said “dear gods, no!” when I’ve suggested one. So instead I have long sweeping bits on the side of my hair, that pretend they’re fringes!

  4. You really do look gorgeous Nikki! New York won’t know what’s hit it with all these fabulous Aussies heading over. Give Eden a big squeeze from me and enjoy every minute of your adventure in the US of A!

      1. That’s fantastic news! It’s going to be a big slumber party with all your best bloggy girlfriends lol

  5. Fringe looks fab! I love a fringe but can’t stand hair in my eyes. It usually means a headband by the time I get to see my hairdresser (much to his horror). I had the 80s permed bob with fringe too. It used to be sort of triangular when it was first permed! Enjoy NYC!

  6. Looks great Nikki! I was talked into a fringe exactly the same as yours and I LOVE IT! I had always been told I couldn’t have a fringe because of my small forehead but my stylist cut it so well and it starts quite far back, giving it a funky look that I love. Funnily enough, I actually find my fringe less maintenance than my previous poker straight long hair. This is quicker to “do”.

  7. Oooh – looks so cute!

    I am a no fringe girl. I have a very small forehead and my hairdresser is not keen to give me a fringe in fear that I will look like a five year old. Also, being a busy mum of three little ones, getting to the salon once in 6 weeks is hard enough, let alone 3!

  8. I love it. So much nicer than the fringe I cut myself with kitchen scissors in front of the microwave on a whim.

  9. I am a huge fringe fan, have had one for six months and have never loved my hair more! I think long and deep (ahem!) suits more people than they realize, and definitely takes a few years off.

  10. I can’t believe how much it suits you while also how different it makes you look. It’s like a total reinvention, which I always think a good haircut is. This just proves it.

  11. Love fringes and I have noticed of late everyone seems to be getting one again,I had one ,not too long ago,maybe 2 years but my hair is very very fine and it ends up all sweaty and yuck in summer so I grew it out,too ages too,and yes they do creep back with some hairdressers so just a long side parted fringe for me now,still covers the brow,but not like yours.
    Love your new fringe or” bangs” Nikki,I wonder how big they will make your hair in The US of A they love big hair and will have fun with yours when you go for your “blowout”.
    Thanks for the giggle btw from your pics,I have some very similar hiding in the cupboard,and that’s where they are staying!!

  12. Love it Nikki!
    It really suits you.
    And yep, I am totally sporting a full fringe. They look much more simple to style than what they are in my opinion. I have days where it just sits and other days where I can’t do anything with it.

  13. Love a fringe. I used to have one but it really was something that you had to maintain…and I was too slack. It looks great on you! Perfect for NY. xx

  14. Love that fringe on you. I have very short hair, but do cut and grow out different versions of what I do with the front (not technically a) fringe bit.
    Wow those 80’s shots bring back memories- did you ever do hairspray and dryer at the same time? Gives that Something about Mary look!

  15. I think this topic is as contentious as finding the perfect bra (or jeans)!
    I like the look of a fringe, but it’s way more maintenance than I can be bothered with as my hair has a definite wave to it, rendering any fringe that is not washed and blowdried every morning a complete disaster (learned that one the hard way). So my compromise is having long layers (hair to the middle of my back).
    Looks great on you!

    1. I think that’s so true – if you’re not prepared to put in the maintenance then it won’t work for you. My hair is strong and straight at the front but I’m notorious for not booking in for that trim between salon colour/styles!

  16. Love your ‘bangs’ 😉

    I have love hate relationship with fringes. Love them the first day after I leave the salon all styled and attended to by an expert, hate them the following day when I have to attempt to style it myself!

  17. No Fringe here! I don’t like the tickle of hair on my face plus, I have a pretty small/short forehead and a bit of a cow lick up the top, so hair is mostly pulled back off my face, or tucked behind my ears, as I have gone pretty short and grey lately(looking like Cruella Deville with a white streak around the front!)

  18. You look great. I am jealous. My hair is so thin a fringe just doesn’t work. I once read ‘a fringe is the new botox’. It hides the forehead lines. I was convinced after that 🙂 I saw the instagram photos and was waiting for a post. I love it!!

  19. Love the fringe Nikki. I’m a big fringe fan, wouldn’t be without one. Recently had mine remodelled (seduced by the fabulous fringe on my hairdresser at the time!) and very, very happy with the result. Went for a fuller, longer, straighter fringe and now getting lots of positive comments from people. Needed to buy a small straightening iron to keep it nice, but well worth the extra few minutes in the morning to get it right.

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