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The art of bathing

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Today’s First World problem? It’s been six days since I last had a shower.

I know. ON THE NOSE, I am.

Kidding. The reason for not showering is the lack of a working shower. It seams that the shower pipe connecting the hot water to the cold water tap has been leaking for quite some time. The joist it sits on was completely saturated and probably unsafe, as is the shared wall.

I know this because there is a hole in the tiles in my shower showing part of that damage.

We are currently at the behest of our insurance company. Waiting for an assessor to work out whether they’ll come out and assess the damage or just instruct me to find a builder who’ll come and fix the damage. Either way, it’s going to be a long time between showers.

Thankfully we have a bath so, rest assured, hygiene standards are still being upheld.

Now, I’m not adverse to lolling about in a bath but I tell you, after six days of running the bath and having a quick wash before the school run, any relaxation qualities once associated with said bathing have disappeared.

Down the plug hole.

So, I’ve developed a little plan to tide me over until the shower is back in action.

Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa

… unfortunately it does not involve me flying off to Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa and lying in this bath tub {a girl’s got to dream though}.

Step one

Book in for weekly wash and blow dry at my favourite salon.

Step two

Stock up on more dry shampoo for in between salon visits.

Step three

Make like the Japanese and re-discover the art of bathing.

This last step was something that I got to discussing with a girlfriend of mine when I was at the salon getting the first of many wash and blow dries. She lives on acreage and they rely on tank water. When that water is running low, it’s baths all round. One bath for the four of them. She makes sure she goes first … as would I 😉

So this particular girlfriend is quite au fait with bathing on a regular basis and advised me that the Japanese have got the right technique to bathing and still feeling fresh afterwards.

Now, strictly speaking the Japanese like to hose or shower themselves off before getting in the tub … which obviously I can’t do. As an adaptation, she suggested just sitting in the bath and soaking a while without any added bubbles and soaps but maybe a few drops of essential oils.

Then, once you’re fully soaked, and just before exit time, you soap and lather up, quickly rinse and get out. The upshot being you don’t sit in your own, well, filth.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Wish me luck. In the meantime, I’ve got my eye on some new bathroom/bathing treats …  you know, to make up for the hardship and all that 😉

7 bath treats | the art of bathing

1. Baroque Caddy $119 @ Down That Little Lane |  2. Coconut Ice body scrub by Pollen Botanticals $25.95 @ Nourished Life | 3. Sukin Purifying facial masque $13.95 @ Faceache | 4. Moksa lavender organic soap $8.50 @ Flora Organica | 5. White Wash rattan tray $55 @ White Coconut | 6. Twenty8 De-Stress and Revive organic aromatherapy synergy blend $32.95 | 7. Country Road bath towel $29.95

Tell me, are you a bath or a shower girl? Or do you do both?

Comments 27

  1. I do both. Bath = Relaxation. Shower = Cleaning. In response to photo/item #2 on your list of treats – I highly recommend buying from Nourished Life – Irene is an expert on natural beauty & does not sell anything toxic, unlike many others online who claim to only sell all toxic free products & brands. Finding her shop was the best thing I ever did for my skin! P.S. Hope all is fixed with the shower!

  2. I did the Onsen thing in Japan which is divine, but not condusive for the get up and go in the morning. It actually involves rinsing off twice with the hand held shower, once is a quick rinse then a soak then a good wash and another soak. An hour vanishes in the blink of an eye. They are more like going to a public spa with your friends than having a bath. You get a towel to dry off with that you leave in the dressing area and a rectangular washer that most people seem to put on their heads. All the soaps, shampoos, body lotions etc are provided, and they are scrupulously clean. Some places were quite plain but one in particular was a Palace! I don’t think they will take off here as I can’t imagine enough people would be happy wandering around in the altogether. It is segregated bathing, and they switch across during the day so you can try more than one bath area. Some also have private baths for couples but they aren’t as common.

  3. I am obsessed with baths.
    I would prefer a bath over a shower any day of the week, so much so, that I am like a newborn – my bedtime routine is gym-shower-bath-bed
    Yep, I always shower first, and most days end with a bath and a few chapters of a book.
    Luxurious? yes, but I am soaking these years before I potentially have kids and the ability to be alone in the bathroom disappears for 15 years.

  4. We don’t have a bath in our home – our ensuite has a stupidly large shower that really should have been a bath in my opinion (it has 2 shower heads for goodness sake!), and another ‘regular’ shower in the main bathroom. We have been living like this for over a year now, so whenever we travel I always make sure the hotel we stay in has a decent bath so I can have a bubble bath! I have to admit though, showers do make hair washing easy and are very refreshing…but after a hard bootcamp session a soak in the tub for my poor aching everything is all I want!

  5. years ago when the entire state of Victoria was without gas, and I was heavily pregnant with Boo, I mastered the basin wash. With kettle boiled water. I even managed to wash my waist length hair.

    I was so awesome back then. Now, I would just book into a hotel. Heh.

  6. Hi Nikki. Have you thought about getting one of those hoses with a shower head attached? At least you’ll be able to rinse off properly and you could probably sneak in a shampoo or two along the way

  7. With all this rain Nikki – you could certainly just stand outside and have a very decent shower with some very good water pressure ;-)! Though I can’t imagine the rain is good for maintaining the blow dry! Mostly the only time I have a bath is to soak aching muscles after a long run. Fingers crossed your shower is back in operation soon.

    1. I’m thinking that that’s not such a bad idea – and yes, it’s Tuesday and my hair is lank and not pretty thanks to the rain. Not sure how long it will be – more people in dire need from insurance company thanks to the floods than me with a shower problem. I need to get over myself 😉

  8. Bath all the way! Although I loathe washing my hair and have long said when I win lotto I would have a twice-weekly wash and blow-dry at a salon so I never had to wash it myself again. You’re living my dream!

  9. Yes Maybe you should take up the art of bathing like the japanese,My friend once had japanese students staying with her and was very intereseted how they bathe,they would lather up outside the shower and then get in and wash themselves and my friend is more anal than me and does not like mess of any sort ,but they were quiet adept at doing it without a soggy mess on the bathmat.I like a bath on the odd occasion too ,but it is at night and is just for a treat I love my shower and much easier to get in and out of in my case,and quicker,but I suppose you have to look on the bright side,buy some goodies for the bath and enjoy it,but it is not a quick way of getting out of the house in the morning and you only have one bathroom so you have to share ,maybe a relaxing one at night and a quickie in the morning or you could rig up an outdoor shower in the courtyard? LOL no I didn’t think you would like that idea,cold water eww,or go next door and have one at veggie mama’s house ,I am sure she wouldn’t mind.
    I have done the tank water bath way and do not like it at all.the bath was called soup by the end and I always was in line to go first if I could ,this was at my parents in laws holiday house and I used to wash my hair at the beach where there was a cold tap ,horrible even on a hot day,but I hate dirty hair.I hope the insurance company get on to the problem soon and you have a shower back ,but on the upside you get a wash and blowdry once a week 🙂

  10. We’re in the midst of the same scenario due to a caved in plug hole in our shower base. Fortunately we are lucky it was in our ensuite so can still shower in the main bathroom.
    Luckily for us, our assessor said that our policy said that if 40% or more of the tiles need to be replaced in order to repair the damage (which the do as tiles need to be removed to get the base out), they gut the whole bathroom, waterproof and redo all the tiles. So we’re going to get a new bathroom and only have to pay for a new vanity and toilet. Everything else is covered under our insurance!
    It was an awesome surprise as we had plans to do both bathrooms in about 5 years anyway. We’re just waiting in quotes now before we can begin.
    So check the fine print of your policy. It may be an awesome silver lining!!

  11. OOOh I do both! I have a corner spa in my ensuite and I shower first and wash my hair before running a big bath to have a soak. If i Bathe (lack of time can be an issue), it’s at night, but definitely showers in the morning!

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